Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in perspective.

Ahhh yes, another year. I've been reading through my 2007 and 2008 entries with regards to my thoughts on the days that has passed. I felt truly appreciative of what went through the years, and how every event has changed and altered my life.

I have the same bunch of friends and maybe more. I still have my SBW. Although in the last month or so, i've severely neglected them due to work. I'm really sorry about this. I love them to bits still, and am amazed how wonderfully close we all are even if we are of different characters. We may not be spending as much time together, as our lives take a turn. Some, for work. Others, for family. We still are together, and never fail to have a great time while being out with one another. I felt we could truly understand each other. And we need to organize more rock band sessions! As well as a driving trip. There's a need for speed.

I have a new bunch of friends : the haters. They hate on each other so much, that even Erik thinks it's infectious. Nonetheless, they live close enough to me. And we're generally on the same wavelength, even if we're from all walks of life, and different age groups. They seem like one huge fantastic family. Birthdays are not quite the same, it's filled with fun, and extreme bouts of hating. I made a few closer friends through the amount of time spent hating everywhere. I am thankful... and quite frankly, looking forward to spending more time to know the others better. The group is too huge... and growing!

In triathlon, I haven't done much this year. I had a couple of runs, and two triathlons. I had my first DNF and DNS. I finished my 1st Marathon running
through the entire thing. I had a few PBs, in my OD race, my 10km, and of cos my marathon. I found a fantastic running partner, Matt. He's like a elder brother, who never fails to inspire me and motivate me to go further. I look forward to 2010 running sessions with him. And the amount of talk really lift my spirits. And his "nevermind, just eat. you deserve it" attitude... hahaha, i like. I also managed to hang out a lot more with a bunch of girls who dabble into triathlon. Joanne, i'm waiting for you to pop so we can get back to running those womens only runs together.

Work-wise, it hasn't been that great till December. But i am loving the madness so far, and really hope it'll be an excellent 2010 for my work! I managed to pick up diving during the lull period. And fallen in love with the ocean.

2009 has been an awesome year. I'm going to take a few days to figure what my 2010 resolutions are. But i am guessing it's still the same ol ' "i don't wanna get fat". I did get lean for a while. My marathon pic is pretty awesome, flat tummy & all. But you know what... i put it back on during Christmas feasting and New Year. So getting lean is still one of those things. That being said... i shall end my post here.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things i grew appreciative of...

Out of the eight and half years i have been working, never once have i felt so appreciative of friends, nor the extent of work my employees deliver. I was recently given the chance to feel what it is like to forget what i was working on over the past few hours, only to realize it's 6pm (almost time to knock off), and i really haven't gotten anything done. Emerging out of office usually at 7-ish pm, or even 8pm, when the skies are dark, i realized how much i yearned for the company and warmth of being around my friends.

The past weekend was a fruitful one. Jana my longtime collegemate came back. And we always have a good time catching up on old days, and it's a nice reminder for Christmas of how much i miss being in Purdue and how much i miss the crazy friends who i knew were made for life. We sat together watching Victor get married, and having a chuckle here and there over how fast time flies.

I met Matthew my trusty pacer for a run on Saturday morning. I am appreciative that God has given Matt to come save my wretched running soul, motivating me as i run along. Matt's warped at times, but i am following. I was bitching about calorie overload over the 1 hour 30 mins run from F2 and to B1 along East Coast. He however thinks it's worth it. Ahh well... it was yummy nonetheless. Big enough a breakfast to last me thru the work day.. all till dinner. Had a good time during dinner... and that milk shake thereafter. The thing about triathletes is they go home early to sleep to prepare themselves to go out to bike or run the next morning. Weekends are precious to them, cos they can expand their energy in the morning and still squeeze their nap in.

I woke up late Sunday morning, rushing to work site, only to realize "bummer, i didn't get clearance to enter the premise". Decided i should spend time with Julian over breakfast, before hopping back to nap. I managed to get most of my holiday shopping done, except one or two items which are still missing.

I came to realize, with so little time on hand for myself, i try to squeeze a run in here and there. Sacrifice a few hours of sleep to be with friends. Yet i find the urge to bitch , and to complain, and to lament over the lack of sleep. A bit tad sad. But that's life.

Friday, December 11, 2009

life after marathon...

I have talked about post-race depression. So the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon marks the end of another year, and it's the last race of the year. I wondered about motivation and energy to head out to run, especially when it's a few weeks to Christmas.

In 08, i packed quite a fair bit of weight after marathon ended. Granted i was actually supposed to nurse my injury, i wasn't supposed to be out running or cycling. I didn't find the motivation to even go swim. I ate and partied like there's no tomorrow. I wasn't about to go down that same road again. Much as i wanted to head out of the door to go for a run or to go for a swim, i couldn't. I have quite a happy problem : i've got work! I've been tied up with work, clocking in 12 hours from 8am to 8pm. And having phonecalls from 9ish all the way till 12midnight. That's another hour added to it, before i go crashing into bed.

One week down... more ahead.
I have happy problems. And let me pray for added bonuses!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Singapore Marathon 2009

DRAFT COPY --- cos i am dazed after completing my marathon some 12 hours ago.

Sitting and huddled up in bed now at 11pm, i thought about how today went. The day of my 2nd Marathon. I woke up after receiving two wake up messages from Matthew. At 320am, you can't help but feel confused about where you were and what you should be doing. I dragged myself out of bed and changed into my outfit. FYI, i chose the white one. I grabbed some bread and slapped the peanut butter on. I wondered how fast it has been. It has been a year... how time flies.

As i started the marathon, i felt a pain across my chest, and knew today's not going to be my day again. When i got to MacDonald's East Coast, i knew i am behind schedule. At F2, i started to throw up, the start of many burps and inability to hold down any form of food / gel / liquids. At the 30km mark, i felt like it was an eternity. At the F1 pit area, i felt i had to get going to end my suffering.

At 42.195km, i am a finisher. A finisher, with a huge smile "like my GCE got all As", according to Matt. The experience is extremely humbling. A good reminder that i still lack good amount of distance running. I am glad, given i haven't really ran all year, to even finish a marathon, with minimal walking.

And To Matt, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Cos i know, without you, i may have walked the entire distance or may have given up. Thank You.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

There are good days... and there would be bad days

I had pretty bad backaches leading up to the final week prior to Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. I am talking about the stress my body has been going through during the course of the week. A couple of bad news got me caught up. I lost my appetite along with the increment of work stress. Sigh... i guess i can't do much about it, except to suck it up and walk on! I have to walk on, with flair. If all else fails, i have to always look good.

So... it's less than 12 hours away to the start of the Standard Chartered Marathon/09.
Am i ready?
I can't say i am. But what should i wear?
Black top or white top?
Is this a fashion parade? I guess.. like i said, if all else fails, i have to always look good.

Monday, November 30, 2009

to go compression or not?

So the 42.195km race is coming this weekend. 6 more days away.
Do i feel scared? Yes. Well duh, i can't imagine 42km.
Do i feel prepared? Well, a little less than last year. Err... a lot less.

Now this morning, Matthew text messaged me about running in a pair of compression socks. This is a decision six days before a marathon. I question the style factor. It's going to look clownish. But like Matt says, we'll see if i look like a clown when i cramp. So whatever rocks one's performance while pounding the tarmac for 42km, i guess!

Joe Friel's blog wrote about it, and i quote
"* improving venous return to the heart,
* preventing muscles from moving unnecessarily as with excess vibration meaning less fatigue, and
* speeding recovery."
Thus the socks are supposed to delay the onset of cramps.

So what do you think? Fashion faux pax? Or it's going to help with the run?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mileage worth mentioning....

Over the past week, i've found a new running partner : Matthew. He's finished his IM Western Australia in 08, and headed for IM Langkawi in 2010. We've always been talking. And talking to me almost never fails to motivate me to continue to throttle on, despite whatever the naysayers may say.

Truthfully, i never liked running with others. I know i will kill everyone cos i am not very fast. With the injury looming and gone, i just lacked the confidence to actually follow the pace or pace others. I liked the fact of running alone, accompanied by my choice of R&B and Rap music, to assist in the beat of pounding the tarmac.

So one faithful wednesday evening, i decided to give it a shot to try running with someone. We surprisingly have pretty decent pace chemistry. And so i decided we should do the same distance or longer on Sunday too. And now, we're approaching 30km tomorrow, the last of our long run before the 42.195km next Sunday. I aimed to finish in good fitness and good time, sans any form of injuries.

Oh... and i promised i will run with him... till IM Langkawi.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Balance Real Run 2009

I had a pretty awful run on the morning of New Balance Real Run 2009. Been nursing an incredible pain on my left ear, due to a ear infection, i came down with the usual Ear Nose Throat symptoms : flu and sore throat. At 3am that morning, my nose clogged up with phelgm.

Still i persisted on going, as i haven't been waking up at 5am for a long time, and wondered what running in the morning felt like. I met my cousin Jeremy there, and managed to squeeze in a hug.

Race went on fine... although i stopped to take a breather, face flushed, heartrate went haywire (not because i met some cutie), and i started breaking into cold sweat. I will not run when i feel that badly on the morning of a race anymore.

For now, i am nursing my battered legs... and that nasty ear infection.
Till i run again! Adios.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Originally uploaded by kaacha!!.
A friend of mine took some pictures of me and my ride - My Mini CooperS recently. There were good ones and bad ones. Mostly due to the lack of sleep... and lack of exercise.

Ahhh well, i think i still look good.

Monday, November 02, 2009


I've been tired. Really tired. For the entire week leading up to Halloween. Perhaps it's the beer on tuesday with some
of the guys who finished The North Face 50km or 100km Duo through the trails. It was tough race with the heat and steepness of those hills, i heard. Tempted to jump on the 2010 version of it, just for the kick of it. I still do try my very best to keep up with some form of running. Twice a week at the very least, with a minimum of run walk 8km. That's not a lot... i know. But this is all i can manage for now.

Or that fatigue came from Thursday Night Drinking Club with some friends. Or that lil photo session i had on friday that got me three hours of sleep (this deserves a post on its own, for a picture or two). That fatigue and exhaustion all rolled into Saturday. I had a really crazy halloween on a bus shuttling to different places, eventhough i called it a night by 1am. Too tired that i fell asleep. But cheers to all who showed up... and partied out and the ones who hate. There were one too many dirty pictures, thankfully not from me. They were a huge form of entertainment, and serves as good memory as who's the crazy closet stripper amongst us. And I am happy with one halloween a year. Not too many, cos i am too tired. ZzzzzzZZzzz..
Now to get my ass back to running...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We need to talk

As with all friends, and family, we need to communicate. And talking is, in my opinion, the best way to communicate. Sure there's always bonding over food, seriously crazy bonding over excessive amount of beer. For others, there's team sports or even individualistic sports like swimming, and training together in packs. But there's always talk.

I do think my gift and downfall is my ability to talk. The gift of the gab has opened opportunities and doors to work, and my social life. That gift is also my downfall, when i talk too much, or react too fast without thinking.

Of late, i am cornered to think what is right, and what is wrong. Perhaps my mom is right. The world is round, and sometimes it's better not to say anything cos it might come back to you. Yet on the other hand, i am so compelled by my own emotions to take charge of the situation.

So i turned to running and swimming, hoping a little workout would kill my angst and thoughts. I figure if i am still thinking about the next day, i probably should act on it. Sometimes, i wonder if it's right to act on it. When i acted on it, i realized my emotions took hold of me. I am sure i am not regretting it. I only meant well, and looking out for the ones i care for. I choose not to speak, only when i do not know where to go, and when i figure it's time to let you go.

Perhaps only one song can sum up what i want to say :

"Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God he hears you
And pray to God he hears you
How To Save A Life --- The Fray

Monday, October 12, 2009

under the sea...

Barely a month or two ago, i have subconsciously made up my mind that i won't take up diving. The time and money committed to such a leisurely sport would surely take a toll on my wallet.

Fast forward to one day of mayhem hanging around, i thought "oh, why not?"
One week of mulling whether to do it... interrupted by fears earthquakes and aftershocks, and of course, tidal waves. One week of class and pool lessons. I am open water certified!

That weekend spent doing open water dives to ensure i know how to safeguard my own ass as well as my buddy's has made me embrace the sea even more. I a
m surprised to find clear waters just off of Pulau Dayang, off Mersing, Malaysia. The travelling there is tiring, accommodations were sparse, not that i mind. Not one bit at all. It was about loving the water, and taking in sights underwater.

Those images underwater would be etched in my memory. I remember, during a dive my instructor pointed at a fish and signal a sign for eating. So after that, i asked "so pomfret? you said can eat...". He shook his head and decided i'm always hungry and always sleepy. But you know what? It's meant to be a leisure sport. However, you need to be physically fit all the time to be able to withstand days of diving and the multiple dives it involves. It's an experience i think more people should partake in.

"under the sea under the sea,
down here it's better,
down where it's better,
take it from me"

Monday, October 05, 2009

Of September

I am reluctant to admit how fast every September always seem to fly by, despite being event packed. I realized now, how soon i am to running yet another marathon, it's been almost a year. I also realized how little i have seen my own training mates. It was nice to have receive a message or two from the usual training mates. :)

I posted a question on facebook asking, the friends i'm linked with, what they have done all September and how did they end it. I can't quite put down in words what happened in September.

All i know is October's here, and we gotta keep it moving.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All i wanna do is to see you smile...

Dear friend,

I hope you've been well. Everytime i see you smile, it tries to hide the amount of pain you have. The people around you feels it too. But we do not know how to approach it. We're all different when it comes to dealing with pain.

Some of us are not as sensitive or new age. We just shrug it off, and bury ourselves into work. Some of us focus on sports, and try something new. Some turn to spiritual help. Some turn to sappy love songs, to cry it all out. But remember, it's only worth that much tears. You may look back and think how silly it all is... as time goes by. I know i did.

"Time will always heal the pain, bring the sun and drive the rain" so sings Tommy Page, circa 90s? Old song as it is, it speaks of the truth. Then time would erase all bitter memories, and bring about happier ones.

I tried to just switch topic, much as i know you would like to discuss it. To me, the less you carry the topic off that tip of your tongue, the less you will think about it. Perhaps to you, by saying and discussing that pain would allow for more comfort. The topic will always be part of you, but it doesn't have to be now, when the pain is raw and out in the open. It's akin to rubbing salt on it, and just opening it a little bigger.

A friend once sang this song to me when i felt the exact same pain, and here i wish for you to be happy... and to smile again!














情人節就要來了 剩自己一個

其實愛對了人 情人節每天都過

分手快樂 祝妳快樂


不想過冬 厭倦沉重


分手快樂 請妳快樂


離開舊愛 像坐慢車





Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turning a year older

I've been out of action from training. and for a good reason : my birthday !

I have to say, i had a good time this birthday.
Wed night : A very awesome love-hating group that decided that we should celebrate my birthday at the stroke of midnight at Butter Factory. That was peppered with many drinks, and of cos celebrity sightings.

Thursday : I went for stretch class, fell asleep there. No surprise to that! Was so tired from wednesday night. And went for dinner with family.

Friday night : Had drinks with friends and besties. That was crazy. I think my body digest alcohol & fun too fast.

Saturday : shopped for costumes, had dinner, and played cards

Sunday : lazed around and went for a movie

Monday : met with old friends... and played old-skool games.

All in all. I am loving it!
Perhaps i guess i have to admit i am getting older. Gifts are no longer as neccessary than before. Yes, it's a nice-to-have. Receiving text messages from a friend that i thought i lost to the wind and time warms my heart. And that feeling of being told i am missed leaves me teary. But being able to spend time with friends, even at a stretch of 10 to 11 hours, that's something to go down the memory lane with. Call me sappy & old. But i guess, that's what happen with aging.

I usually don't really like celebrating my birthday on 17th, due to the painful loss of the man i loved the most my entire life : my dad... on 18th September 1985. Not a day goes by, without the thought of him. More importantly, Thank You for making me who i am today. Be it for the better or for the worse, i am sure you are proud of every lil achievement i have made along the way.

Life goes on.
I love my family & friends.
More dinners on the way !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laughter is the best medicine

Sometimes, you might just feel dreary and the sniffles are setting in.
Who do you call ? The doctor?
No... you call a bunch of friends who are crazy, who disses each other the minute they see each other, who eat a whole bunch, and laugh a whole lot.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

in life, you always meet idiots

I don't consider myself being absolutely friend-less. I consider myself blessed with friends from all walks of life. I have a bunch of lunch mates whom i consider my buddies in life, i have an old bunch of drinking friends who are always good for decent happy hour, and a bunch of triathlete friends who i share a good number of hours with, in lycra(how glamorous). Each group unique of each other. And i love them. These are people who you have activity or interactivity with, at one point or another.

Then comes into networking sites. People who might have met you once or twice, or do not know who you truly are, add you onto their network. This platform allows anyone and everyone to post all sorts of comment on your thoughts.

Unluckily, i ran into a couple of very discouraging posters who claimed to be my friends. What route do i pursue next? DELETE them. :) Life's good. You just have to embrace that in life, you always meet idiots.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Depression... for athletes

To my dear triathlete ( friends : 
whether you're the pro, the wannabes, the weekend warriors, or just casual 

Ever suffered from depression? Ever wonder how it felt? I am not referring to the kind whereby you suffer a heartache or something miserable, neither am i referring to the post-natal, or the work related type or family stress. I'm picking a topic that hits close to my heart : post-injury depression.

As 'casual' as i may have claimed to be, i still am out doing something everyday. A simple 3km run can cheer me up, in ways that i can't just describe to you. A good stretching session or core strength session can work its magic, despite it being really low impact. Come to think of it, i work out at least 3 days a week, unless i am really busy. 

Being busy is never a bad thing. You forget about training. There are things to occupy your mind. Having a crazy social life meeting up with friends occupy a lot of time and your mind, and yet provide comic relief to the soul. But as triathletes, your life revolves not just around family and friends, your life revolves about swim, bike and run. You spend a lot more time with your friends who are almost always doing some sort of training. The way you bond with these friends are through doing the same activity together. You find common ground and common topic. How many of us triathletes do hang out with others on a normal day that is skirt, pants, and normal clothes instead of skin tight lycra (oooh sexy...)? Not many. When you fill your schedule with 4 to 5 days of training, you barely have time to yourself, and your family. 

When you train that much a week, you're more likely than not to suffer from overtraining (burnout!) or injuries. When that happens, you suddenly feel lost, and upset. You can't focus at anything you do, as your endorphin and adrenalin seeking activities are pulled to a halt. Your social life doesn't seem so revoltingly exciting any longer. You get envious of friends who are on the move. You feel useless, and just sink into depression. At that time, you feel like you're slumped to a corner, without any care and concern from anyone. But wait! Your friends do care, they advise you to stop to prevent more injuries, and they meant well. Except how do you tell someone who's always on the move to stop? 

As difficult as it may seem to be, it is inevitable that you who may be suffering from post-injury depression to stop and let  the injury recover. Tell yourself everyday that you'll get stronger. Find things to do : pick up a new hobby. Read more, you'll discover something you never knew. Spend time with those you might have to miss out everyday. I may have been having shin bone problem, and always wanting to run. But i have since learnt that sometimes i have to stop and smell the roses. I've decided to spend time with more friends. And you will soon realize sports isn't everything.

And especially to my bbbreeeeeasssstttt friend : 
pls get it into your head. I'm always on your case, and always will be. 
 Rest is to go a longer distance.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Erin Ashley Heng

Hi, this is Erin Ashley Heng
Birth Date : 26th Aug 2009

Hello World... isn't she a doll?
She's my lil god-daughter

at the end of the day...

The people who put up with whatever shytt you give. 
The people who standby you. 
The people who support you at your training. 
The people who always never fails to encourage you 
and of cos, believe you can do it. 
The people who love you. 
 Tends to be the ones you do not spend enough time with, 
largely due to, training ... or races.

To my family. 
and here's to more 8 dishes within the few of us. 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday ET...

Happy Birthday ET...
And onwards to many more years... 
and youth sponsored by SK-II :) heh 

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recently, i started going more retro

I never liked vintage shops, or 2nd hand shops. I used to hate the feeling of used stuff, the same way i don't like others' hand-me-downs. Now, perhaps with the wave of going 70s, or 80s, in the style fraternity, i have embraced vintagey items. From my dad's watch, to having bags that look old but yet are new. And how about those chanel-inspired cardigans, shoes, and even that 2.55 that i've been lusting... ? Maybe because of the launch of movies like "Coco before Chanel" or "the September issue featuring the incredible Anna Wintour", something is sparking back my passion for clothes, shoes, and style.   
Truth is i always love style. Since young. High heels, bring them on. I love wearing my mommy's jewelry. So i've detoured and pursued a life as a leisure triathlete. But i am back to embracing what i love best : shopping...
i'll admit it, i have an injury forcing me to sit out sports. 

I dug out my old Miumiu bag... circa 97. hahaha, it's old in the fashion books, but it's a classic. Napa Leather, cream color. And buttery soft. Nice to hug and hold. It looks awesome, even as a shoulder bag, i altered the bag strap a wee bit. 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Chingster

Exactly __ number of years ago, my mom gave me the best toy on earth. She has brought me joy, and sorrow, fears, and pain, despair and disappointment, hope and faith, happiness and craziness, bitterness and sometimes i feel like wringing her neck. All the emotions one can possibly think of... rolled into one size : sasquatch!
And she is my friend, my partner in crime, my sidekick. 
Most importantly, she is my sister. 

Happy Birthday Chingster. 
Hope you had fun at your 1st McDonald's birthday party. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All things vintage and beautiful

My mom managed to find my late dad's watch. And it's still a gorgeous timepiece: Omega Seamaster DeVille, circa late 1960s. Even till now, i still think it looks good. 

But now at least i hold a piece of my father with me...

Monday, August 17, 2009

to rest is to go a longer distance.

So now that my aunt's been laid to rest, and i've had a good National Day weekend recharging myself. I spent that mostly sleeping. It's been a long time since i slept 10-11 hours at a go. I felt good and ready to rock the world again. 

 I've gone back to running. Mostly couple of kilometres, just to keep the engine going. And of cos, to check if the pain persists. I realized why i love running : the scenery, the calmness, the time to think. Mostly, cos it's not as time-consuming as cycling. Just put on a pair of shoes, and go. 

Unfortunately, the pain persists. I talked to the doc, and talked to friends. And i came to finally embrace : to rest is to go a longer distance.
For now... i shall take a short hiatus from running and cycling.
No one said i couldn't swim. And oh yes... and maybe finally getting back to the driving range. 

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tell everyone you love... that you care & love them..

A recent incident taught me to cherish and love the ones i love and care for even more. To not put off showing care and concern for that someone. To tell that someone they made a difference, an impact, and are significant in your lives. There'll be no regret then, just tears of happiness that you have been a part of them, and they are a part of you. 
....before they slip away.... 

or have this tinge of regret that you did not get something done. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting prepped up for Desaru

It's been almost a year since i went for my first long distance race - Desaru Long Distance Triathlon.  Well, I'm still not prepared this year. This year, i guess it's worse. I know that it's a long race, that's hot, and miserable. The waves, and the water... 2 loops of 1km. Those hills... 3 loops of the bike course in the mid day sun. And running till the evening falls. Sigh... what have i done again? 

I stare my 2008 finisher certificate, with the timings, and have to repeatedly remind myself : i can't do worse. But that thought of riding around in mid-day sun, and the awful post race tan lines are definitely putting me off. A friend noted that something must be seriously wrong with this race, that no one he spoke to is actually enthusiastic about it. I guess we're all going for the seafood.  TWO DAYS more...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shape Run 2009

I've been waking up at 5ish all weekend. I had one heck of a weekend. I feel so unbelievably drained on Sunday. For the sake of shape run, i will roll awake, and to get some sort of run going. 

At 6ish Sunday morning, I went to grab Jac to meet up with Carol & Maye-E for the run. Jac & metried to find them but failed in the end and decided to just do our own thing. It was crowded and humid. When we started out, all we wanted to do is to find a toilet. Such is our life now, taking things easy, and just having a good time. Jac "dropped" me once we're out of toilet, and i managed to catch a sight of Carol & Maye-E towards the end. And waited for them at the finish line. Meeting up with the girls again, for Shape Run, was a good thing. We may not have started together, but hey, at least we had breakfast together. O ... and we have to start thinking about working out together to fight the flab. GE Women's 10k? 

Before i forget, the clock read 1:00:something when i passed it. Did i just PB?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Port Dickson Triathlon 2009

This is my first Port Dickson Triathlon. My very 2nd Olympic Distance race (1.5k swim.40k bike. 10k run). I got a lil excited over it, the night before the group of us drove up north. I don't know whether because it's like a mini break for me, or if it's pre-race jitters. I think it has to be jitters, i forgot to bring my house keys off my own car, and i forgot to pack my cycling and running shoes into my car for the race. 

It poured on Saturday morning, as i made my way to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore to collect my passport. Yes, i the champion realized that i lost my passport on wednesday night while packing for the race. I managed to get an express one done, as a cost which i really don't want to bring it back up. Upon collecting the passport, i made my way to meet with the rest of the group. Had a pretty hearty breakfast, and made our way up north.

I really didn't give much care to the race, nor training preparations. I've been running, and hoping that will pay off. We went ahead with carbo loading at the night market in Port Dickson. Obviously, Reeves had a bad run-in last year with dirty water... and stuff. So he kept telling me not to drink the drinks. 

Race day --- woke up, Julian informed me it was raining. Woohooo... i screamed in delight, and wanted to hop back into bed. Alas, just drizzling. Went to have a light breakfast, we were pretty late. But seems like everyone else is also late. Got to the race site, packed everything up. Went to look at the sea. Realized it was never going to be a Personal Best (PB) course for swim. Damn those who told me FLAT swim. The winds were picking up, and the swells were huge. Didn't check my timing. 

Got out on the bike. Oops... forgot my race tag. Hahaha, at this point, i had this smile on my face thinking "i better 
not tell anyone how many races i've done, to forget i need my race tag". The bike course was relatively scenic, going through plantations, and temple, and palm tree plantations, and not to mention, piles of COW DUNG. Rolling hills with no major climbs, but still proving a little tough for me, who hasn't clocked enough mileage on my bike. Towards the end of the bike, i just rolled and spin back to the transition area. 

Finally put on my race tag, and running shoes and off i went. Had to keep telling myself not to walk. At the U-turn mark, i was still running. And i couldn't be more glad. And i had this smile on my face throughout the run. Nothing could stop me by then. Somehow i think i might have PB-ed my 10k run. Let's pray the results share my thoughts. 

And if anything, this song rang in my head : 
"Every step you climb another mountain, 
Every breath it's harder to believe, 
You make it through the pain, weather the hurricane, 
to get to that one thing. 
Just when you think you're going nowhere, 
just when you almost gave up your dream,
then take it by the hand, then show you that you can. 
There're no boundaries..."

yes...secretly, i like Kris Allen... :) well not such a secret anymore. 

Monday, July 06, 2009

Finally cycled!

I finally got off my lazy bum, and got myself on the saddle. And finally manage to sneak some mileage in on my bike. And i'm happy. Nevermind that i am slower than others. I just want to finish my Port Dickson race and of cos, thereafter the Desaru Long Distance Triathlon. I aim to finish, nothing more. Matthew pushed me along to go for a run, cos Reeves didn't feel good enough to go run. I am glad i did. At least i know i won't die, that is, if i kept my food going. 

Oooh, wish me luck! 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sorry i've been busy...

I seemingly don't have time to workout.
I guess that's the excuse everyone uses when they don't want to workout. 
Truth is, i'm too tired to workout. And my mantra is if i am to
o tired, i'm not going to be reap any benefits from my workout. Sure, i try to run. The weather isn't very encouraging either. It's been too warm.

I should resolve to start training for 11th July weekend at Port Dickson Triathlon. I'm so dead, it's scary. O no... time to work it.

I did however spend what was a long run morning to packing my bags closet. So now it's proper.. according to the way i like it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

training life balance

I've been thinking and thinking. And tossing and turning. I can't help but feel that anxiety trying to get some sort of training schedule out for the upcoming triathlons. Sure i always tried to keep it cool, but i haven't cycled....

I think i can run. I think i can swim.
But now what? I'm sick. In bed. praying damn hard, that i don't get a cough or cold.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

yippeeee yay yay...

my box is here.
yay yay.
clothes. clothes. clothes.
I love it..... :)
o only one thing, i failed to receive it.
So it's at the post office.
But what the heck.... my box is here.
yay yay.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

that dilemma...

A guy i met through repeated sightings along East Coast Park a year ago once told me "the drinks will catch up with you. Drinks and triathlon don't mix." I remembered clearly i laughed at his remark saying "never, i will not let this sport take away my lifestyle".

Fast forward to mid 2009. Through the past few weekends, i cut down my drinks. Hey, I can't even recall when i had my last drink. I cut down late nights. And i'm in bed by 12 every friday night. Why? All for the sake of trying to go cycling on Saturday morning. So far it's been pretty unsuccessful. Weather hasn't been the most cooperative sort. I can't say for sure i'm the most enthusiastic cyclist around. It's not my fave part of the whole triathlon. This is the part where i have to wake up early, and really make an effort to get out on the road. I need to train. Yet secretly, i'm hoping it'll rain.

Reasons why we're on the road that early, there're fewer vehicles on the road, thus ensuring my road safety. Secondly and more importantly, i don't get as tanned.

But of course, what i am about to disclose doesn't tally with my reluctance to get tanned. I started to go swimming on Saturday mornings around 1030am. Argh! The tan lines are awful. But i love swimming. I remember vividly that as a toddler, i love going swimming with my dad when he was alive. It was the best times ever. I love going to the pool when my sis and i were growing up, learning how to waddle like lil' frogs, and how to hold your breath. Water just makes me alive and feel great.

So now what? Here i am worrying about the lack of training, yet wishing it would rain. And worrying i will get tanned... and yet go for a lunchtime swim.
Aiyyyyyeaaaayyyeaaaa.. How?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Friends & Running...

So Casey's birthday just passed some time back. Happy Birthday ...

But what i am really happy about is my own group of everything buddies have started picking up running. Mr. E has started running, Casey started running, Barry's running. Yay, more to do together.

I've been slowing down a fair bit, for my own good. I've been too tired, too busy at work. And with my SBW, these are the times i am willing to skip training with my crazy girls, to just go run with them and have fun.

Here's to more runs ahead... and maybe muay thai.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

random musings

I've been running a fair bit. Pretty happy running couple of 5k, waddling a lil. And loving the girls i train with. They make me laugh out crazily, and adding much joy to training. O wait, i'm just keeping my fitness.

Random musings & sightings:
1) Friendship is when a friend pushes you along, to make sure you complete the damn run. Gently putting his hand behind your back and accompanying you each step of the way.
--- Seen today while driving to work, along a path that school kids run during PE lessons.

2) It's better to say too much than never say what you need to say
--- John Mayer's Say from The Bucket List. To which i have say "Hell yeah! Say what you need to say..."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Casey!

Dear Casey my whore...,

It's been an amazing few years. And every year, without fail, we would get together to celebrate your birthday. This year was no exception. Sorry that you were thinking why we didn't manage to make it on the day itself. Did we even make it on the day itself last year? I know we did have a cosy celebration two years ago at Wala Wala. We planned decoy birthday celebrations ( the lunch) to just give you a nice surprise. Barry had a really tough time thinking about all these fancy scccchmancccyyyy stuff. O well, Happy Birthday bro !


Let's not forget the people who were present. Hahaha! Thanks for the coordinating, amidst the organized chaos. I tried very hard already! Really! but i guess there's always lil pockets of space that i forgot to cover. O yes, the cake rocks... neh-nehs!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my bff...

Happy Birthday to my bff!
I know you have enough lunch / tea / dinner... and of cos plenty of cakes, and not to mention booze. Well here's to less drunk nights... and more sober ones!
And of cos, plenty of meow meow meow!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

funny cousins...

Over dinner on Sunday, i got to catch up with my cousins. Cousins can be a funny thing, especially if you are barely a few years apart from each other. Others may have brothers and sisters, i have my cousins who are like my brothers and sisters. Growing up together throws away whatever manners and courtesy out of the window, and release all inhibitions, throw in more wit and humor into the conversation. Conversations included dream cars which garner a reply of Ody, which leaves me wondering WTF?, and another "how to grow your thick waist?", with a reply of "HBO and a pint of haagen daaz and ben & jerry's every night...".

Kids from funny cousins... result in funny cute lil human beings who loves taking pictures and of cos, mimicking his favorite F1 move : shaking the champagne bottle upon taking pole position.

I have only one tiny problem. Errm... how do you tell a 3 year old to unzoom, cos he is taking pictures that's too in our face?

over the long Easter weekend...

You would often associate Easter weekend, with Easter eggs (chocolates...yumyum!), and of cos, in praise of God, who has died for our sins and rise again! I didn't manage to go to church, i didn't manage to eat chocolates either. I didn't even go the other extreme end of the spectrum : partying & drinking, like most would... all in celebrations over a long weekend.

I was home early on the thursday night ( Eve of Good Friday) and asleep before the clock struck 1am. Rare you might have thought? I woke up, feeling rejuvenated and thought "this is the day that the Lord has made", and decided i was going to pack my wardrobe. I spent a good 8 hours just sitting in front of my closet and packing everything up. I did throw out a pile, and felt somewhat more relieved. I still have more clothes though.

Saturday was a long day for me, with activities packed to its brim. Cycling supposed to be a 50km event, which turned a bit too long at 70km, and ended at 11am. I was being roasted by the hot sun, and that traffic towards the end wasn't very nice to ride through. Then it was many more activities with friends. It was about 1am, when i got to hug my pillow and sleep.

Sunday (Easter Sunday) .... i woke up slightly late, and showed up late for my duties as a volunteer at Triathlon Family Annual Sprint Triathlon event. But overall the event is fun. And i just have one thing to say : THANK YOUR VOLUNTEERS, cos you do not know how much hard work it is, being a volunteer ... it's much tougher than racing itself.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to the drawing board

It's been some time since i really worked out.
So the last week shall jump start my workouts...
Monday : Swim with Julz... i didn't count the mileage. I gave up counting after some time. but hey, at least i swam.
Wednesday : run a really short run ....
Sunday : bike... pretty short, slightly less than 40k.

Now i am tired, sore all over... gawd...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ironman70.3 Singapore 2009 --- The one about the tall dark and handsome


Remember some time ago, a newspaper article on The Straits Times ran about the hype of two professional triathletes powerhouse racing the Ironman70.3 Singapore on 22nd of March 2009, and a certain female triathlete Ms Ang Eve remarked that she is not participating the Ironman70.3 because she's watching the pros Craig "Crowie" Alexander & Chris "Macca" McCormick race the Ironman70.3 instead. 
Damn right, that's what she did. And she got pictures with the two cuties. 
I wore a tee that says "I'm a triple major in tall dark and handsome". Something cheeky cos i thought it would be darn funny. At least my friends thought so. And i snagged a couple of pictures with Crowie and Macca, of cos fessin' up that they are my tall dark and handsome. Heh! 
It was so fun being a supporter. We had beer, food... and  a whole load of fun. So much so, the guys from ENR who are racing, told us they really wish they were supporting. :) ahhh well, another very good sunday. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's go to Hong Kong

You may call me a jetsetter. You may even want to remark that i live a tai-tai lifestyle. Well, i am not going to deny how much fun i've been having. I hardly work since the Chinese New Year. Barely stepping foot back into Singapore soil for less than a week, i flew off to Hong Kong, to attend my friends' wedding. Two to be precise. On the date of 14th March 09.

It seems to be a recurring theme of the date of 14th, as auspicious date for getting hitched. On Feb 14th'09, Seggy (with Serena); on March 14th'09, Jacky (with Cynthy) & Hugo (with Omat) got hitched.

I must admit, the whole trip to HK was a blast. I had fun, doing the alternative stuff, as opposed to just going there to really indulge in shopping and food. Funnily, it feels like home. Everyday we wake up, and just go hangout with friends, going to different places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. I took different modes of transport : bus, electric trams, taxis, mini-buses, mtr. I managed to go to Big Wave Bay / Shek O. The surf there is amazing. The weather was very nice : 10 degrees celsius to 19 degrees celsius. I met many old friends whom i first knew back in LA. I had a lot of food, streetside and restaurants and cafes. Oh... and i can't deny my love for H&M and of cos, the adidas original store there. :)

I love HK... and i can't wait to go again.
And of cos, my friends are awesome to hang around with, which make it the trip even better. Even more heartwarming is how we're able to just pick up where we left off some 12 years ago, when we first knew each other in LA, when i first picked up cantonese, where we first did too many things. 12 years on, we're very much the same. Well, except most of you guys are married. But we still have an awesome time together. That being said, LA rocks.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Singapore Biathlon 09

Can't believe it has been a year. A year since my last biathlon. I, like anyone else, would have wanted to have a better timing than the year before. Of course, this year is not meant to be. After an entire 20-something days trip, filled with gluttony and fun, and cutting back on all sorts of words that include, i know the biathlon is going to be one of the most painful things ever. Throw in jetlag and cramps, i might as well kill myself. There was concern over how horrible i would feel.

I told myself i am gonna be fine and just to go with a relaxed mind. Who cares about timing? I am more concerned over survival of the sea swim. I swam backstroke some of the way. And a 10k run? Well, worst case scenario : walk, which is exactly what i did.

:) o well... i did get a nice ice-bar after the race, and meeting up with the guys i see when i used to be training. I did get remarked that i got leaner, which may be attributed to a doughnut and ice cream diet that i had. O, and getting called a liar was somewhat refreshing.

Monday, March 02, 2009

running in the cold...

The temperature hover around high 20s to low 40s. Occasionally, coupled with windchill. Not exactly a recipe to put on those long tights, and a long tee, and my running shoes to head out for a run. I should be sitting by my fireplace, bundled with a blanket and some warm chocolate.

Of cos, that's not about to happen. With the amount of indulgence (krispy kreme doughnuts, some burgers, some buffets), i should really workout. It's killing me to feel lethargic, and i wasn't about to put on anymore weight. 
I'll confess i didn't bring any running shoes to US with me. Partly cos i wanted a new pair. I ended up getting a pair of trail running shoes (to further motivate more seshs at MR when i get to Singapore). Adidas Response Trail 15 --- sworn by some hardcore runners. Truth be told, i've gone through a fair number of shoes, before deciding on this pair. It fits my budget : ok ok i was cheap, it barely cost 70 Singapore Dollars, around 38 USD. Plus the colors are friendly. I could use these same greys & pinks on any pair of jeans, and tee and just go out. Good for travelling. I am a huge fan of grey & pink. 

So i took the shoes and myself all bundled up, from my home in Franklin TN to the Christ Church. Distance is 5km. That feeling of coming back feeling good, and the shoes serving the purpose of keeping me on track in the grass patches, and along the wet and slushy ground just made me want to go out and run. 

Run Baby Run

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spotted : Fred Rodriguez of Rock Racing

Spotted... Fred Rodriguez of Rock Racing... right from the Angem Tour of California.

Omg omg... Ok i usually am cool around celebrities. But man... this guy. My first pro-cyclist spotting... 

Snowboarding & Vegas

The weekend went by too soon. To describe it as what feels like a week is totally an understatement. Hey a lot of people don't do stuff like that.

A bunch of my friends from NorCal & SoCal ( i love you guys, btw!) got together and we headed for some snowboarding. I don't really have much time to spread around. Sure there might not be powder, but hey we had fun. Hahaha, a lot of laughter, a lot of joy. Watching other guys just snowboard down with zero worries, and those lil kids who just zoom down. Maybe it's true, the younger you are, the less worries you have. Hmmm... But i had fun. Pictures would be posted shortly. I still have ski lift phobia. The funny thing about the place we went , which is Mountain High at CA somewhere off San Bernardino, is you have to take a ski lift over the intermediate hill to get to the beginner slopes. So when the park closes, we have to either choose option A) snowboard your ass down the intermediate slope (which is really scary...) or B) stop the ski lift, and take it down, holding your board with you. For someone who hasn't snowboarded for two years, i had tons of fear, and less guts. I was freaking out, and couldn't do toeside turns (still can't...after a day,...dammit). By the end of the day, we scooted the intermediate slope, and of cos my other friends Robin and Ted reminded me i won't die, and it's gonna be fine. I was scared, it was steep. We were laughing like crazy, and absolutely scared out of my wits. I could accumulate snow between my legs, cos i was sliding down if i sit down on the slope.

With that, we ended and then went off to have shabu shabu in J-town and sake. Huge ass bottle of sake. I have to say nothing ends a day of snow better than shabu shabu. You get all warm & fuzzy. Knock out from the lack of sleep, was awake at about 7am that friday morn, plus some boarding, and then sake. Lethal combi, and i set immediately to sleep when i dragged myself into the car. Not before declaring I am not gonna drive.

The next morning, we were up early to yumcha, before heading to Vegas. Vegas was a blast too. The strip has changed quite a fair bit, since i last went. We stayed at the Mirage, but were everywhere else, from Wynn, to Wynn's latest Encore, to Venetian, back to Mirage. We were out and about, playing poker, roulette, texas. And i was of cos drinking myself silly at every table. I didn't really care if i shouldn't drink while gambling. Afterall, it's Vegas. I think Vegas is really over-the-top when it comes to everything. Everyone's dressed up, and you can drink everywhere.

I must say i had a blast. I really am appreciative of the friends, the weekend they sacrifice to be with me. And how they throw caution to the wind, when they are out with me. I can't believe it's been somewhere between 10-12 years since we first met. True, i might have been tired, but i still love it.

:) Like Ted said , i'm off to where my real holidays, back home to Nashville.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

run baby run

I had a run today.
To some it may be short; the others, it's a feat.
On the roads. Right after work.
On my face was this smile.
And I can't wipe it off.
Just because i know he is beside me, in front of me, following me.
And of cos, running alongside me.
He's finally sharing something i really like doing... and am going to love doing.
Just because i know he is beside me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year one & all...!

The entire long weekend was spent mostly in bed, sleeping. Not that i mind. It's always about the food, the sleep and some drinks to keep me happy. All those yummy stuff : pineapple tarts, love letters, chips, cookies. Before you think i have gained weight, think again. I have not. In fact, i am quite happy with my progress of weight loss. I maintained it. :)

I did go for my virgin bike ride of 2009 on the Eve of Lunar New Year. One word : PAIN. I think it's down to the saddle. I have the worst pain i ever had, since i started riding way long ago. It isn't chaffing. It's butt sores. And i had to endure the pain while seating myself down on any form of surfaces : bed, car seats, chairs.

I've also been swimming ... for some weeks. It's just that wake up call when i went into the pool. Since then i have been putting in mileage, inclusive of Lunar New Year week. I guess i'm off to a good start. Now ... to find my running mileage, which stands at a dismal zero.

Wish me luck...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

keeping tab of my fitness

The wake up call came, when i started hitting the pool for a few laps Monday night. I am aware my fitness has dwindled, but completely thrown off by how much it has. I am back to ground zero. Sure, there have been calls to ask me to return. But i've been busy. Many a times, i wonder whether i should return, but giving up my social life is a little too much.

What should i do? I guess... who cares? I've already done so much. I already belong to the rare group of women in triathlon. So let me live, people... get off my back. I'll continue doing triathlons, i'll just slow down this year, and shift focus on other stuff.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

'09 : the one about new year's resolution

So it's yet another year. And there's this talk and practise that i do my new year's resolution. I didn't get into graduate school yet, not because i can't make it, but because i haven't gotten around to applying for it. So i guess that has to go into my '09 resolution.

I did however complete my 70.3. I'm still having this mental debate within myself whether i should get started on it. The registration fee puts me off. At S$370, i don't think i should. Yet the thrill of being in a race as such... it's very tempting.

So here i am , trying to draft out my new year's resolution.
  1. I resolve to declutter. Everything in my life should be simplified and cleaned out. From my work to my desire to go school, to my workdesk, right up to training plans... everything and anything.
  2. getting lean. and eat less junk. Ok, i said it a million times i won't say it, but i will.
  3. try to apply for school. i give up on saying i wanna go in. i will try to apply..

So Jeannie was saying "she who breaks a resolution is stupid; she who makes one is a fool..."
So go figure...
i do try to stick to my resolutions. At least 50% of it.