Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dinner with bim friends...

It's like any other average workday. Except i have fantastic friends who gently remind me i'm really an airhead in disguise under that wonder woman outfit. Hahaha. Cheers to my ah-Ben. He has proven to me that i am not as bim as i seem to be.

Conversation :
B : Eh i am here, Yakun's closing. Where are you girls?
A : We're upstairs la... come
B : err... where? I'm at Far East Square
A : (Stunned) hahaha, we're at Far East Plaza. You take your time to come, Eve's got a long way more to go.
*puts down phone... starts laughing hysterically*

I have bim friends. But they're there to remind me of my existence and why bim people are important to the world, especially my lil' world. And no matter how bad my hairstyle comes out to be, it's still acceptable. I decided to live with my hair. I made changes, i look ah lian. But i can't go on anymore with the changes. So i decided to let it be. ahhhh fuggg... there's nothing i can do about it right now anyways.

I went with PrincessPriority & Ah-Ben for dinner @ Cha Cha Cha @ Holland Village. Man, the dinner is great. It's just so nice to be sitting down and chatting with Ah-Ben, kinda reminds me and princess how much we miss him, and hanging out together. We may not know each other for a long time, but it's fantastic listening to his wacky comeback lines, and looking at him go "knn" whenever i throw a low-blow at him. Hahaha. I had to do it. If i don't, i'm no longer the original Daftbitch.

We had great fantastic yummylicious ice cream aka the Inspiration @ Haagen. Penne Cotta? something along those lines. Yea whatever. It's huge, yes humongous kinda huge. It's not just the ice cream cone with the shortcake plus strawberry sauce. It has other 3 flavors on a cup. My gawd, this is serious overkill.

We love you... Ah-Ben.
And i love my hair too ... yes i am living in denial, but who cares? I give up.

the new me...

I decided to do something about my hair and strolled into the hair salon.
I snipped my hair off, and went for something more sophiscated, i would say.
A bit more spunky, with a lil' more attitude.
What do you think?
Leave your comments...

Monday, November 28, 2005

friday night... & the weekend...

This is my idiotic best buddy, Kimbo. Sometimes i sit & wonder why i am so chummy with him. He's been there for me, as always. He always make everything sound so right, when i know deep down in my heart it's actually so wrong, but it's reassuring me to go ahead and carpe diem. We're only young once, so why wait? So on this really wonderful friday night, we decided to go for drinks. I haven't seen him in a month. And we desperately need to meetup. He wanted to celebrate the end of his exams. What did i wanted to celebrate? I really don't know. But heck? Do we really need a reason to party & drink? It's holiday season, so let's just go off. So off we went to Balcony ... located at Heeren. What do you get when you hang out with a bunch of boys? I was the only girl within the group drinking. And i can only expect the worst. Serious amount of mayhem. I have pictures to prove. Yes, it's ridiculous, but still all so funny. This is not the worst ever. It's not the full force, probably rated a 5 out of a 10 on damage skill. Guys spill rubbish when they drink. Like how they pee in the jacuzzi and then asking the last guy to get into the water with all their pee in the jacuzzi. Yep, this is a bunch of guys for you, who's been drinking the entire night, and prolly start happy hour by 5pm. At Balcony, I had this pretty cool concoction called Around the World, it's 6 different alcohol plus pineapple juice. Yummy, it kicks you when you least know it. Yea, well, i would know what the kick is, since i downed two of those.

From Balcony, Kimbo, Jerm & I made our way to Zouk. It's like a standard protocol, we have to go to Zouk. Angie was there, so is Dave. I was giggly and flushed. But still remember stuff. I recall bumping into a few friends of mine from the car club. And they were really shocked to see me. At least i recall who i met that night. It's always a good sign. Heh heh... i got home real late. or should i even say early.

I had to be awake by 10am to meet Adrian & Samuel at the workshops. Yawnz, i was so bloody tired plus a lil' hungover. Managed to get my ride fixed. I went home, and then packed some stuff and headed to Malacca. The route there was so magnificent. It's so beautiful. And absolutely gorgeous. And plus the weather is not hot. It's very It was awesome eating at my fave restaurant there, and snagging some shoes. I was so tired through the day... so i knocked out the minute i got home. No surprise there...

Sundays are normally spent snoozing, but ... since Godpa flew into town today, the entire family spent some time with him. It's really nice hanging out together with Godpa and my family. Stuff like these doesn't happen a lot. So cherish the moments while it last...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Birthday to My Best Girlie...

To my best girlie,

It's a bit wee late, i know. But it can't be helped, since we both jet off together to celebrate and go absolutely wild. And i just wanna wish you a very Happy Birthday. And it was so nice to be together and just chilling like two idiots, and going all out crazy. And flying Business Class together. It's so nice & plush there... unlike zoo class. But heck, anywhere with you is awesome. So i just wanna send out my Thanks. Thanks for being there for me, thanks for being my listening ear, thanks for telling me that it's so right... when something's really so wrong. Thanks for just being you. I've been naughty enough never to listen to your advices. But heck, i don't listen to anyone. I love being me. Hahahaha, just like you love being you, and you hardly taking any of my advices.

Please keep smiling... and spread the sunshine... and ooohhhh, the love ...

hahahaha, once again, Happy Birthday. Happy 1/4 Century Old. Happy Birthday!

Oh i fail to mention ... the new man in your life, your new boyfriend Chicken Little is so fineeeeee...
Absolutely cutest boy on the planet. I can't help but gush about him too.

Cheers & Love,
the very naughty notorious crazy daftbitch.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My lil 珊瑚海

I just posted the lyrics to 珊瑚海 by Jay Chou. And i spent the entire weekend watching this video umpteen times while out holidaying with my fave chick. The song is so lovely, so touching and just struck a chord with me. It tells of how a chick fell in love with a dude who's unromantic in so many ways, and they're so different. The girl started dating another guy, who's totally opposite, and really capture her heart. But the dude does this super sweet thing at the end, making the girl just cry.

I sometimes wonder whether fate played a cruel joke on us all, when it comes to matters of the heart. I really hate the feeling of being stuck in something, with questions unanswered. It's that kinda questions that leave you thinking "what if?" I was told that sometimes questions are best left unanswered. Is there always a grey area to everything? Can't everything be just black & white? Is there ever such a thing known as not trying? Can a person just hate going through the process? Courage is never found, when in time of need / required. Must everything be a silly mindgame? To pit one against another? To see who hits the point of jealousy or outrage? I guess a girl can just be wishing hoping and waiting and praying...

珊瑚海 by Jay

Coral Sea
Jay Chou feat. Lara

海平面远方开始掩埋 悲伤要怎么平静纯白
The sea from far began to cover the surface , How could my sadness be calmed down

我的脸上始终夹带 淹没浅浅的无奈
I remained straight-faced, trying to cover a hint of resignation

You said that you wanted to leave

Love is absent

他难过无声的留下来 汹涌潮水
He remained silent with a tinge of sadness. The raging waves

一定明白 不是浪而是泪海
(We) will understand that it is not the waves but a sea full of tears

转身离开 认真说不出来
Turn around and leave, I can’t speak out sincerely
You have something to say but you can’t speak

海鸟跟鱼相爱 只是一场意外
The love between a sea-bird and a fish, is only an accidental occurence

我们的爱 争议一直存在
Our love, has always been a controversial matter
给你的爱 爭議一直存在 回不來
Our love has always existed, we can’t go back

永久真爱 竟累积成伤害
A love forever true, ends up accumulating pain
How many times has waiting lead to pain?

轉身離開 分手說不出來
You have something to say but you can’t speak

蔚蓝的珊瑚海 错过瞬间苍白
An azure coral sea, a missed momentary paleness

当初彼此 不够成熟坦白
At the beginning, both of our immature confessions
你有我的 不够成熟坦白 不应该
You have my immature confession; that shouldn’t be

热情不在 笑容勉强不来
When there’s no more warm feelings, smiles cannot be forced
Your smiles cannot be forced

Love is buried deep within the coral sea

毁坏的沙碉如何重来 有裂痕的爱怎么重盖
How do (we) rebuild the damaged sand sculpture , how could a relationship with cracks be fixed?

只是一切 结束太快 你说你无法释怀
Only that all has ended too quickly and you said you could not understand why

What surprises await in the shell

Waiting for the flowers to bloom

We do not want to play the guessing game anymore

The sea breeze caressing the face , the salty love , (We) could not suppress the feelings for the future

Thursday, November 17, 2005

i heart Mark Ruffalo...

Warning : Spoilers Ahead.

I went to watch Just Like Heaven today. And i really like it. Yea, it might not have drawn the greatest reviews, but i like it. I like sappy sweet romantic stories. There's a little romantic side of me underneath the whole car-loving, technology-worshipping chick.

As the movie starts, i turned around looked at Angie and asked "isn't that the guy from 13 going on 30?". She gave me an affirmative reply. Man, i heart Mark Ruffalo. He may not be as cute as Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. But this man can stand out in his sweet romantic image. The down-to-earth goody-two-shoes boy-next-door nature just gets to me.

The movie is about Reese Witherspoon (as Elizabeth or Lizzie as Mark would call her) as a successful doctor who goes into a coma after a terrible accident. Mark Ruffalo (stars as David, the love interest) moves into her apartment by chance. Lizzie's soul haunts the apartment, while her body lies in the hospital. They two subsequently fall in love, and yada yada, the same love story goes. You get the drift. The point is , i absolutely dig the whole guy-gets-the-girl-at-the-end kinda ending. Yes, i do agree it's repetitive and perhaps old-fashioned, but it's still romantic.

Hmmm... So cheers to Mark Ruffalo. I heart Mark Ruffalo.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i heart Takuya Kimura...

I got hooked on Pride. For those who watch as much tv as i do, yes it's that japanese drama serial shown on Channel U, Singapore. It just ended its run not too long ago. Before it ended its run, i already bought the series. So two months after i bought it, on a warm Sunday afternoon when my entire family decided to make their own plans, leaving alone... i pulled out the drama and started watching it.

Man... i heart Halu...
Halu is the main character in the jap drama pride, a role taken by Takuya Kimura. Tell me... how can anyone not love him? Angie said i'm way way too old for this idol shit. But i heart Takuya Kimura. He's how cute. Hmmm.... *swoonnnnn*

it's a love story... Takuya plays a star hockey player, HALU, on the team Blue Scorpions. How he met Aki was after a hockey game. Aki was dragged to a hockey game with her friends and then to the pub that the hockey players gather. Halu gets attracted to Aki, finds ways to meet her. lame pickup : get his own dudes to beat him up to achieve Aki's pity. He got it. Aki has a bf that promised to return, but it's been years. So first date between Halu & Aki was so magical that it melted my heart. Anywayz, Halu & Aki decided to pretend to be together, treating it like a game till her bf returns. Of course, they fall in love. and then the bf returns. Yes, i know, typical story line. But who cares... Takuya is so cute...

I heart Takuya Kimura.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

HSBC Tree Top Walk

HSBC Tree Top Walk
Originally uploaded by da

I finally decided to visit the HSBC Tree Top Walk. So at 8am, i dragged my lazy butt down to MacRitchie Reservoir. It was such a long walk, surrounded with vast amount of trees and greenery, accentuated by the sounds of crickets and other insects alike. It was such a serene calm sight.

Of course, i had to ruin it all, by plugging onto my iPod Shuffle, blasting the sounds of Prodigy.... *breathe with me...breathe the pressure...*... totally rocking to the beats of Breathe, Firestarter & Smack my bitch up. That felt so wrong, yet so right... i had to move faster to avoid myself from collapsing through the walk.

The walk to the Tree Top Walk was a long walk, i peppered my walk with my endless bitching about the ups & downs of the route, and the endless number of stairs. I swear i have never climbed stairs that took me more than 5 minutes. It's just crazy. Talk about stairmaster ! But it was worth it. The view from the Tree Top Walk is so mesmerizing. So pictuesque. So wonderful. So wow...

With the long walk to the Tree Top walk, is another long walk back to the car. Man, i feel so darn tired at the end of the it all. A whole 2 hours of the route. I probably covered more than 8km today. My nikes gave way midway through the walk, which sucked. But i get new runners soon. woohoo...

Right now, my butt hurts, my thighs hurt, my calves hurt. Talk about being unfit. Poooiiii....

Love Actually...

I was recently introduced to this couple, whom are the most amazingly frank in a kinda sweet way. Their love for each other is just as sweet as they are. Their love life is a story by itself. A story that i seek permission from them to write. A story that touched me. A story that inspired to seek love. A story that speaks of what i believe in : fate.

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in, like Natalie sings in her song “where are you”, that there’s someone out there for you?
(note : names have been changed to protect the couple's identity, afterall this is really their private life, whom they never did expect me to write about).

John & Mary : Their Love Story :
Their first brush together was as neighbors when they were young back in Malaysia,Ipoh. Living along the same street, it’s natural that John and Mary got along, and played as a group when they were around five. Shortly after they met, Mary moved two streets away from John, closing all contact between them, and they never met again till they were ten.

A regular truck that peddles wares & vegetables for the town area, that both John & Mary resides at, brought them to cross their paths once again. The truck stops outside John’s place every week. Without fail, Mary’s maid would patronize the truck to buy the week’s groceries, and bringing Mary along. That’s when Mary realized John had never moved from his old place. But they never did talk. Belonging to a small community, Mary shared the same tennis coach as John did. And it was then John and Mary met again and reacquainted, sharing their love. Those precious hours together gave them more time to learn about each other, and that’s when their first love blossomed.

At about twelve, John had to move with his family out of the area. Under his parents’ orders not to inform anyone of their whereabouts, John couldn’t tell Mary, leaving Mary distraught and upset as to why John left without a word. As soon as John had finally relocated and settled into his new surroundings, he wrote to all his friends back at his old school and neighbors of his lack of notice for the change of environment. With the exchange of a few letters, John and Mary stopped writing.

John went onto attending college out in Adelaide, and Mary went onto college out in Perth. They both started dating other people. But deep inside, Mary still thought about John and the what-ifs. She was due to be engaged to her other half. But that thought of John has left questions unanswered, and so she decided to seek for closure and an answer. Mary brought out Adelaide’s YellowPages and got a friend to help her call every single family with the same last name as John. Thankfully, John had a unique last name, and Mary managed to locate John. On the other end of the line was a Malaysian-sounding man asking for John, and immediately John instinctively knew that it was Mary who planned the call. John and Mary then had a three hour long conversation catching up on old times, promising to keep in touch with the exchange of contact information. John didn’t keep to his promises, neither was he bothered by the call, as at this time, he was dating someone else.

John broke up with his girlfriend then shortly. John had a birthday bash when he was 21 with a 120 guests that turn up but he never felt more alone than he is amidst the crowd. He came to his realization that he has always been dating and would end the relationship at some point til certain level of commitment and he felt that something was really wrong with him. He then realize that perhaps it was because he never had closure with Mary. He decides to write her a letter. A 5 pages full of his heart and soul and what he felt throughout theses years letter. He lost Mary’s contact thru the years ,he decided to mail the letter back to Malaysia, where she’s from. As Mary’s parents do not send her mail to her, she didn’t manage to read the letter till she went back for summer. John waited for a reply for six months. The reply was that of shocking, it was a card that read on the outside : thinking of you. But the last line to the card was along the lines of indication that Mary would no longer want to be in contact with John ever again in their life. Of course, like all women, Mary left her contact information along with photographs of herself.

John wrote a four page letter in reply of Mary’s card. Words that were both touching and heart-wrenching. Mary was due to be married and was left confused. Out of concern for Mary, Mary’s friend made a call to John asking him about the letters, in search for an answer for Mary. John replied nonchalantly that what he wrote to Mary has nothing to do with Mary’s friend. It was only later that John found out Mary ended up breaking the engagement, failing to get married, and had moved to Singapore to start anew.

At that time, John decided to finish his school, and to seek work in Singapore, to be with Mary. They did eventually meet in Singapore. And they’re now happily married. How long did they date? They refuse to tell me, only disclosing that it is not what’s recommended to most couples. I envy their closeness, the way they share their laughter and joy, and the way they think. I wish them all the best.

To John & Mary, thanks for letting me share your story in words. Truly, both of you have really inspired me.

Friday, November 04, 2005


cheers to my crazy friends
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

Whoa...The lines outside zouk, phuture & velvet were beyond the winebar & the carpark. I haven't seen Zouk on mambo nights to be as packed as last night in yonks. It was so overwhelmingly packed, that it just reminded me of my 1st trip to zouk. One word : unforgettable. Some closer friends wanted to relive our mambo night. This wednesday night marks yet another eve of a public holiday. We gather back at zouk, to head to phuture for our dosage of R&B music, and mambo music on the zouk mainfloor. How often can we even get together to enjoy some mambo music? Most of us are working right now. It's no longer back in the school days, where Thursday are just meant for classes. We could always sleep in and skip school, if we get too pooped by the end of Wed night. But now, with age, and work, comes responsibility.

I bumped into so many friends last night and It was really nice. A gentle reminder of the good ol' days. I kinda miss hanging around them, now that we have all moved onto our own things. I needed that extra smile, especially when i feel so spaced out from work trip & work recently. I felt really tired, from my 1st day back at work after my work trip. I didn't regret squeezing through the crowds to bump into some old friends... and to join my own buddies for some drinks and crap talk. The smiles from them and their hugs brought a smile to my face too.

Cheers to the beautiful people i met. Words can't put a measure on our friendships.
Thanks for standing by me, all these whiles.
Despite my nonsense, fantastic stories, happiness, joy, laughter, sadness & wackyness.
Thank You.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One too many drinks... Halloween...

One too many drinks
nally uploaded by daftbitch.

It's Halloween ....

I started Halloween drinking since last week. I met with Boat in Thailand, and it was so nice to meetup after graduating few years ago. I miss the good ol' times of schooldays. The freedom, the life... the awesome drinking sessions between my bros and me. Bangkok has just been a blast. I was so surprised i ran into some of the Thai guys from back @ Purdue, who still recalled who i was. I am ashamed that i can't remember their names, but i do remember their faces. It was so nice...

Back to our lil' Halloween adventure :
Of course, the day itself has to be with friends ... whom you pledge your life with. People whom are expecting you to paint the town red. So what better way to celebrate the day ... than to be @ Zouk with your friends, jus totally drinking yourselves silly.

I arrived back from Bangkok in the afternoon, felt like i got drugged and went to bed... to prep myself for the very veryeventful night ahead. Angie declared i am pig, cos i just zonked out. Can't blame me. I had a rough flight. I get calls from Zouk from 8pm asking when we're going. Calls at 10pm telling me there's a line, and i better hurry my ass. It's crazy seeing the line right outside Zouk. I hate lines, i hate to queue for anything, i just about hate everything about crowds. But on the other hand, if itain't crowded, it ain't a party. So i have some pretty interesting shots ... but i can't share with the world. It's way way too nuts. So i'll be posting quite blog-friendly pik-chers instead.

We drank a mixture of everything. Dennis had to buy of all drinks , frigging Long Island Tea. Long Island has a combi of 7 whites (whites referring to vodka, gin, etc) . The last i had it few years ago... i got very sloshed. I got a lil' drunk & tipsy. We had a guest appearance from Bern, the guy in the pikcher with me & angie. Bern's Ben's friend, who's part Aussie. Sorry girls. He's attached.

So to end the night, we had prata, water... and zzzzz , it's already 5am. we should all sleep....