Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The only way to calm one's mind :

Often i am bogged down with the task of decisions-making. More recently, in addition to my work, i have to choose about the girly princess fantasies one may have to the wedding. I've heard how the term bride-zilla comes about, and how elaborate weddings can be. From themes, to colors, there's so much to fuss about. I however chose to take the relaxed way out.

The wedding is to be one of the most greatest party i'll have. I am excited at the mere thought of seeing my family, and friends (a huge group of whom stay half a world away). My college mates who are nicely scattered all across the world, have decided to make my day, and to make their own reunion, right during the wedding date. I am as determined to be as relaxed as i can. Afterall, isn't a life with less expectations easier to manage? No expectations = no disappointments.

In lieu of the rising amount of stress, i decided to hang out with my running buddy. We spoke of the stress, and random musings in life : whales. In that hour of run, i bitched about the weather, my old trail shoes, the trail, and possibly doing marathon. The run caused an uproar with my mom who chided me for failing to do more for the wedding, instead bailing out to go run. My thoughts : why not? I came home a happier person, although deciding whether it's 21.1 or 42.195km. I went out and did the only way i know how to calm my mind from this storm brewing up. I ended up being more calm, in the midst of this wedding madness.

So bring on the wedding.
And of cos, to partyrock.
*photo courtesy of Mr. Heng*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

One more month before the party...

Yep, time flies. On the same day last year, i wasn't engaged. I was just the same girl who partyrocks, runs, have fun, and work. Fast forward a year, i am like one month to being a Mrs. And now it dawn upon me. Responsibilities will change, thinking will change, lifestyle will change.

One night, while running with my fave buddy, he reminded me to move with the changes from being single to being married. He mentioned about my singleton life of going running (whenever, wherever), to my partying, and my workaholic life, and to slowly learn to become a wife. I gave him a stare, and wish that i would retain some part of my lifestyle.

Sure there would definitely be changes. Considerations have to be made for two, instead of one. I can't just sign up for a race, then informing the other half. I have to now seek approval. I have to also learn to give up some stuff, and to embrace new ones like planning for a family.

The things that have changed are that now i'm rocking a new do. No one would believe i used to do triathlons. I have long hair, i have finally learnt how to put on some fake lashes. I have learn to embrace being skinny, and not muscles. I'm really looking more so like a tai tai. Don't worry, i'm still jogging. During a random night of joining a group of old tri friends for a drink, one of them mentioned that he still sees the short hair spunky Eve who's out rocking the tarmac. He may be right.

I have a feeling, i'll be back to rocking my own lil triathlon, someday.