Friday, June 25, 2004

Right... it's coming to the end of the month.
I've been to KL, made some friends... and survived the high decibels of the JGTC that can totally crack one's ears.

I haven't been shopping. God forbid, after my purchases at Gucci earlier in the month... hmmm... i fess up, i'm totally broke, with a big B. dude. that gotta suck.

And of cos, Angie's wedding is tomorrow. Congrats Angie. Angie's a friend i made at my last workplace.

It's close to 9pm, i need to eat. This really irritating guy that i work with is still at work. he's not leaving, so i'm staying put, waitin for him to finish up. he quit and he actually demands we listen to him. like so WTF. So anywayz, good riddance, i hope he messed up his road ahead of him.

*whistles.... * man, i'm mean. Ain't i? Well, he's a bitch, so who cares?!?

Ooh, i think i got fat. My McChicken diet ain't working too well, gotta switch to more greens. BLEEEEEEEECCCHHHH... heh heh :)

have fun this weekend... everyone...

Saturday, June 05, 2004

It's been close to a month since my last post.
I've moved my office to MacPherson. Yeap. Sure i have heard it all about the ever-so congested jams. But frankly, i don't see it. Maybe cos i fail to come to work at 9am... but that's cause of my schedule and the way things work. And maybe because i've been blessed. Yes, i am the lucky one. Blessed with great fantastic luck, and of cos, amazing good looks.

I've watched Troy & Shrek. They were ok.

Tues nite was a public holiday eve. So stayin with my tradition, i went out and party. it was fun, alright. met a few people. and of cos, we went to the usual place. Counting Singapore's limited clubbing spots, u prolly guessed where i went.

Life has been a roller coaster. One minute i have bountiful of energy with plenty of time. The next i am bogged down with the horrendous amount of work and no energy to do anything, nada, zero.

Alright, i guess til next time... and more adventures.
My cousins are coming tomorrow... i haven't seen them for three years... so guess that would be exciting. hmmm, i heard they're extremely cheeky & naughty. GREAT! :)