Saturday, March 27, 2004

I was at Beijing last weekend... for work.
It was fun, new, exciting and of course, a brand new life experience. And... hmm, totally felt my weekend was worth it.
Went to the Great Wall. man it's awesome. really v. nice. I came to appreciate China. It ain't old fashioned anymore. The girls... some of their style really is nice. Singapore shld have colder weather for me to wear boots around... they look so funky. The guys... some of them r pretty cute, and they dun look like those "walking on the street and spitting" kinda people.

Today's Saturday. And i'm home blogging. Doesn't help things much at all.
I felt my Saturdays being wasted... yep, wonder why.
The feeling still sticks by me... even after so long.

I've been so busy, and tied with work. The last thing i wanna do is waste time. OH well... wot to do...

Hmmm... it's Sunday tomorrow, so hopefully more exciting things coming my way.
In the meanwhile... hang on... for a joyride ahead.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Three cheers to my most avid fan of my blogspot : Small Eric.
Dude, really surprised you still read. Oh well, i guess it's a form of light entertainment huh?

I'm going to Beijing for this coming weekend, the 18th to 21st March. Woohoo! Away from Singapore for a while. Alone Time. Me. Myself. I. This move prolly draws the stares of many. Yes, i am going myself for work. It's going to be fun. I hope. It's also a good time to sort out my thoughts and directions in life, and not be so reliant and unappreciative of everything or everyone around me.

I haven't been doing much for weekends. I spent friday nights either sleeping or out clubbing with girls. But clubbing happens once in a blue moon. With that note, the girls prolly go crazy with our incapability to control our drinks or our threshold for that matter. So there!

Just yesterday (Saturday), i feel like i have done nothing for Saturdays. I live for the weekends, but when it comes around, i feel like i'm doing nothing. the feeling will pass... i hope.

Alright... till my next blog. perhaps excitement in Beijing... hahaha, will update. Bye guys... and my readers.

Twas the night is young, but not young enuf.
Shitload of work to do.
how sad... and of cos, as usual, procrastinating me.....

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I am so tired, with the amount of the work that is bogging me down. I seem to have 101 things to do : which can either equal out to better sales report, ... than .... hmmm...
Sales is slow, not that slow, but slow enough. it's a trend... but oh well... no choice.

I haven't blogged in weeks. Been so busy at work. I desperately need a break! Yes, a good nice break! away from work. yet i can't leave it down... calls are just streaming non-stop.

Only at 6: SILENCE ! I actually do appreciate my nights. It's nice, silent, not too many calls, unlike the morning.

Weekend is coming. I think i'm just going to stay in, rest, pack some clothes into bags to move house.

The emotions i'm going through now is just so .. undescribable (assuming my spelling has no error). It's sad, yet relief. The amt of pressure and rat-race eminent within a lil' cluster family is enuf to kill someone with lofty dreams to GET REAL~! Now, i get the chance to leave it all behind and be individual. Work for myself towards my own goals.