Thursday, November 27, 2008

a 11 year old's birthday

It's Erik's nephew's birthday. We got him a game, and the boy's mother decided to get him a Wii as a surprise birthday gift. Kids, regardless of how smart they are, are still kids. I made a call to the birthday boy, trying to outsmart him.

An excerpt from our conversation :
me : eh what do u buy for someone your age... like a game from wii?
boy : o... eh you wanna buy me a gift, just say so?
me : you can wait long long... so what game? hurry up.. and tell me. and i'll get you a book for your birthday, not games.
boy : can i have comic book then? ...* at this point, he goes way off topic to stocks*

Don't ask me why he asked about stocks or stock market. Apparently, his grandmother got him a stock as birthday gift. What does a 11 year old do with a stock? Beats me.

I got to his place, to pick him up for birthday and got talking to him... this time, face to face.

Our conversation :
boy : you know, i like this. the world revolves around me today. everything is about me
me : and why?
boy : it's special. It's my birthday.
me : o... so how old are you?
boy : 11.
me : ok.

At this point, i think the boy is at a loss. I haven't responded much to his birthday. His brother kept teasing him with a "i got a secret but i can't share with you...", adding much to our laughter.
Whatever the case is, he was jumping in joy by the end of the night.
Cos he got Wii ... and SPORE for PC.

Kids... sigh... kids

Monday, November 17, 2008

All the way to my first 42km

Monday morning would tell you how you feel through the week. With a scenery as such, with low lying dark clouds and light rain, my thoughts were "this is going to be one hell of a week". True enough, i was almost right. I felt sick, from some "cooling" herbal tea my mom fed me, when i complained of "pu juah" (body suffering from heatyness from last week's total mileage of 42k). So i was down mostly, on Monday & Tuesday. I am not going to deny this... yes i overate on tuesday.. thanks to Angie's birthday dinner.

On wednesday i woke up bright and early, to grab badminton courts. And then went on a 8.6km run. Every metre counts, at this time. I wasn't feeling my best yet, and yes i am still feeling full. But i did play badminton on that day too. On thursday evening, i went with Julian for a quick run around the neighborhood for about 7km, before heading off for dinner. Dinner is, as always, super. We probably eat more calories than we burn during those 7km. But what the heck?

Saturday morning... i had trouble rolling awake... and dragged myself to East Coast Park F2 carpark to meet with Uncle KC, Matsuoka-san, Kelvyn and Gary. And we embarked on the run. I was surprised i did 21.4km, and felt incredibly awesome. Slow and steady, the way i like it. I got home for lunch, and got into my compression tights, stretched myself a whole lot more and slept. I was groggy and having tummy issues, wondering how am i going to run the day after.

Sunday morning was the Nike Lunar Trainers trial. I decided to give them a shot. They promised cushioning, and seems to me a few of my friends are fan. O they felt good, but i suffered a slight blister, as i am a fan of low socks. But they felt good! I went on a 14k run. And they surprisingly held up quite well. And they look gorgeous.

Am i ready for those 42k? After the weekend of pooom-powwweerrr run, i don't see why not. Whether i'll live through it, i wouldn't know. I am just going to keep on trying.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Osim Corporate Triathlon 2008

I went home feeling like an absolute loser on Friday 31st October 2008 Halloween Night. I sat by the tv, and just vegetated... and thinking i should be out. But i am glad i didn't head out, i would have been too lazy to move around. :) Part reason was the Osim Corporate Triathlon happening the next day.

Leslie called to ask on the Tuesday night if i could stand in for a girl who came down with chicken pox. What was i to do? Of cos the answer is always Yea ok. This time round, i had 3 days to prep. I haven't cycled since 70.3. That was like two months ago. So wed morning, i took the bike out for a quick 10k spin. Gawd, i nearly died. So i decided to do what i do best : wing it... !

Saturday came. The entire field was filled with mud. Such a kind reminder of my first Osim Triathlon 2007 in a muddy field. My mind was filled with dread. I managed to meet my relay team-mates and Leslie, and Leon, and William. I actually felt pretty relaxed until it was the start time... and i had to run through a mud patch before hitting the road. Those 20k left me pretty much battered. Ssshhh, don't tell anyone i did 70.3 before.

But i had a pretty decent picture. Thanks Mike...i don't look that fat.
And Thanks Reeves... yes i know i have a nice bike, but cyclist buay kan... !
And of cos Thanks to Leslie... i cleaned my bike for a whole hour, but i had fun...