Saturday, June 26, 2010


Those were the numbers i saw this morning at the back of a t-shirt my neighbor wore.
The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon t-shirt.
Being the kaypoh (or known as nosey) Singapore-born, bred and educated individual, it always piqued my interest to see how everyone's timing for those 42.195km are. I know i won't be putting my timing on my tee for the world to see, as i felt ashamed of anything above five hours.

However, seeing my neighbor's tee with those numbers reminded me how one should always see their own achievements and accomplishments. It's not about timing, nor results, but of one's fulfillment of dreams and accomplishments. To my former training buddies (former- as i have stopped and found my passion lies in my work, instead of triathlons), 7:51 is a disgrace, anything beyond 6 hours is considered real bad effort for marathon. Whereas to every other individual, this accomplishment of finishing those 42.195km in pain and suffering is their accomplishment, and item off their bucket list.

So be appreciative and contented with your own achievements.
It's through contentment that you fail to see flaws in life, and perhaps find happiness.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And the crowd goes wild....

Once every 4 years, you either embrace it or loathe it.
Most women loathe it. The punters in that demographic however love it.
Orchard Road gets remarkably quieter during the evening, and now even on rainy days (well, if you haven't heard the news, it flooded like at least a foot high along the main stretch lately). Men skip family plans, using up whatever concessions or bag bribes they have offered to their wives, girlfriendss or family, all in pursuit of their passion. The restaurants, bars and coffeeshops reports a higher income.
All for that one month.

What are we talking about?
22 men running after one ball.
In some matches, there can be 22 multi-millionaires. It's the world cup.
And i'm not loving it. Maybe because i'm part of the deployment. I see the uglier side to things, and the demands by other humankind get real fugly. So much so that it makes me respect the customer service reps a whole lot more. So now that deployment is well on its way, i'm planning for the days ahead.

With bated breath, i sit planning my road, as i wait for the rush for the EPL, and a whole brand new slew of complaints.
Be nice, people!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A change will do you good

It's been some time since i made changes to the blog. So now's a better time than any other ... with the introduction of easy to use navigation bars from blogger. Of the picture : i like the pic, courtesy of a friend of mine (kaachaphotos), it was taken when we were out grabbing a sandwich together. And the pic was taken randomly. I should really call him again, before he gets really busy with his wedding. Congrats btw.

And to others, the lack of blog posts only meant that i am really busy with work and it's mundane, same old routine. Sleep, wake up at 7, get to work by 8am, lunch at 12, work to 8 or 9pm, dinner, home. There's hardly any progress in my workout routine, nor schedule. I haven't been maintaining my fitness. There's no point to write down anything.

Often, I wondered how i ever did a 70.3, it leaves me baffled. I would however want to do another 70.3, perhaps in the year 2011. Since my love for tri has been forced to simmer, it may deem right to continue my narration of my exploits, true to my taitai-nature, on fashion and style. I guess i should be spending some time on my latest handbags acquisition, or a snapshot of my collection of high heels. Very unlike my partner in crime, Matt, who's going to spend his next post on how to build his sports fitness and how he's going for his next Ironman race. At this point, i can hear him smacking his hand on his forehead.

To Matt, let's run. Pink calf guards?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bali Dreaming...

What do you get when you pack a Jetstar airplane with 23 other friends?
Yes you heard right. TWENTY FOUR people. 2 4!
Mayhem, laughter, chilling, and a extreme bunch of hating.
We spent 5 days in Bali... well, 3 full days in Bali.

I may not have come back more tanned, sssshhhh! i get even more tanned when out doing my thing : But i love the early mornings when i wake up, get to breakfast, go back to the pool, hangout, have lunch, chillax by the beach nursing ice cold Bintang or Heinekens, dinner... and bed! That was so chilled out, that i miss Bali the minute i got back to Singapore.

I think it's not the place, it's the friends. You eat, drink, party with 23 other friends. What's there not to love? Well... hate in this case, cos this is a bunch of haters.
So the haters, i loveeeeee!