Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The return of the rice machines

Last night, as i was driving home, i noticed an EK4 egging cars on, meandering its way down the street. Life was good, just going with the flow of traffic, looking at an Naturally Aspirated (NA) car acting like an idiot, weaving in and out of the traffic. That is, until i noticed this loud blaring Evo zooming out from a street corner. Woohoo, time for some action. The EK4 swerved across three lanes, and then tried to stick to the tail of that turbocharged machine, refusing to let it out of sight. That moment was pure joy for me, as i let out a snigger.

It was that very moment i realized how much i love driving, and the cars. Of course, how big of an ah lian i truly am. I'm Eve, i love cars both NA and turbocharged. I am a ricegirl, and used to read Import Tuner within the walls of my college dorm. My dabbling with cars then were the 4G63 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbos, the GT3000, and the RX7. Drag racing was a thing in midwest. However, I drove a simple Gen3 Volkswagen Golf cabrio, looking fly and basking in the sun and attention of a open top ride. Fast forward a couple of years, i am into a different breed of cars : continentals. I like the sound of the ferraris and the maseratis. And i would love a Porsche Boxster S. I can't imagine life not loving cars. However, any given day, i will dye my hair, get into tiny shorts, and a tube top, and jump at the chance to pose in front of a nice ride (my ride of cos). Even if I no longer had the same figure when i was 21 though, sadly :).

Today, I would still love to jump at the idea of driving my dreamcar around Sepang International Circuit, engaging the car with every turn of the circuit, and embracing that fun and excitement. But for now, i'm quite happy with the Mini, it comes with a turbo definitely.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

the road onwards to another 42km.

15 days to marathon. tick tock tick tock!

Recently I started running. I finally decided I needed to get my game on (which is no game, to begin with) for the marathon. I finally accepted how absolutely unfit I am, engaging muscles that were left idle for the past months. It's all in past tense cos now i've been running. Twice a week, or thrice. Over an hour and half each time. The alarm bells went off, so let's get this party started.

Well, i started running partly due to the fact that my other half has decided he's gonna start to work out, that has upped the ante to me working out. He's more keen in muscle building, but throws in a few 5km runs here and there, and outrunning me each time we do so. I have to outshine, or at least try to. I can't win, when it comes to the boy. He's crazy, and he believes in method training, thanks to his programming mentality. So i've been going for hill repeats. They are short, they are intensive, and they're muscle numbing. Oooo, and they raise my heartrate to insane levels. And i enjoy the feeling of having a good workout. Ever the sucker for pain, i always return with grumbles, yet always managing to go a lil further, and more loops. I have to win in other ways that i can.

So i have only this to say to Singapore Marathon 42km course (all the way from Orchard to Clarke Quay to East Coast), like what Cee-lo sings, "f*** you". I'm going to finish the course, regardless of the pain and suffering. I am egoistic, and i can't take No for an answer, and most importantly, i figured what i am going to wear for my marathon this year. :) See you guys at the Singapore Marathon.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Run beside me

It's weeks leading up to the Singapore Marathon. My 3rd SCSM. I had to start running, whether i like it or not.

Along the way, i am thankful i always have good people around me, who would cheer me on to make sure i don't walk. Matthew o Matthew... come back soon, so we can go run. This year, i managed to somehow get Reeves to go along with my program. As he said : "I'm not looking at the calender, it always say i'm too late". Well said!

On Saturday evening, he decided we should run. It was a case of the storm chasers. It was wet and rainy, hot and sunny. One minute it poured, the next it drizzled, and then it stopped. We had to run, with little time to get our body prepped for the long distance. Well, of course, i walked a little. But i'm happy. Cos i clocked a distance that i haven't been doing in a long while.

Onwards for the week! Run....!