Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Singapore Biathlon 2011

I didn't know why i was in bed at 10pm on a friday night. I was exhausted from the week's work. I felt a tiny flu bug hitting me, and decided to call it an early night and down that mug of water laced with berocca vitamin c.

At 6am, i heard the alarm. I still lazed around in bed. I spoke to my mom close to 630am, wondering if she's awake too early, or i might possibly be late. Of course, it's the latter. And i realized it was time to squeeze myself into my tri tights, and get to East Coast Park. My wave is at 730am.
I got myself to the start line less than a minute from the gun off. The swim was a washing machine during the first 200metres. Nothing that i did not expect. And i found new meaning to "breast strokers", like literally. The only surprising thing is there were not many seabugs in the ocean, nor jellyfishes. I suffered a few bites, but at least the water was cooling, and i didn't have too bad a time trying to finish it. My mind though kept saying "are we there yet? why is this taking so long?"

Out from the sea, i staggered like a bad drunk to the transition point. Socks, shoes, gels, and race bib. I was off to run that 10km. Truth be told, i had a bad time trying to do 10km over the past few months since Singapore Marathon 2010 in December. I wasn't able to sustain running anything more than 5km. Yep, my life was that sad. Today however was my day. I managed to find this slow jogging pace : i reckon 6:20 per km. Slow, but i know i'll get to the 10km mark. I saw Matt as expected. I saw a few of my friends.

I crossed the line, according to the result, at 1 hour 46 mins 52 seconds. A tad two minutes slower than last year. But at least i completed it.

Here's to Julian and his wonderful way of convincing me that this is a tradition. I have and must do it. ahhhhhh bahhh... till 2012.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Start the Wabbit Year off on the right foot

Every year, i had always tried to start the year right. In that weird queer lil' brain of mine, i thought "In order to do so, you have to end the "old" year right". Errr right! What's right would depend on one's lofty ambition, and aspirations. Before my lunar new year reunion dinner, i took my brand spanking new pink Asics DS Trainers off for a quick run, in a bid to feel better of the bingefest over the lunar new year holidays.

I had a terrible tummyache, and welcomed the "rabbit" year on the lunar calendar in bed. That cleared most of the system. That queasy rumbling feeling in the stomach, upon waking up on the first day of the new year, did not stop me from munching on the traditional fried sweet chewy cake ('nian gao'), and my asian beef jerky ('bak kwa').

At least, now stepping off the right foot meant i am always constantly full = rich.