Saturday, January 28, 2006

friends ...

Some time ago, a friend asked me would i be able to handle it if a day should come, and i wasn't able to ever keep in touch with a friend cause the other half hates it, my reply was No. Simply cos i always am a 100% friend, with 100% of sincerity and true care & concern. If my conscience is clear, and i'm truly friends, what is there to fear? Is it worth risking your best friend for this shit? What my friend did was a disappointment to me, even if the deed was not onto me. I actually sat there, thought about it, and shed some tears. Though we're friends, i cannot tell when the friend will turn away. I rather reserve my own thoughts & concern, than to face a sudden goodbye. To my friend : i judge because i can, you did what you had to do, and i'll do what i have to. Forgive me if i turn ugly.

From the Sugarbabes' song "Ugly" :
People are all the same, and they only get judge by what they do.
Personality reflects name, and if i'm ugly, then so are you, so are you.

*note to all: the ugly is just a personality term. I'm still pretty ok?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

discuss with disgust...

I am so utterly disgusted by some guys recently at a car club meeting. I have never met such ill-bred men in my life. Needless to say, my impression of them is just low. I don't think they work for their cars, they prolly are their mama's little boy and had their parents buy their rides for them. I may be bitchy and noisy, but that does not make me a person lesser than them. So shuddup and learn to be nicer.
But the ill-bred and catty remarks they make, especially towards me, shall go down in history, and have me to bitchsmack them right back, and put them to place.

Lesson learnt : Know who you're dealing with, before you bitch.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

i kena Tomorrowed

Yea i kena ( kena means got, usage: i kena tomorrowed, meaning i got tomorrowed) tomorrow-ed for my wedding dinner post. Hahaha.
Mid-Week. Bored & a lil' crazy. Stressed over work.
3 more work days to go.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

*gasp* yes... it's a hello kitty car.

Though the picture is a little blur, it's hello kitty decals staring right at you. It's a lil' Daihatsu Move (uh huh, for those who don't know, it's a car called Move by Daihatsu). It's painted candy pink and has Hello Kitty decals and memorabilia.

I know i know what are you guys going to say. I know. Trust me i know. It's amazing. I actually like it. And this can only happen in Malaysia. I took this pikcher while in Malaysia today doing some Lunar New Year shopping. I can't help but giggle. I love Hello Kitty. She's so cute & pink. Heh heh, ok, i'm going to stop sounding so beambotic.

Did i also mention the car was driven by a guy? *gasp* yes....

Saturday, January 14, 2006

i found my new love...

Walking down that tarmac, with the heat beating down upon my shoulders, i can't help but gawk. It's my dream. HE stares at me, as if beckoning me to move towards him. He was a piece of work. Breathtakingly cute. He is the closest thing i can get to, to fulfill my dreams. He zoomed past me, albeit a lil' slow. But still, he was a piece of work. He is none other than my little minibike.

The adrenaline rush from the wind, the understeer and oversteering had never fail to bring a smile to my face on that trusty lil' go kart. What added to the joy of a go kart Saturday was to be able to ride on a bike. Yes, finally. My dad has always forbidded me to ride a bike. Race cars, yes. Race go karts, yes. Race bikes, NO NO NO. The same answer from my mom. Why? Simple : cos it's dangerous.

My lil' minibike is really tiny. I got a lil' racebike. and a semi little racebike to ride on Saturday. Good things come in small packages. And it really pack some speed + power in that little machine. I had a rush "zooming" in it. Standing at less than 50cc, with only one gearing, it ain't gonna be the fastest machine alive. But when it's so small, and you can lift it like any bicycle, it packs some punch.

But the pain i got from that cramped position of riding the minibike left me speechless. I wonder what the taller people would feel ....

For more pikchers, please see my flickr set.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

8 reasons to avoid any "auntie" wedding dinners?

"Auntie" wedding dinners are what i define, as wedding dinners of Mommy's friend's kids. In short, none of my frigging business. So what am i doing there? Being the filial one, i was my mom's escort for the night.

The 8 reasons why i avoid "auntie" wedding dinners...
  1. I get bored. really bored. read : SUPA DUPA bored. i don't know anyone. everyone on the same table are typically from same "auntie" group. i don't even know why i am made to go there.
  2. "Auntie" group is normally made up of a group of mahjong playing / karaoke frenzied / cha cha dancing / community centre cooking class friends, associates, or chums. Which equate to me not knowing jack to start a conversation.
  3. I am forced to eat so much. every auntie & uncle on the same table would always start " young people should eat more to grow stronger, taller", which got me thinking "what taller? i'm already quarter century dude. no more growing, my puberty is over".
  4. I am designated driver, since mommy's drinking with her friend whose kid is getting married, and also doubles up as driver for the rest of the "auntie" group who stays in the same area.
  5. I become everyone's lil' resident 女大十八變. Everyone coos "wahhh, so big already", which got me thinking "what grew bigger? my boobs ain't growing big, i'll be jumping through the roof if they are. my waistline is remaining constant, no thanks to growing fat."
  6. I get lectured. Uncles & aunties going "why not eating this? why not eating that? why are you now not doing this?" Errr... alloe, i wish i can sing "it's my life, don't you forget..." Like as though it's going to affect them, if i skip that bit of fried chicken with garlic. Come on, fried chicken with garlic, how can you eat such nasty stuff?
  7. I'm forced to become a mannequin. I can already hear my mom going "wear this & that, put some makeup on, and smile". I ain't going to impress Auntie A's son, or Auntie B's son, i'm dolled up to be my mom's lil' pride & joy to tell the world she has a daughter that is gorgeous. err,... wait a minute, i'm so sure most aunties know that already.
  8. THE ULTIMATE REASON why i dread "auntie" wedding dinners : I hate being asked by all the aunties "when are you getting married". My current classic retort : not before i am 30. Their next attack would be "Oh no bf? i introduce Auntie A's son to you", which makes me wanna jump out of my lil' frilly dress to bitchsmack them and yell "i'm gorgeous, i need no introductions.
The only reason why i still go... despite the 8 reasons : MY MOM. to accompany her. nuff' said.

Why did i list 8 reasons? because it's Cheena wedding dinner, auspicious ma...and aunties love the number 8, and the whole 發啊 mindset. If you ever need more reasons, holler back at me. Do i really need to be asked When am i getting married?, or I introduce you to so and so?, NO, of course not... i am gorgeous.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

MacWorld starts today...

woohooo... Mac World starts today...
So what can we expect from Steve Jobs this time round? What can we expect from his keynote speech?
Better iShuffles? Better iPods? Better iBooks? Better PowerMacs?
One thing's for sure : MacIntel. I wonder whether it'll be that much better.

Over dinner today at Shashlik, mom raised an eyebrow when i mentioned i want a MacIntel.
Now that speaks volume without words.
It reads : CanNOT buy. :P oh well...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

GoKart Saturday... a really wet day indeed

What a miracle for me to get my ass up on a Saturday morning by 930am to head into JB, Malaysia to indulge in some speed. Lo & behold, it rained, it poured, it rained, it poured. The ride into JB was smooth on Chunkie Munkie. I had a bit of sleep, with some snoring involved.

The go karting trip was uber fun. Some serious drifting ala Initial D done by Mr. E & Daniel. Dan can't stop going on and on about drifting. Damnit. I am so scared, that I went easy on my throttle. Kart 14 was my 1st kart, but i hated the juttering and bad vibrations the kart gave me, but the handling was so good. Changed to kart 13 on my 2nd run. The handing was so bad, u had to turn and throttle at the same time, beat that. We karted in the rain, i wished my helmet had a little windshield wiper. A wiper that could clear the puddles off my face, the minute they get on. I had to depend my manual wiper ala my hand. There were puddles everywhere... and it went "splishy splashy" each time the kart ran by a puddle, which meant i got pissed drenched.

Drenched till i got fed up. My tee got wet, my jeans got wet... my bra got wet.
but still uber fun...

I slept like a log on Saturday night at 11pm... sleeping straight well into Sunday at 12 noon.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Dennis...

A few of us gathered together to celebrate Dennis' 27th Birthday on Friday night @ Ministry of Sound ... imajin, 27th... and the whole bunch of us in the picture are only turning 26... ooops, sorry, 18.

It's amazing how we got to know each other. Dennis is a friend of Jeannie, whom she introduced to me, whom i thereafter introduced to Angie. And who organized his birthday? His childhood buddy, Alfred, whom we all know. And you know what... the girls who went are 3 of us, Jeannie, Angie and me. Heh heh :) weird... how everyone knows someone.

Nonethelesss, i have a great photostream on my flickr for the night.
Happy Birthday Dennis... you're such a whore...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Crush of the month : Dermot Mulroney

Warning : Spoilers Ahead

I went for my 1st movie of '06. I need to remind myself it's the 5th Jan'06, not '05. damnit. But back to the movie. It's The Family Stone, and it's packed with stars : Rachel McAdams ( Mean Girls & Hot Chick fame), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex & The City fame), Luke Wilson, Claire Danes, Diane Keaton & of course... Dermot Mulroney.
Story : Dermot brings SJP home to meet his parents & his notoriously crazy family, who "hates" SJP. Of course, to SJP this is like the worst nightmare. SJP ends up sleeping with Luke, who's Dermot's bro. And Dermot ends up liking Claire, who's SJP's sister. This sounds really weird, but overall good movie.

Dermot stars in a lot of movies that i love, like My Best Friend's Wedding as Julia Robert's best friend, in the Wedding Date as the paid escort for Debra Messing, and now The Family Stone... He's cute tho a lil' too old. but still charming... look at his pikchers and tell me what's there not to like. I've been told not to use the word "heart" as in i heart someone. duhhh...

When i saw his face, i am reminded of The Wedding Date... and the song "home" sung by Michael Buble. Go watch the movies he acts in... and be swept off your feet.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 in review

2005 just past. And now it's 2006.

I haven't been blogging, i choose to spend the time with my loved ones, and catching up on my sleep to re-energize myself for 2006. and to give my life some privacy.

I wondered whether i should post the pikchers (incriminating ones, no less) of my last 2005 party... which happened last friday. then i thought "why not, one picture won't kill". Doggie made a guest appearance finally to MOS. Hahaha, yes, he went. Everyone was shocked. Rarity, but he did say it's fun... and we should do it again. I had a great time with the friends i often swapped car info with, the guys i bitched with over lunch + starbucks, and how we're all closet drinkers. Damn... heh heh. It's seriously good fun.

I had a blissful year. Some ups & downs. Some memories that are meant to be shelved away forever. Some memories to be kept close to my heart. Some personal achievements that i am really proud of, and some i rather not speak of ever again. I guess it's the same for everyone. We all have a little something that we keep, and stuff we throw. Here's to the 2006...

Resolutions for 2006 :
  1. Lose some flab. Lose some weight. (lose the beer gut...)
  2. Shop less ( i don't think this is going to happen)
  3. Manage my P & L way better, and my own finances way better, bring back to pt.2 ...
I guess that's it. I don't have a lot of request.

Eve has left the building...
i'm tired, and need to prepare for a full year battle @ work for '06

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year everyone...

Happy New Year everyone...
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

Happy New Year everyone...

i know i haven't been blogging.

too tired & lazy to blog.

fyi, didn't party the entire New Year weekend ahead...

Any New Year ' 06 resolution? Let's share them...