Thursday, July 29, 2004

Weekend is drawing near. I guess that's the good thing abt it.

Work recently has been slow. I've been having migraines early in the morning. Work related stress. Family related stress.
Sometimes i wish everyone at home would be at peace with each other.
At work, of cos wishing everything will be great, sales figures are high, etc, etc. the usual work crapz.

Pris & Wendy are not on talking terms. I don't know who to side. In fact, u know what? I'll just sit on the fence and not take sides. Having heard from both sides, i really doubt there's a right & wrong. Perhaps like everyone else said : ppl change. So with time, let it be. Who cares if friends don't appreciate one another? Some people love taking others for a ride.

Kishore's wedding is approaching. So to India i'm going... end of august. Hopefully, Dennis doesn't play me out.

My work laptop died-ed. My partner, my buddy, my life, my breath of fresh air everyday ...
Good bye my dear friend...
anyone has any idea what i shld get? Mac or Windows? Desktop or Laptop???


Friday, July 02, 2004

So it's friday...
What did i do the entire week? Well, i had to help out in a conference for two nights. It was fun, wonderful, met a bunch of great people to work with...

Other than that, i had fun jus running ard from customer's office in tuas to customer's office in changi. So i did cover a good amount of miles on the road.

Ok, i hardly shop. I went to pick up a bag that was so severely damaged and had to be repaired for an entire year. But it looks brand new... and it's like a 6 yr old bag, so it's totally worth it.

I was talking to my friends... and it's jus hilarious.
We're talking abt the whole LV thing. For those who hasn't read my recent friendster profile, u've gotta read it. hahaha...
alrighty... mebbe i'll post it on my next blog.
Till then... it's friday. Chill Dudes !!!