Saturday, March 31, 2007

So the weekend is almost over...

I'm home, yes, at 11pm on a Saturday night. Weird? I think not. Considering the fact i had barely six hours of sleep last night, after some lil' drinks with my usual mates at Balaclava. First trip there in almost a month... hmmm, time flies when you're not doing the same routine.

Woke up early to run today. New Route, New Place. East Coast Park, from the cable park to Bedok jetty. Last i check : it's abt close to 1.4km to & another 1.4km back. Good distance. But the heat killed me. And i guess i felt really tired from the lack of sleep, but felt i couldn't sleep in for the Saturday morning. Had to do it.

I've been doing well in going for runs as well as swim. On thursday, I had clock a 15min 10secs on the 2.4km, and thereafter finishing the run with a distance of 3.9km. Never felt more satisfied. The amount of battery to my body is minimal too. So far so good. Perhaps to you, it might be a joke. But to me, this is something i haven't done for a long long time, it will take a while for me to be back into the 12 mins for 2.4km time. It's only been two weeks.

I think i'm hooked. I'm an adrenaline junkie now.
With that, i'll leave you with a pic of me wearing a kick butt tee. Am so into tees these days. The question is have i lost weight? No, i doubt so. You be the judge.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

impossible is nothing.

Yes i whine each time i drag my sweet butt out of my house to go for a run.
Yes i whine each time i drag my sweet butt out of my house to go for a swim.
Yes i whine each time i drag my sweet butt out of my house to go wakeboard.

Why do i do it? I have no clue. I am klutz, i have a slight knee sprain, cos i forgot to warm up before i wakeboard. I am sickness prone, i have digestion issues / gastric issues whenever i run. When i swim, i am short of breath. Why do i do it?

Maybe it's the adrenaline i get. I am addicted to adrenaline these days.
Maybe it's the sense of accomplishment i get. I am addicted to feeling accomplished these days.
Maybe it's the tanned look that i get. I am addicted to the tanned look i so dig these days.

My clients think i am a living doll. My clients think i am an adrenaline junkie. My clients think i am from outer space, who always think out of the box. My clients think i'm wacky, and crazy. So does my family, co-workers, friends...

So what do you think i am?
well... impossible is nothing. doing it is something.

the truth is i really dig sweet stuff yet i wanna look scchhhweeet in the tiny tiny outfit. Can't wait for sweets for my sweet....8pm april 5th Channel 5. Dude, i'm so dead...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

GoodBye Justina...

Group Pikcher
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.
So the girls (Jeanie, Eve, April on top row L-R, Angie, Justina, Meihwan, Clara on bottom row L-R) gathered on a wednesday night, yep, a break in my routine boys night out., for dinner & drinks.

With some spaggedies down our stomach, tons of jokes and rebuttals flying across two tables, dishes getting sent back to the kitchen, and not forgetting the manic calculations of splitting the bill, we all had a good time. It wasn't easy to always get everyone out. Pris didn't show up as she's sick, but she sent the next best rep : her bf Philip. We had a good time, though brief as it was. But it was to say bye to Justina who will be heading off elsewhere to work, and getting less nonsense from us. Hmmm... wonder how much nonsense she's gonna miss.

To Justina : we'll miss you and promise to visit if we can. Meanwhile, don't miss our rubbish ok?

Monday, March 19, 2007

so another week has past...

How did it past? I have no idea. It's been good. I like the pace of life. Perhaps cos i spent most of it asleep. I feel this insatiable desire to sleep. Sorry, pics of the new hairstyle will not be released for now. People who matters to me have been seen it. Mixed reviews, mostly pleasant.

I've been doing too much reading. Reading about golf, wakeboarding, cycling, running stuff, swimming stuff, motorsports, protein and of course, some financial stuff. In short, reading reading reading. I recalled telling a friend sometime ago i wanted to break his golf club cos he plays too damn much golf... and now i'm going to learn how to play, much to the happiness of another friend. Cycling is another crazy idea of mine. All these ideas are taking flight soon. Watch out world ... here i come!

The only thing is i have 24 hours a day. How can i balance work and play? I struggle within myself, comforted myself, telling myself i can do it. Whether i can or not, i really have to. Perhaps i am really growing older. Perhaps i feel time is running out.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

a change in me...

I went for a run on Monday, the day after CNY, as promised to others in a bid to lose weight and to tone up. I fell sick (very very very sick) for most part of the week thereafter, downing concoctions of medicine, enough to drug up an entire cow. Why did i fall sick? There might be a slew of possible reasons.

Maybe the body has something to say, in protest of the run, sending me into doldrums of illness. That run was refreshing, though my knees are screaming for me to stop. Or maybe it's that walk to the train station (yes i took the train), and that brief walk in the rain. That walk to the train, with me plugged into my iPod, was out of my usual norm, and the train ride amused me and kept me giggling on the phone with suppliers, clients, and friends. That walk in the rain, once out of the train, also kept this smile on my face. Simple things cheer me up recently. I think my life's taking a change.

Change of look. I had a change of look, but i guess the final pictures will be put on hold for now. I'll just show you my uber black hair. I went back to basics---Black. Black is not a color, it's a state of nothingness. When darkness falls, every color in the spectrum red blue green yellow is black. 2ndly, i chose to go back to basics due to my time in water & sports. I'm stepping up my swim and run schedules. So colored hair normally turns blonde or really really blondish brown. And it's dry. So now, back to basics. I love it...

I'm getting well. It's Sunday. I went wakeboarding this morning. I never felt better today than i did all week. Rock on...!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

weekends are a blur

...due to working slightly later on Fri night and of cos right till Sat afternoon. But of cos, the rain and a lazy Saturday evening helped.

Explains the dazed me... after a quik nap on Saturday. Staring at the number of buns... and i mean, real butter rolls... on a rainy Saturday evening.
Lo Hei BBQ dinner on a Saturday night with Deu & Shirz, at an obscure part of Singapore. A part of Singapore that my rides won't make it in there, where the streets have no name, where there are no street lamps or lights, no roads to ride on. No commercialization. Nothing. But that was what makes it so different. Staring at the nightsky. The crashes of waves. Hmmm...
Ending the night off, with this disco ball providing some laughter, cos i was in awe of the it.
Lil' things that make me smile these days. Heh heh.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Hour...

I may not have any pictures for my Happy Hour. But i just realize the meaning of Happy Hour. And i absolutely love my friends , my boys... and my loved ones.

In the midst of my busy week, i had to thank the big guy up there for introducing Beer. I heart Beer, eventhough i can't take in too much of it. I finally understood how nice it is to wind up the day with a nice cold bottle of beer running down the throat. Sheer bliss.

Here's to a joyous weekend... and more ice cold beer... !