Wednesday, August 08, 2012

home in the aaaaaammmmerrrricccaaaa!

In the last two months, i've been travelling a fair bit. I went back to USA for what feels like forever, but it's actually not even a month. From San Francisco, to Orlando, to Atlanta, to Nashville, to Los Angeles, i've gone through weather of 60s fahrenheit to 100s. I thought i was going to freeze under my light cardigan or suffer a heatstroke while walking my dog.

I had one of those holidays, that seemed to be always busy. I spent 4th of july in US. Now that's always the most incredible experience. Seeing fireworks, setting fireworks off, and getting all Amerrrriiicaaaannnaaa about it. I did a run with Robin and her triathlon team out in bay area. I hung out with my best mates ever out in the bay area, over the most awesome food : k-bbq, fine restaurants, pizzas and cakes. The great thing about being home is spending time with old friends, and being called 'ghetto'. I'm not ghetto, i'm the finest friend that's ghettofab. Loads of laughter and joy, just like back in Purdue. Everyone loves a good k-meal as ever. J-town in LA is always rocking as usual. In & out Burger have always rocked. Nashville has been wonderful too, despite the horrendous heatwave it had. My poor dog Silas suffered pretty badly, when i kept bringing him out for walks and jogs around the 'hood. Shared a whole load of happy times with the family... my cuzzzz!

Now that it's all settled. Time to get back to reality.
And lose that in&out burger loaded goodness i pile onto myself.