Friday, July 28, 2006

Introducing Ah Goose...

Introducing Ah Goose...
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This is ah goose... the IntegraSg group's poster boy. Hi Goose, if you're seeing this... and you're now famous. Doubly famous!
Heh heh...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

shelf life & expiry dates...

I had the opportunity over the past week to hang around my friends. Oh, before i forget, Congrats Nick & Suet in your holy matrimony and being one : Mr & Mrs Nicholas Loke. Your wedding dinner also doubled as a splendid catch up dinner for the Purdue alums. It was very nice to sit there and chat about what school life was. Incidents quoted : how i am the only Chinese girl some guys ever known who do not know how to use chopsticks, and i claim to be very "angmoh" in my ways, the term "angmoh" lian and me were so tight, that it's now a label. Over that dinner, i realized that everyone around me is now approaching the "marriageable age", as they claim. Of cos, they decided to ask the lil' one : me ... the million dollar question WHEN IS YOUR TURN?

Dating is a vicious cycle. You date, you get committed, you're expected to get married once you reach the expiry date. What exactly is expiry date? Apparently, the men never do have an expiry date. It's the women, or so they say. They expect women to get married by the time they hit late 20s, preferably before 30. When i said i shelf my marriage plans to make way for my intention to further school, my friends scoffed at my idea. My group of friends are made up of mostly men. The general lot feels i should just settle down, get married and pop some babies. I, on the other hand, wants to finish school, find a better job and be able to buy my own stuff, and to fulfill my 30 things to do before i turn 30.

I wonder if the women ever gets to be what they want to be, and not live by the societal norms of getting married before they turn 30. To the elderly, it paves way for childbirth, child rearing and every other thing revolved around a lil' baby. Well... that can wait.

For now, it's 30 things before i turn 30. And one of the items is to buy my very own evo.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Say Something Say Something

This is Mariah's new vid for the song Say Something with Pharrell Williams + Snoop.
The only reason i like it : LOUIS VUITTON
Who can resist the bags and shoes and clothes and the store featured in the vid?
It's shot in Paris. I so wanna go to Paris again. I love that city. I barely walked the city and got to enjoy it when i went there like years ago. It's my kinda place.

For now, Enjoy the video... and get her cd. Mariah's got tons of hits on Emanicipation of Mimi album.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I like long drives along the freeway, heading home after clubs, listening to more slower tunes. It's extremely relaxing. I got into my car after drinks at Balaclava and Zouk, sans my sister as she wants to hang out more with her friends at zouk. Switched on Class 95 and what do i hear? A very soulful rendition of Yellow by Tanya Chua. I started singing along to it. I have always loved Coldplay's rendition but Tanya didn't disappoint. I got into a daze and thought about everything under the sun. Songs always remind me of a significant event : the time, the date, the episode, and the people involved.

From "yellow", I pop my cd and it went onto a string of other songs : Collide by Howie Day (All time fave), BeWitU by PCD, For My Babies by Simply Red, and of course Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt. People who said that sad people shouldn't listen to sad songs is so true. At that moment, i felt alone. And i just so much yearn for a hug from a loved one, or a friend. But i know at the bottom of my heart, i have people who love me.... As the songs die down, that Beep from my cell phone reminding me of a friend being concerned is there. Once again, i smile and felt like the luckiest chick in the world. :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Go kart.

the go karters
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Twas a rainy day on Sunday. So of cos, being crazy, i decided to go-kart in the rain again. Now that isn't surprising. I went with the bunch of Integra.Sg dudes this time round. My gawd, we had fun. Afterall, go kart is more about body weight... and how one manipulates that lil' piece of machinery around that tiny track.

I haven't had much practise but felt i did surprisingly alright. I think i'm addicted to driving and speed. Help me !

You gotta see the set of pictures on flickr.
Hilarious, i'm telling you. A bunch of men in yellow suits. I went agst that fashion faux pas, and opted for the wind breaker and my own pair of three-quarts. Heh heh... And PINK CROCS.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just a lil' confession

I adore Paris Hilton's new song : Stars are Blind.

I have also come to an understanding. People do not need talent to have a hit, they need a good song writer / composer and great PR team.
I need those...

*Eve hums Even though the gods are crazy, even the stars are blind, if you show me real love baby, i'll show you mine.....*

Justina's Birthday

group pic...
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We just passed Justina's birthday. Happy Birthday chick!
So much awaited pictures.
Here they are.

Check out the photoset at Flickr.