Wednesday, May 20, 2009

yippeeee yay yay...

my box is here.
yay yay.
clothes. clothes. clothes.
I love it..... :)
o only one thing, i failed to receive it.
So it's at the post office.
But what the heck.... my box is here.
yay yay.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

that dilemma...

A guy i met through repeated sightings along East Coast Park a year ago once told me "the drinks will catch up with you. Drinks and triathlon don't mix." I remembered clearly i laughed at his remark saying "never, i will not let this sport take away my lifestyle".

Fast forward to mid 2009. Through the past few weekends, i cut down my drinks. Hey, I can't even recall when i had my last drink. I cut down late nights. And i'm in bed by 12 every friday night. Why? All for the sake of trying to go cycling on Saturday morning. So far it's been pretty unsuccessful. Weather hasn't been the most cooperative sort. I can't say for sure i'm the most enthusiastic cyclist around. It's not my fave part of the whole triathlon. This is the part where i have to wake up early, and really make an effort to get out on the road. I need to train. Yet secretly, i'm hoping it'll rain.

Reasons why we're on the road that early, there're fewer vehicles on the road, thus ensuring my road safety. Secondly and more importantly, i don't get as tanned.

But of course, what i am about to disclose doesn't tally with my reluctance to get tanned. I started to go swimming on Saturday mornings around 1030am. Argh! The tan lines are awful. But i love swimming. I remember vividly that as a toddler, i love going swimming with my dad when he was alive. It was the best times ever. I love going to the pool when my sis and i were growing up, learning how to waddle like lil' frogs, and how to hold your breath. Water just makes me alive and feel great.

So now what? Here i am worrying about the lack of training, yet wishing it would rain. And worrying i will get tanned... and yet go for a lunchtime swim.
Aiyyyyyeaaaayyyeaaaa.. How?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Friends & Running...

So Casey's birthday just passed some time back. Happy Birthday ...

But what i am really happy about is my own group of everything buddies have started picking up running. Mr. E has started running, Casey started running, Barry's running. Yay, more to do together.

I've been slowing down a fair bit, for my own good. I've been too tired, too busy at work. And with my SBW, these are the times i am willing to skip training with my crazy girls, to just go run with them and have fun.

Here's to more runs ahead... and maybe muay thai.