Saturday, April 30, 2005

just finished some cheesey campy Channel 8 drama called Short\Stories --- Fate. One word : CHEESEY. It tells of a couple (obviously! duh?!!?) who breaks up, due to the guy being obsessively clean, and the gurl jus can't stand it anymore. From then on, they went onto doing their own stuff. The gurl joined a dating / matchmaking /husband-finding agency, and listed 10 criteria for finding the perfect man. The agency owner said her criteria is too high, to which the gurl retorted, NO, my ex was like that. The agency owner then asked why did she leave him then. Hahaha... to cut matters short, they got together finally again, cos they both love each other. yada yada... CRAP,cheesey.

TV and Movie storyline often happen in real life. as cheesey as anything can be, the scene often replays in reality. Read my lil' adventure with a brush of tv / reality below...

I was sitting down with a couple of friends. And we started cracking up about Legend of Speed, and how the turbo runs out of breath being absolutely hilarious. Then we recall this particular guy telling us how to tell if the turbo runs out of breath. We were like thinking "modifications legend of speed style". I personally have not watched the movie Legend of Speed starring Ekin Cheng but i heard little excerpts from it.

We started chatting about everything under the sun. I realized guys bitch way too much, much more than girls do. We also started talking about ugly modifications, and of course, lap timings. And how some people with big turbos are absolute disasters on track. Hahahahaha! ok, i shall refrain from further bitching. I have already promised to drop the matter. But botak should actually know his own limitations man.

I am sick this weekend, coming down with flu. and Hugo's coming from HK to visit , & party. Wonder how i'll survive the night / extra long weekend, besides the key idea : SLEEP !

I'm sorry if my last blog was gibberish, that's cos i'm coming down with a cold, and i will begin to sprout more rubbish than usual. Thanks hun for pointing out how my blog makes no sense to my readers who are male. and prolly thinking who the fish Takashi Murakami is , and wtf is a murakami panda edition of LV. Hahaha, can't help it. I've been too lazy to post pictures man. It's not only Erik who pointed out the gibberish, my other reader Doggie can't help it but tell me he didn't understand.

I WILL BLOG MORE STEADY STUFF IN THE FUTURE. I WILL TRY. I CAN'T PROMISE since i do think i will write rubbish again... hahahaha

Friday, April 29, 2005

"i like the wry, almost-caustic, pithy--and yet casual, conversational--of the prose. It is very engaging and entertaining." a comment i received from one of my blog readers. to which, i went "HUH".
Ok in case you didn't notice before, i said NO BIG WORDS.
I am not a BIG WORDS kinda person. I only understand the engaging and entertaining part of your comment, but not the rest... maybe the casual and conversational but definitely not the rest.

Just when i feel i got a blogger's block. i get witty comments, and also some that says i target them. Oh whatever!
I shall cover different stuff today : LV, cars & frogs... yes frogs...

Anywayz, i stroll into LV Singapore just a few days ago. Of course, i went to ask about Murakami LV Panda edition, but the snotty salesgirl said it's only sold in Japan. No one wanted to serve me. Imbeciles... don't they know i spend shitloads of money there? Maybe i should switch my brand loyalty. I shld go elsewhere, but WHERE?

Ok, back to the car talk. They were chatting about opening doors for girls in cars. of course, erik and BK said spoil market, to which i replied " eh i will bitchsmack you two". Where's the chivalry? dude, wake up guys...! The origins of the "door-openers" came up when some other people were chatting about voting for dressedup performance cars. I'm sorry, but the cars listed on the webbie for voting. Some of them lack even the looks. it's an evo / silvia / whatever alright, but it has no bodykit, etc etc. How can you guys even put it on a website for people to vote best dressedup? it's like wearing a normal tank top & jeans and asking people to vote for best dressedup girl. the tank top & jeans is like a uniform for all girls. DUH slap yourself please, i beg of you.

Another note : exploding frogs. Is this a clear sign that terrorism will happen in all forms? The frogs are also at it! Imagine having all the intestines / innates / whatever other big words for internal organs flying metres away. In a frog world's (where the frog's dimension is perhaps 5cm in height, 5cm in width), and put in comparison with human (average height : 160cm, width : 30cm). Which actually equates that if the frog's internal organs fly 5 metres, ours would fly 160m. That's insane! eeeeewwww, grossssss! Who's gonna clean up parts from everywhere? Recall the whale blowup incident? It flew the organs like more than 100m away from site. and the whale is about 5000cm, it flew metres away onto the road. A beach is about maybe 50 metres from the road most of the time. But based on simple Eve-simpleton-calculations, Same theory, yes no?

joey jus passed, so did eye for a guy. the de-pa-chi mode guy is still in, dammit. go home, dude.
It's the weekend, long weekend, i have Monday off... wooohoooooo! jiggles... you lil' nasty girl...east coast, west coast, worldwide... north side south side let's ride

Monday, April 25, 2005

i was jus browsing through The New Paper today... and i came across this article "It's time for decal detox" by Tan Dawn Wei, a journalist. In it, and i quote "IF your cars are an extension of your personality, then Singaporeans are childish, megalomaniacs and such nags." I checked out the term MEGALOMANIACS on, i'm not a BIG word kinda girl. Simple words do best for me. Getting back, MEGALOMANIA is described as 1) A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence. and 2) An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions. A megalomania is a pathological egoist. I suddenly thought of the number of cars getting fully decaled up.

Though i would like to state the article was directed at lady drivers. i would like to remind the journalist "Yo, if you haven't look ard, the guys are far more obsessive abt decals / car work". Look ard you, there's a good chance that you might run into one of those SARD / PUMA / RALLIART / STi whatever brandwork cars. Yes, lancers / evos / subarus being the victim of such absolute decal-horror. if your car is the fastest in Singapore, i have nothing to comment. But half of the other drivers are jack-asses, who think the world of their cars. 1stly you guys are reckless drivers, close-cutting other smaller cc cars. 2ndly, i mean, come on, i bet your last car isn't that great either, are you doing revenge? That's sad, dude, sad. Does it (those damn decals) make u omnipotent... i doubt so.

Ok enuf abt cars.
We go into the latest craze in my world. Murakami's Panda edition for LV's 150th anniversary. I have yet laid my hands on it, but seriously, i can't wait! It's cute, round and fat. Okay, i just managed to catch a glimpse of it online. Guess i'll be strolling into Louis Vuitton Stores these few days. :P

YO doggie, are u satisfied?
I'm reverting to my usual beambo-mode. eh read : beambo, not brembo brakes man.

desperate housewives on Monday nights.... wooohooo

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The parliament (yes ...our governmental decision making board) had a session today, of which Mr. Lee Hsien Loong was discussing / validating the decision of having an integrated resort on our islands. Other countries like China and Malaysia seemed to be approving of our nation-state's decision. Personally i am not against it. I find it funny if we have to teach our children / fellow countrymen about excessive gambling. This is human nature we're talking about. perhaps we should just all throw them into jail for some reflection. if you gamble beyond your means, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. I would like to refer to the article written by the APB guy named Chia ...... Yes him again. Why? Cause he seemed to validate it with the banks giving him easy money. I would like to debate on that. If you as the chief accountant did the basic rules of accounting, that is to provide accurate accounting. Would this actually happen? you fail your duty as an accountant. secondly ... i do think it's moral. You're educated. Your excuse are ludicrous. I applaud Singapore's move to jail you for the rest of your lives. With Singapore's educated crowd, i am sure we could control ourselves. Gambling is nothing new to Singapore. Genting is like 3 hours' drive away. Oh, and of course open sea cruises with casinos in them are a great lure too. I'm sure Singapore will do just fine!

Oh today's also the premiere of JOEY on local tv (channel5). he's still as dopey and funny as before. I love it. Channel 5 seems to be doing a good job with its shows. Monday nights with Desperate Housewife & Las Vegas, Tuesday nights with CSI, Wednesday with Eye for a Guy, Thursday with Joey... ! Speaking of Eye for a Guy, I pity Denise Keller. And what's with the guy and his DE-PA-CHI mode. It's Depeche Mode, fool. You seemed to be born in the 70s. Maybe you should have jus fess up and said you listen only to Techno / even 933 Mando-Pop. I'm sure she'll love you all the same. Afterall, you can exchange pointers over different genres of music. *smacks head* And of course, the way most of the guys were ... LAME. It's good cos it's LAME. Watch it on Wednesday night...

Weekend's drawing near... WOOHHHOOOOO! Let's shake it, shake it ... shake it, like a polaroid picture....

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Happy Birthday --- April & Jeannie

Happy Birthday --- April & Jeannie

It's April's Birthday... well on the 18th April.
We had dinner on the 17th April at My Secret Garden.
Location will be kept a secret, cos it's Pris' secret
errr wait, now that sounded really weird.
Hahaha, we had fun. And the word "efficiency" came
out, when referring to my ever so quik upload of pics
of our lil' meetings. I stared and thought "errr
no..." , but didn't reply. Efficient i think i am, as
compared to the rest in uploading. Maybe Pris will
take over me in this honor. We had fun.

Nothing interesting these days. my blog ain't nuttin
or "deep in tot" as compared to BK's thoughts. Hahaha, maybe cos
the intake amount of salt for him surpasses the intake
amount of rice. It's a direct translation from some
cheena idiom that i know. His talk abt the Shanghai
Bund etc etc in comparison to JG Ballard's book. Eh
wait, BK... who's JG Ballard? Sorry but i haven't read
his book. Maybe it belongs to your generation.

Xiaxue's blog abt religion is simply OFF. Of which i
of cos agree it's out of taste for the pastor to talk
abt being a Christian while at a funeral. But i
certainly do not loathe the ways of the pastor at the
funeral. he did say some stuff which i think are
pretty standard at some funerals. So wake up, Xiaxue.
You haven't seen enough. The world isn't sugar coated,
you know?

OHHHH... and of course, Happy Birthday Jeannie !!!!
Jeannie's birthday is on the 21st April 2005. Hahaha,
at the rate my work is taking up my time, i wonder
when i'll find time to have dinner with her.... but
Happy Birthday sugar...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ok so the big news is out. Singapore's gonna get NOT one but TWO casinos. One ard Marina Bay, the other on Sentosa Island itself. Sentosa is touted to be the next island getaway... fast. Its plans rapidly rising. Said to have a entertainment theme park ala Universal / Disney style coming right at ya. of cos, it ain't Disney...since HK is getting it, and it's ready by this September. Universal... maybe, i just can't recall right now which entertainment group is said to be coming.

Back to the casinos, ok, so there has been talks in the papers. I don't have ST anymore, since i don't want to pay. i read others like TODAY, NEW PAPER etc. Morals being one of them, would our morals be subjected to a beating, since now casino is closer to home? Singaporeans / Country men are allowed into the casino for a fee of S$ 100 each day / S$ 2000 per year. I would say that's really rubbish. Hardcore gamblers are rolling their money in a big way, what's a S$ 100. How about gambling cruises? Some of these gamblers get free rooms, as part of a "membership". The same way can be applied to local on shore casinos.

Anywayz, this week has jus started. And i'm starting to feel the heat. Physically and mentally.

Oh a better note, i look forward to a glorious week ahead.

Oh plans to Rawa was cancelled. Some friends couldn't make it.
And Happy Birthday April!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Can't think straight. Seriously very sleepy.

Anywayz, i did a whole lotta things today. I went shopping with my mom. No i didn't manage to snag any buys. I just spent time to bond with my mom. It's so nice to be with her. Can't imagine life without her.

I talked to her about fund raisers like the NKF Charity Show that is on Channel 8 for two Sundays. One for International Artistes and the other for local Artistes. They perform stunts / sings / act to raise funds for the NKF fund. NKF is National Kidney Foundation. There are only a handful of such charity shows each yr. There are the NKF show, the President Star Charity, ... and the other one charity show from Channel U that i can't recall at this moment. What i really detest about the NKF show is the way they "lure" the audience to dial in. Yes it's part charity, but it's made to look like sweepstake, which i just feel is sad. It's like "call now and stand to win a Volvo XC90". So enticing, won't you call too? But is this the correct way to garner more calls? I am thinking if no prizes were given out, would there be that equal amount of calls? I doubt that.

Another talking point is when i flip papers this morning, it's all about the Casino. So are u guys for / agst it?
I have no personal attack agst it, except for this. If Singapore governnment is to allow it, i think it should allow Singaporeans to go in without any fee / charges. We're using precious tax dollars to sorta invest into the building of a casino. We're all grown ups. Singapore is undoubtedly one of the few countries worldwide that has more than 50% of its population having a Diploma or Above education. You would think, with education, common sense would kick in. I do think every Singaporean should practise their own discretion about how much they're putting on the table. It's the simple rules. And of course, the APB guy who talked about his gambling which result in embezzlement of millions of dollars. I would say BULL TO THAT. You have fouled the rules of gambling. You brought to table much more than you lose. How far can you run from the crutches of proper accounting and the government? And secondly, building a casino and more loan sharks are irrelevant. Socially, we should know how much we have in our pockets. If you can't handle it, go sit in a jail and reflect on your habits. There are already people hardcore enough to take a 30 minute ferry ride to Batam or even fly to Australia, US etc to feed their gambling addictions. So this is of cos not going to be a major issue.
On the other note : since Singapore has prosper so well, and been fine so far without a Casino, why introduce it? Enuf said!

Ok i saw Hello Kitty UNO cards at Borders. Outrageously cute!
And of cos, i saw a cute LV bag in town. Hmmmm.... hahahahaha. FYI, i didn't buy it... yet....
what a good way to end my blog today...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

It's friday.
My baby still has issues, how can a friggin 4 month old car not drive beyond 75kmph without eeeeksss?

I have found out how to photo blog via Flickr. Yes, i have to use Flickr, as i am a MAC user, so are a lot of other bloggers.

BK (my current avid reader) commented my blogs seems "deeper" than what he sees me to be, in terms of thoughts. Amidst the LV and Hello Kitty mania. Hahaha, i have to say THANK YOU. Of cos, another rebuttal came from DEu stating BK shouldn't have said that. Maybe cos i am blur... lost... all the time.

I am seriously lost at most things. I don't pay attention to some stuff. I cant seem to multi-task at all, these days. Actually i do think i watch too much telly. Telly takes my focus once i am home. I try to steer clear of my computers, unless i have not really spent time on it.

The evo9 is out, the blue is beautiful. I really like it.

I spent too much time & focus on work this week. I need a break badly. Hmmm...
There hasn't been many interesting events this week. Hmmm, i haven't even gotten the chance to interact with anyone other than the boyfriend. Yes Erik. He whines about his position as third. Errr... i have to say it's in NO order. I am not gonna comment any further on this scenario. Lest YE CHANG MONG DUO.

Cheers to the weekend...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

So i can't post pictures. ahhhh, heck. sometimes i feel that no pictures might be better.

So today i spent the day reading about Mr Brown and Xiaxue.
Mr Brown's posts are jus heart warming. I like the way he talks about Faith (his daughter who's autistic). It brings tears to my eyes. It's just so admirable for him to write in his very famous blog. Tons of people read his blog.
Wonder when my figures will hit at least 10 readers? Hahaha...
i am writing for self-gratification, i would like to think of that.

I am so stresed at work that I am reminded of my life back in USA. I kinda wanna go back, but i also know it would be different. It's no longer the college going days, when getting high & drunk and of cos, partying, and shopping were pasttimes. Now it's more like work ruling part of my life.

I'm also reminded of my friend, Pin. I miss him. I miss all my friends. But Pin left the group of us too early. way too early. If not, i could always just call and brag to him, or jus to catch up. or even fly out to party. Lifestyles would be kept the way it is. The jet-setting crowd. hahaha.....

Now we all sorta sink into our own lives. It's just too hard to be together.

yearning (is the new 'IN' word called Lemming???'s so wtf ???) for some chips... i need junk food... fish, yearn is yearn. being 'in' with a word is not gonna make a diff. BLEAHZ :P

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Today's Sunday... i wanna try something new like Photoblog.
have been meaning to try it, from the day i was still using my PC to the day i am using my MAC.
hopefully the pics show up alright.

i overshop during the weekends. gimme two hrs, and i can buy a shitload of stuff.
Ok this isn't gonna be some shopping catalog. No point. cos i'm gng to repeat the word : OVERSHOP many times throughout my blog.

I was reading my old blogs. and realized how funny it is...
Oh well... it's been a year and a half.

I seriously dunno what else to say today.
Guess i better call it a night.
gng to Malaysia tomorrow.
Topic of the day : Blogs

I have figured out the rise in numbers of blogs in the recent times.
I also rediscovered my old blog addie, which is THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE, BABY which i started two years ago, when i'm down & out, in more ways than one. i do post now and then, now trying to upkeep every single week.

Ohhh and i am a kaypoh-san. I read every blog i can lay my hands on, provided they have pure BS about the person's lives like Xiaxue, or some notable blogs like Mr Brown & Mr Miyagi who deserves two thumbs up.
I have to clarify, totally nothing agst Xiaxue. She's great at what she does: blog. She blogs to entertain. She deserves the spot on New Paper. Like i said, she writes funny stuff, and deserves my respect.
Mr Brown & Mr Miyagi ... well their blogs are socially conscious. They know what they say. People more often than not agree with their stuff, and find it intellectually stimulating. It's a notable difference from them and Xiaxue.

Ohhhh, and i discovered a gay blog... yes, a blog of this gay guy. it's heck of farney. I am sucker for funny stuff... And since the blogger's gay, he's ranting about the same topic i am absolutely fanatic about : MEN. And very cute guys to boot. And it's just funny, when the blogger goes into absolute dilemma over which lover he prefers. Ohhh come on, if the sex's no good... move on, dude. *kidding*

Over coffee tonight, my gfs and me were jus mindlessly talkin about stuff... and i said when i'm bored, i read blogs. And so i rattled off the names. And they just stared. Hahaha, yes i am bored, but blogs sometimes can be so darn interesting.

Side note : REVIEW of the week.
Besides being absolutely dead gone tired, i had the opportunity to be peacemaker. I suck at it, but i did put in my best. And the parties involved did reconcile. Sometimes a couple gotta give and take. it's never about seeing immediate change when there's a disagreement. It takes time to change, especially since we're rather old. And you know old habits die hard.

Watched The Pacifier, it was alright.
ohhhh, and my baby... my baby got some cranky problems. I got so pissed off, but thank God the mechanics fixed it up, and i even polished it. Now my baby is spanking good lookin. Love it...

Desperately in need of sleep... i got an ulcer in my mouth. DAMN!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tuesday nights are CSI nights.
Channel Five ( courtesy of broadcast of TCS) shows it Tuesday Night 10pm.
I lurve it...

ok i do have cable, but it's in mom's room. I am perhaps one of the few that find local tv very entertaining. A lot of people out there have their own set of upsets with local tv. But personally i find it quite entertaining. It's really a slice of our lives. Admit it people! You can't live like "Friends" or "Desperate Housewives" .... ahhh, and don't even think about "Survivor" or "The Bachelor...Bachelorette...whatever". The US-depicted lifestyle is way overrated. Unless you print money for a living ... Ok, this phrase is totally SINGAPOREAN... but unless you really print money for a living, you can live like a "FRIENDS" cast member or even be a "DESPERATE housewife...". If not... come back to the real world. EARTH calling out to you... yooohoooo!!!!

Going back to CSI, this week is the beginning of a new season. i lost track which season.
It's a kinky episode.... namely cos we have a couple who likes to copulate with other couples / to watch them copulate...and then kills the other couple... actually i'm lost... heck.

Much more interesting event today, i am so pissed off at this Camry driver. This lil' itsy witsy lady driving a 2.4L camry was on PIE to CTE... yes... i was on the same road. On a merging road, it's the order: left car, right car, left car, right car... The STi in my left merged, and i wanted to follow suit... cos i was on the right... but this bitch actually drove right in front of me, when she's on the left. Get it so far, guys? Anywayz, i was extremely pissed. And she doesn't have driving skills. I mean, she totally shouldn't drive on local roads. She is a brake-tapper. She taps on her brakes at least once every minute on LANE ONE. errrr... hello? it's the take over lane... move it, lady... quit tapping. Don't think your engine cc is huge... means you can bully smaller cc like me. If you lack driving skills, even if your car is super big huge ass turbo won't save your life. HAH!

Ok another piece of interesting news...
My enemy... yes this botak driving an evo... actually can be slower than a guy with a stock car??? alloe, didn't you supposedly spend gadzillions on your car? You lack driving skills, dude. pls take a piss and look at yourself. Straight line heros are plain zero, my friend.
Enemy is made when you make passing offensive remarks in front of a bunch of guys targeted at a lady. Remarks like SPY at a girl whose bf so happens to work for someone you hate... is salah target. Doh! You're just been a fool. So now that i find you so repulsive. I will make fun at you. Why not? You deserve it. You lack driving skills. Bloody straight line heros, even 3 year olds can drive a straight line...

Monday, April 04, 2005

It's been some time since i last blogged.
Ok, so i've been reading Xiaxue, Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi too much.
I too indulged in the "i'm too sexy for my blog" project... hmmm... except it's all my bf's pictures. heh, sorry hun.

Angie asked me today 'what i tot about her'. i seriously didn't know how to answer. Then i gave thought to the rest of my "friends" ... i put the word in inverted commas, due to the result : some are still sincere friends, while some are jus bitches. You know what i meant? i don't understand how some people could turn around and be so bitchy, and stop being in contact. I don't believe anyone doesn't need friends in the world either. been selective will only lead to severe bad luck, i feel. And personally, i also think it's the start of the downfall of such selective homosapiens. That being said. Angie, u're fantastic... hope we stay friends for a long time to come.

Introducing the core people in my life :
1) Angie
One of the two girlie buddies of my life... i've lost touch after secondary school. We both used to share a common enemy. Errr correction! Still same enemy. Ahhh long story. Shall cut it short. Then we met last year and decided to really hang out. And found out we're so much alike. Yes, SCANDALOUS and totally OUTRAGEOUS. oh well... our poor bfs.
2) Jeannie
Jeannie is the other of my girlie buddy. The bitch-till-u-drop-dead kinda girl i can't live without. We're very different. If you ask me who's cool, she would be the one. My gossip kaki and of cos, drinking kaki. what will i do without you? Hey, start planning this weekend or next week's drinking plans....
3) Erik
my quintessential bf. the man behind my shadows... tolerating my shit. I admire him, his frankness, and his outright whatever attitude. Yet he pisses me off with his incessant reading of new car stuff. hmmm... oh well... he has come a full circle from before. Now he knows what is "shake shake that ass girl..." from the 80s stuff... hahaha, OLD MAN! And he loves my hello kitty collection... where to find?!?
4) My sista Chingy & her other half Qi....
Chingy wanted a car, i said no... afterall Qi has one. Qi can knock more senses into her than i ever can. Shit, talk about ZHONG SER QING YOU. oh well... there's a bunch of chinese idioms i can go on and on about.
AHHHHH gotta shuddup.
5) my mother...
She's the ever most important person in my life. need i say more???

More about my friends soon....
i gotta go shake shake that ass, girl...