Sunday, April 25, 2004

tho i am a day late.

Man i am a lazy blogger. Haha... life's so good so far. I've moved to a new flat out in NORTH. Pretty cool... smaller but ... everything's daintier.
I noticed i have lots of junk. I know all along i have... but it seems illuminated with the tiny place i have now. In case anyone wonders, i still stay with mom and my sis. And No, i'm not getting married anytime soon.

I've been starting my drinking thingie again, despite me always getting headaches after ONE drink. Or the fact that i turn red and have rashes for days. OR even the fact that i am one hell of a lousy drinker. I do admit i am a poor drinker, so what?!?
Happy birthday to Jeannie, my best friend. hmmm, despite we grew apart, still u're the few i can count on, when shit happens. Not that shit happens all the time, but shit does happen now & then.
I drank on her birthday (well a day after... so thursday)... we're becoming a couple of Johnnie Walkers. Hahaha
I drank yesterday... gawd, makes me realize how i hate Tiger. And reminds why i switched from beer from hard liqour again. hard liquor like whiskey is a god-send. I must fess up to that. I'm a Johnnie Walker... or gimme anything else that is whiskey. On the rocks, with soda water... with green tea. (hmmmmm.....)

i need to shop... i confess. Need to spend some dollars... well.. as of now, i need to rest.
Work's killin me.
Till next week... i need a drink to get things moving.