Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 in retrospective

Ahhh, 2012 is nearing. It's been a tradition for me to capture my thoughts on the year that has past. Been doing so for 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. In 2007, i started triathlon and bought my Mini Cooper S. 4 years on, i have stopped triathlon, but still driving my Mini Cooper S.

The main highlight of the year is i got married. To the man i have been dating for the past 8 years. Eight years of craziness, tolerance, and love. And what a geek, we now have a proposal date of 24th July, cos he loves me 24/7. *cue awwwwwww*. That's what you get for dating a geek. We held a lovely wedding on July 16th, 2011 at Ritz Carlton. The people whom i always love were there, and it was a nice cosy celebration. Because, i knew everyone there well enough to invite them.

Most people lose weight prior to their wedding, i'm an oddball. I lost weight only after my wedding, i blame the husband for failing to adequately feed me. But that's another resolution off my 2011 checklist of resolutions. To keep my fitness, i've only been running. It's much easier to just tie up shoelaces and just head out. Being noncommittal, it's easier for me to just go out and run. I haven't been swimming, sadly, even when I'm so good at it. All because of my hair. Ahhhh well, the bimbo in me is speaking.  I also tried to learn how to rock climb. But sadly i'm not very good nor nimble at it. I kept up with yoga, which is possibly the most kick-butt progress i've made in fitness. Bending over forward is now way easier than before.

I've made new friends for 2011, and lost contact with others. But that's life. I can't keep up with the lifestyles of everyone, but i do wanna try. That's always been my resolution. Over the years, i came to love more, and forgive quickly. Those seconds, minutes, hours, and days would tick on by, and i don't want to regret anything that possibly might make me smile. Embrace the optimism, and declutter. Some things got more complicated; some thoughts got simpler. The end of 2011, i can only say i'm happy with the way things are going. I end up knowing more about people and loving them to bits. And i will still follow my mantra : "if people are happy, so am i, but i can't please the world".

And in 2012, i wonder what's next.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It's been some time since i last posted a decent blogpost, or wrote for any reason. I've been adjusting to the married life. I got skinnier, finally saw an under-50kg number on my weighing scales. And those scales don't lie.

I would like to attribute that weight loss to a decent diet of eating less than what i crave, and some mix of yoga, rock climbing, and running. I lost a few inches off my waist. I'm able to do a forward bend with much ease these days. And i'm actually enjoying the new found core muscles.

I'm thankful for the year that has past... all 11 months of haywire madness, and those ups & downs.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Can someone cook some decent turkey here in Singapore? At times like these, i really miss the Honeybaked Ham Company out at home in Tennessee.

Friday, August 19, 2011

One month ...

Yep, a month has passed since i got married. The picture was taken by Lightedpixels, when i offered my photographer Alwin a beer, at barely 750am that very day i got married.

Has anything changed? Well, frankly, not much. My husband (hubs, as others call their other halves) and me were back at work, within 3 days. And i'm still creeping out of bed on sunday mornings to go run, while my other half sleeps on. The only thing that i changed is i have to make decisions, with approval from my other half. I have to think for a whole new family .

A new adventure awaits... for now, keep calm and carry on.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The only way to calm one's mind :

Often i am bogged down with the task of decisions-making. More recently, in addition to my work, i have to choose about the girly princess fantasies one may have to the wedding. I've heard how the term bride-zilla comes about, and how elaborate weddings can be. From themes, to colors, there's so much to fuss about. I however chose to take the relaxed way out.

The wedding is to be one of the most greatest party i'll have. I am excited at the mere thought of seeing my family, and friends (a huge group of whom stay half a world away). My college mates who are nicely scattered all across the world, have decided to make my day, and to make their own reunion, right during the wedding date. I am as determined to be as relaxed as i can. Afterall, isn't a life with less expectations easier to manage? No expectations = no disappointments.

In lieu of the rising amount of stress, i decided to hang out with my running buddy. We spoke of the stress, and random musings in life : whales. In that hour of run, i bitched about the weather, my old trail shoes, the trail, and possibly doing marathon. The run caused an uproar with my mom who chided me for failing to do more for the wedding, instead bailing out to go run. My thoughts : why not? I came home a happier person, although deciding whether it's 21.1 or 42.195km. I went out and did the only way i know how to calm my mind from this storm brewing up. I ended up being more calm, in the midst of this wedding madness.

So bring on the wedding.
And of cos, to partyrock.
*photo courtesy of Mr. Heng*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

One more month before the party...

Yep, time flies. On the same day last year, i wasn't engaged. I was just the same girl who partyrocks, runs, have fun, and work. Fast forward a year, i am like one month to being a Mrs. And now it dawn upon me. Responsibilities will change, thinking will change, lifestyle will change.

One night, while running with my fave buddy, he reminded me to move with the changes from being single to being married. He mentioned about my singleton life of going running (whenever, wherever), to my partying, and my workaholic life, and to slowly learn to become a wife. I gave him a stare, and wish that i would retain some part of my lifestyle.

Sure there would definitely be changes. Considerations have to be made for two, instead of one. I can't just sign up for a race, then informing the other half. I have to now seek approval. I have to also learn to give up some stuff, and to embrace new ones like planning for a family.

The things that have changed are that now i'm rocking a new do. No one would believe i used to do triathlons. I have long hair, i have finally learnt how to put on some fake lashes. I have learn to embrace being skinny, and not muscles. I'm really looking more so like a tai tai. Don't worry, i'm still jogging. During a random night of joining a group of old tri friends for a drink, one of them mentioned that he still sees the short hair spunky Eve who's out rocking the tarmac. He may be right.

I have a feeling, i'll be back to rocking my own lil triathlon, someday.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time to do a tri

I always tell myself "somedays are good, somedays are bad". I had a twitching right lower eyelid. I attribute that to stress. A quick google of the eyelid however result in the superstitious me also believing it could really be a touch of bad luck, even though other articles are strongly suggesting good luck could possibly be coming my way. So which is which? Which do i believe?

Rather than making myself panic thinking which to believe, i have started daydreaming. I've wondered about the day i get back on my bicycle. My beloved p2c. And that fear, and excitement rolled into one. Or i would love to attempt another triathlon. I always wondered where did i ever summon the energy or that motivation and the determination from my one and only attempt at Ironman70.3 a couple of years ago. I marveled at my friends' accomplishments of finishing numerous ironman races. Wow, where did they find that motivation?

I then looked at one tri event. Seems long enough to whet my appetite, yet a little too long to think twice. Even more so, when this is post wedding : 7 weeks. I used to just go with the wind. But i guess i have too much on my plate then. A place i will then call home, a new room to adjust myself to, more new family members to embrace & to love (ok, throw in some hate, and disgust too), and a slight change to my lifestyle. That would be my longest race, which takes a whole load of commitment.

So am i ready? Or am i going to wallow in my clout of bad luck? Or wait!
The good luck's coming my way.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

To be a good boss?

What does it take to be a good boss? Offering better pay? Better perks in life? Better work-life balance? I think i have not offered better pay nor any of those things above. I am a Chinese (Asian) boss, akin to dragon mother. The term "dragon mother" has taken a whole new buzz, after Amy Chua (a very famous author, if you haven't read Joy Luck Club) wrote on a book about them. I expect the best for my employees, similarly the same way i've driven myself : to be the best in work.

Unfortunately, some things came about unexpectedly. I had to cease a project. A project i had hired more than 40 employees for. 40 employees with families and cars to feed. This is not going to be easy. I had spent a few nights tossing in bed, weighing the pros and cons of terminating this project, whom i had spent most of my time 24/7 with through the past year and half. The pros were simple : i get my life back, i get to go back to triathlon, i will get married without much worries, and even go for a long term holiday. The cons are : many lives are dependent on me and the project generates 'X' revenue for me to live out my dreams. The cons overweigh the pros, resulting in sleepless nights, and extra wrinkles on my sad face. I don't know how i am going to do this.

In a matter of minutes, i need to announce the exit strategy to my team : the last day is 31st June 2011. Goodbye my team, some of you are awesome, some of you are not.

Time to hunt for another "baby" to nurture, to grow and to prosper.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I was in Japan from late feb all the way till 1st of March. The first earthquake / aftershocks hit Japan a week post me coming back. And then the big one that hit Japan at the magnitube of 8.9 on the richter scale came on the day of 11th March 2011.

Japan is awesome. I don't have too many words to describe it, except awesome. I arrived at Tokyo and jet off to Hokkaido, to a lil village of Niseko, where powder snow rules the mountains, and the wisps of cool air wraps you like a blanket. I'm not a good snowboarder, neither do i claim to be. With bad knees, anything with a board beneath my legs isn't good news. Perhaps only then i realize why i rule in the waters. Not on any form of H2O. Niseko has its potentials to become, like what the news and various investors have indicated, the aspen of the east. With the country's manners, attitude and service level, Japan caught my heart and my eye. And when i left on March 1st, i wanted to be back.

I've been tracking the news and happenings since March 11th. Even more so when a potential nuclear disaster (which some have liken it to that of chernobyl) might unfold, with the explosion at the fukushima power plant. When you look at the number of pictures online, you compare fukushima versus tokyo. And you wonder : what hit this beautiful country? Everyday, you hope you pray and you await news that some good might come out from worst earthquake disaster in Japan.

Japanese are a very courageous lot of people. They are well-prepared, they are courteous, they are still showing courage in this time where fear encapsulates their mind. And these people will prevail, and they will be able to get through these tough times. Fight on, Japan.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Singapore Biathlon 2011

I didn't know why i was in bed at 10pm on a friday night. I was exhausted from the week's work. I felt a tiny flu bug hitting me, and decided to call it an early night and down that mug of water laced with berocca vitamin c.

At 6am, i heard the alarm. I still lazed around in bed. I spoke to my mom close to 630am, wondering if she's awake too early, or i might possibly be late. Of course, it's the latter. And i realized it was time to squeeze myself into my tri tights, and get to East Coast Park. My wave is at 730am.
I got myself to the start line less than a minute from the gun off. The swim was a washing machine during the first 200metres. Nothing that i did not expect. And i found new meaning to "breast strokers", like literally. The only surprising thing is there were not many seabugs in the ocean, nor jellyfishes. I suffered a few bites, but at least the water was cooling, and i didn't have too bad a time trying to finish it. My mind though kept saying "are we there yet? why is this taking so long?"

Out from the sea, i staggered like a bad drunk to the transition point. Socks, shoes, gels, and race bib. I was off to run that 10km. Truth be told, i had a bad time trying to do 10km over the past few months since Singapore Marathon 2010 in December. I wasn't able to sustain running anything more than 5km. Yep, my life was that sad. Today however was my day. I managed to find this slow jogging pace : i reckon 6:20 per km. Slow, but i know i'll get to the 10km mark. I saw Matt as expected. I saw a few of my friends.

I crossed the line, according to the result, at 1 hour 46 mins 52 seconds. A tad two minutes slower than last year. But at least i completed it.

Here's to Julian and his wonderful way of convincing me that this is a tradition. I have and must do it. ahhhhhh bahhh... till 2012.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Start the Wabbit Year off on the right foot

Every year, i had always tried to start the year right. In that weird queer lil' brain of mine, i thought "In order to do so, you have to end the "old" year right". Errr right! What's right would depend on one's lofty ambition, and aspirations. Before my lunar new year reunion dinner, i took my brand spanking new pink Asics DS Trainers off for a quick run, in a bid to feel better of the bingefest over the lunar new year holidays.

I had a terrible tummyache, and welcomed the "rabbit" year on the lunar calendar in bed. That cleared most of the system. That queasy rumbling feeling in the stomach, upon waking up on the first day of the new year, did not stop me from munching on the traditional fried sweet chewy cake ('nian gao'), and my asian beef jerky ('bak kwa').

At least, now stepping off the right foot meant i am always constantly full = rich.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Facing life's ups and downs

Since the beginning of 2011, i told myself "time to get some fitness back". So far, the plan sort of worked. I've been going at Macritchie Trails on weekend, and try to rejoin the Monday Tri Swim. The Monday Tri Swim crowd has always been "encouraging" in their back-to-squad-swim-welcome, with words like "wah can buy 4D", or "guest appearance?". Somehow, the words don't get to me or bother as much. I pretty much have subscribed to "let's just have some fun, who cares if i am slow?". I can't go through 4km jogging through the trails without huffing and puffing my lungs out. Did i expect this? Well, yes and no. I was hoping my muscle memory would kick in, but i didn't expect to fall back that far of my fitness. That's just one of many life's ups and downs.

Work has been bogging me down. I toyed around with expansion ideas. Part of my Pinky & the Brain's idea of taking over the world. However, i'm faced with the finance portion, and the handling of the bonus-Chinese New Year syndrome of leaving staff. That, i sum it as part of life's ups and downs. With my increasing time spent at work, the more i see how tough running or even micro managing can be. I sleep early post work by 11pm, waking up at 3am to watch some tv due to insomnia or thinking about work.

Life throws curveballs all the time. To battle it, it's about retaliation and resilience, and being able to keep calm under panic. To sleep and come up with a better idea. I often wondered about having the same financial security, as i did as a little kid. My dad was around just all of five years of my life, but he did tell me never to take things for granted, and that you got to work hard to get something you want, and to run with the wind once you catch that energy. Those are lessons i hold dearly, as he passed on some 25 years ago. I was blessed to live a good part of my life, with zero worries. And to face with potholes now, i felt i can do it cos what doesn't kill you only make you stronger. To feel all miserable about it is not going to bring back the same lifestyle; but to transfer negativity into a driving force might just change the road ahead of you.

And I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Have a good weekend.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 resolutions

The start of a new year. A year, many of my friends deem, is going to be exciting. I know for sure, changes are abound. First up, i am getting married. By NYE of 2012, i would be a Mrs. O well, but like some friends said, that doesn't change a lot of things. I'm still going to be Eve.

So for 2010, i wanted to be more appreciative of my family and friends, focus on work and get a lil lean. All of which i felt i have done my best, and gave my all.

I woke up by 9am in 2011, and i already felt it to be different. This year i'm going to find more time to workout and be a little leaner. While my focus is still going to be work, i need to declutter and cut a little slack to myself. Like the papers said this morning of 1st Jan 2011, truth hurts, but it's a neccessity if i want to stop wasting time and start moving forward. And to begin the year on the right foot, by clearing the air and getting rid of people and situations that have been holding me back. And to embrace the future with optimism. How appropriate.

So for 2011 : i strive to be
  1. Growing my business... may it grow and flourish...
  2. Start finding a leaner me. Less tummy, less fattening food, more time for sports.
  3. Grow a lil closer to the family & friends, and perhaps find a few more friends in the year.
So to an awesome new year, i pray for everyone around me to have the time of their life this year. In my simple ah lian terms, HUAT AH!