Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 resolutions

The start of a new year. A year, many of my friends deem, is going to be exciting. I know for sure, changes are abound. First up, i am getting married. By NYE of 2012, i would be a Mrs. O well, but like some friends said, that doesn't change a lot of things. I'm still going to be Eve.

So for 2010, i wanted to be more appreciative of my family and friends, focus on work and get a lil lean. All of which i felt i have done my best, and gave my all.

I woke up by 9am in 2011, and i already felt it to be different. This year i'm going to find more time to workout and be a little leaner. While my focus is still going to be work, i need to declutter and cut a little slack to myself. Like the papers said this morning of 1st Jan 2011, truth hurts, but it's a neccessity if i want to stop wasting time and start moving forward. And to begin the year on the right foot, by clearing the air and getting rid of people and situations that have been holding me back. And to embrace the future with optimism. How appropriate.

So for 2011 : i strive to be
  1. Growing my business... may it grow and flourish...
  2. Start finding a leaner me. Less tummy, less fattening food, more time for sports.
  3. Grow a lil closer to the family & friends, and perhaps find a few more friends in the year.
So to an awesome new year, i pray for everyone around me to have the time of their life this year. In my simple ah lian terms, HUAT AH!

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