Sunday, November 26, 2006

The birthday parties continues...

The birthday parties continues for Angie...

Monday 20th was the birthday of Angie. A year older. ahhaha... Dave & me decided to bring her out to have dinner at Min Jiang @ One North. I can't resist its peking duck... and of course their food is always yums. The menu included Shark's Fins, which the birthday girl adamantly resisted. She claimed the way they killed the sharks is cruel. Dave then questioned on how she felt when the sharks killed a surfer. One less shark = lowering the possibility of a surfer being dragged into water by one of those sharks. Hmmm... which would you take? Right... i'll take the pro-surfer. I am just going to enjoy my shark's fin. The only peeve i had that night was perhaps the manager avoiding me to tell me where they made their citronella candle from. Sigh... oh well, better luck next time.

Tuesday 21st : Our dear Ben decided we should go to Sun with Moon Dining. There's a story which i must tell behind it. It's so hilarious i can't stop laughing. Ben sms me regards to dinner plans, which i said ok to. Then he informed us via sms "Sun with moon dining at wheelock place, ok? 7pm. Eve Angie & Ben". Upon receiving the message, i called Angie to ask if she wants to share a ride down to Orchard. Our conversations goes something like this :
Eve : Eh what time can i pick you up to go Orchard and meet Ben?
Angie : Huh? It's on Sunday lor... not today.
Eve : no lor... it is today. *laughter ensues*
Angie : no no...
Eve : pls read your sms
Angie : OH.............
I just laughed while she continued to curse me. My sis got Angie a new bf : Patrick Star. For those who are clueless, Patrick Star is Spongebob Squarepants' good friend in the cartoon. At past 7pm, we called Ben to inform him of our delay (traffic was a killer). We also decided to add a place for Patrick Star. We had a laugh when Ben asked where's our other guy friend who's supposed to join us... and even more clueless when we said the dude is Patrick Star and explained its character as Spongebob's friend. Still, all we saw on Ben's face is a blank.

The week went by just like that, in the blink of an eye. I spent most nights dining with friends, and taking a drink thereafter. I kind of slacked a lil' on taking my usual swim and stuff. Friday was the craziest. I had pre-party drinks at Bala with my usual boys. And then i trotted my ass down to Velvet. I can't believe I actually partied with my wakeboard dude Alan & his brothers till 4am, all the while bearing the itchyness of my peeling skin off my back. I had to live with the "wah you're all covered" jokes as well as jokes of chicks and quality control.

I did however compensated the rough friday night by being awake at 10am to be mom's little girl to bring her around the errands, and thereafter rushing to wakeboard at 3pm. Of course, it helps that i had a good ride... woohoo. I am addicted. This lifestyle also meant that I was a goner by Saturday night... and slept before it even turned 12.

All i can is WHAT A WEEK...!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Angie...

the girls @ butter
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Yep... it's my best friend's birthday. It's been fun to be your friend. Thanks for your care, concern, bitching, screaming, yelling, shaking... and of cos, the loving. I love you... my dearest friend.

So being the good partner-in-crime, i organized the day's activity. It started with dinner at Blooie's. Nevermind i was late to grab everyone along the way to Blooie's. You can't blame me, i worked on Saturday afternoon, and i'm really feeling very tired from Desaru + Velvet the night before. Dinner was alright, the food was decent ( oh they serve hugemongous burgers), the magaritas was good. The environment at Blooie's is very relaxed. We all enjoyed dinner, though it's a small group of us.

We then adjourned over to Butter Factory to get buttered. Out comes the peanut butter shots & that bottle of vodka. Vicious liquids down the throat. It's been some time since the girls all came out and partied.

But being the girlies we know them to be, they called it a night by 130am. Angie, Jeannie & Me then trotted our princess butts to Zouk to continue our partying... where we met a few more friends...

The next i remembered the time to be was when my head hit my pillow... it was 4am. Yawnz... goodnight people.

And Angie... Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Desaru Beach ...

Eve @ Desaru Beach
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It's a bit of a blast heading to Desaru... out of sheer spontaneity. Thanks & Cheers to the invite of Alan, my wakeboard instructor. The invite came in at abt 6ish pm on a thursday evening. And you know what... we took it, at that very instant. When i got home on thursday evening, i wondered whether i can truly take fridays off work. I decided to not think too much and just go off.

Headed off real early on friday morning, along with Angie. I had so much fun, though i am really sunburnt now. I met a whole bunch of surfers, some of them pros from HK. It was awesome. The guys managed to surf a little. The surf isn't what i'm used to out in California. The set is too small, making the amount of time to really surf very short. It's also not tall enough. The water is a lil' rough. But still awesome fun. The sun was shining. I am closer to my elements : sun, water... & fun.

The bunch of the dudes that went with us to Desaru were just spontaneous and crazy. We ended up going to Velvet to party on the night. Of course, we got a lil' high from the drinks due to the lack of sleep. And our crazy near 24 hrs of staying awake.... kept us real buzzed. My skin, freshly baked, started to hurt by then. My eyelids have started to feel really heavy. That was my cue to wave bye to the guys and to head on home. It was near 5am Saturday Morning when my head hit the pillow, remembering barely 24 hours ago when i just woke up to head to Desaru.

I have uploaded the pics on my flickr. So check em' out.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Moments in the lift...

The lift is an interesting place to eavesdrop on another's conversation, even if you didn't mean it. There's space constraint. At between lunch hours, and tea hours, it's jam packed. The lift is a means / way out to the outside life for people stuck in skyscrapers and concrete jungle, to take a breather or strike up a huge breath of fresh air.

Funny incident happened when i was out on job.
Three guys stepped into the lift, when it's almost full. The lift wobbled. I hear sniggles.
Guy A says to Guy B, while poking to his tummy : Dude this caused the lift to wobble.
Guy B shook his head and said : hell no...
Guy A look at Guy C, while poking Guy C's tummy : Yours prolly did us in. It's bigger than B's.
Guy B nodded his head. There was lil' giggles by the ladies in the lift

Sometimes you hear the most interesting stories in the lift...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Noel's Birthday (kinda) @ Mambo

Noel, Eve, Angie & Jeannie
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Happy Birthday Noel.

And to the rest of the readers, yes we know very well we're like a bunch of old fogies at zouk's infamous wednesday night. Strolling through the main hall of zouk right onto the packed floors of Phuture, you spot tons of cuties, albeit barely legal and def not our types. We had a good laugh, cos we're not there for the boys. We're there to be together, spend some gf kinda time. It's always fun with the girls. It never disappoints. Hahaha, we still had such fun, chit chatting among ourselves, drinking a lil', jivin' and singin' a lil. Pretty good for mid-week post-work drinks.

Good night you all...
till the next night...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Elmer's Wedding

Elmer's Wedding
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One word : Fun. It's also a gathering for the rest of the boys... & all to really bond together. I don't think any of us dare say the wedding wasn't fun. We drank, wine & dine on the 69th floor of a particular building in Singapore.
The view was breathtaking. The food was good. The wine tasted good.

And of cos, i have tons of pictures on my flickr to remember this night.
The pictures turned out quite beautifully.
A lot of us agreed this is just fantastic... our group dynamics is awesome.

Congrats to Elmer... & wifey.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

BBQ that rawks...

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Yep the dudes decided to have a bbq on a Saturday evening. Omg, it was so fun. We had a full house. Everyone who's our lunch mates are invited. Hahaha, it was a blast. Hard to forget for a long time to come.

Have you ever seen a bbq with a long table as though this was a sit down dinner?
Have you ever had a party house with a pool table & swimming pool?

Obviously mix it all up with alcohol and these guys are wild. It was good for us to bond and laugh over the food and drinks. and games of 5-10, pool table, and randomly stripping to jump into the pool while enjoying a drink.

This bbq rawks. We should do it again.
It's amazing how the group has bonded together and came about, and still going strong.
Yep, i love you guys... despite me always being the butt of your jokes.

Friday, November 03, 2006

One of those random Bala

One of those random nights....
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So it's the end of the week. We decided to hit Bala for some drinks...

Bala's known for its sleazebags & lousy pick-up lines from random dudes. The crowd is made up of expats, oily people, and the banking people. Half the place is made up of bankers, i can tell you that. The only reason i'm there is for my boys. None of us are bankers nor oily people nor expat. My boys who are incredibly funny, who go there to walk around and ogle at women, who gets pickup by the wrong kinda women (ok, sorry that's like really funny, the uglies, the oldies), who digs live music, who drinks a load of beer, who drinks red wine despite numerous reminders that if it spills, it's gonna be nasty, and who never fails to keep me on my toes by their constant bitching and taking a dig at me.

For my boys, i am sorry. The more you hate me to blog, the more likely you're making the pages.