Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in retrospective

At the end of every year, it's becoming a tradition to write about the year that has passed. Those 12 months, and 365 days, or 525600 minutes. Like the musical "Rent" sings " How do we measure a year? in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, or cups of coffee? in inches, in miles..."

Work-wise i've developed my business a fair share, scored a business deal that has enough zeros in it. I've got a slew of happy problems. I understood a lot more about managing a big team, and managing others' expectations from me. I worked towards buying a Porsche, without feeling the pinch.

Of cos, at the time this blog post is written, COE (Certificate of Entitlement, a piece of paper you need to have a car in Singapore) is now pegged at over S$70k (est. 53k USD), for a car with a capacity over 2Litres. Pop goes whatever motivation i have to work harder. Maybe i should focus on handbags. In 2010, i bought less handbags, more love to Marc by Marc Jacobs and online shopping, due to the longer hours i clocked at work.

When one spend more time at work, the last thing i thought of doing is focusing on triathlon or swim bike run. No, i did not get fat. I actually feel leaned out. I lost muscles, i managed to still keep up my fitness a little, and eating a lot more right than usual. My skin's a little more fair. I drink and party far lesser than usual.

In May, i had one heck of an epic trip to Bali. Yea, 23 haters on board an airplane. Sure the trip tore apart some people, but it brought some closer to each other. I got nothing to complain. And i still have the same bunch of friends. Or more friends.

And you know what... the best way to end 2010 is to spend time with some haters, and have one heck of a time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In December

December usually meant a marathon or 21km to mark the end of running races / triathlons i've signed up for the year. This has been the same thing since 2007. This year, I haven't been training much, leading up to the marathon. I chose to sleep in, or to go out to party up to relieve the work stress. For that, i paid dearly on the 5th December 2010. I took a really long time to finish the run. I deem that the walk of shame, and with bad tanlines to match. O woe is me! I look like i have a bad case of ugly stockings every time i choose to flaunt my legs. It's fashion faux pas all through the Christmas season.

Decembers also meant a lot more eating out, and a lot more socializing with friends over food and drinks. I told myself I am not going to put on more weight or i need to meet my resolution of getting toned & lean. Since i can't get toned, as i have no time for resistance training, nor any form of disciplined training, I might as well try to lose weight. While flipping a book, my sister and i chanced upon calorie counting, and how much calories do one human being use up a day.

Calorie counting is like weight watching, in a more detailed form. Every lil bit of food you put into your mouth is the calories. In case you think i didn't know that all along, i did. I'm just in denial. So now fried food and sugary stuff should be kept to a minimal. Did you know kueh tu tu has almost like 60 calories per piece? Or that McDonald's vanilla ice cream is like 150? Let's not even talk about cutting down canned drinks, and soda... my favorite coke. I'm such a coke addict. I wonder how much of a mess i'll be, cutting off anything i eat or drink on every whim. I am on day two now. You know, I might just survive this, for 2010.

Here's to a skinny bitch me ... for the end of 2010.