Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sorry i've been busy...

I seemingly don't have time to workout.
I guess that's the excuse everyone uses when they don't want to workout. 
Truth is, i'm too tired to workout. And my mantra is if i am to
o tired, i'm not going to be reap any benefits from my workout. Sure, i try to run. The weather isn't very encouraging either. It's been too warm.

I should resolve to start training for 11th July weekend at Port Dickson Triathlon. I'm so dead, it's scary. O no... time to work it.

I did however spend what was a long run morning to packing my bags closet. So now it's proper.. according to the way i like it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

training life balance

I've been thinking and thinking. And tossing and turning. I can't help but feel that anxiety trying to get some sort of training schedule out for the upcoming triathlons. Sure i always tried to keep it cool, but i haven't cycled....

I think i can run. I think i can swim.
But now what? I'm sick. In bed. praying damn hard, that i don't get a cough or cold.