Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas...

Christmas Day : I spent a good 12 hours dead to the world post-ski trip. I ushered the whole Christmas in, in my sleep... i fell asleep about 3 minutes before Christmas Day. That long sleep did wonders to my aching body. Of cos, it still hurt, the muscle strains, but i think me working out in Singapore has helped. My sis had it worse, she felt like the world's going to end. It's Christmas Day ... and we decided to head downtown Nashville for Christmas lunch. While on I-65, the jam was bad, really bad. A section got closed due to a bad accident. It was a 4 car pile up. A SUV got totalled, a woman died, and a man was seriously injured. I couldn't bring myself to take pictures of the accident, so i took a pic of the long traffic. We got held up for a good two hours. So lunch started at 4pm. But it's Christmas. I like Christmas... i spent the evening watching CSIs. It's nice for a change, than nursing a hangover. Too bad, it didn't snow this year here at home.

26th is boxing day to the aussies, but not for America. It's Post Christmas sale to Americans.. most stores start early like 6am on 26th. The family packed off to Atlanta, Georgia for some shopping (they have lower taxes) and to catch up with family friends. Once again, on the road for like forever. We went to Discover Mills, an outlet mall. I managed to get some sports stuff for my runs, and workouts. Still haven't managed to buy running shoes, golf shoes, my swim shoes. There's really nothing much that i buy these days. Hahaha, can you imagine i just said that? But maybe in LA, where the clothes suit my style more, i might just go wild on my credit card again. We ended early at the mall and went off to Ikea, to grab some stuff for the house. I still vividly recall the opening of the Ikea store at Atlanta, when i was there a year ago. This time round i saw a picture that caught my eye. It's a poster of Audrey Hepburn. It's printed a huge piece of canvas, too huge for me to carry to Singapore. Sigh... but very nice print. I like Atlanta, the whole look of the city is just so cosy. It's arty, the apartment blocks are so arty. I like places like these. I guess every major city in US has a part that is arty, from LA to Chicago, to Boston.

I heard Singapore's raining really badly these days. Hmmm... i like the fact i don't have to drive in the rain. And i like the cold weather out here. A pity it didn't snow this Christmas. I wonder if i'll see snow this time round.

Think i'll head back to my couch to watch 24, CSI & Scrubs... all day, everyday, while i wrap my freezing butt up in a blankie. Been spending a lot of my time, reading, chilling out at home. It feels good... but there are people out in Singapore i miss hanging around with, laughing over a beer or my fave dessert.

Laters dudes,

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas One & All..

It's Christmas... i'm having a uber cold Christmas. I know a few of you envy me. I wouldn't want a rainy Christmas season too, if you ask me. This is in ref to the amount of rain water Singapore has been accumulating. The weather in Midwest is extremely forgiving this year, and wonderful as it is. There are pros & cons. The pros being that i could get away with a sweater, instead of a bubble jacket or a thick wool coat, as i always do. For the cons... sigh....

My search for a white Christmas is extremely futile this year. The family left for a ski trip on Christmas Eve up at Perfect North Snow Resort in Indiana. For the first time, Indy has no snow during Dec, which is weird. So when the family got there, we had to be contented with artificial snow. Of cos, the whole feeling of that cold air hitting your face, while you glide down the slopes makes you forget the whole artificial snow, and the feeling is uber exhilerating, very addictive, and you just wish you can be out there the whole day. I skipped lunch, only had some coke and just went to hit the slopes the entire day, swapping between ski and snowboard. Of cos snap on boards sucks, i prefer the whole sneaker boot slip on. I hate ski lifts still, due to my phobia of heights. But the feeling of that adrenaline rush down the slopes is enough to make me suck it all up and just do it. I got by listening to my ipod shuffley, loaded with tons of Linkin Park, Prodigy, BEPs, Ludacris, mostly rap, rock & beats. By the time the park closes at 4pm (early, due to Christmas Eve), the artificial snow is almost done, you could see patches of ground all over the slopes. Sigh... and you thought Midwest has a lot of snow.

Whatever the case is, the 5 hours car ride up North is worth it. The 9am-4pm on the slopes is definitely worth it, despite i only had hotcakes for breakfast and coke & root beer in between runs. And another 5 hours back down to home.... It's all worth it.

Merry Christmas to you guys...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Back @ Home...

It's barely 48 hours after i have finally arrived back home.
The ride here was long... by which i meant 32 hrs, including layover after layover, and the drive home... at frigging 1am (Nashville Timing).
So it's Singapore-Tokyo-LA-Vegas-Nashville. Not a pretty ride at all.

We went to do some Christmas shopping. I didn't buy anything. I will shop when i wanna shop. We did get bored, and got into one empty closet, and started our picture-taking. Heh heh... The joy of just being in sneakers & jeans everyday, though i am all wrapped up and it's cold out here. And the bliss of feasting on Krispy Kreme donuts. Screw the diet, i'll work out when i get back to Singapore. And to watch tv in the middle of the night. I just started on 24 Season One 12am to 4am, yelp... i need to watch the entire day at one go. But that's too crazy.

I will update u guys again soon...
oh yea, i got new geeky glasses done when in Singapore. It looks retro... blame the Oakley frames, but i love them. it's very me. I love being the retro lookin chick.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Holiday--- Merry Christmas...

Alert: Spoiler ahead.

The movie is sweet. And even touted as this year's Love Actually. Love Actually was a huge hit couple years ago, as the Christmas Love story kinda movie. I love that movie. So there's no question that i like The Holiday. The whole gist is love happens when you didn't expect it to. We all want to find love. The movie is heart-warming, when Cameron's character being an absolute flop at work... finds love in two weeks in Surrey UK. Can love happen in two weeks? A friend or two were telling me about how love takes times to grow. Perhaps i've been living in my lil corner and thinking Love can happen at first sight.. and perhaps in the span of two weeks, i can find love. The movie speaks of moving on... and you might find love in moving on. Moving on from a failed relationship is often a deterrent to a new one, and perhaps by allowing yourself to just let go may be the very first step to finding love again. As Shakespeare put it in The Merchant of Venice "Love is Blind", i truly believe in it. You do not need words / compatibility issues / reasons to love someone. You love someone because you love someone.

The time of Christmas also opens up another whole array of emotions, other than love. There are people around me who feels emo-messed up during this jolly season, as they're all alone in the world. It's painful to let go, but holding on is even more painful. Live & Let Live, as i always say. Work took a toll on my lithe body. I felt so exhausted, that i just feel spaced out even with friends.

I'm leaving Singapore for some time (in a matter of hours), so i actually feel sad to leave the ones i love, adore, worship the ground they walk on, especially during this Christmas season. However, I felt super loved today... when my closest gfs sms-ed me telling me how much they will miss me, and my boys telling me in their indirect way that they'll miss my presence. I love the whole Christmas kinda mood, the songs ( i danced in my ride to Mariah's All i want for Christmas is you ... while in traffic, the guy next to me just laughed out loud... glad i made someone laugh).... and of cos i dig the love around Christmas... and of cos embrace everyone's lil' emo-side.

So to everyone in Singapore, Merry Christmas... and i'll miss you guys.
And here's me to my boys, time to bring out the party poppers & champers (only moet everyday, dudes).

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A trackday weekend...

I had a good week... Work work then off to the track on friday. It felt good to be able to drive on the track. I need to let go of the speed load every now & then. It felt as though a burden's been lifted off my shoulders. I had a pretty good timing this time round. Man, it's awesome.

I didn't drive back immediately. I stayed on in KL to party along with Casey, Barry, & a few friends. Since i pretty much had very little sleep due to the early drive up to Sepang that morning, i am pretty zonked out. After a wee bit of alcohol, i am sloshed. Sloshed beyond words. I don't deny it. I just zonked out. Sleepy, but i know what went on. I could even chat with the guys after we got back to the apartment and a hot shower.

I came back on Saturday... yes the day of zoukout. But of cos, i didn't go. I fell asleep at 12mn. Honest! I didn't go. The next thing i knew... it's Sunday 12.30 in the afternoon when i saw the clock.

Unfortunately, i don't have many pictures... u gotta check flickr , when i find the time to upload them.

Monday, December 04, 2006

wild weekend...

Weekend of 1st week Dec (1st & 2nd)
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

We kicked off the weekends with drinks at Bala. Really fun night... we decided to all go GTs and me... i chose vodka 7ups. I got sick of beers. At least with vodka 7ups, i can take much more with the same amount of buzz i get from beer. We drank till 11 as the crowds dwindled to a handful.I then trotted my ass down to Zouk to meet friends after the Female 50 Gorgeous Party. Chris didn't nab the prize, so oh well... life goes on. And it's always good to party with Wenxiong (the dude in the picture on the right). He's one of my closest friends, and we've been friends since 9. Time flies.

Funny thing did happen at zouk. The bala waiter that is known as grumpy to me (because of his grumpy face) stood next in line to me at the members' toilet. He said Hi and asked if i recalled. I thought about it and went "grumpy". Guess he must really hate me for saying so :)

We ended off things at close to 5am, finishing supper along River Valley. Bumped into Victor & Gerald that i knew from Purdue. It was so nice chatting about rides and lifestyles. Must make it a point to catch up with them over some drinks or coffee. hmmm...

I woke up at 12 noon on Saturday, feeling groggy. Had some lunch at home before i zipped out to wakeboard. I am getting quite used to the whole wakeboard. It's fun, sporty and really having the time of my life bitching with the dudes and having some time in the water. It wasn't a good ride on Saturday. Very suay... kept falling, so unlike my usual stance. I scooted off for dinner right after... and then getting out to Velvet for some drinks.

Next thing i knew... it's 5am when my head hits the pillow. Feeling really tired then. Woke up by 12noon and had lunch before i had to go for the Integra.Sg photoshoot. It felt good to catch up with the boys again and of cos, i got made the RSM (whatever that meant, only the boys who've gone through army knows). After which, I scooted off to get another set in ... for wakeboarding. Yes, i'm nuts, but i swear i need to learn faster and put in more time. .... cos if pigs can fly, so can i.

Had dinner with my family in town, i was issued the warning to return home ASAP after the wakeboarding, and took the shot of the Christmas tree @ taka as we always do as a family every year. By 10pm, i finally called it a day... and the end of my weekend.

The next weekend should be far more exciting. Trackday here i come... i so need to drive.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Fray- How To Save A Life

You all might have noticed my love for Grey's Anatomy. What i didn't realize is the song that has been in my head for days is on the soundtrack for Grey's Anatomy. Enjoy the video, the song. And also check out the other song by the Fray : Over My Head.

I mentioned Over My Head's lyrics sometime ago. And its lyrics always tell a story that seems to be singing a song about my life.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The birthday parties continues...

The birthday parties continues for Angie...

Monday 20th was the birthday of Angie. A year older. ahhaha... Dave & me decided to bring her out to have dinner at Min Jiang @ One North. I can't resist its peking duck... and of course their food is always yums. The menu included Shark's Fins, which the birthday girl adamantly resisted. She claimed the way they killed the sharks is cruel. Dave then questioned on how she felt when the sharks killed a surfer. One less shark = lowering the possibility of a surfer being dragged into water by one of those sharks. Hmmm... which would you take? Right... i'll take the pro-surfer. I am just going to enjoy my shark's fin. The only peeve i had that night was perhaps the manager avoiding me to tell me where they made their citronella candle from. Sigh... oh well, better luck next time.

Tuesday 21st : Our dear Ben decided we should go to Sun with Moon Dining. There's a story which i must tell behind it. It's so hilarious i can't stop laughing. Ben sms me regards to dinner plans, which i said ok to. Then he informed us via sms "Sun with moon dining at wheelock place, ok? 7pm. Eve Angie & Ben". Upon receiving the message, i called Angie to ask if she wants to share a ride down to Orchard. Our conversations goes something like this :
Eve : Eh what time can i pick you up to go Orchard and meet Ben?
Angie : Huh? It's on Sunday lor... not today.
Eve : no lor... it is today. *laughter ensues*
Angie : no no...
Eve : pls read your sms
Angie : OH.............
I just laughed while she continued to curse me. My sis got Angie a new bf : Patrick Star. For those who are clueless, Patrick Star is Spongebob Squarepants' good friend in the cartoon. At past 7pm, we called Ben to inform him of our delay (traffic was a killer). We also decided to add a place for Patrick Star. We had a laugh when Ben asked where's our other guy friend who's supposed to join us... and even more clueless when we said the dude is Patrick Star and explained its character as Spongebob's friend. Still, all we saw on Ben's face is a blank.

The week went by just like that, in the blink of an eye. I spent most nights dining with friends, and taking a drink thereafter. I kind of slacked a lil' on taking my usual swim and stuff. Friday was the craziest. I had pre-party drinks at Bala with my usual boys. And then i trotted my ass down to Velvet. I can't believe I actually partied with my wakeboard dude Alan & his brothers till 4am, all the while bearing the itchyness of my peeling skin off my back. I had to live with the "wah you're all covered" jokes as well as jokes of chicks and quality control.

I did however compensated the rough friday night by being awake at 10am to be mom's little girl to bring her around the errands, and thereafter rushing to wakeboard at 3pm. Of course, it helps that i had a good ride... woohoo. I am addicted. This lifestyle also meant that I was a goner by Saturday night... and slept before it even turned 12.

All i can is WHAT A WEEK...!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Angie...

the girls @ butter
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

Yep... it's my best friend's birthday. It's been fun to be your friend. Thanks for your care, concern, bitching, screaming, yelling, shaking... and of cos, the loving. I love you... my dearest friend.

So being the good partner-in-crime, i organized the day's activity. It started with dinner at Blooie's. Nevermind i was late to grab everyone along the way to Blooie's. You can't blame me, i worked on Saturday afternoon, and i'm really feeling very tired from Desaru + Velvet the night before. Dinner was alright, the food was decent ( oh they serve hugemongous burgers), the magaritas was good. The environment at Blooie's is very relaxed. We all enjoyed dinner, though it's a small group of us.

We then adjourned over to Butter Factory to get buttered. Out comes the peanut butter shots & that bottle of vodka. Vicious liquids down the throat. It's been some time since the girls all came out and partied.

But being the girlies we know them to be, they called it a night by 130am. Angie, Jeannie & Me then trotted our princess butts to Zouk to continue our partying... where we met a few more friends...

The next i remembered the time to be was when my head hit my pillow... it was 4am. Yawnz... goodnight people.

And Angie... Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Desaru Beach ...

Eve @ Desaru Beach
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

It's a bit of a blast heading to Desaru... out of sheer spontaneity. Thanks & Cheers to the invite of Alan, my wakeboard instructor. The invite came in at abt 6ish pm on a thursday evening. And you know what... we took it, at that very instant. When i got home on thursday evening, i wondered whether i can truly take fridays off work. I decided to not think too much and just go off.

Headed off real early on friday morning, along with Angie. I had so much fun, though i am really sunburnt now. I met a whole bunch of surfers, some of them pros from HK. It was awesome. The guys managed to surf a little. The surf isn't what i'm used to out in California. The set is too small, making the amount of time to really surf very short. It's also not tall enough. The water is a lil' rough. But still awesome fun. The sun was shining. I am closer to my elements : sun, water... & fun.

The bunch of the dudes that went with us to Desaru were just spontaneous and crazy. We ended up going to Velvet to party on the night. Of course, we got a lil' high from the drinks due to the lack of sleep. And our crazy near 24 hrs of staying awake.... kept us real buzzed. My skin, freshly baked, started to hurt by then. My eyelids have started to feel really heavy. That was my cue to wave bye to the guys and to head on home. It was near 5am Saturday Morning when my head hit the pillow, remembering barely 24 hours ago when i just woke up to head to Desaru.

I have uploaded the pics on my flickr. So check em' out.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Moments in the lift...

The lift is an interesting place to eavesdrop on another's conversation, even if you didn't mean it. There's space constraint. At between lunch hours, and tea hours, it's jam packed. The lift is a means / way out to the outside life for people stuck in skyscrapers and concrete jungle, to take a breather or strike up a huge breath of fresh air.

Funny incident happened when i was out on job.
Three guys stepped into the lift, when it's almost full. The lift wobbled. I hear sniggles.
Guy A says to Guy B, while poking to his tummy : Dude this caused the lift to wobble.
Guy B shook his head and said : hell no...
Guy A look at Guy C, while poking Guy C's tummy : Yours prolly did us in. It's bigger than B's.
Guy B nodded his head. There was lil' giggles by the ladies in the lift

Sometimes you hear the most interesting stories in the lift...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Noel's Birthday (kinda) @ Mambo

Noel, Eve, Angie & Jeannie
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Happy Birthday Noel.

And to the rest of the readers, yes we know very well we're like a bunch of old fogies at zouk's infamous wednesday night. Strolling through the main hall of zouk right onto the packed floors of Phuture, you spot tons of cuties, albeit barely legal and def not our types. We had a good laugh, cos we're not there for the boys. We're there to be together, spend some gf kinda time. It's always fun with the girls. It never disappoints. Hahaha, we still had such fun, chit chatting among ourselves, drinking a lil', jivin' and singin' a lil. Pretty good for mid-week post-work drinks.

Good night you all...
till the next night...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Elmer's Wedding

Elmer's Wedding
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One word : Fun. It's also a gathering for the rest of the boys... & all to really bond together. I don't think any of us dare say the wedding wasn't fun. We drank, wine & dine on the 69th floor of a particular building in Singapore.
The view was breathtaking. The food was good. The wine tasted good.

And of cos, i have tons of pictures on my flickr to remember this night.
The pictures turned out quite beautifully.
A lot of us agreed this is just fantastic... our group dynamics is awesome.

Congrats to Elmer... & wifey.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

BBQ that rawks...

Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

Yep the dudes decided to have a bbq on a Saturday evening. Omg, it was so fun. We had a full house. Everyone who's our lunch mates are invited. Hahaha, it was a blast. Hard to forget for a long time to come.

Have you ever seen a bbq with a long table as though this was a sit down dinner?
Have you ever had a party house with a pool table & swimming pool?

Obviously mix it all up with alcohol and these guys are wild. It was good for us to bond and laugh over the food and drinks. and games of 5-10, pool table, and randomly stripping to jump into the pool while enjoying a drink.

This bbq rawks. We should do it again.
It's amazing how the group has bonded together and came about, and still going strong.
Yep, i love you guys... despite me always being the butt of your jokes.

Friday, November 03, 2006

One of those random Bala

One of those random nights....
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So it's the end of the week. We decided to hit Bala for some drinks...

Bala's known for its sleazebags & lousy pick-up lines from random dudes. The crowd is made up of expats, oily people, and the banking people. Half the place is made up of bankers, i can tell you that. The only reason i'm there is for my boys. None of us are bankers nor oily people nor expat. My boys who are incredibly funny, who go there to walk around and ogle at women, who gets pickup by the wrong kinda women (ok, sorry that's like really funny, the uglies, the oldies), who digs live music, who drinks a load of beer, who drinks red wine despite numerous reminders that if it spills, it's gonna be nasty, and who never fails to keep me on my toes by their constant bitching and taking a dig at me.

For my boys, i am sorry. The more you hate me to blog, the more likely you're making the pages.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween... i guess

Happy Halloween... i guess
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It's the end of the month. Halloween. But it's a tuesday, a workday. Instead of donning a freaky costume, here i am at HSBC looking for moolahz to pay off my bills. Sighzzz... work. money. shopping. money. bills. money.

Happy Halloween People...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Jeanie's Birthday....

Yep. Again the birthdays... it's always nice to see the girls. Chillout over dinner.. and complete bitching session without the bfs. It was the usual group of us... with Alan, of cos, the only male bodyguard around. The rest of the bfs are busy with their own stuff or non-existent. So dinner at Sun at Chijmes followed by drinks @ Loof. That place is hot, like physically feeling the heat rolling down your back. Ewwwww... but still hanging with the girls is always uber fun.

Jeanie, happy birthday, we love you.
Yes, she has emmy winning performances. Please check out the flickr set for those. And she's incredibly funny. Thus the reason why we love her so much, cos of her auntie antics.

Please stay tuned for a longer post. I'm tired and need sleep

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Public Hols & a sick me...

Public Hols & a sick me...
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I'm sick... but that doesn't mean i stop whatever i'm doing, and just lay in bed the entire day. Come this friday, i'll be sick for a good two weeks. I decided to just head out for a short movie & coffee break. I've been cooped at home in bed for days. Angie, Mr. E and me headed to town to catch DOA : Dead or Alive in town. It was an ok and mindless movie, particularly good for my brain which doesn't seem to be clicking.

I am suffering from a constant high. I'm very drugged out. I was standing in the shower just now, and just thought about everything while humming Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. The drug probably moved my mind to a semi-trance state. I watch the scenes of my life flash me by, while i just hummed the song. Life changes so drastically within hours, days, months. Sigh..
A workday is coming. Another three working days this week.
Hmmm... time is flying too soon.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mike & Mae ... finally married...

Mike & Mae
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Yep, they got married. It's so sweet. Purdue University. 7 years of together. Some time apart. A dog named Marvin. One from Singapore, the other from Malaysia. Together. It's just so sweet.

Weddings are a beautiful thing. Even more so when your friends get married. Mike's a very close friend of mine, from Purdue. He's my chauffeur, my friend, and of cos my brother. Now he's married. I will youtube a video which i did for their wedding shortly. But this is really beautiful.

Dear Mike, congrats & have fun in Italy...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shopping amidst illness

Shopping amidst illness
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I was very drugged out, coughing & sneezing. Yet i went to Vivo City today, to check out just how magnificent the place is. You know what, I am not very impressed. I love Pull & Bear, Forever 21 and Topshop. But that's it. I can get those in Orchard. Even Gap is opening in Orchard for crying out loud. There must be a unique store which i will buy something off, to justify me driving all the way there.

What i love from the trip is the dressing room at Pull & Bear. The lighting was just so perfect for the picture. Had to take it. Ooh...

Ok it's official. I'm very drugged.
Lesson Learnt : Never bring Eve, who's drugged out, to any dressing rooms. She can get a bit crazy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

under the weather

under the weather
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I kid you not. I'm sick again. Blame the haze. The PSI at 4pm was a
good 130. Now at 6pm, it's 128. Not too good. It's reached unhealthy

Friends were saying i'm a lil' feisty today, but one guy nailed it.
He said i'm afterall a girl. And all girls love to manja the minute
they fall sick. Boo Hoo.... i ish sick. come come... hug me...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

haze-filled week

Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

Yep, the haze has been hitting out big time in Singapore. I wasn't here when the haze got really bad in 97. But for the 1st time, i experienced really bad haze. It's almost as if it's fog, except the weather doesn't feel wet, and you're coughing you way through it.

I should get a picture of the bad haze soon.

Night out with the boys

Night out with the boys
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

Yep... this happened during one of the night out with the boys. Omg, never ever let a bunch of drunk dudes get near rubber. Yep, that is what you think it is.

I nearly died laughing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

one of those days....

I had one of those days today, where
  1. i took three hours to complete my proposals... all 7 of them.
  2. 15 minutes before lunchtime, a potential client calls and halt the starving me from reaching out for food
  3. i went to lunch... and overordered...
  4. i had a caffe latte and didn't have a headache... YIPPEEEE! i'm allergic to coffee.
  5. i'm the last to leave office. As i slammed the door shut, i looked at my hand. *gasp* i brought the aircon remote along with me. dammit. On my other hand was my mobile. I walked down, only to see Angie laughing at the remote control on my hand.
  6. i had brilliant thai food along purvis street
  7. i went for ice milo
  8. i came home before 11
  9. alexie told me to try switching on my home aircon with my office remote
  10. i tried it and failed... right, they're different brands. DOH!
I know i'm cute like that....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Birthday Dinner

Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

We all know the queen celebrates birthday for a month. So like in all good tradition, i celebrate mine for the entire month. Yes, it's way past my birthday, but who cares.

So the girls came over for dinner. For the very 1st time, we had everyone. Not one person was missing. Ok, some are missing, but that's cos they're newly inducted members. But back to the story, we had popiah party. I know it sounds weird, and way off. But popiah is almost a social activity. You get a bunch of ingredients and you sit around, DIY your own popiah. So it's a long affair.

After which, we went to MOS. Some of them haven't been there before. I became their tour guide. We went shutter-crazy. Like duh... we always do. It's amazing. Ok, i had a few pictures in the front, but thereafter i was sloshed. Let's just say i'll never ever ever have tequila ever ever again. It's just awful, yuck, disgusting. I'm the birthday girl, so anything goes. So quit bitching / laughing / pointing fingers at me about me being drunk. :P

So now, Let's just wait till 20th October for yet another round.