Monday, February 13, 2006

the most amazing girls in da world..

I have a bunch of my girlfriends over for Chinese (i give up on the word "lunar") New Year. It became a must-do for every Chinese New Year. We had our usual lo-hei and of cos, steamboat. Though i can't quite recall if we did steamboat dinner last year too. Hmmm...

We ended up with double celebrations : CNY & Pris' Birthday. I think most of us would agree we had a great night, huddling around one pot of soup, and chatting about everything under the sun, with an occassional DUH! moment. Thanks to April's choice of a great cake for Pris' birthday celebration. We had great yummy chocolate cake & ice cream. Yes, i know it's fattening. But a bunch of girls when together like to totally eat, and eat, and eat. It doesn't matter. We don't have to make an impression on anyone of us.

Come to think of it. Most of us have been friends since Primary School, and tightening our friendship in Secondary school. Some things just don't change. Sia Meihwan is still lazy, but though way noisier. Rulin's just Rulin, sibeh auntie leh. Clara's still smiling silly at her cellphone each time a text message comes in, which is obvious it's from her other half. April is helping to clean up, as usual. Pris is photo-whoring as usual. Jeanie is just Jeanie, sitting around, disappearing some time for some breather. Angie just smiles, and helps out with April with the cleaning up. I ...i...well, i am just making myself look busy.

Well... i'm looking to spending more time with the girls.
And before i forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIS, we love you...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

weight loss...

I lost some weight in the last 2 weeks. Which is rather amazing, considering it was Lunar New Year. Yep, i call it Lunar New Year to be more politically correct, cos it's not just Chinese who are celebrating this Lunar New Year, it may be caucasians too with a Chinese parentage / heritage. Lunar New Year, i spent a lot of time, sleeping and munching on goodies. I prolly eat too much cookies & pastries for lunch or dinner.

Back to the point, i lost 2kg. My new year's resolution to lose weight is coming true. And thinking about power to weight ratio, perhaps i will gain on my speed. Maybe, but what's 2kg? 2kg is the weight difference between certain models of cast iron rims to forged rims. Like duh?!?! 2kg also marks the weight of carbon fibre bonnet to the standard ones that we have. Like duh?!?! 2kg is really negligible amount of weight, but it certainly does show on anyone's body. To a ONE TONNE car? 2kg is really wtf?

So i guess i have to start working out. Been reading a couple of trialthletes' & biathletes' & sports nuts' journals or blogs, and feeling really inspired to exercise and start working out. to run. clock some miles. to tone up the fats. to feel good.

However, the thoughts about heading towards Fat Burger Land is making me think twice... I'm actually looking forward to The Cheesecake Factory, Fat Burger, In & Out Burger, ooohhhh also krispy kreme... hahaha.... in a week too.

Hmmm...ssshhhh... think i just sit back & chill. way easierrrrrrr.