Monday, October 29, 2007


The week went by... i've been trying to push myself to clock more road mileage. Rain has prevented me from going out to cycle, but to run more... sigh, i can't help but wish i am cycling instead of running sometimes.

This week 22nd Oct to 28th Oct 07
Monday : run around ECP
Tuesday : Yoga
Wednesday : 5km run around home
Thursday : 5km run at ECP
Friday : REST
Saturday : 8km to 9km at ECP
Sunday : 5km at MacRitchie Trail ...

I think trail running can kill me. MacRitchie's great overall, but the humidity inside the forest is a killer. I felt like giving up a couple of times, and telling myself maybe i should clock lower mileage. I ran i walk, and you know what, hey... at least i completed the 5km.

I think i might be on the path to being able to complete my 21km.
hosey !

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday morning run...

As i woke up at 7am this morning, and drove towards East Coast Park this morning, i felt that cool breeze hit my face, and wondered "what am i doing awake at this hour to go for my run training?" Then, i thought about an article i read the night before ...

Lifted from The New Paper Oct 27, 07
Titled : Detoxing? No, i am preparing for a race by Esther Au Yong

"I have not had a drink for close to two weeks. And, boy, am I yearning for a pint of beer now.
No, I'm not quitting alcohol nor am I on a detoxification programme.
(I'm taking part in races held on consecutive weekends; this Sunday will be the last one.)

Detoxification, of course, is all the rage these days among clubbers, especially after a heavy week of drinking.

Take some messages I've seen on my friends' Facebook status updates - that's the part where Facebookers tell all and sundry how they're feeling, what they're doing, whether their pet dog has eaten... you get the drift.
One said: 'XX is detox-ing... two more days to go!'
Another read: 'XX is proud of herself for finishing the nine-day detox.'

Earlier this week, when I told a work acquaintance that I can't drink with him this week, he asked: 'Oh, are you on a detox?'
Okay, since it has become a noun, I guess it (detoxification, I mean) should be taken seriously.

Then - and this takes the cake - while buying a packet of my favourite orecchiette pasta at Jones The Grocer at Dempsey Hill one night, the sales assistant, who looked like the partying sort, said to her colleague: 'I sooo have to detox. And this is the kind of pasta I should be eating. This is good pasta.'

If I wasn't shocked to silence, I would have been polite and said: 'Why, thank you very much, I'm glad I chose the right pasta.

'But pray tell, what's this detox all about?'

A quick search on the Internet threw up this general definition - a detox is a dietary regimen that attempts to 'detoxify' the body by removing 'toxins'.
Usually, detox diets suggest eating fruits and vegetables and limiting the intake of processed food, including alcohol.

So, I suppose, I am on a detox of sorts. Trust me, when avoiding alcohol, it's far easier - and apparently more fashionable - to tell people that I'm detoxing than to explain to them that I've a 15km race coming up.

Besides, I hate getting disbelieving gasps, which are inevitably followed by shrieks of 'you got wake up so early to train one meh'?
Or the classic, 'you gotta be joking, right?'

Hey, party girl doesn't have to mean unhealthy girl okay?

But I bet you that pint of post-race beer on Sunday will go down smoother than any I've tasted on a typical, alcoholic night out with the mates."

This article details what i wanted to tell my gfs, I made some of them read it. Few understood why i chose to hang up my Gucci heels and swapped them for my Asics DS Trainer. Give up my beauty sleep and head out for some heart pumping andrenaline rush. Few thought my craze for multisports is going to be a one-off, but no one saw it last for six months and counting.

Hey, like seriously, a party girl doesn't have to mean unhealthy girl. That Saturday morning, the rain fell on my face, i had to run in some faint drizzle, after a delay of an hour. It is on that faithful morning, i clicked in between 8 to 9km. It's been some time, and was unbelievably fast too, much to my surprise.

And you know what, it felt GOOD. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jeanie's Birthday....

Yep, It's the time of the year. And we celebrate another one of my gfs' birthday. And we had tons of fun & laughter. We started with dinner at Dan Ryan's at Tanglin... so that we could all go and visit April.

Thereafter some of us adjourned off to the Cannery, The Pump Room to celebrate Jeanie's birthday as well as Justina coming back home. I can't deny the absolute fun and craziness this bunch of girlies get up to, with some alcohol.

I have some pictures to document this day. But of cos, i had to head home early to start my Saturday bright early morning runs. :) But i love you girls.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Runs runs runs

I set foot at Siloso Beach, Sentosa this morning at 730am, feeling very tired, and embarked on a 5km run. I never felt so breathless and that lack of enthusiasm to press on. That 5km felt as though i have hit 10km. I knew by then, i am in bad shape.

With each every ticking second, minute, day and week, the Standard Chartered Marathon or commonly known as Singapore Marathon draws nearer, sending a chill down my spine.

I have never ran anything more than 5km (in official records and measured perfectly!) before. Ok, yes, I might have ran past 5km, but never had a proper official timing or mileage clocked. And *gasp* what did i do? I signed up for the 21km category for the Singapore Marathon.

Over the past two weeks, I began starting my runs, as far as my knees can take me, and my swollen feet can take me. As hard as i try, i can't seem to run that same ol' 5km as freely as i did before, while training myself for the Osim Tri Sprint Category.

I read in The Sunday Times of suggested training schedules... and you know what? I'm way way way below that suggestion.

My Schedule for the past week :
Sunday : Ran 4-5km ECP
Monday : Ran 2.4km Treadmill + Weights
Tuesday : Ran 1.5km Treadmill + Yoga
Wed : Wakeboard baby... wakeboard...
Thursday : 2.4km ECP
Friday & Sat : Rest...
Sunday : 5km Siloso Beach Sentosa....

Seems like i'm in trouble eh? I can't help but wonder ... am i ready?

Am i?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Noel's Wedding...

Dinner : Nic, Gary, Eve & GP
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.
I have too many pictures that could do the talking. Which makes things way easier. It's been too long since i blogged. Sorry peeps...

The amazing people and friends i met through cycling, and Cycle Craft were brought together for one night. Noel's wedding night...

Amazing food, amazing band. And incredulous company.

Afterwhich, we all went to Kandi Bar. And then another long night out at MOS. What can i say? Whoever says beer and sports don't mix.... is obviously wrong...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

29th October 07 : Herbie's Wedding

So another one in the group got married.
:) From us to you Herbs... Congrats !

So the night was filled with good food, good wine... and of cos MacCallan on the rocks. I kinda forgot the ongoings of the night. I had friends at the next ballroom too, as it turns out. Hmmm :)

Congrats Herbs... and we love you dude! And to your wife! Mrs Herbs!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Herbs' Night Out...

If the picture is anything to go by... Herbs' night out was all a blur. Massive amount of blurryness, fueled with alcohol, and accompnying good music of ATB (yes, it's beng but it's so skool days that we like it)... and great company like the bunch of crazy brothers. We have the ultimate recipe for a wild night out. I don't think and i can't speak for all of them that we're into any kinky cabaret, ktv pubs, lup sup-ness for Herbs' stag night.

All that we need is a bunch of guys, who can drink tons of chivas, martell & johnnie walker. And a bunch of guys who are really into club hopping the entire night. And that's the recipe to a very wild crazy night.

Quoted the next morning from Herbs the man : I only gain consciousness at 4am. I can't even remember what happened.

Note : he can't even remember the number & names of some people he met, including my friends.

Now that's really a night to remember.
Check the pictures at flickr

Monday, October 01, 2007

Top reasons to date a triathlete...

Found this on facebook , and thought it was really cute...

Top reasons to date a triathlete.... :
* Going long and hard is the name of the game
* We're oh-so smooth
* Worst case scenario we last 17 hours
* We like to get wet
* We also like to get sweaty
* We know when to make our move
* "Mechanical difficulties" are never much of an issue
* We are ALWAYS tweaking our position
* Spandex!
* We know how to ride
* We routinely get undressed in mere seconds
* We know how to finish strong
* We can perform under any condition
* We're up for a ride anywhere, anytime
* We never stop no matter how hard it is.
* The deeper we go the faster we get.
* We always put in a hard thrust at the very end.
* We don't mind when things gets a little rough.
* We're half naked.

I like the last one... hahaha
I'm a triathlete wannabe... here's to more triathlons ahead.

my life, my world, my bike...

This is my life, my world... this is my bike.
I haven't managed to get many pictures of it. Mostly, cos i either ride around at night... or wayyy too early in the morning. I should either run / ride this Saturday morning.

Jeremy Khong has a new blog... and he bitches i don't update. I struggled to juggle my life everyday. Life as an employee, life as a daughter, life as a sister, life as a "bradder", life as a triathlete wannabe, life as a part-time alkie, life as a part time photo bitch, life as a bitch. Gawd, that's tiring.

Heh heh, just kidding.
I love my bike !!!