Monday, February 25, 2008

Star Wars... according to a 3 yr old.

For those of you who know me well enough, you would notice my recent obsession for Star Wars. Star Wars-Hello Kitty mash up, to be more precise. I love Storm Troopers. I might get one of those trinkets to put on my bike, or a Hello Kitty trinket for the bike. Heh :). So getting back, if you do not know Episode IV, this lil video gives you enough insight to what Star Wars Episode IV is about. The girl's so cute and adorable... brings away the gloom of a blue Monday, after an adrenaline-filled weekend.

I had one very exciting weekend...
Friday : Made a trip up to Sepang International Circuit, in KL over friday.
Saturday : Brick Sesh @ East Coast : swam 20laps + ran 5-7km
Sunday : Rode 70+ km...

I surprise myself sometimes. I didn't think i could do the commute home alone, some 20km from east coast area as Jln Eunos is always a bitch, but yet i managed to, in 10am sun. And i feel absolutely fab thereafter. Yes, I have the usual pains, butt pains, thighs pains, lower abs pain as i walk through my office doors this morning. I still have this dazed-out feeling, like i'm high. I have fugly tights sunburnt mark on my legs, and i looked way more tanned.

But You know what... i love it : ROCK ON baby...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

1st race of 2008 --- NUS Biathlon

I did my first race of 2008, to warm up my engine, and to try my new tri suit from Zoot.
So i did the NUS Biathlon, sprint category.
It's nothing to wow about, frankly.
Even i am disappointed. But i guess i can't be.
Let's see the factors :
1) I didn't train... due to CNY, food, gatherings... ohhh and my bout of flu
2) i didn't sleep the night before... CNY card games took priority. Sucha wrong move.
3) I had the mother of all PMS cramps. There... i am woman, hear my roar....RAWRRRR...
4) with the amount of pain involved, i met with a bunch of seabugs. I had the worst sea swim ever... and so i gave up after 200m out in that big bathtub.

That being said. surprisingly came in 43rd of 75 ladies. Weirdly. But i took too long. It's such an awful timing, worst performance i turned in. I'm hoping things take a turn next week at Singapore Biathlon. If the bug bites calms down, i'm so going to step up my last minute workouts.

What i did walk away with at the NUS Bi is a bad rash from seabugs... ewwww. Someone mentioned he thought i got flogged. Omg... tsk tsk...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reading Material

GMAT Math Workbook. Road to Kona. Triathlete Magazine.
Polar Watch. iPod Shuffle (Product Red).
Gosh....What am i reading? What did i do?

I walked into Kinokuniya this Sunday afternoon and picked up a magazine, in a red dress, and my Gucci heels & shoulder bag. No, i did not pick up my usual magazine stash of Style, or Her World, or Harper's, or even Female. I picked up Triathlete Magazine, much to the dismay of my mom. I guess, to her it represents my dedication to the sport and the lifestyle, and the sign that there's more to come. Heh heh :) That evening, after CNY gathering with family, i put on my running shoes and went for a quick run, just to get my heart prepped for the long road ahead this year.

the life of a tai-tai triathlete... mind of a daftbitch.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

ippt ...

I know i don't need to do IPPT or rant about it. But i was chatting with Mr. E over this.

Me : you should run with me more often and pass that ippt... and get that few hundred bucks from government...

E : hmmm... why don't i pay the government so i don't need to do ippt?

Me : *silence.....*

hahahaha, that was one funny moment...