Monday, May 26, 2008

Bintan Tri 23rd -24th May 2008

So Bintan Tri came and went. I took over the swim slot for the tri-relay team, a month before the tri. I spent couple of weeks leading up to the tri (as usual... the last minute effort) to brush up on swim strokes and efficiency, praying very hard i won't have a re-run of my Singapore Biathlon swim timing for the 1.5km.

It was overall pretty nice race, despite not being the best in organization. I made new friends as part of the entourage i went with ,... met old ones, like Michael, Joanne (my swim class jiemei), Bernard (my cycling mentor), & Raphael (your son very cute, btw). Thankfully, i had Michael with me at the swimstart, never had such a mass start of 400ish people. It was scary, and one word summarize my thoughts at that moment of staring at the masses : SCARED. Fear overwhelmed me. I find myself gasping for air... and squeezed Mike's palm really tightly. Thank you Michael for massaging my shoulders, and telling me it's all going to be okay. Of cos, i experienced the usual elbow jab, the kick from breasts strokers, the pulling of swimming suit. Ahhh... but once i got the hang of it, i actually felt the tide going in my favor.

When i got out of the water and handed over the championchip to Leslie to continue onto the bike leg, i felt glad... relieved... happy. I had done what i could.

My swim timing : 34minute-ish.
Comment : Not too bad, considering i had a 47minute-ish during Singapore Bi on 1st March.

Monday, May 12, 2008

cutest thing ever...

My lil nephew is a cutie. His younger brother was having his baby shower on Saturday evening (1 month old)... but my attention is on this lil' one. He's so cute. Softspoken, quarter Jap, and super uber cute.

The weekend was spent with family & friends. And i would say it again, well worth it! Despite the fact i had little to no sleep...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

some things change, some things don't

It's been a good 7 years since i graduated from Purdue. Some things change and some just don't. I manage to catch up with Jana, who's my "bro" from college days after not keeping in touch over the past 8 years or so. And we pick up from where we left. It's as though not a day has past. He even said i haven't changed. Have i? I still turn beet red once i drink. Maybe less feisty. I don't think he changed much either. I don't think many of my collegemates have changed.

The weekend was a blast, as Robin dropped by Singapore for a business trip. So a bunch of the Purdue guys managed to meet up and do what we do best during college : party. I think that was my college forte. When i asked old friends what my sport was, during school, their reply would always be "Drinking". I don't remember when's the last time i actually crawled home at past 4am. And much less, to do it for two nights.

Ok so we all grow a lil older, so what? I think one thing's changed : the stuff we consume. It used to be vodka shots or Johnnie Walker shots. Now we moved on : Cordon Bleu.

So you know what... cheers to Purdue! And cheers to my friends!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Congrats to April...

April is finally married, so says Rulin. And Finally is a word that is used appropriately. It's a courtship that lasted 9 years. Yep! 9 years. Congrats April! And Alan! It's gonna be fun... running after your little ones...

Oh yes, the wedding reception was beautiful. Having it at Fort Canning, and blessed with lovely weather, it was very sweet and memorable event. Cheers to that!

We did quite a nice collage for her, as a wedding gift. Hope she liked it. Reminded me of secondary school days, whereby we have to DIY gifts. :) At this rate, i'll be pro at the whole gift thing.

So now, the domino effect has started. I will be posting once every few months of one of my gfs getting married. And the answer is still nope, i'm not getting married yet.