Wednesday, April 29, 2009

random musings

I've been running a fair bit. Pretty happy running couple of 5k, waddling a lil. And loving the girls i train with. They make me laugh out crazily, and adding much joy to training. O wait, i'm just keeping my fitness.

Random musings & sightings:
1) Friendship is when a friend pushes you along, to make sure you complete the damn run. Gently putting his hand behind your back and accompanying you each step of the way.
--- Seen today while driving to work, along a path that school kids run during PE lessons.

2) It's better to say too much than never say what you need to say
--- John Mayer's Say from The Bucket List. To which i have say "Hell yeah! Say what you need to say..."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Casey!

Dear Casey my whore...,

It's been an amazing few years. And every year, without fail, we would get together to celebrate your birthday. This year was no exception. Sorry that you were thinking why we didn't manage to make it on the day itself. Did we even make it on the day itself last year? I know we did have a cosy celebration two years ago at Wala Wala. We planned decoy birthday celebrations ( the lunch) to just give you a nice surprise. Barry had a really tough time thinking about all these fancy scccchmancccyyyy stuff. O well, Happy Birthday bro !


Let's not forget the people who were present. Hahaha! Thanks for the coordinating, amidst the organized chaos. I tried very hard already! Really! but i guess there's always lil pockets of space that i forgot to cover. O yes, the cake rocks... neh-nehs!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my bff...

Happy Birthday to my bff!
I know you have enough lunch / tea / dinner... and of cos plenty of cakes, and not to mention booze. Well here's to less drunk nights... and more sober ones!
And of cos, plenty of meow meow meow!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

funny cousins...

Over dinner on Sunday, i got to catch up with my cousins. Cousins can be a funny thing, especially if you are barely a few years apart from each other. Others may have brothers and sisters, i have my cousins who are like my brothers and sisters. Growing up together throws away whatever manners and courtesy out of the window, and release all inhibitions, throw in more wit and humor into the conversation. Conversations included dream cars which garner a reply of Ody, which leaves me wondering WTF?, and another "how to grow your thick waist?", with a reply of "HBO and a pint of haagen daaz and ben & jerry's every night...".

Kids from funny cousins... result in funny cute lil human beings who loves taking pictures and of cos, mimicking his favorite F1 move : shaking the champagne bottle upon taking pole position.

I have only one tiny problem. Errm... how do you tell a 3 year old to unzoom, cos he is taking pictures that's too in our face?

over the long Easter weekend...

You would often associate Easter weekend, with Easter eggs (chocolates...yumyum!), and of cos, in praise of God, who has died for our sins and rise again! I didn't manage to go to church, i didn't manage to eat chocolates either. I didn't even go the other extreme end of the spectrum : partying & drinking, like most would... all in celebrations over a long weekend.

I was home early on the thursday night ( Eve of Good Friday) and asleep before the clock struck 1am. Rare you might have thought? I woke up, feeling rejuvenated and thought "this is the day that the Lord has made", and decided i was going to pack my wardrobe. I spent a good 8 hours just sitting in front of my closet and packing everything up. I did throw out a pile, and felt somewhat more relieved. I still have more clothes though.

Saturday was a long day for me, with activities packed to its brim. Cycling supposed to be a 50km event, which turned a bit too long at 70km, and ended at 11am. I was being roasted by the hot sun, and that traffic towards the end wasn't very nice to ride through. Then it was many more activities with friends. It was about 1am, when i got to hug my pillow and sleep.

Sunday (Easter Sunday) .... i woke up slightly late, and showed up late for my duties as a volunteer at Triathlon Family Annual Sprint Triathlon event. But overall the event is fun. And i just have one thing to say : THANK YOUR VOLUNTEERS, cos you do not know how much hard work it is, being a volunteer ... it's much tougher than racing itself.