Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year one & all...!

The entire long weekend was spent mostly in bed, sleeping. Not that i mind. It's always about the food, the sleep and some drinks to keep me happy. All those yummy stuff : pineapple tarts, love letters, chips, cookies. Before you think i have gained weight, think again. I have not. In fact, i am quite happy with my progress of weight loss. I maintained it. :)

I did go for my virgin bike ride of 2009 on the Eve of Lunar New Year. One word : PAIN. I think it's down to the saddle. I have the worst pain i ever had, since i started riding way long ago. It isn't chaffing. It's butt sores. And i had to endure the pain while seating myself down on any form of surfaces : bed, car seats, chairs.

I've also been swimming ... for some weeks. It's just that wake up call when i went into the pool. Since then i have been putting in mileage, inclusive of Lunar New Year week. I guess i'm off to a good start. Now ... to find my running mileage, which stands at a dismal zero.

Wish me luck...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

keeping tab of my fitness

The wake up call came, when i started hitting the pool for a few laps Monday night. I am aware my fitness has dwindled, but completely thrown off by how much it has. I am back to ground zero. Sure, there have been calls to ask me to return. But i've been busy. Many a times, i wonder whether i should return, but giving up my social life is a little too much.

What should i do? I guess... who cares? I've already done so much. I already belong to the rare group of women in triathlon. So let me live, people... get off my back. I'll continue doing triathlons, i'll just slow down this year, and shift focus on other stuff.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

'09 : the one about new year's resolution

So it's yet another year. And there's this talk and practise that i do my new year's resolution. I didn't get into graduate school yet, not because i can't make it, but because i haven't gotten around to applying for it. So i guess that has to go into my '09 resolution.

I did however complete my 70.3. I'm still having this mental debate within myself whether i should get started on it. The registration fee puts me off. At S$370, i don't think i should. Yet the thrill of being in a race as such... it's very tempting.

So here i am , trying to draft out my new year's resolution.
  1. I resolve to declutter. Everything in my life should be simplified and cleaned out. From my work to my desire to go school, to my workdesk, right up to training plans... everything and anything.
  2. getting lean. and eat less junk. Ok, i said it a million times i won't say it, but i will.
  3. try to apply for school. i give up on saying i wanna go in. i will try to apply..

So Jeannie was saying "she who breaks a resolution is stupid; she who makes one is a fool..."
So go figure...
i do try to stick to my resolutions. At least 50% of it.