Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in retrospective

As it draws to a close of year 2007, i took some time off to wonder what i've done. I have the same bunch of friends, a growing bunch no less, who are not afraid to be silly and sometimes go along with my bimbotic ways. I love you loads, boys. And very appreciative about how we have all grown closer, and our friendship has became stronger, to the extent we probably know what each other are thinking. I am glad that we still have our drive away trips to Malaysia, to enjoy the food, the track and the fun and to spend more time irritating the daylights out of each other. Eventhough you guys love to bully me around, i know you guys love me way too much.

I started swimming and running, in a bid to get fit, part of the resolutions i made for 2007. I've always wanted to do a triathlon, before i turn 30, and contemplated doing one. So i took to the advice of Seggy, one of my closest mate , after his fave bike rider Valentino Rossi: WHAT IF I HAVE NEVER TRIED IT. Oh, i still love my retarded slutty bestie Seggy a lot, and can't wait to see him in 2008.
I went out and got myself a road bike in May, and got myself my baby : Scott CR1 Team'07. I still love it, and have to just look at it everyday in awe.
Of course i put on bulk. My pants got tighter. I like to think it's muscles. Then again, it could be the increase of food intake i do. Heh! Oh well... i love food. Why give up on one of the greatest joy in life?
Two months after my bike purchase, i did the Osim Singapore International Triathlon 2007 - Sprint Category. 750m of open water swim. 20km cycling. 5km run. I got to know a new bunch of amazing people from triathlon family, who never fail to inspire me with their strength and discipline... and met my fave girl kaki for tri, Kian, who went through the triathlon with me. During that tri, my mind went through a load of sorting and disillusion... but that ended with a sense of achievement. I felt so super then, and realized i can, if only i try.

I went back to my usual work routine, and balancing as much training as i can get. I realized i hate smack talk, but i'm not about to change my lifestyle of beer, clubs and friends. I just have to set myself to do it. I have to do it alone. And i can do it alone. In December, i signed up for my very first half marathon at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007, with a goal in mind, that is to finish all 21.1km within 2 hours 30 minutes. And i did it!

So looking back, i realized i might have given up some time with my gfs, and my friends. But i feel like i achieved more. I made new friends through triathlon and training. And of cos, i welcome a new baby to my life : my Mini Cooper S in red.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

why do i do it?

At 530am on Hari Raya Haji Holiday, i rolled out of bed. I slept by 1am the night before, i didn't drink a drop for some time. And it just felt right that i should just go and cycle. So off to coastal i went... after parking at Fort Road. Suddenly, i felt invincible, though i had the most incredible butt aches and abs aching. Not to mention being stuck in the rain. That feeling of riding in the rain is just incredible. All you need is a lil rain to get a lil clarity.

and that realization that life trying to be a triathlete is tough.... am i even there yet?

And why do i even choose to do it? There have been times when friends have questioned me on why i chose to do triathlons and why i got to wholeheartedly loving it and being addicted to participating in races? I guess i can't explain that "rush" to others. It's not those adrenaline rushes you get after a good run, or even that endorphine rush that you get after swimming. Nothing truly compares to really completing a race that you thought you couldn't.

i'm going to sound like an ad :
20 laps of swims at 9am. 40 swims at 7pm.
5am bike rides. 8pm bike rides.
7am run sessions. 5pm short runs sessions. 5km basic runs to 15km runs.
The sense of accomplishment following the crossing of a finish line.

It's almost time for 2008. What should i do next?
Now what a thought!
especially after riding some distance in the rain...

Monday, December 17, 2007

that's life...

The weekend was a blast. I left early from work on Friday to join my sis and some friends at Wild Wild Wet water theme park at Pasir Ris area (east side of Singapore). Who knew i would have so much fun with a bunch of 20-30somethings? Hahaha, we were all rolling with laughter, and totally enjoyed ourselves, finding ourselves surrounded by little kids of 10 year olds. The lifeguards were laughing at our silly antics of sabotaging each other, toppling each other off floats. At the end of that very tiring time, we had our lil' Christmas BBQ gathering, with a close group of friends & family. The food was fab, the company was completely fab... and i just felt very blessed to have such a closely knitted group.

Of cos, i failed to mention that the sambal chilli & that awesome BBQ food totally killed my throat, leaving me with ZERO croaking hoarse voice. I rolled off early to bed on that Saturday, under serious medication... and anticipating a long day on Sunday.

Sunday : 745am i rolled out of bed, not to swim / cycle / run. I went to attend a birthday celebration on a yacht off the coast of Singapore. Just lying around & lazing in the sun enjoying that nice sea breeze, with a bunch of friends, enjoying each other's jokes and nonsense... and the fussing around and listening onto lengthy discussion about rides. And of cos, highlight is always on the food. I love food, and i would be awake at the sound of having food around me Lamb with mint sauce, pan fried chicken, salad. Yummy... ! Then, there's of cos The view off the yacht was a sight to behold, and the thought of being surrounded by water. At that moment, I am beginning to like the idea of staying onboard for a dive trip soon.

I was left very sunburnt. I have to blame myself for the lack of sunscreen ( i did put, but obviously not enough). And i decided i could go attend Stefan & Kelly's wedding, sans makeup. I was so bright red like a lobster that any makeup wouldn't have made any difference. Heh! That evening was just lovely, and extremely touching to see Yew Jin's speech of his best friend Stefan. And the camarderie amongst the brothers, and my friends have always been awesome. We had an afterparty, where the boys continued their story telling, and their many ways of enjoying I have no pictures now, but i guess i will soon.

With Christmas around the corner, i am just happy i am in Singapore, with family, loved ones and friends. Not to mention, the good food, good wine & beer and the good company.

*pictures as always are available off my flickr, please click on the flickr icon at the left side of this page

Thursday, December 13, 2007

faux pas or trend?

Tell me...
who will tote a huge prada bag
and scoot off in running tank & shorts with her pair of flip flops?
I think only me... and i think it's alright.
Especially if i had gone for a 5km run at ECP.
Faux Pas? Or New Trend?

Monday, December 10, 2007


Times like this when i am caught unaware, i hate my sis. I'm so tired from the lack of sleep, and having to wake up at 545am on a Sunday morning.... and yet i'm caught with a picture of me sleeping, and my sis smiling gleefully.

Oh... and fyi, i didn't go to zoukout. I was in bed by 1am. Heh!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My First Half-Marathon

Some might think it's madness to even run 21.1km...
Others might think it's nothing, 42.1295km is something...
i really don't care, i am damn proud of myself.

And i am happy i completed it. I went to bed at about 2am the night before the race...woke up barely two hours later at 415am, to get ready to go to Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon site. I felt so sick, battling my blocked nose and cough, with the heart of giving up mid-way through.

As i got to the site, there's no turning back. I met Daniel Eu, who is also running his first half marathon. Didn't manage to meet Jason or Mala. The time has come... i have to start running.

Thankfully i have great friends like Kelvyn, Gary, Nick... who ran the entire marina south stretch (some 8km) with me. I lost them someway through, but running down Robinson Road alone is weirdly nice. Passing by Esplanade, Ritz Carlton and the Singapore Flyer, running on the road, that my car drives on, is a new experience. Fighting the heat on Nicoll Highway to & fro was perhaps the toughest part of the challenge. When i crossed that finishing line of that 21.1km, i felt so happy.

What made it all worth while is the fact i completed within 2 hours & 30 minutes.
Aim met... what's next? Sundown Marathon?
Official Timing : 2 hours 23 minutes 45 seconds.
ho seh!