Sunday, April 29, 2007


If i tell anyone that i went to a factory in Skudai, Johor, Malaysia, all alone without knowing the exact location, i am sure to hear a "yeah right...."
I actually did it. Now all i can hear is : " crazy girl...". That's right, i know i'm nuts. Now laugh all you want. No need to thank me for providing some laughs. I took the entire friday afternoon to go there. I lost my passport (sort of) at home, turning my room upside down to hunt it down, leaving for Malaysia at slightly around 3pm. The route took me rounding the area of Skudai for three times. It's messy, the lack of road signs did not help. And my lack of proficiency understanding melayu did not help the situation. I made it back to Singapore after the meeting ... at about 8pm. But at least i had dinner with some friends, followed by some drinks with some others.

If i were to tell you that i actually spent 30 to 40 minutes in the pool, another 30 mins on the stationary bike spinning away, and another 45 minutes running on the treadmill like a lab rat, i am sure to hear "liar liar...", ohhhh i also hear some of my friends keel over from their laughter.
I actually did it. Now all i can hear is : " crazy girl...". That's right, i know i'm nuts. Now laugh all you want. No need to thank me for providing some entertainment. I spent Saturday morning, despite beers the night before, going at it at the pool and gym, almost to simulate a much easier triathlon-a-la-Eve. I survived, despite feeling the fatigue that follows. I had a chilled out day, forgoing any sms-es to wayward my plans to hit the bed. Bought some magazines, had some ice cream ( need sugar rush), and hit the bed. The thing about working out is i have this radiance in my skin, and i feel way more relaxed. It's at the point of running, or when your head hits the water that all worries disappear.

Sundays are best to relax, i guess. Sunday's always good to relax.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Birthday brother...

Eve & Casey...
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To my brother whom i absolutely hate, for his guts, for his blatant honesty, for his calling me names , for the shit you've given me, for your absolutely nothingness.......

Happy Birthday...
Please remember i'm still your brother...


ps : be thankful ok? we went to wala wala to have drinks with you on your birthday ok.... here are the pictures.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lustful... NOT...

It's a beauty isn't it? Lust worthy too? This is certainly conversation-starter. The car looks sleek. With the top down, man, am i set to shine? Right... it's a Mini Cooper S convertible. I thought i am going to buy this car.... that is until my test drive.

I went down to Mini Habitat Monday Afternoon 23rd April 2007. I arrange to test drive the Cooper S R53 auto convertible. On the way back to the showroom, after a ride on a short stretch of freeway, i pulled to a stop on Alexandra Road. The EML light came in , which at this point, i freaked out...i assume it was the check engine light. Strange for a test drive car that has only 27km done on it, right? I asked the SE what i should do. He recommended i tried throttling it, which i did. The car wouldn't move. I am on the right most lane of the road (which meant cars are expected to move). I had never in my life been more embarrassed by my cars, let alone a brand new test drive vehicle. At this point, the SE told me to switch off the engine and then restarting it. The EML light went off, i drove the car back.

Here's my afterthoughts : i love the car, but what is mom going to say when she drives it, and it does this EML on her? Who's to guarantee it won't happen again or to any other Mini cars? 27km is a small mileage to be on a car, thus meaning the ride is brand new and has not seen much of daylight, right from factory. You would expect the car to be in pristine condition, and would think the workshop has already done all the neccessary checks to ensure that their test drive car is in tip top condition, especially since the test drive is the MAJOR swaying factor to a prospective car buyer.

So you know what... i won't even consider buying the Mini. I urge all of you out there to do likewise. MINI does not live up to my expectations. THROW IT IN THE TRASHCAN, whatever!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rob Thomas - Little Wonders

I actually like the cartoon. So no surprise there that i fell in love with the song by Rob Thomas.
An exerpt from the lyrics :

" Let it go,
let it roll right off your shoulder
don’t you know
the hardest part is over
let it in,
let your clarity define you
in the end
we will only just remember how it feels

our lives are made
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away,
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain

let it slide,
let your troubles fall behind you
let it shine
until you feel it all around you
and i don’t mind
if it’s me you need to turn to
we’ll get by,
it’s the heart that really matters in the end....."

Cos it's truly these small hours that works the lil' wonders around us that make me truly blessful for what i have done, achieved and the friends i have made.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cafe Del Mar

the group @ Cafe Del Mar
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So the weekend's huge on chillout. I have been couch surfing the entire Saturday away... it's awesome. I'm now such a pro. Throw me big pillows and a couch... and i'm a goner.

So girls decided to go Cafe Del Mar on Saturday night to chill. The couches are magnificently awesome. Add a bottle of beer, and i was in bliss. We had a good time. And we had a surprise guest : Justina, who came back from Macau. How nice. Despite the fact it was Butter and Zouk's Birthday, i guess the companionship of the girls is so much butter ermm... i meant better. We're a bunch of photo whores... pictures pictures more pictures. Do we need that many pictures?

I did go off to zouk... and mos later in the night... but that's that. I love weekends... i need weekends to unwind... and just find time to do my own shit. Only guilt level is i haven't ran / went driving range / swim ... but i did boogie... heh heh :P

Thursday, April 19, 2007

mid week chillout...

Ching, Eve, Casey, Chriz, & Elmer
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I spent wednesday evening with my mom having dinner ... as the boys failed to notify me of a drinking session... well... so much for brothers. That is until i went to meet my sis for a quik drink. I met the boys there... and their perfect excuse is "when B doesn't come out, you 99.9% won't show up... ". I am annoyed, like seriously. Oh... and they're a bunch of picture whores... everyone's into geeky specs these days.

There are pictures where everyone's whoring Chriz' black geeky lao hua specs.
Oops... now i need to run before Chriz decides to kill me.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

workout diary...

Deeds :
Monday : driving range... plus a 4km run... another 1.2km walk...
Tuesday : hip hop class...
Wed : nil
Thurs : nil
Friday : 2.4km run... 200m walk...
Saturday : driving range, swim about 600m, 3km run plus couple of 100s metres walk...
Sunday : run... 4km thereabts... plus couple of 100s of metres of walking...

gawd... hmmm... Pasir Ris is awesome to run. Windy.... woot...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

night @ Bala

Casey, Eve, Barry & Chriz
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Yep, this has not been something we've been doing regularly. But here we are again. Hi boys... yes, you guys are on the blog.

ps : will update more later.... got to get back to work... it's 7pm almost...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Then & Now

Seems just like yesterday i was leading the life of the taitai-hood. By that, i meant, bring on the bling, togged in Gucci heels, with a baby louis under my arm, having my english scones for tea, and of course, covered in whitening products. The word exercise meant a three hour trip down Orchard Road, with a new handbag as my new purchase. I dig sneakers then, but never put much use to it. That's street style for me, not very much of the fitness geek.

These days, my nike running shoes have seen more mileage. Orchard Road are short lunch break trips to pick up the neccessary without forgetting to drop by the Nikes, Adidas & Royal Sporting House to see what are the latest gear and equipments. I've been contemplating to upped my collection of running shoes, flip flops, & workout gear. I prefer to be in running shorts and tee in the weekends.

Gawd... Am i old? I think not... heh heh :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Friday...

The week has gone by. Why am i home at 10.30pm on a Good Friday night, when i should be boogie-ing my ass at the hottest club around? I need to rest and just chillout in bed watching tv. I've been working out a whole lot the entire week.

Let's start with the workout diary :
31/03 Sat : ran estimated 2km, walk 2km back.
01/04 Sun : driving range for 2 hours, ran 2.4km walked 200m (timing 15 mins)
02/04 Mon : driving range for 3 hours
03/04 Tues : ran 2.4km ... walked 2oo m ( timing 14mins 38secs)
04/04 Wed : swam 1km, ran 1.3km ... sprint walk 1.3km (by today i felt like surrendering)

i am hooked on rushes. i feel uneasy when i sit around.
at the same time, i feel tired. at the same time, muscles need a rest.
So the past two days, i basically loaded on the calories. There goes the workout. Heh heh :).
Ohhh, funnily, i dig the movie Music & Lyrics. I love 80s.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bon Voyage Justina... and good luck.

Justina left on a flight very early this morning around 11am. The girls had to be awake by 7ish am to meet for breakfast, to get together before sending her off. So it's a riot. Imagine a bunch of grumpy people waking up at 7am. I am not happy at all.

Managed to go home for a bit, before heading back out for lunch with mommy, and to go around sports stores, as per usual. My life revolves around Nike, Adidas, RSH & the likes, as well as the usual taitai-hood stuff like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Dior, MiuMiu, and the usual shoe stores. Not that i walked out with any shopping bags in my hand. All I manage to is grab a couple of power bars from GNC in town before heading home for a quik 40 winks.

Barely enough winks, i had dinner, and head out to Orchid Country Club to get some practise on the range. I still suck at it. I am not Michelle Wie. I need more time & practise... notably till 11pm, almost 3 hours there. Then i scooted off for my 2.4km run.

Right i should be in bed right now. Good night folks.

And Mr. Sandbox, Enchilada, SoupNazi, i am more convinced being a roadie rocks... hahaha...after those pics... one word : ewwwww...