Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

I was initially not at all excited about the whole Formula 1 fever that has hit Singapore. It's just Formula 1. Sure, i have been enthusiastic about Japan GT Championships, mostly cause it's cars that are seen around town : 350z, 911s, Celicas, DC5s. But Formula 1 are a different breed of cars. Oh, before i forget, some of the drivers are pretty cute.

Kien offered to bring me to the Saturday's Qualifying Races. That one trip changed my opinion. The Singapore Skyline looked so pretty on screen. I have never seen Singapore looking that good. My fave part was the Padang stretch that the F1 cars zoom past, the Parliament House looks good... so did the Esplanade from the helicopter view. We had the pit grandstand tickets... right in view of Nico Rosburg's pit. We met up with Barry & Zen, who were also watching the Qualifying races, just a couple of blocks down from where we were. We had a couple of beers together. And we bumped into a few friends here and there. I must say that, the experience was nice. I never expected to have so much fun. Sure, the beer was expensive, so was the food. But hearing the high pitch sound of those engines zooming by you is an awesome feeling. And the way the cars zip by you. It's something different, and it's a street circuit compared to the closed circuits like Sepang and Shanghai. And what's more, this race is at night. The sound, the atmosphere, that spirit... all seemed to roll together very well.

Sorry guys, that i did not turn up to watch F1 together, as promised. But Kien was nice enough to extend his kind offer to bring me along on Sunday for the main race itself. It was a lil awkward at first, since it was with his family and a family friend. But we manage to hit it off pretty well. And that experience of being at the first F1 night race... unbelievable. Would i go again? It's leaning more towards a Yes.

That marks the end of my very exciting birthday month and the celebrations. It's been one heck of an incredible September month.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turning 28...

Yes i finally turn 28. I know, it's hard to believe. Just yesterday i turned 15 or 18. And i am now 28. How do i feel? I think with age, priorities changes, as with time. So this year, i had a lot more dinners, than drinks.

Frankly, as i grew older, i came to appreciate my family & friends a lot more. Dinners, a drink or two, and plenty of laughter. The family started celebrating from day one after 70.3. It's sheer coincidence that it was my chinese birthday too. I got my Hello Kitty cake... and got to see Hello Kitty Lanterns. Rest of the celebrations include having lunch or dinner with my closest training mates..., dinner with my fave girlfriends, dinner with Angie & Dave (my two fave bi**hes), dinner with my fave boys... It's at dinners that everyone gets to sit together and share their joy over dinner & beer. It's also them who get to me to scream, cry, and of cos laugh and smile.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.
To the ones who planned out my very big birthday gift, no words could describe the joy, perhaps just pictures of me crying, and everyone laughing about it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

7th September : my 1st Ironman70.3

There i was, remarking a couple of blog posts ago, that Ironman70.3 Singapore is out of my race calendar this year. I haven't been really training. O yes, i got a new bike, but haven't managed really good mileage on it. But i did sign for it... with the euphoria and endorphins released from that one hot Desaru Long Distance Triathlon.

Though I have to admit, i was feeling way bummed out even before the day came, and the fatigue and keeping the body in moving mode (i wouldn't use the word race, cos i'm too slow) was getting to me. I just wanted the Singapore Ironman70.3 to be over. The thought of swimming 1.9km, and riding 90k, and running 21k thereafter... was just driving me crazy. Afterall, this is the 3rd event in a month. Let's see : Desaru Long Dist , Army Half Marathon & Ironman70.3 Singapore.

I decided to ask my mom and sis to show some support by watching the swim leg. To my surprise they agreed. I felt good... and ready to put off my best. It's the first race my family has decided to come support me. At 715am, i was all panicky. Of cos, mom just went her usual "cannot make it, then stop". She did tell me after the race that her heart hurts cos she sees me in so much pain. My sister however was all excited over the fact i wasn't the last out of water, and said i kick butt. :) I had a pretty decent swim, although i am pretty sure seabugs love me. And i know the next day is gonna hurt.

Got onto my bike and went onto hit those 90k. I was a lil worried about Sheares Bridge climb, but kept going, as i did not want to end up pushing my bike. That sight of pushing bike is not me. It's not glam, it's so not for me. At the first 30k, i actually felt really happy, keeping a nice pace... completing around slightly past an hour. At the next 60k, i was still feel buzzed, and thought "yes, this is gonna be one heck of a race". By the time i hit 75k, the sun was out in full force, the heat was slowly making its way to me. I started counting the number of climbs i have left... and just shook my head. What surprised me though was the time i came at... after the 90k. I was well below the desaru timing... and was ready to aim for a good timing on the run.

That was not to be. The run leg was hot and tough, filled with stretches that are demoralizing. I wonder how i got through the 21k at Army Half and at Desaru. At one point, i told a passing supporter that i thought i was faster rolling myself on the ground. It sure wasn't a pretty sight. Seeing Erik's car and Barry's car along the way lifted my spirits a little. Tried as i might, i could not run. I had to hobble for a good length. Sigh.....

I did complete the race. With a slight improvement of 3 mins from DESARU. Uncle Vincent was there to welcome me. Mr. E, Barry, Casey, Ron & Chloe were in Carl's Jr, waiting for my return. At that point, i really felt they rock. They did show some support afterall. And i just love them to bits. Thanks guys.

So now it's official
i am a half-ironman
who knew... 3 events 4 weeks... omg, i did it


41 27 Singapore Singapore

53:27 3:27:43 3:17:25 7:47:51 967 130

TOTAL SWIM 1.2 mi. (53:27) 2:48/100m 75899

FIRST BIKE SEGMENT 18.6 mi (1:05:39) 17.00 mph
SECOND BIKE SEGMENT 18.7 mi (1:08:04) 16.48 mph
THIRD BIKE SEGMENT 18.7 mi (1:14:00) 15.16 mph
TOTAL BIKE 56 mi (3:27:43) 16.18 mph 899119

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 2.9 mi (37:33) 12:56/mi
SECOND RUN SEGMENT 1.5 mi (23:08) 15:25/mi
THIRD RUN SEGMENT 2.9 mi (--:--) --/mi
FOURTH RUN SEGMENT 1.6 mi (--:--) --/mi
FIFTH RUN SEGMENT 2.8 mi (--:--) --/mi
FINAL RUN SEGMENT 1.4 mi (7:47:51) 34:10/mi
TOTAL RUN 13.1 mi. (3:17:25) 15:04/mile 967130
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 4:38