Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bags bags and more bags...

Bags bags and more bags...
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The original shopping queen. yes that's what i am. My mom is being really funny these days, since my new shelves came in. while...i've been packing. She has stated no more bags, and to focus on the purchase of a car instead. Has the room been cleaner after all these packing? No... i still feel it's a mess. I got more clothes, more shoes ... & more bags than i did when i first came back from US.

Life in US was so simple. I could make do with like t-shirts and jeans, and look good-2-go for a night out, togging that little handbag of mine that was a great steal from one of those thrift stores. Yes that t-shirt may be from Abercrombie, and those jeans may be a pair of Calvin Kleins. But my point is .... oh well, how do i put on...

So i returned home after graduation in '01. I lost weight, got in between jobs. Wardrobe went through massive changes. I still got that 101 white tank tops, that i hardly ever wear. Each of them unique in its own flavor : V-neck, Round-neck, Double Strap, Single Strap, Pink Strap, Blue Straps, Polka Dots, etc etc. I probably have just about any white tops that any girl would need. For work, i wear pants for convenience's sake, as well as functionality. So i have about 10-12 pairs of black pants by now. I lost track of the # of pairs of pants i own in every color. Hmmm... and being a chick, i still love & adore frilly lil' dresses, and those flirty lil' skirts. But i hate wearing them, and you often see me in flirty frilly lil' numbers. let's not even go to shoes. Mr. E claimed i am training to become the next Imelda Marcos. Imelda who? Just the women who has possibly thousands of shoes.

My bags are a different story. Yup, the picture you're looking at is my snooty collection. Each tells a different tale. I cherish every lil' bag that i own and have. Especially those that are expensive & with their snooty italian labels. My love affair with the snooty italian labels started when i was 17. And i have my first bag from then, till today. So you can tell by the wardrobe. I have 7 shelves full of my own mix of italian & local labels. The cheapest being just 7 bucks. i've been told to blog about my infamous collection. it's really not a lot. most of my labels are collected during my working days.

I can proudly sing...
"The shoes on my feet
I've bought it
The clothes I'm wearing
I've bought it
The rock I'm rockin'
I've bought it
'Cause I depend on me
If I wanted the watch you're wearin'
I'll buy it
The house I live in
I've bought it
The car I'm driving
I've bought it
I depend on me
(I depend on me)

All the women who are independent
Throw your hands up at me
All the honeys who makin' money
Throw your hands up at me
All the mommas who profit dollas
Throw your hands up at me
All the ladies who truly feel me
Throw your hands up at me"

Snippets from Destiny's Child "Independent Women"

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Birthday Weekend...

My birthday weekend just passed. And boy, was it fun.... and it started last wednesday...

On wednesday, i was told to dress up... and given specifics like no tank tops . I went "HUH, simi sai?" , that totally eliminated maybe 75% of my wardrobe. So my curiousity got to me, and i asked Dave da bitch where's Angie bringing me to. And he revealed. *gasp* yes we all know he's the bao toh kiah of this year. Kudos to Angie... for bringing me to Breeze@Scarlett Hotel, and had a nice moonlight dinner with me. And many thanks for the cherry birkies. It's so cute.. & adorable. Yes Angie... I know i can't resist just shaking the box, wondering what it was, but the suspense always kills me. Check out the box... how can anyone resist wondering what it was? How can anyone receive a nicely wrapped present without the desire to rip the packaging off and know what's inside? Duhhh !!! ....And of cos, to my dear Dave da bitch, tho you can't be there dining with us, and sipping our lil' gu niang drinks, i had fun having Ka Soh Fish Head Noodles with you as supper... and the nice pinkie top. Really like it, thanks Dude... a bit different from my monotone cabinet.

Thursday hmmm...i trotted my ass to Green Room Sessions. I got tired real early, as i have mountain loads of work the next day. But Tortured Souls was just fabulouso. So hmmm... bummer !?! I realized i sucked at beer drinking.

Friday night was dinner @ my place. Major Pig out session of steamboat... it's gross to be sharing everyone's saliva. But we all know each other for almost ten years, some even 15 years or more. So who gives a fish about it? Most of my gfs (Pris, April, Jeanie, Clara, Meihwan & the boys) came by, thank for the gifts babes. The Russian Roulette game of drinks was funny, added with a dash of bourbon, vodka and lies. And it's today i realized how superb a drinker my mom is. Martell thick thick Green tea bit bit. I hereby kowtow to you. But why do you make me such a lousy drinker? Kim went on to wax lyrical about my mom's drinking skills to our friends the very next night. Damnit....

Saturday night is my actual birthday itself. And it coincides with Zouk's Upgrading Party. Yep, it's closed for a month. But it's great to stop drinking now & then. I like that feeling. My birthday was a blast. I met so many friends and it's just funny. And just the "I've never..." game is worth a mention. Hahaha, sorry boys for saying i've never kissed a girl... but i really never ever french kissed a girl before. And unless you have never french kissed a girl, go ahead and drink up. Everything went by in a daze spiked with lychee martinis, martells, and some gross drinks... and i stumbled home Sunday morning at 5.30am, to send my mom off to the airport at 6am. Please applaud me for being so filial, and amazingly sober to drive... and of cos, at my semi conscious state, i didn't expect to bump into anyone. Damn, not in my tee & boxers, i bumped into a neighbour who was shocked i'm awake. But ....I felt so sleepy... so oh well...who cares about image...

There goes that fabulous weekend. But wait ! we're still celebrating...
i'm gng for dinner dates for the next two nights...
not with Mr. E... sorry, wrong guess.
Who are my special guests? I'll inform in due course.

in the meantime... now i have cherry birkies, and of cos ... red vavavoom dress, how about giving me that murakami cherry bag? heh heh...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Baidu versus Google...

Sometime ago, i watched a documentary about Baidu, the Chinese comparison of Google, serving the Chinese population. Baidu is a humble search engine then, and of cos, i didn't think much of it, since a) i hardly even read chinese, b) i can't decipher the words that i intend to search about. I can speak Mandarin, but writing the characters and of course deciphering what it means is a whole new ball game to me.

Google is what i am familiar with. I started with it when i was in college, all the way till now. Of course, who in the world doesn't know google? or now... google earth?

Overheard one day while walking around ...
A : what chinese song should i find on Baidu?
B : why can't you just google it, why must you baidu it?
A : Because google is ang moh, and baidu is teng nang...


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

my 100th post

This marks my 100th post. Yep... it's been a long time...

And of cos today also marks the 1st of my weekend long celebrations for my quarter life crisis.
For Mr. S who has asked me why i can say quarter, and whether i'm so sure whether i'll live till a 100, the answer is yes.

So cheers to my 1st 100 posts, and of cos, cheers to the 100 years i'll be alive...
and finally cheers to my quarter life crisis...

suddenly, i realize i'm not that young anymore, yet not old enough.

I've been asked what i want for my birthday... i really do not know.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Who has the right of way?

The Sunday Times today (11th September 2005 edition) has an article which caught my eye, titled "Where rules end and common sense begin". Firstly i would applaud Mr. Ben Nadarajan in presenting both sides of the argument. However the sentence which was highlighted , and i quote , "Despite all the grouses about irresponsible pedestrians, i still feel that a greater duty of care remains in the hands of those wielding the bigger guns. The driver of a car should take extra care with pedestrian simply because his car can cause the greater damage" is what i would argue upon.

Everyday if you drive down Orchard Road, how many people do you see jaywalking or crossing recklessly, thinking the driver would slow down and not hit you. a $25 dollar fine does not stop you from jaywalking. repeated jaywalking offenders should be punished more severely. Do jaywalkers go through walking procedures aka walking code? No they don't. Do drivers attend Driving Schools & Highway Code etc? Yes they do, and they spend almost S$ 2000 on getting that little card which deemed them certified drivers, armed with enough knowledge deemed by officials regulated by a board which is in turn regulated by the gahmen. Yes no?

So i totally think jaywalkers should have enough common sense to look left & right. Our young children in schools these days are taught traffic rules, and how to cross safely. Despite being at a red light, they're told to look left & right. Prior to crossing. As well as to never walk behind a vehicle, especially a reversing one. Our cars passed the national smog test, but i am sure they're not so silent that you can't hear them reversing. So armed with a certain common sense, i would most definitely jump out of the way.

So my question in doubt regards to the woman crossing a one way street, a car knocked her down while reversing and she's in coma. The court decided the driver and woman who's been knocked down to share equal responsibility, as reported by The Straits Times.

So the question everyone has is who has the right of way? Or who should be more responsible? Jaywalkers should never ever cross Orchard Road ever. There are underpasses in Lucky Plaza to Ngee Ann City, Tang Plaza to Wisma Atria, a crossing from Ngee Ann city to Paragon, a crossing from Cineleisure to Heeren, etc etc. So to the nice policemen issuing tickets to the jaywalkers, please tell them to go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect S$ 200.

And yes i drive. I have a driver's license. And i patronize Orchard Road almost everyday, but i use the crossing.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

yakitori dinner, here we come

Tomorrow i'm going to dine with Angie, Ben, Dennis & Mr. E for some yakitori dinner. So as a gentle reminder, i told Mr. E about our yakitori dinner plans tomorrow. I'm really tired from work, and seriously stressed out.

Me : Eh, we're going for yakitori dinner tomorrow with ...
Mr. E : no no... no yuckytori dinner, i want yummytori...
Me : (not hearing very well, environment too noisy)... eh i said we're going to yakitori dinner...
Mr. E : no no yuckytori. I want yummytori. You can have your Y-U-C-K-Ytori dinner, i want to have yummytori.

DOH... serious case of DOH.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I ain't saying she's a gold digger

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"i ain't saying she's a gold digger, she ain't messing with no broke brother".

Am i a gold digger? hahahaha, i am not saying i am one, but i don't mess with no broke brother, for sure. I still love my little Louis Vuitton under my arm, and my lil' trips to the hair salon for one of those manicures & pedicures.

Are all women gold diggers? They definitely ain't gonna go for no broke brother. I'm just saying they ain't materialistic, they're jus realistic.

LimBueyTor's post today made me laugh out hard today. He told a chick whom he was kinda keen on that he's a Tupperware salesman. And guess what, the girl gave him a once-over. So you know she ain't gonna go for no broke brother.

Do we girlies all need a bling bling ride? like a merc or a beemer? But If you wanna mess with this chick(me!), you better be paid. I don't take no money, i'm independent, but i seriously ain't messing with no broke brothers. & I don't want no scrubs.

I ain't no gold digger...
get down girl go ahead get down...

The pik-cher is taken @ Rodeo Drive, back out home at LA. And right after the pik-cher was taken, i strolled into Gucci, Louis Vuitton & Prada. So am i one of those gold diggers?

Monday, September 05, 2005

So who're you dating right now?

So who're you dating now? is the question in everyone's mind. I met up with my girlies with all the boys in tow at a lil' quaint Jap joint @ Esplanade... and the night's really funny. I got a few pik-chers. I got a few funny pik-chers. I got Mr. E on film kissing another girl. *gasp* yes, he cheated on me with some aid of camera tricks... but i shall spare the horticulturist some emotional distress & agony. I forgive people easily. yeah right

Me & Mr. E got there really late, like 45 minutes, BLAME IT ALL ON BAD TRAFFIC. It's Friday, and with Comex going on, traffic is probably the worst ever. The minute i reached the quaint joint, i wolfed down whatever's in front of me. Everything that Ms Horticulturist ordered, but since she went off to attend to her work momentarily, it's my food, till she returns. Hahaha, when she returned, she screamed at me and the classic "nabehz" started to spew from our motormouths. Of course, Ms Talent Scout 'J" strolled in later than i did. I can't help but notice Ms Car Rental 'C" was busy sms-ing someone the entire night. In between squeezing the next sushi down my throat or helping myself to another order of cha soba, or perhaps stealing some soup from FeiLiPu's udon soup, I can't help but peeped, or rather i force myself within close proximity of the cell phone to read the contents. So the rest of the girls naturally just started shooting questions like "who're you dating?" ... ooohhh the jibes went on & on. And then C decided "if you guys ask anything, i have every right to ask back or even spill your beans". Most of the girls decided to shut up, makes you wonder what secrets does everyone have. Are we a bit like the chicks on wisteria lane? Happily married yet hiding something beneath that soil / swimming pool? Then again, we're all not married, just happily committed to our significant other... leaving J & C going at each other's neck with questions of the other halves. From the age to the race of their significant other halves. Me & Mr. E sat between them, and we just burrowed into our seats. Heh heh :)

The girlies then adjour
ned for drinks at Bar Stop @ Devonshire, sans C. She went to meet her hot date, whom she declined to introduce to us. Are we that scary? Do we devour anyone that is within our range? Do we devour men? The word "devour" as found on can be described as " to prey upon voraciously". Do we? But that doesn't matter. The all important question is : Who're you really dating right now?

Mr Blur King 'M' came to join us. Seeing how a guy absolutely have zero clue about tech toys is amusing. Maybe more so since i'm a chick, and know how to get around my tech toys. Hmmm... and to name his other half "nymph" is amusing as well. Are the girlies i hang around with that mean? That obnoxious that we call other names..? *pauses to think* yes i certainly think so, especially if we feel the person totally deserves it.

So we're now part of an obnoxious name-calling group who will adjourned our name-calling & questioning activity till the next meeting : my birthday dinner.

Till then, i guess we won't know WHO ARE YOU DATING RIGHT NOW?

Sugar Cubes

Sugar Cubes
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I really love sugar cubes and how happy it makes my feel. The little sugar crystals melting in your mouth. Chewing sugar cubes gives me a euphoria.

Friday, September 02, 2005

left hand right hand drive...

It's Friday, 2am. I can't help grinning. I bet you could see my silly face grinning away, from miles away. I've been religiously attending Mr. E Driving School. Yes, he's a pretty decent teacher, i must add. Doesn't scream, doesn't reach over & wring my neck, especially when i kinda hurt hisbaby . Not that i worry about him killing me. Being a car enthusiast, i'm ectastic that i get to drive a TC car in Singapore. Most of the cars on the street are 1599 cc & below. Let's list what cars i own since i got my fateful license in '98 : Volks Cabrio ( LHD, really nice to have wind blowing through your hair), Merc C200 ( RHD, big & powerful... ), Honda Civic (RHD, it's cute, small, fuel-friendly... great for my work). But of cos, i love speed & the ability to move around swiftly anyday. I dig fast cars, be it NA engine, or TC or SC cars. Speed junkie. Driving an ev(o)il car is just great. The sound of the turbo spooling is just woohooo. And the good part is a pretty babe is driving an evo. So clear the roads....make way for the queen.

But due to the limited experience with manual transmission car, i can't help but feel a lil' scared. I'm praying hard each time i meet with a red light, that i don't stall the car once the light turns green. It can't be helped, that i feel that way. Afterall, i'm an "American" driver. Yep, i dig the lo-riders, the laidback Californian way of driving. I still recall some of my college mates telling me "man, i can hear your music all the way from the end of the street... and when your car passes by, i can't see you. Your car's roll bar completely blocks your face". Uh huh, i sit real low while driving. Very thuggish, ver
y me. Yea, it's ghetto.

When i got bac
k to Singapore after college, i inherited the Merc C200. Bye to my cabrio *teary-eyed*. My Merc is the ultimate bling bling, ghetto mobile. Plus a ghetto me, you get a lo-ride driver... you get a real ghetto spirit. The Merc's black & cute. I miss the car sometimes. The torquey-ness makes me miss it a little, compared to my current ride the Honda civic. hmmm....

Switching LHD to RHD ain't that difficult. I think i kinda got used to it.
Now I am staring at my California Driver's License and am telling myself i need to change that frigging pik-cher. A case of a bad nerves right before the driving test. frickinhell !

And OoooOOoooh, btw, since i started my healthy lifestyle program (swim + cut down tea & supper when possible), i lost 2kg. WooOooHoooOOo...
Am meeting my girls tomorrow night. So perhaps it'll be comparing who's more tanned than another.