Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. E

Happy Birthday !
Here's to more years of madness and insanity...
Please try to stay sane... and survive the rollercoaster rides.
I'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

try this.... for fun... when it's cold & rainy outside

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Ching...

In true Queen Sister's style, we went to Zouk to party ... and scaring quite a few individuals with our madness. And i actually partied till wee hours .. right on a Wednesday. Yes, you heard right... it is mambo night. And god, i love that night.

Happy Birthday to my dearest sister....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ENR Anniversary Dinner

This is the group of guys & girls....
who got me too wild into the whole triathlon thing.
who strongly believe that you jump i jump.
who likes to throw caution to the wind.
who believes you can do it, even if they think you cannot.. and thus executing reverse psychology so that we all die together.
who are just a group of awesome people.
I don't ride with the group. I'm too slow....
But i make up for it... with slight guts & determination.

Here's to the boys... and girls...
you guys rock...ENR
pictures can be found on facebook under the group : ENR

Sunday, August 17, 2008

16th Aug : My 1st Long Dist Tri

16th August shall be the day i will remember for the rest of my life. It's the birthday of the most important person in my life : my mom. Now it's also the day i finished my first long distance triathlon, my first half-ironman.

I went up to Desaru, Malaysia, with a bunch of the Trifam ENR guys, unsure if i was going to attempt it. Them, being them, of course swindled their way to making me sign up, and attempt. It's a "try la, attempt... if cannot make it, stop lor". I wasn't going to tell anyone that i was going to attempt it. It's one race, filled with uncertainty and fear. Not to mention, i wasn't prepared for it. I did not hit 90km for any ride, i did one 2km swim session only, and my longest run is 14km. Not enough preparation to finish a half-ironman.

At 10am on 16th August, i stood on the beach of Desaru. The place i often associate with surfing and bodyboarding, that would soon be the place i finished my first half-ironman. Looking at the waves, i knew what i was going to face : a washing-machine kind of feeling in the water. That Osim-fear set in, i find it harder to breathe. Mike tried to calm my nerves, Thanks Mike. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. And Joe Ann for the support. Kah Han came by, we decided to stick to the strategy of drafting. When the sound of the horn went off, i walked into the water, and started swimming. Two loops of 1k each, was the thought hanging in my head. I could barely spot the lane markers, let alone the turning buoy. I lost Kah Han, so It was about following others. At the end of first loop, i saw Reeves. Sheer coincidence! But it's also relief to my wrangled nerves. So two of us decided to swim together to finish loop 2 of the swim leg.

Coming out of the water at around 50th minute, we walked slowly to the transition area, to get changed for the bike leg of 3 loops of 30k each (total of 90k). I met Kah Han again, and briefly talked about our swim. I also managed to sneak a pic in, with Liying, courtesy of Bernard. At the mounting line of the bike, i struggled to open my packs of Clif Shot Blocks. Thankfully Yongfeng and Reeves came by, and they helped with opening the packages. I felt like a bimbo then. :P o well...

The bike leg was long... and errmmm.... long. It was hills, hills and more hills. At barely 5km mark, i had to stop, i couldn't breathe or deal with the heat. But i told myself to try continuing my journey. At 10km i wanted to DNF, and kept telling the guys whom i met along the way i won't be making it. At 15km mark, i looked front back left & right, i knew i had to finish 30k, since there was no help available if i DNF. At 30km mark, i reckon i could go on and try again. I was desperate to finish. At 45km, i knew there was no turning back. And i pulled all the strength i have and prayed : God, please give me good weather and strength! The weather was horrifying. One minute, it was hot as hell; the next minute, it was drizzling. Coupled with headwinds & occasional crosswinds, it was a cycling route of hell. At the end of those 90k, i really felt drained out. The time then was already 3pm.

I went to the transition area, and parked my bike, and put on my running shoes. I have 21k ahead. Nevermind that it was 21k, i have a 21k of hilly roads to run or walk. Choonwei came along the way and decided he'll run an hour till 430pm with me. I can't believe my luck, i have a pacer. And he came with raisins. Heh :) At that moment, i felt so lucky. Of cos, at 430pm... i was alone again, and still midway through 21k. The lowest point of the race came, when the trifam guys were in a car, and hearing them go "Keep going". I was still 3km away from end point. Daniel came by ... and handed me a bottle of water along with some powerbar energy powder. And with his aid, i was able to cross the finish lane at close to 6pm.

I am now a Half-Ironman.
And my timing is 7 hours 50 minutes.
Perhaps i could be faster during 70.3.
Heh :) yes i signed up for that too.... once i came home.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Remembering the good ol' times

How fast time flies...
Remembering the good ol' times, looking through my old pix...
how silly we've been, what entertains us, what makes us happy... what makes us crazy....

Barry said : we've aged a lot...
WTF... i say ... we still rock...

This is a funny ass pic we took in Dec'07....
have we really aged that much?!?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Mini celebrates National Day 2008

I am still very much in love with my car. It's a part of me, my everyday life.
Though many cycling friends told me to switch some cheaper car so to spend more on my bike, i would shake my head and lay down the rules : Cars Over Bikes ... anytime, anyday.

So today, a group of 50 minis got together... and did a charity drive / bootsale + celebration of National Day 2008... right at Smith Street, in the heart of Singapore Chinatown.

I don't have much pictures... forgot my camera.
It's interesting seeing every mini of different color, generation. O well... plus good company !

I don't mind skipping training... or sitting out... just for a day of bliss with the car and my friends....