Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in perspective

Getting started to write this blogpost took me a long time. It's been a year. Oh wow! All 365 days, all five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. How would i measure this year? I would say, it's not been a great year in terms of work growth. I made a few good friends and gotten closer to those who matter. I haven't met my lose-weight goal, neither have i gotten into grad school. Both of which should go into my new year's resolutions for 2009, i guess. I've been saying it so often. Time to put plan into action.

I did cut down drinking, not quite sure about the flab. Despite the number of events i train for, i love food too much. Hahaha.. doesn't help that i've gained weight through the festive season of Christmas... and all through to New Year's Day 2009. Thanks to hanging around my friends. I've also started spending more time with Jeannie and discovered how well we are when partying. And not forgetting the girls (April, Jeanie, Meihwan, Clara, Angie, Justina) through the number of weddings and birthdays that we all commit to celebrating together.

Meeting up with the Purdue guys for Sanford's wedding post-Christmas (this deserves a long post by itself) was definitely the highlight to end my 2008 with a bang. We had an unforgettable road trip, filled with memories, and further sealing and confirming the fact we're all going to be the closest friends for life.

The boys the SBWs ... they're still around. We're tighter than ever. Yep, Barry W., i know you're reading. We're a funny bunch of people. With every year, we get to know each others' peeves, and grown accustomed to how anger is managed. There are times when we are so annoyed with each other. But like old friends, we forgive and forget and move on. Other times, we just read each others' minds. We had numerous occassions of showing up in shades of blue, black or pink, without informing each other. We sacrifice our time off work and other commitments to make sure we have lunch and dinner together. The SBWs are here to stay.

I've moved quite a fair bit, in terms of triathlon. I've been stronger than before, in swimming, in cycling, and not so much in running (ok, i admit it, i've been doing a whole amount of walking, i must change this). I've done enough events that baffles me sometimes. And there are times i'll just sit there, staring at my Finisher medals and just can't believe i can do all that. The human mind and body are truly a work of God. It's amazing that the body can stretch with such limits. With the time spent in sports, i also gotten much happier with things around me. And i got to know more people in triathlon races and made very good friends with Reeves, Yongfeng, Caroline, and Julz. These people have been great support and of cos, very great motivators and swindlers into the unknown and dark side. Triathlon's a sport, that in my opinion, is not about competition against others, but to tell yourself you can do it, and race against yourself, and to do it first and forthmost for yourself.

I wouldn't say i am not going through the growing-up blues, trying to piece everything together to make life more awesome than it is. I feel so stuck in this vacuum of mindset that i feel like i'm still right out from college, yet admitting there're certain things that i can't deny time has taken a toll of. I don't like to look back in anger. I don't like to live with regrets, i may have a few, but it's part and parcel of growing up. It's been another good year, and i'm making 2009 even more spectacular.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I was talking to a friend about a friend's arrival back to Singapore as an Ironman. Julian has completed an Ironman race in Western Australia, and has been bugging me to join the Singapore Ironman70.3 in March 2009. I am tempted. Seriously tempted. Our friend Reeves noted that it's the sense of loss after an IM race, and that need to find that joy back crossing the finishing line.

Looking back through 2008, it's been one heck of a remarkable year. I set out with a certain set of goals : finishing a few races here and there... and finishing the Olympic Distance Triathlon. It was a good leadup, or so i thought. I signed up for NUS Biathlon (Sprint), which runs about two weeks before Singapore Biathlon. NUS Biathlon happens during CNY, i will not make the same mistake signing for a race during CNY again. Bad mistake, Bad bad bad mistake. I didn't sleep for the sake of cards and drinks, and went to the NUS Biathlon grouchy and sick. Singapore Biathlon was somewhat fun, meeting tons of my friends on the course. And realized i hate Singapore waters due to seabugs. Fast forward to a crazy last minute roping in to do Bintan Tri (Swim Leg), i clocked my personal best swim timing of 34minute-ish. I like it! So Saab City Duathlon came by, it was a modified race... but so what? I had fun. Osim Triathlon Olympic Distance, which i signed up for, but barely had enough time to train for it, my cousins came by around town from home in US. I didn't find time to head to training. And now i'm admitting i am the crybaby that came out from the water in Osim, and took way too long.

I basically sat myself down, and pen down my focus to run more. I am not the greatest runner, and had great plans to finish my first marathon in '08. A few s*#t-stirrers, like Yongfeng and Auntie CW) came aboard, and swayed me to go to Desaru to do my first long distance triathlon. I wasn't really prepared so i trained really hard a few weeks before, and not wanting to feel disappointed, i didn't tell a soul i was going and just went with my guts. I finished that race, beaten by the sun. Came back on an euphoric high, and signed for the Aviva Ironman70.3 Singapore. I did my Army Half Marathon a week after Desaru. By 70.3, i was so burnt out, so tired, and just wanted to get the race over.

I had a well-deserved rest after 70.3. I played my first 18-hole golf. That was also lack of practise, but i had some fun. I just sat around, had a bit of a party time, and leisure time with my friends. I stopped cycling. I started running a bit here and there. Got roped into going for Osim Corporate Triathlon ( Cycling leg). Last minute notice, i had half a week to get back onto the saddle. Even 20k would suck. I hated the mud, but had fun with my friends like Leslie, and the guys from Glencore. Towards the end of the year, i ran a whole lot more, a max of 60km for one particular week. But it went downhill from there, i had a calf muscle tear. I went to walk the Singapore Marathon, despite my physio's advice to sit out. I had to, all a matter of my pride and the amount of time invested.

Was i glad about the year? I sure was. Well-accomplished.

Events.08 :
17th Feb NUS Biathlon(Sprint)
1st March Singapore Biathlon (OD)
26th May Bintan Triathlon (Swim leg OD)
8th June Saab City Duathlon (5km run, 25km cycle, 10km run)
13th July Osim Triathlon (OD). 20th July Shape Run 5km.
16th Aug Desaru Long Dist Tri (2km swim, 90km bike, 21km run). 23rd July Army Half Marathon
7th Sept Aviva Ironman70.3 Singapore
26th Oct GE Women's 10k Run
1st Nov Osim Corporation Triathlon (Cycle leg),
7th Dec Standard Chartered Marathon.

12 events. 1 year. Oooo, what a year.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

My 1st 42.195km

I couldn't take it.
The rolling awake at 5ish am to 6ish am every weekend.
Those long runs i put in, at East Coast Park.
Those runs i put in, at MacRitchie Park.
The thoughts just haunts me, of putting those mileage to waste.
Sacrifices made to do my runs. The loss of time with friends, and dinners with family.

I've been in an ambivalent mood all week, leading up to the marathon.
At 11pm on the night before those 42.195km, i told myself "if there are no better plans tonight, i'm going to sleep and go for the marathon. Sadly, there were none.
The clock beeped me awake at 330am on 7th December. The time is near.
I had the usual tummy churning jitters, which is a surprise, considering i wasn't panicking for days, and was consuming beer and alcohol at an extremely high dosage. I had wanted to start with Uncle KC. But that tummy just wouldn't hold for those kms. I ended up all alone, with my ipod stuck to my ears. I met Gary & Nick along the way...before i detoured. I met Chris, a friend from swim class. I met a few other people. No one stuck to my mind more so than meeting Kai. We chatted everything under the sun, from about going to zouk after marathon, and having drinks, to injuries, and overtaking people, and about our siblings and our relationships. The fun was just there, i totally enjoyed it. And of cos, the joy of finishing those 42.195km walk with a friend. :)

It's not just how you get there, it's whether you get there.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

3 days more...

Every second, every minute, every hour....
we inch a little closer to the start line.
At 530am on 7th December 2008,
the crowds will start to feel unsettled, the air will feel still and thin.
Those 42.195km ahead... can be a run, march, walk.


That ardous task might be brought forward to 2010. It's a pity, a shame... and an outcry. My left calf muscle suffered a tiny tear, due to a chain of possible events : overtraining, not enough stretching, the list goes on. O well, it's a shame, i guess....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

a 11 year old's birthday

It's Erik's nephew's birthday. We got him a game, and the boy's mother decided to get him a Wii as a surprise birthday gift. Kids, regardless of how smart they are, are still kids. I made a call to the birthday boy, trying to outsmart him.

An excerpt from our conversation :
me : eh what do u buy for someone your age... like a game from wii?
boy : o... eh you wanna buy me a gift, just say so?
me : you can wait long long... so what game? hurry up.. and tell me. and i'll get you a book for your birthday, not games.
boy : can i have comic book then? ...* at this point, he goes way off topic to stocks*

Don't ask me why he asked about stocks or stock market. Apparently, his grandmother got him a stock as birthday gift. What does a 11 year old do with a stock? Beats me.

I got to his place, to pick him up for birthday and got talking to him... this time, face to face.

Our conversation :
boy : you know, i like this. the world revolves around me today. everything is about me
me : and why?
boy : it's special. It's my birthday.
me : o... so how old are you?
boy : 11.
me : ok.

At this point, i think the boy is at a loss. I haven't responded much to his birthday. His brother kept teasing him with a "i got a secret but i can't share with you...", adding much to our laughter.
Whatever the case is, he was jumping in joy by the end of the night.
Cos he got Wii ... and SPORE for PC.

Kids... sigh... kids

Monday, November 17, 2008

All the way to my first 42km

Monday morning would tell you how you feel through the week. With a scenery as such, with low lying dark clouds and light rain, my thoughts were "this is going to be one hell of a week". True enough, i was almost right. I felt sick, from some "cooling" herbal tea my mom fed me, when i complained of "pu juah" (body suffering from heatyness from last week's total mileage of 42k). So i was down mostly, on Monday & Tuesday. I am not going to deny this... yes i overate on tuesday.. thanks to Angie's birthday dinner.

On wednesday i woke up bright and early, to grab badminton courts. And then went on a 8.6km run. Every metre counts, at this time. I wasn't feeling my best yet, and yes i am still feeling full. But i did play badminton on that day too. On thursday evening, i went with Julian for a quick run around the neighborhood for about 7km, before heading off for dinner. Dinner is, as always, super. We probably eat more calories than we burn during those 7km. But what the heck?

Saturday morning... i had trouble rolling awake... and dragged myself to East Coast Park F2 carpark to meet with Uncle KC, Matsuoka-san, Kelvyn and Gary. And we embarked on the run. I was surprised i did 21.4km, and felt incredibly awesome. Slow and steady, the way i like it. I got home for lunch, and got into my compression tights, stretched myself a whole lot more and slept. I was groggy and having tummy issues, wondering how am i going to run the day after.

Sunday morning was the Nike Lunar Trainers trial. I decided to give them a shot. They promised cushioning, and seems to me a few of my friends are fan. O they felt good, but i suffered a slight blister, as i am a fan of low socks. But they felt good! I went on a 14k run. And they surprisingly held up quite well. And they look gorgeous.

Am i ready for those 42k? After the weekend of pooom-powwweerrr run, i don't see why not. Whether i'll live through it, i wouldn't know. I am just going to keep on trying.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Osim Corporate Triathlon 2008

I went home feeling like an absolute loser on Friday 31st October 2008 Halloween Night. I sat by the tv, and just vegetated... and thinking i should be out. But i am glad i didn't head out, i would have been too lazy to move around. :) Part reason was the Osim Corporate Triathlon happening the next day.

Leslie called to ask on the Tuesday night if i could stand in for a girl who came down with chicken pox. What was i to do? Of cos the answer is always Yea ok. This time round, i had 3 days to prep. I haven't cycled since 70.3. That was like two months ago. So wed morning, i took the bike out for a quick 10k spin. Gawd, i nearly died. So i decided to do what i do best : wing it... !

Saturday came. The entire field was filled with mud. Such a kind reminder of my first Osim Triathlon 2007 in a muddy field. My mind was filled with dread. I managed to meet my relay team-mates and Leslie, and Leon, and William. I actually felt pretty relaxed until it was the start time... and i had to run through a mud patch before hitting the road. Those 20k left me pretty much battered. Ssshhh, don't tell anyone i did 70.3 before.

But i had a pretty decent picture. Thanks Mike...i don't look that fat.
And Thanks Reeves... yes i know i have a nice bike, but cyclist buay kan... !
And of cos Thanks to Leslie... i cleaned my bike for a whole hour, but i had fun...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

GE Women's 10k 2008

I signed up for the GE Women's 10k for some time. Missed the one last year, wasn't gonna miss it, cos All-Women's Run is so fun. The tee looks good. I didn't know who else signed up this year, and for once i felt truly alone, yet a sense of calm overwhelmes me, as i try to tell myself i have to finish within an hour 10 mins.

At the start line, i started to appreciate and understand why i love All Women's Runs. Women have this sense of space, i'm given elbow length from other runners, so unlike mixed races, everyone's tight together. Even when the run started, i'm given enough space. No side swipes from sweaty females. This alone made me feel that much better.

Midway through Nicoll Highway on the way back, i saw Joe-Ann, we chatted briefly and ran together. I told her to take off, i was gonna keep that steady pace. At the finish line, we managed to meet up again, and got pretty nice pictures taken courtesy of Adidas. Now another added reason why i love All-Women's Run.

The last reason is my timing. Not going to whine about it. I'm a slacker when it comes to running. So clearing 1 hr 7 mins 55 secs, i have no complaints. :)

37 days more to Marathon. So says the website. Damnit. Gotta get started.

Monday, October 20, 2008

HR Policies


Dress Code:

1) You are advised to come to work dressed according to your salary.

2) If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise.

3) If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a raise.

4) If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a raise.

Sick Days:

We will no longer accept a doctor's statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work.

Personal Days:

Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year. They are called Saturdays & Sundays.

Bereavement Leave:

This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral arrangements in your place. In rare cases where employee involvement is necessary, the funeral should be scheduled in the late afternoon. We will be glad to allow you to work through your lunch hour and subsequently leave one hour early.

Bathroom Breaks:

Entirely too much time is being spent in the toilet. There is now a strict three-minute time limit in the stalls. At the end of three minutes, an alarm will sound, the toilet paper roll will retract, the stall
door will open, and a picture will be taken. After your second offense, your picture will be posted on the company bulletin board under the 'Chronic Offenders' category. Anyone caught smiling in the picture will be sectioned under the company's mental health policy.

Lunch Break:

* Skinny people get 30 minutes for lunch, as they need to eat more, so that they can look healthy.

* Normal size people get 15 minutes for lunch to get a balanced meal to maintain their average figure.

* Chubby people get 5 minutes for lunch, because that's all the time needed to drink a Slim-Fast.

Thank you for your loyalty to our company. We are here to provide a positive employment experience. Therefore, all questions, comments, concerns, complaints, frustrations, irritations, aggravations, insinuations, allegations, accusations, contemplations, consternation and input should be directed elsewhere.

The Management
Pass this on to all who are still employed!"

I got the above off the Trifam forum. It's such a hoot.
That being said, this is my view on the current market, and my everyday political situation in my office. I am a blessed boss, i would like to think. Low turnover, great projects, very few problems on site, my employees are efficient in clearing my problem. You would think life's going great. Except one thing : they like to talk.

We're very hands-off boss. We give you job, you finish your job, we don't talk. We don't really give instructions, we hand you the project, you finish your job, we don't talk. Yet, they like to talk. Unhappy with the work conditions, unhappy with their pay, unhappy with the prospects. But here the company stands, it's been a good 10 years. We're still standing. There was this saying : "Starting a business hard, keeping it going is harder".

I often told my mom "if they are unhappy, just tell them to resign. If there're really better prospects outside, just tell them to resign". I like to think i'm very new-age in terms of management skills. I believe that as employee, unhappy just leave.

Of cos, you would always think that the grass is greener on the other side.
But is it really?

Friday, October 17, 2008

slowin down...

As this year sails slowly towards the end, i have less events to aim for. Just two more left : GE Women's 10k (9 days away) and Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (51 days away). I will confess right now : i haven't been running.

Somehow i find the lack of motivation to move. Which also explains my recent acute weight gain. Woe is me! I will lament all day and still fail to understand that char kway teow and running must go hand-in-hand, that is, the equation Char Kway Teow = Running; Char Kway Teow without running = fats. I must remember that. I'm really too lazy and needless to say, too unmotivated to move my growing fat ass. Singapore Marathon is not something i can wing it and go. I look back at the year and laugh at my absurd insanity to just wing the half-ironman races and just go!

Hopefully, my newfound love for MR will spark me up to go for it. The greenery is awesome. Of cos, sweating buckets feel absolutely awesome. I never perspire that much over one run... in my entire life. Okay, it also made me realize i want a pair of Adidas trail shoes, which i saw at the Queensway, but i haven't seen it at the stores. It's a need, a want, a desire... ok i need them.

*char kway teow is chosen as unhealthy. i have been eating unhealthily. That's all i am saying, not specifically, CHAR KWAY TEOW...

Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

I was initially not at all excited about the whole Formula 1 fever that has hit Singapore. It's just Formula 1. Sure, i have been enthusiastic about Japan GT Championships, mostly cause it's cars that are seen around town : 350z, 911s, Celicas, DC5s. But Formula 1 are a different breed of cars. Oh, before i forget, some of the drivers are pretty cute.

Kien offered to bring me to the Saturday's Qualifying Races. That one trip changed my opinion. The Singapore Skyline looked so pretty on screen. I have never seen Singapore looking that good. My fave part was the Padang stretch that the F1 cars zoom past, the Parliament House looks good... so did the Esplanade from the helicopter view. We had the pit grandstand tickets... right in view of Nico Rosburg's pit. We met up with Barry & Zen, who were also watching the Qualifying races, just a couple of blocks down from where we were. We had a couple of beers together. And we bumped into a few friends here and there. I must say that, the experience was nice. I never expected to have so much fun. Sure, the beer was expensive, so was the food. But hearing the high pitch sound of those engines zooming by you is an awesome feeling. And the way the cars zip by you. It's something different, and it's a street circuit compared to the closed circuits like Sepang and Shanghai. And what's more, this race is at night. The sound, the atmosphere, that spirit... all seemed to roll together very well.

Sorry guys, that i did not turn up to watch F1 together, as promised. But Kien was nice enough to extend his kind offer to bring me along on Sunday for the main race itself. It was a lil awkward at first, since it was with his family and a family friend. But we manage to hit it off pretty well. And that experience of being at the first F1 night race... unbelievable. Would i go again? It's leaning more towards a Yes.

That marks the end of my very exciting birthday month and the celebrations. It's been one heck of an incredible September month.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turning 28...

Yes i finally turn 28. I know, it's hard to believe. Just yesterday i turned 15 or 18. And i am now 28. How do i feel? I think with age, priorities changes, as with time. So this year, i had a lot more dinners, than drinks.

Frankly, as i grew older, i came to appreciate my family & friends a lot more. Dinners, a drink or two, and plenty of laughter. The family started celebrating from day one after 70.3. It's sheer coincidence that it was my chinese birthday too. I got my Hello Kitty cake... and got to see Hello Kitty Lanterns. Rest of the celebrations include having lunch or dinner with my closest training mates..., dinner with my fave girlfriends, dinner with Angie & Dave (my two fave bi**hes), dinner with my fave boys... It's at dinners that everyone gets to sit together and share their joy over dinner & beer. It's also them who get to me to scream, cry, and of cos laugh and smile.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.
To the ones who planned out my very big birthday gift, no words could describe the joy, perhaps just pictures of me crying, and everyone laughing about it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

7th September : my 1st Ironman70.3

There i was, remarking a couple of blog posts ago, that Ironman70.3 Singapore is out of my race calendar this year. I haven't been really training. O yes, i got a new bike, but haven't managed really good mileage on it. But i did sign for it... with the euphoria and endorphins released from that one hot Desaru Long Distance Triathlon.

Though I have to admit, i was feeling way bummed out even before the day came, and the fatigue and keeping the body in moving mode (i wouldn't use the word race, cos i'm too slow) was getting to me. I just wanted the Singapore Ironman70.3 to be over. The thought of swimming 1.9km, and riding 90k, and running 21k thereafter... was just driving me crazy. Afterall, this is the 3rd event in a month. Let's see : Desaru Long Dist , Army Half Marathon & Ironman70.3 Singapore.

I decided to ask my mom and sis to show some support by watching the swim leg. To my surprise they agreed. I felt good... and ready to put off my best. It's the first race my family has decided to come support me. At 715am, i was all panicky. Of cos, mom just went her usual "cannot make it, then stop". She did tell me after the race that her heart hurts cos she sees me in so much pain. My sister however was all excited over the fact i wasn't the last out of water, and said i kick butt. :) I had a pretty decent swim, although i am pretty sure seabugs love me. And i know the next day is gonna hurt.

Got onto my bike and went onto hit those 90k. I was a lil worried about Sheares Bridge climb, but kept going, as i did not want to end up pushing my bike. That sight of pushing bike is not me. It's not glam, it's so not for me. At the first 30k, i actually felt really happy, keeping a nice pace... completing around slightly past an hour. At the next 60k, i was still feel buzzed, and thought "yes, this is gonna be one heck of a race". By the time i hit 75k, the sun was out in full force, the heat was slowly making its way to me. I started counting the number of climbs i have left... and just shook my head. What surprised me though was the time i came at... after the 90k. I was well below the desaru timing... and was ready to aim for a good timing on the run.

That was not to be. The run leg was hot and tough, filled with stretches that are demoralizing. I wonder how i got through the 21k at Army Half and at Desaru. At one point, i told a passing supporter that i thought i was faster rolling myself on the ground. It sure wasn't a pretty sight. Seeing Erik's car and Barry's car along the way lifted my spirits a little. Tried as i might, i could not run. I had to hobble for a good length. Sigh.....

I did complete the race. With a slight improvement of 3 mins from DESARU. Uncle Vincent was there to welcome me. Mr. E, Barry, Casey, Ron & Chloe were in Carl's Jr, waiting for my return. At that point, i really felt they rock. They did show some support afterall. And i just love them to bits. Thanks guys.

So now it's official
i am a half-ironman
who knew... 3 events 4 weeks... omg, i did it


41 27 Singapore Singapore

53:27 3:27:43 3:17:25 7:47:51 967 130

TOTAL SWIM 1.2 mi. (53:27) 2:48/100m 75899

FIRST BIKE SEGMENT 18.6 mi (1:05:39) 17.00 mph
SECOND BIKE SEGMENT 18.7 mi (1:08:04) 16.48 mph
THIRD BIKE SEGMENT 18.7 mi (1:14:00) 15.16 mph
TOTAL BIKE 56 mi (3:27:43) 16.18 mph 899119

FIRST RUN SEGMENT 2.9 mi (37:33) 12:56/mi
SECOND RUN SEGMENT 1.5 mi (23:08) 15:25/mi
THIRD RUN SEGMENT 2.9 mi (--:--) --/mi
FOURTH RUN SEGMENT 1.6 mi (--:--) --/mi
FIFTH RUN SEGMENT 2.8 mi (--:--) --/mi
FINAL RUN SEGMENT 1.4 mi (7:47:51) 34:10/mi
TOTAL RUN 13.1 mi. (3:17:25) 15:04/mile 967130
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 4:38

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. E

Happy Birthday !
Here's to more years of madness and insanity...
Please try to stay sane... and survive the rollercoaster rides.
I'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Ching...

In true Queen Sister's style, we went to Zouk to party ... and scaring quite a few individuals with our madness. And i actually partied till wee hours .. right on a Wednesday. Yes, you heard right... it is mambo night. And god, i love that night.

Happy Birthday to my dearest sister....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ENR Anniversary Dinner

This is the group of guys & girls....
who got me too wild into the whole triathlon thing.
who strongly believe that you jump i jump.
who likes to throw caution to the wind.
who believes you can do it, even if they think you cannot.. and thus executing reverse psychology so that we all die together.
who are just a group of awesome people.
I don't ride with the group. I'm too slow....
But i make up for it... with slight guts & determination.

Here's to the boys... and girls...
you guys rock...ENR
pictures can be found on facebook under the group : ENR

Sunday, August 17, 2008

16th Aug : My 1st Long Dist Tri

16th August shall be the day i will remember for the rest of my life. It's the birthday of the most important person in my life : my mom. Now it's also the day i finished my first long distance triathlon, my first half-ironman.

I went up to Desaru, Malaysia, with a bunch of the Trifam ENR guys, unsure if i was going to attempt it. Them, being them, of course swindled their way to making me sign up, and attempt. It's a "try la, attempt... if cannot make it, stop lor". I wasn't going to tell anyone that i was going to attempt it. It's one race, filled with uncertainty and fear. Not to mention, i wasn't prepared for it. I did not hit 90km for any ride, i did one 2km swim session only, and my longest run is 14km. Not enough preparation to finish a half-ironman.

At 10am on 16th August, i stood on the beach of Desaru. The place i often associate with surfing and bodyboarding, that would soon be the place i finished my first half-ironman. Looking at the waves, i knew what i was going to face : a washing-machine kind of feeling in the water. That Osim-fear set in, i find it harder to breathe. Mike tried to calm my nerves, Thanks Mike. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. And Joe Ann for the support. Kah Han came by, we decided to stick to the strategy of drafting. When the sound of the horn went off, i walked into the water, and started swimming. Two loops of 1k each, was the thought hanging in my head. I could barely spot the lane markers, let alone the turning buoy. I lost Kah Han, so It was about following others. At the end of first loop, i saw Reeves. Sheer coincidence! But it's also relief to my wrangled nerves. So two of us decided to swim together to finish loop 2 of the swim leg.

Coming out of the water at around 50th minute, we walked slowly to the transition area, to get changed for the bike leg of 3 loops of 30k each (total of 90k). I met Kah Han again, and briefly talked about our swim. I also managed to sneak a pic in, with Liying, courtesy of Bernard. At the mounting line of the bike, i struggled to open my packs of Clif Shot Blocks. Thankfully Yongfeng and Reeves came by, and they helped with opening the packages. I felt like a bimbo then. :P o well...

The bike leg was long... and errmmm.... long. It was hills, hills and more hills. At barely 5km mark, i had to stop, i couldn't breathe or deal with the heat. But i told myself to try continuing my journey. At 10km i wanted to DNF, and kept telling the guys whom i met along the way i won't be making it. At 15km mark, i looked front back left & right, i knew i had to finish 30k, since there was no help available if i DNF. At 30km mark, i reckon i could go on and try again. I was desperate to finish. At 45km, i knew there was no turning back. And i pulled all the strength i have and prayed : God, please give me good weather and strength! The weather was horrifying. One minute, it was hot as hell; the next minute, it was drizzling. Coupled with headwinds & occasional crosswinds, it was a cycling route of hell. At the end of those 90k, i really felt drained out. The time then was already 3pm.

I went to the transition area, and parked my bike, and put on my running shoes. I have 21k ahead. Nevermind that it was 21k, i have a 21k of hilly roads to run or walk. Choonwei came along the way and decided he'll run an hour till 430pm with me. I can't believe my luck, i have a pacer. And he came with raisins. Heh :) At that moment, i felt so lucky. Of cos, at 430pm... i was alone again, and still midway through 21k. The lowest point of the race came, when the trifam guys were in a car, and hearing them go "Keep going". I was still 3km away from end point. Daniel came by ... and handed me a bottle of water along with some powerbar energy powder. And with his aid, i was able to cross the finish lane at close to 6pm.

I am now a Half-Ironman.
And my timing is 7 hours 50 minutes.
Perhaps i could be faster during 70.3.
Heh :) yes i signed up for that too.... once i came home.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Remembering the good ol' times

How fast time flies...
Remembering the good ol' times, looking through my old pix...
how silly we've been, what entertains us, what makes us happy... what makes us crazy....

Barry said : we've aged a lot...
WTF... i say ... we still rock...

This is a funny ass pic we took in Dec'07....
have we really aged that much?!?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Mini celebrates National Day 2008

I am still very much in love with my car. It's a part of me, my everyday life.
Though many cycling friends told me to switch some cheaper car so to spend more on my bike, i would shake my head and lay down the rules : Cars Over Bikes ... anytime, anyday.

So today, a group of 50 minis got together... and did a charity drive / bootsale + celebration of National Day 2008... right at Smith Street, in the heart of Singapore Chinatown.

I don't have much pictures... forgot my camera.
It's interesting seeing every mini of different color, generation. O well... plus good company !

I don't mind skipping training... or sitting out... just for a day of bliss with the car and my friends....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the day i felt like i could blackout

i have never hit the wall... not once, not even at Osim 2008 when i trudged myself out of water, crying into the transition zone, not even then.
But i have... right at Mt Faber.
So you know what... Mt Faber.... one day i will take my revenge... and conquer running you... a couple times over in that one day ! Watch out !

Sunday, July 27, 2008

keeping myself sane...

In my daily life, whether at work or at play, i often meet people who are highly strung-out. There's always a fine line between obsession and treating it as something else. I find myself wondering if i will ever tip the line. For triathlon, I guess i keep telling myself it's a hobby, it's to occupy my time. And Mr. E truly thinks it's helping me stay sane, controls my emotions and how i feel. Sometimes, i wonder what keeps driving me to finish a triathlon. Is it the adrenaline? or is there an unseen force? Reeves once said to me "there's always something pushing you...". I thought about it... and i think the person is myself. What drives these people? What drives these triathletes? What drives you?

As the season is winding down, with just the Singapore Ironman70.3 which i have decided to bail out on, i find myself with fewer reasons to wake up on weekend mornings. I have sat out two weekends (one on my own accord, cos there's nothing to train on; the next weekend was i have to entertain my cousins, so if i head out, it means bad news the entire day). Oh, the joys of sleeping in :). And you can't deny the bed being extremely tempting, along with fluffy pillows, and blacked-out rooms.

Oh yes... but i do miss being marked down. The post-Osim tan....
Btw, the boys pooled money together to buy the number, but it didn't come out. bummer....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Osim Triathlon 2008 - OD

I was only left with two weeks to put forth a somewhat less-than-decent training plan for an OD triathlon. I wasn't exactly sweating it either. It was all in the mind. 1.5km swim, 40km cycle, 10km run... i can do it. Two days before the race... (friday), i was starting to get the jitters. On Saturday , when Pris got married, i was too busy to think about it. I'll wing it.

On race day, all i needed was to etch into my pea brain head the route i need to go through : 2 loops of 750m swim, 4 loops of 10km bike, and 2 loops of 5km run. At 10am on the day, just barely ten minutes to the race start, i was still smiling and beaming, and telling my friends "i should be able to do well." That thought lasted barely 10 minutes into the swim. The tide was fast changing, the water was very rough. Many heads and bodies were bobbing up and down the water. After loop 1, i was very ready to give up, but told myself to continue. At loop 2, i threw up in the water, got sea sick and struggled through the waters. I got out of the waters, eyes welled with tears and starting wailing away. I think i scared a good number of people. Heh :)

One thing for sure : Julian knew i wouldn't give up, and told me to walk to my bike at the transition zone. I slowly stopped crying and decided to proceed. Once i got on my bike, i just looked at the sunny blue sky, and prayed to God. Lord, give me strength and put me to loop 2! Of cos, greedy me didn't stop there, and continued praying for strength all down to loop 4.

The sun beat down on my body. I felt the heat, and that tense "i can barely breathe" feeling came back to me. Every step that my foot landed on that ground, i only felt myself going slower. I wasn't going to give up. I tried to move faster, but to no avail. At the second loop of the run, a storm came in, and now the raindrops felt like bullets on my skin. From a very very hot race, it has turned to something cold and very sad.

When i saw that finish line, i beamed. :) i have arrived. i finally finished a triathlon.
time : 3 hrs 45 mins.
I may be disappointed at my timing, could have always gone faster. But heck, i finished it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Congrats to Philip & Priscilla... You guys are married! 12th July 2008

Congrats you guys... me and the girls have witnessed the courtship to hearing story of the proposal ( To set the record straight, Pris was the first in the group to get proposed to!), and now all i can say is "Congrats!"

The wedding reception... from the gatecrashing, to the church, to the dinner... was beautiful.
Pictures of the day's ongoings are available HERE.....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vietnam 22nd to 26th June 2008

I took a lil trip to Vietnam (HCM City)... over June... for five days.
It was an eyeopener. Not somewhere i'll visit more than once, in five years. But its history is something that leaves me wanting more. With the French ruling, to the Vietnam War to the US ruling, to the modern day Ho Chih Minh city that we know today. Every country that has had some foothold in Vietnam left something behind.

For the French, it has to be the streetside baguette, done asian style of cos. Filled with green onions, and onions, and foie gras plus that ham, it's so yummy. Of cos, there's also the Notre Dame Cathedral.
For the US, the use of US dollars is so widespread, it's as though Vietnam never has its own currency. We went to restaurants that lay down bills which can be paid by Vietnam Dongs (vietnam's currency) or US Dollars.

Most of the time, we spend a good amount of time visting historical sites, soaking in how much HCM city cherish its history, and preserved its buildings. We went to visit cuchi tunnels. It was a series of tunnels used by the Vietnamese against thee foreign powers. Small & tiny, and carefully planned. Some tunnels i can't even fit into, and i don't consider myself that fat. The Vietnam War museum was interesting, with artefacts and pictures through the period of war.

A place i really liked, during the trip, has to be Jesus Hill. A statue of Jesus Christ is set on a hill at Vung Tau, three hours away from HCM City. It was a sight to behold, as He looks down upon the sea, the land and the people, watching them and safekeeping them. Every step up those 700 steps felt a lil closer to God. Once i reached the peak, i have one thing to say "wow". At that time, i was singing "I Can Only Imagine" By MercyMe. I felt touched by the wonders of God, and what he has given to me.

I guess other than feeling being in the prescence of God, one thing that made the trip so good was being with my family. My cousins Julian & Dylan flew in from US to join us.

Check out my flick for the pictures

Monday, June 09, 2008

Saab City Duathlon 2008 : 8th June 2008

So after Bintan Tri, it was a mad rush trying to get back onto the bike : something i stopped doing for a month or so. I wasn't feeling the best, during the week of City Duathlon either. I did run a lil. And i think the last i got the bike was thursday before the event : i did a 5km run / one loop coastal (less than 20) and 5km run brick. My afterthoughts were I was not going to live through the race. Man, that suck. I had cramps all through friday. Friends were concerned if i could even make it to finish the race.

Race day came. The air grew thinner. At loop 1 of the 10km run, i kept asking "are we there yet"; at the start of loop 2, my chest grew tighter, and there was a sharp pain in my heart. At this point, i felt : i am not going to make it. When i completed those 10km, i approached the field with the mental note to just take things lightly : what is another 40km of cycling? Bahhh! The field was muddy and totally made me dread the fact i was there. That's when confusion sets in, as the cycling route was changed due to the amount of gravel on the road. I find myself shouting to Julian & Kian Yan : I am on lap X, one more right? By the end of the cycling route (odometer wrote 25k, but i did complete 5 rounds, so i'm done), i had a smile on my face, all cos i knew i am almost there. All i have left on my plate then was my 5km run. I kept telling myself "1015am", but took longer than that. Cramps threatened to stop my run. I just kept telling myself "run Eve run", and got into a rhythm. It was extremely comforting to see Clifford on the run, and what made it more fun was making funny faces at the friends i made through the year in triathlon and endurance races.

I might not have been the fastest. I finished mid-pack as usual. There were tons of complaints on the trifam forum regards to the race. I had enough of those. If you don't like, sure complain.... just don't discourage newcomers to the sport. Let them join and have fun. Who knows, they might like it. I know i did.

Total : 2 hr 43 mins 30 secs
Splits : 10km run / 22km bike / 5km run : 1.08.01 / 59.53 / 35.37

Not bad at all, cos i haven't really trained.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bintan Tri 23rd -24th May 2008

So Bintan Tri came and went. I took over the swim slot for the tri-relay team, a month before the tri. I spent couple of weeks leading up to the tri (as usual... the last minute effort) to brush up on swim strokes and efficiency, praying very hard i won't have a re-run of my Singapore Biathlon swim timing for the 1.5km.

It was overall pretty nice race, despite not being the best in organization. I made new friends as part of the entourage i went with ,... met old ones, like Michael, Joanne (my swim class jiemei), Bernard (my cycling mentor), & Raphael (your son very cute, btw). Thankfully, i had Michael with me at the swimstart, never had such a mass start of 400ish people. It was scary, and one word summarize my thoughts at that moment of staring at the masses : SCARED. Fear overwhelmed me. I find myself gasping for air... and squeezed Mike's palm really tightly. Thank you Michael for massaging my shoulders, and telling me it's all going to be okay. Of cos, i experienced the usual elbow jab, the kick from breasts strokers, the pulling of swimming suit. Ahhh... but once i got the hang of it, i actually felt the tide going in my favor.

When i got out of the water and handed over the championchip to Leslie to continue onto the bike leg, i felt glad... relieved... happy. I had done what i could.

My swim timing : 34minute-ish.
Comment : Not too bad, considering i had a 47minute-ish during Singapore Bi on 1st March.

Monday, May 12, 2008

cutest thing ever...

My lil nephew is a cutie. His younger brother was having his baby shower on Saturday evening (1 month old)... but my attention is on this lil' one. He's so cute. Softspoken, quarter Jap, and super uber cute.

The weekend was spent with family & friends. And i would say it again, well worth it! Despite the fact i had little to no sleep...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

some things change, some things don't

It's been a good 7 years since i graduated from Purdue. Some things change and some just don't. I manage to catch up with Jana, who's my "bro" from college days after not keeping in touch over the past 8 years or so. And we pick up from where we left. It's as though not a day has past. He even said i haven't changed. Have i? I still turn beet red once i drink. Maybe less feisty. I don't think he changed much either. I don't think many of my collegemates have changed.

The weekend was a blast, as Robin dropped by Singapore for a business trip. So a bunch of the Purdue guys managed to meet up and do what we do best during college : party. I think that was my college forte. When i asked old friends what my sport was, during school, their reply would always be "Drinking". I don't remember when's the last time i actually crawled home at past 4am. And much less, to do it for two nights.

Ok so we all grow a lil older, so what? I think one thing's changed : the stuff we consume. It used to be vodka shots or Johnnie Walker shots. Now we moved on : Cordon Bleu.

So you know what... cheers to Purdue! And cheers to my friends!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Congrats to April...

April is finally married, so says Rulin. And Finally is a word that is used appropriately. It's a courtship that lasted 9 years. Yep! 9 years. Congrats April! And Alan! It's gonna be fun... running after your little ones...

Oh yes, the wedding reception was beautiful. Having it at Fort Canning, and blessed with lovely weather, it was very sweet and memorable event. Cheers to that!

We did quite a nice collage for her, as a wedding gift. Hope she liked it. Reminded me of secondary school days, whereby we have to DIY gifts. :) At this rate, i'll be pro at the whole gift thing.

So now, the domino effect has started. I will be posting once every few months of one of my gfs getting married. And the answer is still nope, i'm not getting married yet.

Friday, April 25, 2008

manners on the road

Dear Lousy Driver,

I do not claim to own the road. Neither do i consider myself to be a contender for the most courteous motorist on the road. But it's saddening how you have become. You may have caused an accident. Because of you, you gave rise to road bullys. Because of you, you may cause a traffic jam.

These days, just signalling will not cut it that you have been thoughtful to other drivers. There are other ways to make the roads a better place for us both. A simple wave to indicate "Thanks dude!" would have made my day, when you try to cut into my lane in the early morning traffic. I understand that morning moodyness, when you just woke up and am rushing to work. But so am i, so am i.

You decide to once again make me feel like a fool once more when i notice you speeding away in lane 2, and cutting in at the last minute on the chevron making your way into Pan Island Expressway (PIE), off of Central Expressway (CTE). Yet once again, i fail to see the hand signal, let alone the courtesy to be in line, just like the rest of the pack who joined in back at the Novena entrance / exit of CTE. You failed me repeatedly. How could i trust you again?

I manage to summon enough courage to join you at Sepang International Circuit on a private trackday. With good faith that every driver present is courteous and knows the rules of the track, i set forth in my car to go around the track. You and i were going down the track, with me leading just half a car length in front of you, which indicates i can take the correct racing line. No, what did you the lousy driver decide? To meet me at the same corner, from where you were, almost colliding to me. Did i miss something at the pre-trackday briefing? Are we on some circuit race here? I believe not, cos i am always at every trackday organized by a group of friends whom i trust my life and my car to.

Why, oh why, would you decide to do that? Do you not love your car? Do you not cherish your life? Time and time again, i have given you a chance to repent. But you did not. Perhaps i should write to the local authorities about road courtesy slowly disappearing from our roads. When i think of the road courtesy campaign years back, it brings a smile to my face. We could always try a little kindness, and give way to others who share the space we live in.

I love my car, i love my roads, i love the Sepang International Circuit,
but no... i don't like you, yes you. You lousy jacka** driver!

With best regards,
for the safety of other road users, and me,

Sunday, April 20, 2008

is there such things as two bad days? or is it the mind playing tricks?

I was reading an article off Shape Magazine May'08 edition, written by writer/sportswoman Janice Lee Fang. She went on saying you almost always feel better the next day. I don't think i agree with her on that.

I went for, whatchamallit, an eight-k run last afternoon, having slept in on that lovely Saturday morning due to a thunderstorm that killed my ride at 530am. As i prodded on that road around my neighborhood, i find myself singing alongside Adam Levine : is there anyone out there cos it's getting harder and harder to breathe. I felt absolutely in the pits, and as much as i wanted to run, i couldn't. My legs felt heavy, my heart felt heavy, and i am well-rested, trust me on that. I ended up spitting a whole bout of phelgm. Well, you see darlings, triathlon (swim bike run) never promises a germ-free environment, much less wax lyrical about being the most hygienic sport around. In the end, i walked back home, and decided i could do with some retail therapy and call it an early night, praying damn hard that tomorrow(which is today) will be a better day.

I made plans to be awake by 5am, so i could put in a 50k ride and be home by 7am to watch kickoff of IronmanChina and to get ready to leave for KL. I rode 10km down the road. Once again, the song "harder to breathe" kept ringing in my head. My body is failing on me. I was having trouble catching my breathe. I decided to U-turn and head home. When riding alone, i count on gut instincts. If the body says No, it means you're better off at home. That marks a very short 20k ride. Oh, funny thing did happen, this runner did a double take on me, and gave me a smile when he realized the cyclist is not a man. I do still have my womanly features, you know. :)

So here i am... at home, writing this blogpost, at this really unearthly hour.
And oh yes, awaiting the kickoff to IronmanChina.
I really wonder if i can ever reach the day i can tell everyone i am ready to do my IM.
Who knows? Maybe i won't reach that insanity level. Maybe i will.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Godspeed to those doing IronmanChina...

I am now very starstruck and in awe... just cause i saw Belinda Granger and husband Justin Granger at the airport, checking in at the same as the rest of the TriFam guys, who are heading to Ironman Haikou, China.

That being said, i think it might be a very light push to start training. I may not ever get to be a pro, but hey, at least i can try to get closer to completing an Ironman70.3 race. A friend i knew called me out of the blue, to ask for his bike trainer back, and then talked about how he heard i've been training really hard. My reply was "no... who did you hear it from". His reply : "your gang?", to which i am baffled. Cos i train alone. And i haven't been training per se.

I am not a sandbagger, but i like to do things my own pace and keeping things casual. When i met the bunch of TriFam guys at the airport, they wondered why i didn't sign up for 70.3 China, my reply "i haven't been training", which is a honest response. I have been riding, but at once a week, i doubt the distance or intensity would allow me to survive. Truth be told, 70.3 is do-able, but how at the cost of how much pain thereafter?

As i wondered about this question, perhaps i should go for a run to clear my mind, and to tell myself i can do the Ironman70.3.

Friday, April 11, 2008

affirming yet another frivolous belief...

As much as i walk the walk and talk the talk about being a "brother", and the boys acknowledging me as one of them, others are quick to point out i'm still female and perhaps feminine, in terms of my choice of clothes (i love dresses), and colors (hot pink rocks!), and of cos emotions (sensitivity and innate whining).

This week, i have yet another female characteristics being highlighted to me that i am still a female. The story goes that Jin Kiat, the guy who can run a 3 hr 20 minutes marathon, went for a jog with me. I am sorry to slow you down, dude. Heh! At the end of that 8km run, i had a bloodied shoe, thanks to a bloody blister and the fact i forgot to bring socks. The blister was a result of me not wanting to dirty my pair of white Gucci shoes, due to a downpour. Come on, who would dirty a nice pair of white Gucci shoes? It would be such a sin. So i put on a pair of pumps and went for lunch. That one hour proved to be a costly mistake, of cos, add the running, it's awfully in pain, and bleeding.

Jin Kiat had only one thing to say : AI SWEE MAI MIAH ( literally, rather be pretty over losing my life). The vanity of women... tsk tsk, but i had such a justification : Gucci. He went onto add : women are known to have high threshold of pain, you have proven it. Right... *rolls eyes*
Of cos Juls asked me why i would run with a blister. And then Sean asked me to rest.

Of cos, i did not heed advices, and went for another run the very next day, going for 10km, just by placing a plaster over that wounded pus-filled thing and not forgetting socks (ugly black ones for fear i stain those dstrainers). Ewwwww i know. But i did the 10km and did it feel great.

Of cos running those mileage only made me feel one thing.
Absolutely zero guilt having that heineken or that lychee martini or that nice asahi beer. Ooh...

So before you decide to drink up, let's just keep on running.

This message has been brought to you by yours truly, after watching way too many Heineken ads and having way too many Heineken beers.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Push Up...

Before you think this is yet another blog post about sports, be it swimming, cycling, running or wakeboarding, stop your thoughts. This is about fashion. Yes, the laziest woman probably alive is going to discuss fashion on her blogpost. But it's more about a fashion invention : the pushup bra. According to an article in The New Paper for 7th April 2008 which is a spinoff of a survey done by Telegraph UK, the pushup bra ranks as the greatest fashion invention ever, ahead of stilettos, g-strings, and the LBD (little black dress, duh?).

Somehow, i find myself agreeing to the list of fashion inventions, at least for most of it. The bikini and classic white shirt didn't get a mention in that list of top 20, instead hot pants got in. Like huh? Yes, repeat after me. HUH? Hot pants? Seriously, if you don't have legs and the body of the supermodels, and whales need not apply, Hot pants is left for the few selected blessed individuals. I personally would never be seen in hot pants. Shorts are shorts, hot pants barely cover those ass cheeks.

What do we have in our closet that we deem as the greatest fashion inventions, or the commonly known word for it : Must-haves? Everyone is different. Some swear by their black pants, other swear by their baggy jeans, while others would frown at the mere sight of women walking down in oversized shirts and jeans two sizes too big.

With that in mind, i list my 20 greatest fashion invention... and must haves :
  1. Pushup bra (with or without straps, they're a must have).
  2. g-string. VPL is a no go
  3. running shoes... which can be a fashion sneaker too.
  4. ankle socks... i don't run with longer socks, cos i looked dorky. I need them with my sneakers too.
  5. running tights... i discovered them and they are godsend, trust me! doubles up as tights under tunic and tent dresses.
  6. White tank tops, preferably wifebeaters. It screams street cred !
  7. Shorts / Berms. They are my weekend staple.
  8. Mini-skirt. So they say, if you got it, flaunt it baby. Enough said!
  9. That black dress. As long as they compliment your figure, you have got it!
  10. Skinny jeans. They're the bootcutjeans of the 08. Slims you down, and great with heels or ballet pumps. You can jazz it up and take it down...
  11. Bootcut jeans. Classic!
  12. White shirt. How can we not have this other classic
  13. Ballet pumps. Everyone should have at least a pair
  14. Black killer stilletos. Nothing's sexier than them that screams power
  15. IT bag. Number one accessory !
  16. A jacket. It helps jazz up an outfit.
  17. Flip flops. How can anyone not own a pair?
  18. A handphone. Believe it or not? your cell phone or that blackberry is a fashion accessory
  19. Your belt. It can be a good accessory which is functional
  20. Lipstick / Lip balm / Lip gloss. Pucker up for that kiss...
Oh yes,i got to mention number 21 too. A great arm candy who never fails to make you laugh!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

too much too soon

So i've been lazing around. I haven't quite gotten started since the Bangkok trip, only going to swim class on tuesday, which i didn't push hard. Somehow the body didn't feel right. So the entire week was met with rain, and work. Random stuff and excuses i manage to make, just not to head out. I didn't feel like running.

Weekend rolled around, had a long day on Friday, just running about. Of cos, it was some joyous occasion which i had a few drinks too much. By 2pm, i called it a night and went home. I felt drunk and hungover.

Surprisingly Saturday felt alright. I felt bloated with the alcohol, but figured with the heat & humidity outdoors, i could do with a swim. Went to do 1.5km in the pool, followed by a 6-7km jog to Labrador Park. Thanks Uncle KC, for being my training buddy and being my pacesetter. Awesome pace, and i felt good.

Sunday was the most awesome time, yet marked one of the worst rides i ever did. The boys were moving at a pace that i can't sustain. You might be thinking above 30kmph (i know i suck...), but no ,.. they were doing about 20kmph. How can i cycle this way? If my cadence drops below 70, i feel like i am heading for stationary fall. O_o Seems just yesterday when 19kmph was what i could come up with. Highlight : Went up the viaduct. Woot!

Of cos, nothing quite sums up a drive along ECP on a Sunday evening. I think i wanna be finishing my Ironman in this kinda sunset..... if i ever find my courage to do so. To think i actually still think about Ironman, despite the fact my quads hurt and i can barely walk up and down the stairs, bringing me back the day past my 21.1km last December... sheesh!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

And so my butt got lazier

I wish i have the energy to move.
I wish i can be faster.
I wish i am motivated.

Sigh... all are wishes. The mind is willing, yet my flesh ain't moving.
My training has taken a dip. My weight has taken a huge increment. I look fat, but seriously, i got enough of those "wah you put on weight" kinda talk, that i just resigned myself to it. Am i even moving towards doing anything? No... cos i don't care. I'm Eve. I may whine about it for a lil, but that's it. Ok fine, i whine alot about it, then i forget about it. Heh

I had a nice relaxing trip to Bangkok. I so want to go again, yet i can't. Julz told me "no more holidays" , cos after that i always say lazy to train, i just want to laze around.

unflattering pic... but you know, i can't always look glamorously cute. reality is warped.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

time changes everything

Priorities always changes, and it should. This line seemed to resonate with me. I spent the week leading up to Good Friday and the entire week, reading the foreword of Triathlete Magazine April 2008, by Mitch Thrower. Though the header was titled Sandbagger, it bear that much more than being the usual midnight runs or borrowing any bike to sneak in time to train, it was about priorities and the mindset of a triathlete as well as a human being.

I did train, i do try. I am a try-athlete, as some might said. I am a casual triathlete, a weekend warrior of sorts, or a taitai-triathlete, i would tell others. I've started having renewed passion for running again. Like another guy said, and i quote : i need to forget the last marathon in order to run the next one. For now, i'll keep on moving towards my goal : my 70.3 & that 42km.

On Good Friday, i caught up with the girls, although we had some misunderstandings over religion, and hens' night, but that's another story altogether. So going in, i knew some feathers were ruffled, and i was prepared for a really nasty time. Maybe i was being sensitive, sensitivity being the only thing left that still stood between me and that cross to being a full-fledged brother. Heh :) . Through the hours i spend with them, actually 2 hours, i realized their lives have started moving onto the topic of weddings & renovation, and very caught up with it too. Our priorities have changed. There i stood, realizing i am not going to partake in that madness. Of course i felt different, why else would i blog about it? But my intentions were clear to stay true to my true style of Eve, and just have fun, and throw caution to the wind.

I left the lunch, with a heavy heart to head for training and that constant reminder to keep me grounded : Priorities change, as they should with time. Just as they have their priority to get married and have their fairytale wedding, i'm going to continue my road to finishing up an ironman. Different people get married for a variety of reasons. Some do it because they want to live together, without nagging parents. Some just felt it would be a whole new level to just being committed. Some do it for the kids. Some do it for the wedding event itself. I can't seem to understand that amount of craze for a perfect fairytale wedding. Was i going to be like that when it's my turn? What about that joy of getting married, and starting life as a Mrs? I wondered if any of the married ones thought about it. Life's so much more than being a wife and a mother. First you're a daughter and sister. For me, there's also the "brother", best friend, buddy, training mate, etc. And i live with that, knowing my life has been crazy and fulfilling, just the way i like it.

For now, i continue my road to finishing an ironman. And i find comfort that someone else share my exact sentiments. "There's no way a non-triathlete would understand the energy and confidence i gain from finishing a race", says Mitch Thrower. And Amen to that!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Leap Year --- a movie in review

I went to watch the Leap Year recently. The story of 29th February. The story about a tradition that allows women to make the first move for a romantic encounter, or as the movie puts it, no man is allowed turn down a woman's proposal on February 29th , or he risks a fine.

The movie was refreshing & touching. I recommend it to everyone & anyone. So what if it's a local(Singapore) production, the bottomline is the storyline is good. It's about love at first sight. The minute you meet someone, there's an instant connection, to something so familiar yet so strange. It's about throwing caution to the wind. When was the last time you did that? To live based on a gut feel? To let it all go? and to just live for the moment! I thought about it. And you know what? I loved it, cos i like going where the wind takes me. Carpe Diem!

A few quotes that showed up during the movie :
It's not in the stars that hold our destiny, but in ourselves --- William Shakespeare
Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous --- Albert Einstein
A person often meets his destiny on his way to avoid it --- Jean De La Fontaine
If you're not too long, i'll wait for you all my life --- Oscar Wilde

In three words, i can sum up everything about life : it goes on --- Robert Frost

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Rides

Sunday Long Rides have become quite a routine .. to end the week, with a big bang. Long Sunday Rides, with great company, of people with different jobs, with one passion in cycling... get together to ride, and to have breakfast together. Others drive to have breakfast, we cycle to have breakfast, naming our rides : mee rebus ride, mcdonald's ride... tour de tuas, loop de mandai, you get the drift...

So the menu was Tour De Tuas. We set off with 70km in mind, i remember reminding Nick at the 15km mark from NUS Fong Seng, to do a U-Turn. In the end, they decided, we shld go to Tuas West Road / Schering Plough area. Man... that began the nightmare. It was long... "are we there yet?" ... hot route.

By the time, we got to a proper rest : it was 60km. We sat down to have McDonald's. I now know, i can order extra egg and sausage with my big breakfast. Heh ! New Discovery! The commute back was quik. Much faster than i expected.

Can't wait for the long weekend next week.
More pictures on cycling available here...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Coke Madness...

Coke Zero got introduced to Singapore. Frankly, i never heard of it. Friends who used to study in Aussie raves about it. Less sweet, blahz blahz. I dont know. The contents looked similar to me, between the coke light and coke zero. Both promotes zero calorie, zero fat. But citric acid and citrate sodium? What's the difference?

Ultimate test would be to go drink it. Be the judge.
My verdict :
1) Coke Light still taste blahz
2) Coke Zero taste a bit blahz...
3) Original Coke rocks... :)

More Coke Please...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Singapore Biathlon 08

I did it. Surprisingly.

I remember clearly standing at the start line at 730am, close to tears... and kept telling Kian Yan : " i am scared, how?". For two days before the event, i kept muttering to myself and friends : "I am scared. How". The panic and anxiety has set in.

At the swim start, there seems to be hundreds of people. The ladies were starting with the Men's Veterans. My coach Seamonster Alex was part of the manic bunch in my wave. Bernard facebook-ed me, and i quote, : "wahahaha, see how you die...". Now THANKS for calming my nerves. Rough swimstarts, i saw men & women elbows, clawing their way to find space to start their front crawl. I got kicked by some nasty froggers ( or breaststrokers, as they are known). My legs have bruises from them jump starting on my knees. My eye socket hurts cos some dude kicked the goggles on my face. Crap, worst start ever. I treaded water and just watched the commotion.

Soon i started my swim, and very determined to finish in front crawl, not breast stroke. I just aim to complete, not compete. It was a leisure swim, with me humming to myself : Everything by Michael Buble. By the time i hit 1km, it was getting boring. I tried side kicking to just bask in the race, watching birds fly by, and seeing the ships out in the ocean.

As soon as i hit land, i struggled to rid my face of salt water and to grab my running shoes to go. It was depressing when you see the 1km, then 2km, and then 3km markers. I mean, come on, you don't have to tell me i have 7 more kms to go. That's torturous. Before i know it, i paced myself at 1km per 5 mins or 5 mins 30 secs. It became more enjoyable and i felt absolutely fantastic once i crossed the finish line.

There! I finished my 1st OD Biathlon 1.5km swim + 10km run. And you know what, i am happy. The atmosphere's great. I managed to hang out with friends, take a bunch of pictures, hug a few soggy people.

So more races to come.
I came in position 101. Time : 1 Hr 51 mins 1 secs.
Not too bad i suppose, first OD event ever, first time i ever did front crawl the whole way thru.