Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in retrospective

As it draws to a close of year 2007, i took some time off to wonder what i've done. I have the same bunch of friends, a growing bunch no less, who are not afraid to be silly and sometimes go along with my bimbotic ways. I love you loads, boys. And very appreciative about how we have all grown closer, and our friendship has became stronger, to the extent we probably know what each other are thinking. I am glad that we still have our drive away trips to Malaysia, to enjoy the food, the track and the fun and to spend more time irritating the daylights out of each other. Eventhough you guys love to bully me around, i know you guys love me way too much.

I started swimming and running, in a bid to get fit, part of the resolutions i made for 2007. I've always wanted to do a triathlon, before i turn 30, and contemplated doing one. So i took to the advice of Seggy, one of my closest mate , after his fave bike rider Valentino Rossi: WHAT IF I HAVE NEVER TRIED IT. Oh, i still love my retarded slutty bestie Seggy a lot, and can't wait to see him in 2008.
I went out and got myself a road bike in May, and got myself my baby : Scott CR1 Team'07. I still love it, and have to just look at it everyday in awe.
Of course i put on bulk. My pants got tighter. I like to think it's muscles. Then again, it could be the increase of food intake i do. Heh! Oh well... i love food. Why give up on one of the greatest joy in life?
Two months after my bike purchase, i did the Osim Singapore International Triathlon 2007 - Sprint Category. 750m of open water swim. 20km cycling. 5km run. I got to know a new bunch of amazing people from triathlon family, who never fail to inspire me with their strength and discipline... and met my fave girl kaki for tri, Kian, who went through the triathlon with me. During that tri, my mind went through a load of sorting and disillusion... but that ended with a sense of achievement. I felt so super then, and realized i can, if only i try.

I went back to my usual work routine, and balancing as much training as i can get. I realized i hate smack talk, but i'm not about to change my lifestyle of beer, clubs and friends. I just have to set myself to do it. I have to do it alone. And i can do it alone. In December, i signed up for my very first half marathon at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007, with a goal in mind, that is to finish all 21.1km within 2 hours 30 minutes. And i did it!

So looking back, i realized i might have given up some time with my gfs, and my friends. But i feel like i achieved more. I made new friends through triathlon and training. And of cos, i welcome a new baby to my life : my Mini Cooper S in red.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

why do i do it?

At 530am on Hari Raya Haji Holiday, i rolled out of bed. I slept by 1am the night before, i didn't drink a drop for some time. And it just felt right that i should just go and cycle. So off to coastal i went... after parking at Fort Road. Suddenly, i felt invincible, though i had the most incredible butt aches and abs aching. Not to mention being stuck in the rain. That feeling of riding in the rain is just incredible. All you need is a lil rain to get a lil clarity.

and that realization that life trying to be a triathlete is tough.... am i even there yet?

And why do i even choose to do it? There have been times when friends have questioned me on why i chose to do triathlons and why i got to wholeheartedly loving it and being addicted to participating in races? I guess i can't explain that "rush" to others. It's not those adrenaline rushes you get after a good run, or even that endorphine rush that you get after swimming. Nothing truly compares to really completing a race that you thought you couldn't.

i'm going to sound like an ad :
20 laps of swims at 9am. 40 swims at 7pm.
5am bike rides. 8pm bike rides.
7am run sessions. 5pm short runs sessions. 5km basic runs to 15km runs.
The sense of accomplishment following the crossing of a finish line.

It's almost time for 2008. What should i do next?
Now what a thought!
especially after riding some distance in the rain...

Monday, December 17, 2007

that's life...

The weekend was a blast. I left early from work on Friday to join my sis and some friends at Wild Wild Wet water theme park at Pasir Ris area (east side of Singapore). Who knew i would have so much fun with a bunch of 20-30somethings? Hahaha, we were all rolling with laughter, and totally enjoyed ourselves, finding ourselves surrounded by little kids of 10 year olds. The lifeguards were laughing at our silly antics of sabotaging each other, toppling each other off floats. At the end of that very tiring time, we had our lil' Christmas BBQ gathering, with a close group of friends & family. The food was fab, the company was completely fab... and i just felt very blessed to have such a closely knitted group.

Of cos, i failed to mention that the sambal chilli & that awesome BBQ food totally killed my throat, leaving me with ZERO croaking hoarse voice. I rolled off early to bed on that Saturday, under serious medication... and anticipating a long day on Sunday.

Sunday : 745am i rolled out of bed, not to swim / cycle / run. I went to attend a birthday celebration on a yacht off the coast of Singapore. Just lying around & lazing in the sun enjoying that nice sea breeze, with a bunch of friends, enjoying each other's jokes and nonsense... and the fussing around and listening onto lengthy discussion about rides. And of cos, highlight is always on the food. I love food, and i would be awake at the sound of having food around me Lamb with mint sauce, pan fried chicken, salad. Yummy... ! Then, there's of cos The view off the yacht was a sight to behold, and the thought of being surrounded by water. At that moment, I am beginning to like the idea of staying onboard for a dive trip soon.

I was left very sunburnt. I have to blame myself for the lack of sunscreen ( i did put, but obviously not enough). And i decided i could go attend Stefan & Kelly's wedding, sans makeup. I was so bright red like a lobster that any makeup wouldn't have made any difference. Heh! That evening was just lovely, and extremely touching to see Yew Jin's speech of his best friend Stefan. And the camarderie amongst the brothers, and my friends have always been awesome. We had an afterparty, where the boys continued their story telling, and their many ways of enjoying I have no pictures now, but i guess i will soon.

With Christmas around the corner, i am just happy i am in Singapore, with family, loved ones and friends. Not to mention, the good food, good wine & beer and the good company.

*pictures as always are available off my flickr, please click on the flickr icon at the left side of this page

Thursday, December 13, 2007

faux pas or trend?

Tell me...
who will tote a huge prada bag
and scoot off in running tank & shorts with her pair of flip flops?
I think only me... and i think it's alright.
Especially if i had gone for a 5km run at ECP.
Faux Pas? Or New Trend?

Monday, December 10, 2007


Times like this when i am caught unaware, i hate my sis. I'm so tired from the lack of sleep, and having to wake up at 545am on a Sunday morning.... and yet i'm caught with a picture of me sleeping, and my sis smiling gleefully.

Oh... and fyi, i didn't go to zoukout. I was in bed by 1am. Heh!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My First Half-Marathon

Some might think it's madness to even run 21.1km...
Others might think it's nothing, 42.1295km is something...
i really don't care, i am damn proud of myself.

And i am happy i completed it. I went to bed at about 2am the night before the race...woke up barely two hours later at 415am, to get ready to go to Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon site. I felt so sick, battling my blocked nose and cough, with the heart of giving up mid-way through.

As i got to the site, there's no turning back. I met Daniel Eu, who is also running his first half marathon. Didn't manage to meet Jason or Mala. The time has come... i have to start running.

Thankfully i have great friends like Kelvyn, Gary, Nick... who ran the entire marina south stretch (some 8km) with me. I lost them someway through, but running down Robinson Road alone is weirdly nice. Passing by Esplanade, Ritz Carlton and the Singapore Flyer, running on the road, that my car drives on, is a new experience. Fighting the heat on Nicoll Highway to & fro was perhaps the toughest part of the challenge. When i crossed that finishing line of that 21.1km, i felt so happy.

What made it all worth while is the fact i completed within 2 hours & 30 minutes.
Aim met... what's next? Sundown Marathon?
Official Timing : 2 hours 23 minutes 45 seconds.
ho seh!

Friday, November 30, 2007

I love my friends...

With friends like these, who needs enemies?
All it takes is beer, this despite being the two days before half marathon sunday.
Someone to act dumb with you, when you need to just enjoy the friday.
To be fat along with you. And still smile looking silly.

To act as silly as you do.
Seriously what more can you expect?
Watch us at my flickr account.
Can't find it? It's on the left side of this blog... DOH?!?! DUMB ASSES

2 days more ... to my first half marathon

It's two more days. I can't believe the day has drawn so close. I have never ran anything past 5km officially before, so this is a first. Never had my 1st 10km run (done officially). As i sat down comfortably into my office, and go through this flash file of the run route for the StandChart marathon this year, 21.1km seems further than i imagined. I feel the air around me thinning.

To answer everyone's questions whether i had enough training, i guess so. I have been running 14km the last two Sundays. I think it shouldn't be an issue finishing that 21.1km. Then again, who knows....

I am still nursing a very bad virus which i caught early this week. Fever, flu, sore eyes, sore throat. Thankfully am recovering. With enough luck, you'll see the same ol' me this Sunday at the marathon. I have stuck to no super high heels rule for the week. And nosso much fried food. Ahhh,... i just need to carbo load.

My aim : 2 hrs 30mins.
Wish me luck.
2 more days....

Friday, November 02, 2007

road bikes at HDB void decks?

How often do you get a bunch of bikes? Cannondale Synapse, Scott CR1, and Specialized Allez? All parked at the void deck, alongside your everyday commuting bike...?
An interesting sight nonetheless...

This week, i hardly trained. Feeling tired & burnt out. And having way too much work. But you know what, it's the weekends.

I might just hit the road for 12km tomorrow and enjoy the weekend....
It's friday and i'm loving it...

Monday, October 29, 2007


The week went by... i've been trying to push myself to clock more road mileage. Rain has prevented me from going out to cycle, but to run more... sigh, i can't help but wish i am cycling instead of running sometimes.

This week 22nd Oct to 28th Oct 07
Monday : run around ECP
Tuesday : Yoga
Wednesday : 5km run around home
Thursday : 5km run at ECP
Friday : REST
Saturday : 8km to 9km at ECP
Sunday : 5km at MacRitchie Trail ...

I think trail running can kill me. MacRitchie's great overall, but the humidity inside the forest is a killer. I felt like giving up a couple of times, and telling myself maybe i should clock lower mileage. I ran i walk, and you know what, hey... at least i completed the 5km.

I think i might be on the path to being able to complete my 21km.
hosey !

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday morning run...

As i woke up at 7am this morning, and drove towards East Coast Park this morning, i felt that cool breeze hit my face, and wondered "what am i doing awake at this hour to go for my run training?" Then, i thought about an article i read the night before ...

Lifted from The New Paper Oct 27, 07
Titled : Detoxing? No, i am preparing for a race by Esther Au Yong

"I have not had a drink for close to two weeks. And, boy, am I yearning for a pint of beer now.
No, I'm not quitting alcohol nor am I on a detoxification programme.
(I'm taking part in races held on consecutive weekends; this Sunday will be the last one.)

Detoxification, of course, is all the rage these days among clubbers, especially after a heavy week of drinking.

Take some messages I've seen on my friends' Facebook status updates - that's the part where Facebookers tell all and sundry how they're feeling, what they're doing, whether their pet dog has eaten... you get the drift.
One said: 'XX is detox-ing... two more days to go!'
Another read: 'XX is proud of herself for finishing the nine-day detox.'

Earlier this week, when I told a work acquaintance that I can't drink with him this week, he asked: 'Oh, are you on a detox?'
Okay, since it has become a noun, I guess it (detoxification, I mean) should be taken seriously.

Then - and this takes the cake - while buying a packet of my favourite orecchiette pasta at Jones The Grocer at Dempsey Hill one night, the sales assistant, who looked like the partying sort, said to her colleague: 'I sooo have to detox. And this is the kind of pasta I should be eating. This is good pasta.'

If I wasn't shocked to silence, I would have been polite and said: 'Why, thank you very much, I'm glad I chose the right pasta.

'But pray tell, what's this detox all about?'

A quick search on the Internet threw up this general definition - a detox is a dietary regimen that attempts to 'detoxify' the body by removing 'toxins'.
Usually, detox diets suggest eating fruits and vegetables and limiting the intake of processed food, including alcohol.

So, I suppose, I am on a detox of sorts. Trust me, when avoiding alcohol, it's far easier - and apparently more fashionable - to tell people that I'm detoxing than to explain to them that I've a 15km race coming up.

Besides, I hate getting disbelieving gasps, which are inevitably followed by shrieks of 'you got wake up so early to train one meh'?
Or the classic, 'you gotta be joking, right?'

Hey, party girl doesn't have to mean unhealthy girl okay?

But I bet you that pint of post-race beer on Sunday will go down smoother than any I've tasted on a typical, alcoholic night out with the mates."

This article details what i wanted to tell my gfs, I made some of them read it. Few understood why i chose to hang up my Gucci heels and swapped them for my Asics DS Trainer. Give up my beauty sleep and head out for some heart pumping andrenaline rush. Few thought my craze for multisports is going to be a one-off, but no one saw it last for six months and counting.

Hey, like seriously, a party girl doesn't have to mean unhealthy girl. That Saturday morning, the rain fell on my face, i had to run in some faint drizzle, after a delay of an hour. It is on that faithful morning, i clicked in between 8 to 9km. It's been some time, and was unbelievably fast too, much to my surprise.

And you know what, it felt GOOD. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jeanie's Birthday....

Yep, It's the time of the year. And we celebrate another one of my gfs' birthday. And we had tons of fun & laughter. We started with dinner at Dan Ryan's at Tanglin... so that we could all go and visit April.

Thereafter some of us adjourned off to the Cannery, The Pump Room to celebrate Jeanie's birthday as well as Justina coming back home. I can't deny the absolute fun and craziness this bunch of girlies get up to, with some alcohol.

I have some pictures to document this day. But of cos, i had to head home early to start my Saturday bright early morning runs. :) But i love you girls.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Runs runs runs

I set foot at Siloso Beach, Sentosa this morning at 730am, feeling very tired, and embarked on a 5km run. I never felt so breathless and that lack of enthusiasm to press on. That 5km felt as though i have hit 10km. I knew by then, i am in bad shape.

With each every ticking second, minute, day and week, the Standard Chartered Marathon or commonly known as Singapore Marathon draws nearer, sending a chill down my spine.

I have never ran anything more than 5km (in official records and measured perfectly!) before. Ok, yes, I might have ran past 5km, but never had a proper official timing or mileage clocked. And *gasp* what did i do? I signed up for the 21km category for the Singapore Marathon.

Over the past two weeks, I began starting my runs, as far as my knees can take me, and my swollen feet can take me. As hard as i try, i can't seem to run that same ol' 5km as freely as i did before, while training myself for the Osim Tri Sprint Category.

I read in The Sunday Times of suggested training schedules... and you know what? I'm way way way below that suggestion.

My Schedule for the past week :
Sunday : Ran 4-5km ECP
Monday : Ran 2.4km Treadmill + Weights
Tuesday : Ran 1.5km Treadmill + Yoga
Wed : Wakeboard baby... wakeboard...
Thursday : 2.4km ECP
Friday & Sat : Rest...
Sunday : 5km Siloso Beach Sentosa....

Seems like i'm in trouble eh? I can't help but wonder ... am i ready?

Am i?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Noel's Wedding...

Dinner : Nic, Gary, Eve & GP
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.
I have too many pictures that could do the talking. Which makes things way easier. It's been too long since i blogged. Sorry peeps...

The amazing people and friends i met through cycling, and Cycle Craft were brought together for one night. Noel's wedding night...

Amazing food, amazing band. And incredulous company.

Afterwhich, we all went to Kandi Bar. And then another long night out at MOS. What can i say? Whoever says beer and sports don't mix.... is obviously wrong...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

29th October 07 : Herbie's Wedding

So another one in the group got married.
:) From us to you Herbs... Congrats !

So the night was filled with good food, good wine... and of cos MacCallan on the rocks. I kinda forgot the ongoings of the night. I had friends at the next ballroom too, as it turns out. Hmmm :)

Congrats Herbs... and we love you dude! And to your wife! Mrs Herbs!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Herbs' Night Out...

If the picture is anything to go by... Herbs' night out was all a blur. Massive amount of blurryness, fueled with alcohol, and accompnying good music of ATB (yes, it's beng but it's so skool days that we like it)... and great company like the bunch of crazy brothers. We have the ultimate recipe for a wild night out. I don't think and i can't speak for all of them that we're into any kinky cabaret, ktv pubs, lup sup-ness for Herbs' stag night.

All that we need is a bunch of guys, who can drink tons of chivas, martell & johnnie walker. And a bunch of guys who are really into club hopping the entire night. And that's the recipe to a very wild crazy night.

Quoted the next morning from Herbs the man : I only gain consciousness at 4am. I can't even remember what happened.

Note : he can't even remember the number & names of some people he met, including my friends.

Now that's really a night to remember.
Check the pictures at flickr

Monday, October 01, 2007

Top reasons to date a triathlete...

Found this on facebook , and thought it was really cute...

Top reasons to date a triathlete.... :
* Going long and hard is the name of the game
* We're oh-so smooth
* Worst case scenario we last 17 hours
* We like to get wet
* We also like to get sweaty
* We know when to make our move
* "Mechanical difficulties" are never much of an issue
* We are ALWAYS tweaking our position
* Spandex!
* We know how to ride
* We routinely get undressed in mere seconds
* We know how to finish strong
* We can perform under any condition
* We're up for a ride anywhere, anytime
* We never stop no matter how hard it is.
* The deeper we go the faster we get.
* We always put in a hard thrust at the very end.
* We don't mind when things gets a little rough.
* We're half naked.

I like the last one... hahaha
I'm a triathlete wannabe... here's to more triathlons ahead.

my life, my world, my bike...

This is my life, my world... this is my bike.
I haven't managed to get many pictures of it. Mostly, cos i either ride around at night... or wayyy too early in the morning. I should either run / ride this Saturday morning.

Jeremy Khong has a new blog... and he bitches i don't update. I struggled to juggle my life everyday. Life as an employee, life as a daughter, life as a sister, life as a "bradder", life as a triathlete wannabe, life as a part-time alkie, life as a part time photo bitch, life as a bitch. Gawd, that's tiring.

Heh heh, just kidding.
I love my bike !!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I turned ...yet, another year older.

So who celebrates birthdays for days, weeks or even up to a month? Hahaha... I do! I always do!

In true Eve fashion, i had a "soft launch" of my birthday bash at Bala on 12th September, the wednesday before my official birthday... as some of my brothers are going to be away during the weekend. There was obviously too much Beer. And thanks to Desmond, Ben, Barry & Casey for the wonderful dinner at Tony Roma's.

I went with some girlfriends, along with some of my boys to Zouk Winebar on Friday for drinks. 1stly, to celebrate the the ROM of Ron & Chloe. 2ndly, my birthday. Ok, i don't quite remember what happened at zouk. I do remember who came to wish me happy birthday. And that i admit i was drunk. So what? It comes only once a year. Hahaha!

I don't think my birthday's a big deal compared to Herbie's last night out as still being a singleton.... hahaha, more on that... at the next post.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Flo's birthday & Erik's Birthday...

You know... September babies are a lucky lot. We celebrate the entire month. Since mine's mid-month, i celebrate other Virgo babies' birthday first.

Today's Flo's birthday... And Erik's birthday drinks. Too many bottles of hard liquor ahead. And of cos, weather's too hot, so definitely beer before drinks. Nothing soothes my soul more than an ice cold beer at some kopitiam with Casey & Barry the uncles.
To my Heineken friends : i am sorry, but the uncles wanted Carlsberg.

So of cos, the madness began when we all got to J Bar and started singing Birthday songs, and drinking Black Label & Chivas, and some beer. Plenty of beer = good fun = excellent pictures.

Omg, my birthday's coming up. I'm turning 21. *winks*

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Prelude to Erik's Birthday...

5th Sept 07 Balaclava : The group... i love you guys...
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.

So Mr Studio54 aka Uncle Erik is older. Yep, another year older. What do we do to celebrate a mate's birthday? We had to do what we do best : We drink. Though the night is only a prelude, and the wednesday night is supposed to be just our mild mid week drinks. It turned out to be pretty crazy. There's now draft Asahi, which added our bubbly event.

We had too much fun, and obviously the Asahi on draft is making us do crazy things like obsession's about a bro's butt, to being absolute photo-whores, to bugging the band to say silly messages and play our favorite songs. I had 36 pics from my camera before the battery died on me. We were high, happy & drunk. And of cos, someone topped the night off with a Flaming Lamborghini for our Uncle Erik. Obviously hard alcohol and tons of beer doesn't mix. He was deliriously drunk.

The aftermath : few of us are a bit hungover, tired, and in need of water, and walking into work groggy & still a lil' drunk.

Happy Birthday Dude! Please requisite a new liver for Friday. In the meantime, can't wait for this friday. And i love you guys...

Next Up : Erik's & Flo's Birthday Party... on Friday. Woot...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

sun, sand & sea

Everyone has their own idea of chilling. For me, i love to chill at the beach with a ice cold beer in my hand and sweet music to my ears. It's been some time since i got to the beach, to sit there and just chill out with friends. So i trotted down to Sentosa with Dave & Angie to just laze around. Just me, my friends, music... plus the sun sand & the sea.

Bliss. Sun Sand Sea. Me

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rest Week...

What do they say about rest weeks? It's to rest. On Monday, i decided to head off for a short swim to make myself feel better. Tried to work off some lactic with some short sprints. I got out of the pool, only to hear the lifeguard asking me if i am training for my lifeguard course cos i swam very fast, i smiled and shook my head. Went off for Monday night movie : The Simpsons. Now that was funny... spider pig spider pig... haha haha! What can i say? I love the simpsons. It's a rest week... forget about training.

So rest week also meant plenty of drinks. It's Friday night, and i fell sick. All because i think i drank too much despite my body's lethargy and aches, which meant i should be sleeping more instead of hitting the bottle. Tuesday i had beer with my college mates. Sometimes it feels so nice to just be back to college days. And i was in tank top, jeans and sneakers... at that moment, i felt i was still in school. It's a rest week... forget about training.

Wednesday was a celebration of sorts with my boys. I am 45th! I can't believe it. Casey said that if i don't eat junk and maybe not drink, i might have been 4th or 5th. But what fun is it that i give up my beer? I can't reconcile with that image. So to that, i will just say "limmmm ahhh", which translates to "let's drink up..." . I had the mother of all bruises on my right arm, that i wear proudly like my badge of honour (measuring 4cm wide by 2cm tall), but Casey had to "help" by rubbing it out... and it hurts like hell. He tortures me... sometimes, i wonder where's the brotherhood. I nearly wanted to break into tears, so did Barry who asked him to stop. Oohhhh... I think we had a whole ton of beer. Well, then i had a headache at the end of the night, and i fell right into bed.

So the weekend is here. Should i train or should i chill?
Hmmm... who knows... right now, i am nursing my sore throat and need my bed.
Rest week....forget about training. Heh heh

Monday, July 30, 2007

Osim Singapore International Triathlon 2007

Yes, the day has finally come for me to try my first official race. I found out through the tough way (that is, putting myself through the entire osim race course) to realize the one by TriFam is like way shorter. There's a need to document this first official race of mine, so bear with me.

At the swim leg, there's no denial that it wasn't a pretty sight. I may adore the sun, sand and sea. But to compete with 114 other women at the same time all rushing to hit the water is not something i am accustomed to, especially with zero lane marking. It's one huge lane and everyone's going to swim, shove and pull through it. Just the thought of the current and other people grabbing my ass and legs makes me want to hurl. By the time i hit the sea, i was trying my very best to keep up with the top pack. At the first 250m swim, i wanted to raise my hands up and perform a DNF (Did Not Finish). I persisted to the next 250m, and i felt this is a torturing. By the end of the 750m, i ran out with a smile, telling myself the 1500m swimmers are crazy and i will not ever do it again.

The transition zone is a nightmare, a complete mud bath of sorts. I ran towards my bike, with mud covered feet. Washed it a lil, put on my shimanos and ran towards the bike start. On the way, i shouted at Kian Yan's coach Zul, and he told Kian Yan after the race that i had this fierce look. But the truth is I hate mud and can't wait to get out of it. Bike loop 1 was the start of a long ride, my knees started to swell up, which was not good news at all. I knew then that i should not have gone out cycling on thursday. But Bike loop2, it's screaming to give up. I kept feeling that this is just the most incredibly mind-torturing thing ever. Seeing others go past me wasn't that great of a feeling either. I began questioning myself through the bike leg why i am doing this. At the end of the bike leg, i felt a sense of joy that i am almost done.

Running across the transition zone to park my bike and put on my Asics, all i can think of is the amount of mud and muddy water in my shoes. Sigh... i hate mud. Running out, i felt a wave of emotions. I wanted so much to cry, i felt so miserable. Yet i couldn't, as i know there's nothing worth crying about at that moment. Next was the feeling of that Gu gel coming out of my throat. I stood aside and tried to hurl, but i couldn't. So i continued my 5km run. Coming towards the finish line, i felt so incredibly happy. Something i couldn't quite put to words. It's that "high". It was then i decided maybe, yep maybe, i should go do the ladies tri on Sept 23rd.

For more pictures, please go to my flickr' file of Osim Singapore International Tri'2007

I came in position 45th of 115 ladies in the Sprint Category. Timing : 1 hr 42 minutes.
Now to focus on becoming stronger, faster & better.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Seasons of Love

Figured the song goes well with the video. There's another video out there on youtube.
Enjoy it!

Driving through the rain on a wednesday afternoon, i turned my radio station to Gold 90.5FM, the station that plays classics and jazz. And there it was : Seasons of Love, from Rent the musical sung by Stevie Wonder & Cast of Rent. I love this song, and sang along with it.
525 600 minutes... 525 600 moments so dear... 525 600 do you measure, measure a year? in daylights in sunsets in midnights in cups of coffee...

Songs like these make you wonder how you cherish a year, your friends, your life. And sometimes, your choice of music makes you realize how much time has past. And yet you can't wait for new theme songs of that portion of your life ahead.

For now, let's just measure our 525 600 minutes in love...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

a weekend of bliss...

So i hear cries calling foul, even before i announced i haven't gotten my lazy arse out to train / exercise, considering the Osim triathlon is coming right up. Perhaps like a friend mentioned i got to find more triathlete friends, so my life would be so focused on it. Hahah, i don't know about that.

I did head out to cycle on Thursday night, for a couple of hours. Sometimes i wonder whether i lost my sanity after cycling, though i know of people who cycle twice or thrice as hard.

Friday night was the start of what i would call a BEAUTIFUL weekend. I did naught. Nothing. The entire weekend. Rested, shopped, ran errands. That's it. Ohhh... and eating. I ate a lot. I went to a wedding dinner with my sister and her friends on Friday night, followed by drinks at zouk. Too much of food, fun and laughter.

Food-wise , citing the Saturday for example... :
I had fishball noodles, lychee ice, a bit of bah chor mee.... some ribena, and soybean milk.
That's lunch for 3 hours.
And then Kazu for yummy yakitori dinner... i seriously overdid it. And then top it off with THE BAR from Ben & Jerry's.
All these food in a span of 12 hours. I was only awake from 12 noon to 12midnight on Saturday.

Whatever it is, it was extremely comforting to know throughout my day of non-activity, i had my bike with me at the back of my car. What a reminder eh... that i should be out bursting my lungs on coastals or roads instead of eating and relaxing.

You know what... it's been a long time baby... since i had a weekend like this.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

ranting over a tree

After my "run" or rather my attempt to cheat in the distance covered during my run at Macritchie on tuesday, i drove home ... and can't help but notice the tree along Braddell is gone.

Since it's also PMS week, i might as well rant, and i have the rights to do so, no questions to be asked. I am a woman, i have PMS, i earn my right to rant.

So the tree is gone, cos some "good" citizens out there reckon it's dangerous and no one is following the speed limit of 40km/hr. The tree costs 200k to preserve it, they designed the Y shaped fork along braddell road to allow drivers to go around the tree. So many drivers have past it through the past two years. I haven't seen any major accidents ... oh make that no accidents yet. I mean, if the drivers on the road can't drive around a tree, they shouldn't even be given a license to drive.

Damn the idiots.
Bye Bye Tree.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

it's just the beginning

So i had a pretty crazy week. I cycled three times over the past week. Gawd, i wonder how i did it too. I guess my mind's pretty brain dead when Sunday came. And i had these tights and jersey lines. Omg... plus the lines from my swimwear. This is not good not good at all.

I went for a run at MacRitchie... finally, after a week odd of not running. Being a skiver, i tried to take a short cut out to the carpark. Of course, what i didn't know is the short cut is 3km long, when i have barely over a kilometre out from where i took the short cut. DOH! I feel like such an idiot.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lunchtime Tipple

Lunchtime tipple 12th July 07
Originally uploaded by daftbitch.
Check out the half pint of Kilkenny...

I went for lunch with my bunch of friends, who claimed i disappeared. Then again, we went out on Vesak Day for partying at Zouk's mambo. That's when zouk is filled to the absolute brim, and i got a cut on my foot that day. Owells, that's another story.

So after lunch, they decided to have a pint at Harry's. It doesn't stop at one. I fell in love with the half pint kilkenny glass, and they decided to order one for me. And guinness draft doesn't taste half bad. Hmmm, think i shall stop here.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Surprise visitors ....

Over the past two weeks, i had to entertain friends who were working overseas and coming to Singapore for a couple of days. I would drop anything just to spend time with these two dudes. I am thankful that we managed to know each other, through very different means. We never did go to school together... we just so happen to know each other.

First up was Eugene, who came back from Sydney, with his wife, for a period of two weeks. So Angie & me managed to catch up with him over a very long dinner at Wheelock Place. I've known him for about ten to eleven years. Since he lives in Australia, and me in Singapore, we meet twice a year... and hardly keep in touch through the rest of the year. Funny how we met through a mutual "friend" whom we now disown. Eugene's like the jinx, who brings about my chance encounter with our "friend" everytime he's back in town. Seems like it happens each and everytime he rolls back into town.

Next was Seggy, who really takes the cake. He flown in on a Saturday afternoon (3pm) and has to leave by 1015am on a Monday morning. Seggy is one of my closest guy friends ever. He lives through every lil' shit i put him through, and i, in turn, repay him by sitting through every shit he puts me through. I have gone through ups & downs with him. So he knows when he could push me around, and when i really just need to talk about anything under the sun. We see each other once or twice a year, if time permits, and schedules permit. He lives in US, while i am in Singapore. Still, we do try to ichat each other, or call each other.

Sometimes it's friends like these, that remind me how blessed i am. to be surround by them, to be with them, and to know what friendships are about. it's not just about being next to each other every waking minute, these are the people who will stand through the times.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

me & tri...

I haven't had much time to update the blog. Mostly cos i couldn't find the time to do so.

I am now the accidental tri-chick. For weeks leading up to the triathlon, and for the countless number of times i had to go home early so i could head out to train, I have friends making wise-cracks about my inability to complete a tri. But now... i feel i completed one, the trifam time trial sprint. A friend said it's mock, so it isn't real. Well, it's a time trial with proper timing, and it's a sprint distance. I did fairly alright, i guess. I can't really put words into how i felt when i came close to finishing. I guess it's that feeling of liberation, that i can. Yes, I CAN.

Can you?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

thurs night @ coastal...

Pikchers are courtesy of Ben...

I met up with a bunch of boys at Cycle Craft, before we went on the night ride around coastal.

The gang included : Louis, Viki, Dom, Ben, Nick, Arthur, Zijian and me....
I'm not as fit as them nor as fast, i'll readily admit that. They can sandbag me all they want. I don't care. I'm just going to go my own pace. Either that or risk hyperventilating. Ben thought i was joking about my heat dissipation issues. I wasn't... i was steaming like a char siew pao in a steamer. It's bad... hahahaa and i turn hot pink.

At the end of the ride... we had to have a drink. It's too hot....
And I wasn't kidding when i mention to my bestie :
I live to eat, sleep to eat...
Swim to eat, Cycle to eat, Run to eat...
i eat way too much. Even the guys find it weird... and bizarre that my tiny frame can take so much food. I eat a lil more than the boys do...

And introducing the group :
Arthur & Zijian on left....
Nick, Viki and me on right...

and yes... those are cycling tights.... i don't look half bad in them.
And my shimanos... i went clipless. Yippeeeee !!!