Friday, February 26, 2010


Do you know what you were doing at 0622 hrs anyday?
I know what i was doing on Thursday morning.

"Do you know the enemy, do you know your enemy. Gotta know your enemy. wah heyyy" sings the alarm. I rolled awake, walked to the bathroom, and walked back into bed. Thoughts flowed through my mind : Road Bed Road Bed? roadddd or bedddd...? My body's aching and tired, and could use more sleep. And i knew what Green Day was singing when they sing about the enemy, cos mine's the alarm clock and bed. More yawning ensues. ZzzZzzZZZzzZzzz !

Who won?
At 0648hrs, i laced up my shoes and walked out of my door, and watched Singapore awaken to the break of daylight, and the kids getting to school. The traffic starts to build up. I see dazed faces, sleepy faces, and happy faces of kids, and continued to plod on. With every breath i take, i put one foot in front of the other. I had finally gone on my first pre-work run. Sure, i felt tired by midday, but i fixed that with a mug of diluted coffee. All i know is i have renewed my confidence in what i can do, and what i can run.

:) it was a good run.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm not big on flowers, yet i can't deny how happy they make one feel. Just when you think the world is going to collapse on your shoulders, i had a pleasant surprise this morning. In the form of blue and white. Very nice colors, and selection. Something unexpected from a group of friends. :)

Thank You, SBW. For the care & concern.
And most importantly, for your love!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have been toying with fantastic ideas for some time. Even more so, when i realize i do not really have that much time to focus on training. Then i figured i need a sport to do with Mr. E. I always wanted to find something that could put us together and spend some time together, while i get to do something i love. So i figured why not Golf?

I have golf gear sitting in my room that's collecting dust. He used to play it, i used to play it. We're fine with going to the range, rusty as we may be. We both love Adidas for Taylormade golfwear. And we both love Tiger Woods.
By the way, we maintained our stance : Tiger Woods is first, and forthmost, a very good golfer. And too bad his dirty deeds and numerous amorous liaisons have spilled to the papers and probably put a ding on his goody two shoes. But we still think he's a good golfer. And he just needs to have a good comeback to the golf scene. And soon, people would remember what he's good for : GOLF.

Ooh, before we get started on sessions, i need to refresh my skills and read on techniques. Now let me go dig out Tiger Woods' book "How I Play Golf", which Mr. E chuckled and continued with "and still maintained my numerous affairs..."

Heh :) Welcome to the world of Tiger Woods.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sometimes Love comes around...

Sitting alone in the office on a friday before the Lunar New Year at 8pm is a very sad thing. Yet i figured i should pen the events down. This week alone, i've been through some emotional rollercoaster. It's as though life throws you a curveball, throwing it out of whack. All you can do is just muster some courage and walk on.

In the midst of the week, I received a call from a friend who informed me that she's deleting me off her facebook account, not because she hates me, but she hated to see the pictures of the one she gave her heart to, whom had also broken her trust, faith and heart, and is also a friend of mine. At that moment I felt so sad for her that i shed a few tears. I know that she's a nice person, and someone i like having around me. At that same time, i knew the significant other, and couldn't believe my ears. She turned to me for answers. I had none, just cause i knew exactly how she is feeling. As a woman, I may have all the nasty words in the world. But when it comes to matters of the heart, i can only say it overrides all logical sense and every wrong will be seemed right, just cause you love someone. If you really love someone, let them go when love is over. Love and respect yourself first and foremost, before attempting to love others.

At that very same day, a friend of mine informed me he found someone. That was great news. He confided in me that he felt that his "someone" wouldn't keep him as 1st priority. Having walked out of the battlefield recently, i guess his priorities towards love has changed. But i am glad he gave love another shot. To you, always keep an open mind, you do not know about tomorrow.

Sometimes love comes around,
and it knock you down,
Just get back up,
when it knocks you down.

And pls know i'm always here :)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Why do it if you're not having fun?

Over the past two months, as i sit slouched over my seat staring into my computer, i lamented, whined and bitched about how absolutely horrible my life is. I have been clocking 12 hour days trying to cope with my project. Two months down, i am coping surprisingly well, and am starting to let go of bits and pieces of the project. I realized i can't hold all the responsibilities, yet i had to. It's a love-hate thing.

With the amount of time i spent at work, thinking about work, it's safe to say i have not much time for anything else. Weekends are precious. I choose to skip rides / runs on sundays, in favor of sleeping in. The love of my life told me "why do it if you're not having fun".

I love my work, passionately love it, because it gives me a sense of satisfaction. And the responsibility weighs heavily, just cause i have men who are dependent on that paycheck to feed their families. It's a huge hierarchy to take care of. Now I know why the world's greatest CEOs have to always spend hours thinking and innovating to keep their employees' tummy filled. I don't quite agree with others when they said "why work so hard, when you don't have time?" I don't work all the time, i just work like a lot of other people. I may no longer have an easy schedule, allowing me to stroll in at 10am, and leaving by 3pm. To me, everyone has a different plan in life, some people are happy earning a lot more money, some people are happy just doing what they love but everything they do is still through hard work and some careful planning. I am a believer of what you reap is what you would sow.

I choose to skip my ride or run on some days, cos i am too tired. I can't psych myself to be doing 40 laps in the pool, nor run that 10km. I won't be having fun doing it. Why is wakeboarding / wave-riding a better option? Because it's fun, i get to interact with some friends and long-lost ones. My priorities always lie with the waters. Flow riding may not be much of a workout, and it comes with the price of whiplash. But hey, i am having a smile, and thinking about the technicality to it. But with the Singapore Biathlon coming up in less than a month, having no swim training or sessions in the past two months, i can only say one thing : HOW? HKL!

i think i better make time to head to the pool. and maybe run that 10km now and then. and skip mingling with friends over dinners. I know for sure, i will have fun on the race day, just cause everyone's there, and there'll be plenty of laughter. And i'll be smiling.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Sunday is always a day of rest. A day made more precious and valuable after i started working on the project, as i work mondays to saturdays. A day to catch up on family & friends. A day to get my ass out on the road, bright and early.

There are some days i will rush home early on Saturday, anticipating the rush of Sunday mornings. There are some days i wake up, wondering why i am awake at unearthly hours when the sun isn't shining yet. I won't lie about this, but i have wished some mornings it was pouring hard outside my window pane, so i don't have to roll my bike out to meet. When it does rain, dammit, i would have wanted to be out there cycling or running. I belong to the female species, that are more fickle-minded.

No matter what my mood may be in the early morning, once i hit the road, whether to run or to ride, i would have the biggest smile.
The sweat, the heavy panting, the feeling of pain that is going to make me keel over, plus that battering of my legs are soon forgotten with that rush of adrenaline. And breakfast.

I look forward to Sundays, a day of rest, a day of food, a day of fun with friends.
Last Sunday, i had Macs breakie and a Hand Burger over lunch. Yum Yum.