Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur
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What landmark best rep KL to ya? Hmmm... is it perhaps the Petronas Twin Towers? Or the Sepang International Circuit? I bet many of friends would say the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) or also known as the F1 KL track. The evo club guys went for their mini track day Saturday morning. We convoy up at about 4.30 frigging am, battling the thunderous storms that threatens to take our vehicles off the road, and of cos, the aggressiveness of malaysian cars. Having a group of 20 cars driving together isn't an easy job. Hahaha... the first car tends to be driving the slowest... while the last car (sweeper) tends to be driving at a speed close to about two times what the first car is cruising at.

The track day was fun... apart from a few minor glitches here & there. The look on the boys' faces that is alike to the lil' kids expression of "wooohooo, i'm in the candy shop and can buy whatever i want" is just priceless. There's always the my car is better than yours, so don't pway pway... So there we were, spending the entire morning, satisfying the speed junkies. There's also the usual gossip. I mean, what's a day without gossiping? Of cos, motorsports being still a dominant male-sport. Our % of male is still more than 80%. Yes gossip as much as women. Hard to believe but true...

Mr. E and i had planned not to stay the night, and drive back the very day. I pity him. I was knocked out from the exhaustion from not sleeping the night before. And he had to just drive for more than 12 hours the entire day. Doesn't really help when i hate engaging 1st gear on the car either, thus lamenting about driving. Hahaha I promise i will learn to be a better & faster driver. But i drive slow... I don't drive beyond 120km per hour in Malaysia.. heh heh! I'm a good gurl.... :)

To the guys : more pik-chers are available. pls msn me for details. Cheers...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Chilled. Calm. Collected. Tired. Stressed. Worry. All these thoughts went rapidly through my mind, as i sat in my car, listening to my mp3s loaded onto my K700i. Howie Day's Collide is still one song that makes me jus wanna sit there, and stare out at the dark blue sky.... no clouds, no stars, it's a clear night.

Am i headed for another burnout? I don't think so. The adrenaline rushes i get from planning, to rolling, to successfully implementing projects feels good. My skin should improve its radiance, but alas, it got worse. Perhaps i really need more sleep. I've been good, i haven't been drinking, but i can't get to sleep. The weight & burden of projects is keeping my nrg really low. Each time i get stressed out, i either power-nap or i just lie awake wondering the logic behind the wiring and the flow of diagram. Do i always think about my work?

Went to Kuala Lumpur today, with my client, to help troubleshoot his equipment. Of cos, being a lil' daft, i managed to resolve it quite slowly. We came back the very day. yes, it was tiring, but it feels good to be away from office, for a change, and from running to and fro a couple of appointments a day. i think the US weather suits my skin a lil' way better.

Should i stay or should i go....?
*hums Should I Stay by Dreamz FM ....*
Anyone remembers this song from Channel 5's Chemistry. Yep, i love the song

Had a drive
Driven by your love
But when you messed around
I lost the drive I found

Thought you needed
Needed someone true
But you changed your mind
Or had I failed you?

Wish you’d been
Careful with my heart
But you tore it apart
And broke an angel’s heart

The kiss was true
Has to end somehow
But I am livin’ proof of what love is about

It’s hard holding you
Loving you, losing you
It’s sad to be true
And be fooled by you
I don’t know (I don’t know)
I gotta know
Should I stay or should I go?

You played me on
Played me like a clown
But I feel for you
Eventhough I’m down

My heart is heavy
Heavy like a rock
But I am so amused
You’re still in my thoughts

It’s hard holding you
Loving you, losing you
It’s sad to be true
And be fooled by you
I don’t know (I don’t know)
I gotta know
Should I stay or should I go?

Oooohh…should I stay?
Should I go?

It’s hard holding you
Loving you, losing you
It’s sad to be true
And be fooled by you
I don’t know (I don’t know)
I wanna know
Should I stay or should I…?

This time its done
It’ll never feel the same
But we had some good times
Guess it’s sad just the same

I guess the truth
Doesn’t matter somehow
But you were livin’ proof of what love is about...

Sunday, July 24, 2005


For those not in the know, i got called Foolish... by some anonymous computer hero. Thinking back, it's hilarious. My blog is somewhat an online diary. yes Mr Brown is gonna be angry at the term of online diary, but i kinda use it to track my life. So I am surprised i actually have people (who are not my friends, or people that i know) reading them. A form of flattery on its own. My blog must have its merits for some nosy parkers to stick their nose into, eh? We're talking daily reader too... I know my clients read them, but that's cool cause they know my personality, and who i am. For someone who really don't care about public opinion, i got really worked up. I slowed in my tracks later and just laughed it off. Hahaha, but cheers to my friends who kind of stood up for me. I am so appreciative of you guys. Let's now see how my blog turns into a mini-mud-slinging fest. And to think my best bud K told his dudes that their pik-cher won't get famous, cos i have zero readership. tsk tsk...

I'm cool with whatever's that happen.

I am completely taken by the song "Cool" by Gwen Stefani. The MTV for it is fantastic. I am in love with it. Was telling K about this song and mention "i can't sing this song ever...", he asked "why???". I laughed and replied "cos i don't talk to any of the ex in such close terms, would love to but it's hard... i'm a ruthless bitch." The song is about being friends with the ex, and of course, being able to hang around his new chick.

Lyrics to Cool by Gwen Stefani... :

It's hard to remember how it felt before
Now I found the love of my life
Passes things, get more comfortable
Everything is going right

And after all the obstacles
It's good to see you now with someone else
And it's such a miracle that you and me are still good friends
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool
I know we're cool

We used to think it was impossible
Now you call me by my new last name
Memories seem like so long ago
Time always kills the pain

Remember Harbor Boulevard
The dreaming days where the mess was made
Look how all the kids have grown, oh
We have changed but we're still the same
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool
I know we're cool

Yeah, I know we're cool

And I'll be happy for you
If you can be happy for me
Circles and triangles
And now we're hanging out with your new girlfriend
So far from where we've been
I know we're cool
I know we're cool

C-cool, I know we're cool
I know we're cool

*sings along...*
This is the kinda song to tell someone you used to love. Afterall, the person was once the love of your life. To just lose any friendship whatsoever is a pity, i would think. But it's also difficult to start off as friends ever. It's just too hard. Hmmm....

I know it's saturday night... yes i am home. Also was home on Friday. too tired & lazy to head out to club. besides, it ain't safe to drink & drive. ehhh... it's dangerous. hahahaha... and there's always ops nowadays. K doesn't allow it, told me to take a cab instead. Doh. Dumb K, Dumb K, Dumb K.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

National Kidney Foundation vs. Singapore Press Holdings

So the case is all over the papers. The revelation of National Kidney Foundation's Chief Executive Mr. T.T. Durai's pay of estimated S$ 600, 000 annually came as a shocker. For your info, National Kidney Foundation raises money pleading for donations for its kidney patients ... and now branching out to involve cancer patients.

We're talking about SIX HUNDRED thousands. Not one, or two thousand, it's SIX HUNDRED thousand dollars. That's way a lot. Senior Counsel Mr. Davinder Singh, representing Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) asked a question that just keep ringing in my head "if a man earns S$ 1000 a month, and donates S$ 50 thinking it will be saving lives, should they not know how much you earn"... to Durai. Durai obviously said No.

Well i donate to NKF regularly. But i feel this is a time, as good as any, to STOP. 1stly, he earns six hundred thousand dollars. I'm sure a CEO like him should earn lesser, especially from NKF (an organization that is using public donations to run its business). 1st class travel should never be allowed. I know of many corporate & governmental bodies instructing their high & mighty to travel economy or at most, business class. It's ridiculous wasting public donations on these lil' things in life.

Durai also had a gold tap changed in his office suite bathroom for S$ 990.00. It's expensive by Mr. Singh's standard, and obviously by mine too. Oh goodness...

So for now, i'm upset. And i think they should go ahead and disclose everyone else's salary who are counting on the public for its running costs. Yes, i am upset. Imagine how much S$ 600 000 can do? One year.

To put things to perspective, S$ 600000 can buy you four Mitsubishi evolutions, OR ten Honda Fit/Jazz, OR ten Hyundai Matrix, or twelve Kia Picanto, or gadzillion Louis Vuitton. Putting things closer to my peers, average salary is S$ 30, 000 among us. So that's like 20 of our pay. Ridiculous.



Today's 21st of July. The original NKF post was posted on 12th July. But i have decided to bring the post up, because it makes me boil when i read an anonymous computer hero's comment about it. He posted the 3rd comment on the situation, in which he wrote :

I have to admit that I am profoundly shocked at your comments regarding the NKF issue.
While no one in their right mind would dispute that the CEO of NKF was grossly overpaid, it is disappointing to know that while you agree with most Sporeans on this, you choose instead to view it as a lost opportunity to spend that $600K on LV bags, Mitsubishi Evos and whatever other cars that you fancy, as opposed to how far that sum of money can go to helping those in need.

I'm sure you are not aware that every 3 seconds, a child dies from extreme poverty, a situation that is defined as earning less than US$1 per day (LV handbags anyone???). In addition, more than 1,000 babies in Africa are infected by aids EVERYDAY either during childbirth or by their mothers' milk.

While you are certainly entitled to your own (foolish) opinions, I hope you will wise up and realize that there are millions of impoverished and aids-stricken children that will never have a chance to SEE a LV bag or a Mitsubishi Evo, let alone enjoy one.

One who hopes to make a difference

This is what i have to say to this guy. You got guts then please go ahead and post your email or correspondence, so that i can send that 600K to you, and let you attend an English language school or at least, go back to primary school and learn English Comprehension . I did say PERSPECTIVE. I am putting things into perspective that the amount Mr. T.T. Durai earn is totally ludicrous, based on what my peers and me earn. Perhaps you earn much more, perhaps you could donate all of your 600K to the charity, or even attend a English language school.

That being said, i'll let you take a beating from my fellow friends.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Facial Night

Facial Night
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So it's a Monday Night...
And yes i got i decided to be up to no good...
But it's funny and fun to help guys do facial. And yes, making fun of boys is what i do best.
Like i always say, hate the player, don't hate the game...

Mr. E's getting his facial done at this moment, yes face mask. Boys need to also maintain their skin. I know Mr. E's skin is good, and totally look not his age. But it's a metrosexual thing to be doing... beckham's doing it, so is tiger woods, so is elton john, so is a whole bunch of guys out there. Afterall, it's just a face mask, no eyebrow trimming, no waxing of legs, bikini wax, etc etc, whatever kinda wax is going through your mind.

When will i do my facial? errm.... when i find the money to do so. I only do it with the professionals. Face masks are so for home..
Right now... i'm lovin every moment that i make fun of the boys. heh heh :)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Saturday Night... lalalala

Saturday Night... lalalala
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What a night...The night was schlowwwwww. Asked the boys from friday night to go out partying. And the return reply was "very tired, very fugly, need to shower badly". And knowing the boys and their need for vanity, and looking very GQ... they are going to go home, shower, stare at their bed, and end up sleeping. How typical !

Thank God i knew this was coming. And i went out with Jeannie (my best fren) and her friends. It was a funny night. The proportion of men to women is astounding. For the 1st time in my life, i never felt so unwanted, so undesirable, so unattractive. A friend called me and he said "good what, better than men slobbering all over you...". I replied " i would prefer that to this...what a night!" The boys who went out with us this crazy Saturday night were constantly reminded to watch out... and watch their errrm... buttttttts...! Of course, the boys had the girls tagging along everywhere they went for the night. And for this one night, they wished they were not single and have a babe beside him.

Out came the camera, my Sony Cybershot T7 (courtesy of my very very nice bf, Erik), to SAVE THE day... errm, NIGHT. We starting photo-whoring. I think the lack of drinks makes up why we look so sober, so unwild, so uptight in our pik-chers. Nonetheless, it still looked really funny. The boys appeared to be man-whores, with arm-candy like us, the chicks. You guys have become objects of envy. hahahaha ! Eh, if you guys need the pik-cher, jus sms / icq / msn / email me.

When are we having our BBQ?
You guys are really fun, funny to hang around.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Five-Ten Friday...

A Five-Ten Friday...
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I was trying to find words to describe my weekend. But all i can do is laugh like crazy. Perhaps like they always say, a picture says a thousand words. I can't help but agree.

I did promise the guys i wouldn't blog about them. But it's such a crazy night on friday.... i just had to do it. Started off at Esmerelda, they were drinking beer, while i sip my gu-niang drink Amaretto Sour. Everything was peaceful till i took out my camera. That's when you realized these friends are all photo-bitches. They love posing and snapping crazy shots. They would make the funniest poses for you to sit there and laugh it off. And actually let you capture the moments in pictures. BAD MISTAKE, they should never ever ever let me take pictures. I would totally blackmail you with them. Especially the pictures where it would totally ruin your life (sex life, career or reputation... whatever?!?!)

From Esmerelda... we went off to Zouk... where more beer were going around. There we were at winebar, totally havin fun playing five-ten all the way...And the guys played their lil' chee ko pah kinda game. I still fail to understand how to play the game. Definitely cheena-fied, and totally ah beng-ish. What to do? This is the only game they can do in a language other than English. The five-ten group was so huge, each of us can only use one of our hands. So thus the total figure was 40 (8 of us). Some were obviously bullied , some were jus plain unlucky to have lost most rounds... hahaha.

I shan't name NAMES in today's blog for the sake of anonymity. And of course... i told these 4 guys in the pictures that they're gonna be famous.
So anyone who wants their contact numbers, please feel free to contact me. Their sexual pref is unknown at the time of publish.
Heh heh :) Daftbitch offers a sincere apology... to the men misbehaving. I know you guys are gonna kill me. Hahaha, i'm waiting.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Seeking solace...

Seeking solace...
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I finally managed to catch up with my friend J who's in Australia via online chat. He left about a year back. Tho we don't always exchange words, there's always a bond between us. Perhaps something we left behind back in '98, when i first knew him. Perhaps it was even our age (we're of the same age group...). It's the kinda friendship that really speaks for itself. The kinda fireworks we have with each other is just amazing. We lost touch after that '98. and ONLY last year, we met by chance and decided to meet for coffee. It was just like those times, as though time has froze. We're still 18. Those bittersweet memories...

Well, J broke off with his gf, and declared that as a bad partnership. I candidly told him i make a damn good partner, just to cheer him up. He laughed and we talked about how much we miss each other's company. We spend a good amount of time talking crap, right from street talk to undies. We talk about reading each other's blogs, as well as others. I managed to catch something in his blog about a friend he mentioned whom walked out of a relationship to a new bf, and not changing. He mentioned about the dynamic nature of relationships. Some not in tune with the other. Some along with others. We change just in different directions, but not in our inner personalities. We change because we have different directions in life. Sometimes, we just need to take a step back to realize we just need to take things with an open heart.

I don't believe people change in their inner personalities while they change bf, or even as they grow up . Perhaps subtle changes, like J mentioned in his blog. I'm still the same chick everyone knew me to be. Between 9am to 6pm on weekdays, i may put on a solemn face, as i gotta face my work, my guys, my clients & my career. After 6pm, i'm just Eve, who's still the same ol' cheerful, candid, fun-loving and crazy me. I'm still full of attitude.

Perhaps the only pits from walking out of relationship is to seek solace in someone. something. somewhere.
I found mine in my chow chow.
Have you found your own shangri-la?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Retro Fever

Retro Fever
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Do i look cute or what?

I'm now into the whole retro phase. I know, i'm too old to go through phases of fashion. But i'm still really young, you know. All of 18. Yo doggie, you heard that right. I'm 18. Hahahaha. I love the whole retro sunglasses look. it's like the bigger the better. And it's cute, it's me, it brings out a different side of me. hahaha.

Here i am, on a Wednesday night / Thursday morning, in my bed, nicely tucked in. No i didn't go to drink. I got lazy, decided to stay in and chill. Plus i'm tired, just stressed out from work. I tend to sleep when stressed, as opposed to others probably hitting the bottle when stressed. I'm just different.

I was chatting with my fren D about how difficult it is to understand men. And he lamented about how difficult it is to understand men. We had a good laugh over it. I was lamenting how men get stupid signals, and how they brag about sleeping around, when they actually are not.

Our Lil' conversation :

Me : you know men are such petty creatures. And super sour grapes when they can't have what they want.

D : men... how to understand

Me : You think women are difficult to understand. Check out the men....

D : hahaha, but women are difficult to understand.

I tell you, women where got difficult to understand. All it takes is a lil' time and a lil' love. Hahahaha, any other opinions, boys???

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blog Conf Anyone?

Blog Conf Anyone?
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So the dog in my pik-cher (note : this word is learned through Faith,yes, Mr Brown's daughter) is asking if anyone out there is for blog conf sg? Hmmm, i'm still contemplating whether i should really go. I don't know anyone.

Heck, my blog probably has my own friends reading them. Sorry, no scandalous pik-chers these days. Will perhaps post some soon...... it's been a tiring week. Thank God it's already Wednesday. That reminds me... winebar anyone?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Jet Lag...

It's abt 6am, and i'm awake. Perhaps i should even go for a run.
Or should i even bother with packing my luggage ...
I touched down at about 11am 5th July. I feel happy... but sense stress heading straight in my face.

Feeling completely aghast by the mess i made the minute i reach home... i decided to look around. It's a mess. There are shoes even in my room. And bags, and paperbags, and plastic bags. And luggages. And some ol' stuff from back @ Purdue. Goodness, what have i done to myself?
i hauled home wayyyyy too many things.
Yes, i over-shopped. Yes i am a shopping addict. Yes i am a compulsive shopper.
Am i in denial that i don't overshop? No i don't.
Am i in denial that my credit bill is way out of what i earn? No i don't.
I should really cut back on my "socializing" bills instead.
Now that sounds like a mamasan, which i am so not. I'm a taitai ... albeit self made.

So work has to start again. I am gonna post some pics on my flickr. And i got a new toy... hahaha... we'll see what happens from that lil' toy.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Time Waits for No Man...

I read my PrincessPriority's blog. it was hmmm eye-opening, perhaps interesting.
So most of u should know i took 3 weeks off from work to zip off to US for a break, to visit my family, to reevaluate life, to reevaluate my priorities as well as to visit my grandma who's a lil' under the weather.

So time waits for no man. Often, we meet certain people in life whom we think are fantastic with us... but of cos different moment in time, and priorities then... so of cos, we decide to let go. We could still end up as friends.... some good friends, some not so good friends, some hi bye friends... some we just decide to ignore for fear of remembering how much we used to like that someone. Luck & fate plays a role in bringing people together.
I met an old friend once... and went " fate fate fate". But of cos...we so did not have a future. We always meet each other, but No, i'm always away in US, and when i am in Singapore... he's away studying too. So at the end of the day, we all just end up not talking much, except coffee whenever he's home. hmmm... but we're friends. I believe there's a plan for everyone in your life. don't you think so?

Obviously there're also people who claim they like you... but ...What to do? Guts are neccessary to succeed in life. Balls , as the guys put it. Yes you must have balls. Gurlies too... must have "balls" or guts... to go for what they want in life. No guts no glory. no balls, no babes... hahaha but that's very true, don't you think?

So go ahead and profess your love...
Special hints to *errrmm hmmmm... my boy who re-introduced the word CUDDLEBITCH to me*

I'm gonna take a flight back out to Singapore. Kinda starting to miss US.
I will start detailing my lil' adventures...
Gotta play with Haylie... my neighbor's golden retriever. She's so cute... and obedient. Need a shower...
4th of July coming... wooohoooo...