Friday, October 28, 2005

BKK ...

So right now, i'm in BKK. That's right baby. Out in Bangkok, Thailand.
Utilizing the wifi of Chulalongkorn University. Sasin Campus.
I've been in Bangkok since Thursday.

it's been really great. kinda detox. ok, i did drink. But more mind-body-soul kinda detox, away from my sunny island-state. and out of the routine of the 9-to-5 job. It's a holiday mood, and that is definitely awesome.

I met with Boat, who's currently doing her MBA out @ Chulalongkorn, so thus explaining the use of the school's internet. Their student lounge is so nice, plush couches, IBM-fitted, and aircon. Aircon is truly a life-saver. Bangkok's way way too hot. You walk you perspire. That's sick. But ... it can't be helped.

Alright, i'll hopefully get some pik-chers. I got none so far, except about work. :P
.... next post soon....

Next week's gonna be fun . Halloween. and Two Public Holidays in a week. Albeit Staggered. But it still rocks. Holiday mood extension.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Weekend with Ted & Helen

Weekend with Ted & Helen
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So the weekend just passed. Zouk reopened, the very day that Ted & Helen flew in from HK. Ted's a very close friend back from LA. Helen's his other half. I'm so glad to be able to hang out with them over three days out in Singapore. It'll be a long time before we next get to kick it together again. Everyone's all grown up. I'll be seeing you guys at your wedding instead. So when issit? *winks*

I became a true blue food connosieur in these 3 days. The minute they landed, got themselves checked into the Ritz, and we bolted out for Boon Tong Kee for some hainanese chicken rice, and to check out Orchard Road. Then for dinner, i suggested Long Beach Seafood out @ East Coast for some seafood dinner. Man, they serves a kick-butt chilli crab, and garlic clams. Woot, i love the food. After which, it's to esmirida's for some drinks... Ted & Helen got tired. Angie and i then decided to go check out Zouk's reopening. Man, it was so packed, i hyperventilated. So i head home.

By 12 i was up on Saturday, i brought them to have bak kut teh (pork ribs herbal soup, for those out of the Asia sphere). Then got bored, decided to check out Chinatown, had some ice desserts, and headed for Sentosa to just kick it and look around. For dinner, we went off to Newton Circus, where it's local food galore... we had fishball soup, sambal stingray, char kway teow, orr lua, chai tao kueh, satay, rojak... the list went on. For after dinner party, i brought them to check out Zouk. I had drinks with my own group of friends, we chilled and had fun. Dennis, dennis, as usual... is a funny boy, he drank & he drank & he drank. I seriously felt he overdrank, the
same way i gorge myself over the weekend.

Sunday marked the last day of their visit to Singapore. But of cos, Ted & Helen isn't gonna give their foodie paradise trip a rest. We had prawn noodles soup, orr hiang, laksa, hainanese chicken rice, and ice desserts, all within a span of 4 hours, before throwing them to the airport, to get them back to Hong Kong. They're still out in HK, prolly going back to LA these couple of days...

I enjoyed myself, it's nice to see my high school and college friends from LA now & then. Kinda bring back the memories...

Yep. i got my hair curled. I looked very messy now. :(
But who cares? I'm going off to Thailand for this coming weekend for work & play.
woohoo !

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mudslingers we are not.

Copied from K from PurdueDiaries :

Things have been said in response to our earlier posts ...

... and we want everyone to know that the full truth is still not out there.

We are NOT going to reveal any more about the situation, as mud-slinging was never the objective here.

We just wanted the other side of the story as we saw it to be told.

And it has.

To take it any further would mean exposing issues that should remain private, and we will not go down that road.

This is not a cry for public sympathy, but merely a clarification of the situation at hand from an objective point of view.

As a wise African saying goes:
"When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers."
We are not judging, nor asking to be judged.

Well Said, K !
That being said, my take on blogs is that Blogs have consequences, whether you like it or not. And especially if you have more than 2000 hits a day, woot, now that's called moving the crowds. Imagine dirty looks being thrown to someone who was bitched at on someone's blog. And he isn't guilty. My gawd, how sad!
Justice will be uphold... and the truth will reveal itself.
Not everything in blogs are of a clear view of what a person truly is.

835pm Singapore ; 535am Indiana Time (i think) : she took down her blog, omg. so what does it prove??? a lot of my friends sms me regards to this. most decided Z is indeed on the sorry sad side. And women are utter nonsense, thinking without thinking. Dammit, i am a woman, and i'm so goddamn ashamed to be linked with that stereotype, based on one silly woman. A sentence to sum it up : young naive stupid, you think you know what love is... think again.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend that went whoooshhh

Friday morning : 3.30am... beep the alarm rang. Time to wake up & drag our lazy ass to the car and off to Sepang. Yep, yet another track day for Mr. E, and another shopping holiday for me & Angie. Surprisingly ahead of the pack, despite leaving later, i guess when travelling as a single car, it takes way way way faster. The weather was cool & nice, for a change. Sepang gets like really really hot ... not just the babes, but the temperature hits almost mid 30 degrees celsius. And that is hot. The weather's fab... we had a great time. There were a lot of cars for this trackday, way over my expectations. And a couple of evos. Yep... that's one fierce ass evo we're talking... in the pik-cher. After the trackday, We stayed over in KL for friday night. Crazy us (doggie, jaskin, Mr. E, Princess & me) decided to have Starbucks in Genting after dinner right in the heart of KL. So what do we do? Well... just drive on... and get there.... it was very surreal to be drinking frapps in nice sub 20s temperature. I never quite understood what doggie meant by that. Till ... now. Oh, Princess noted why i am such buddies with Doggies. We're so *beep beep, expletives*, and of cos, my bim-ness rubbed off, i'm a great teacher of bim.

We got back Saturday midnight. And i slept like a log. When i got up sunday morning, oh my gawd, the entire field right outside my window is flooded. Yea, it
rained really hard. Hmmm, but perfect weather to *yawnz* get back to bed. Princess and me got nuts decided to get the boys to go Wala Wala for some drinks. I had my dose of amaretto sours. Man, i can't wait for this weekend. My friends from LA are coming to visit me... yep, i miss

The amaretto sours at Wala are good...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Introducing The Purdue Diaries

yep... some of my juniors in college and my good ol' friend K...
they present

The Purdue Diaries

It's a collaborative work.
Right now, it's to clear the good name of Z. Z's been badly misconstrued and misunderstood, all because some girl he used to date has blog about it. And she's a pretty famous blogger. My words to D : Prettiness doesn't get you everywhere, woman... shame on ya.

So pls read Z's side of the story... as spoken through his friends.
And support the Purdue diaries...

Nothing beats ice cream...

Nothing beats ice cream...
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Yes i'm a sucker for ice cream, Outright blatant sucker for ice cream. Ice cream has that calming effect on me. And a super perk-me-up and picker upper. It's just the food i will turn to, when i feel down & out. Maybe it's the sugar level. One thing i love about this brand is the sweetness of that cookie dough that jus rock my world. And add the combination of that waffle...mmmm, yummy & so sinful! Of cos, there's more to life than ice cream. It helps that all my friends are suckers for ice cream too. So what do we do when we realize a worldwide ice cream brand has opened an outlet in town? Woohoo... we rallied everyone, got into some 280hp car, and trotted our ass down to the quaint lil' outlet. omg, i realized my pik-chers have no Angie. Where's Angie, you ask? Of cos, she's there... how can she not be there? She's the leader of them all. heh heh :)

So when's our next ice cream meeting?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

How to Race (Ah Beng Style)

I was zooming around from place to place, not for work, but for leisure. So ... i thought about TriplePeriod's very very *errr what word should i use?* description of his race. And i thought ... man, isn't it funny if an ah beng races and desperately trying to describe it to his expatriate friend.

I would imagine it to be something like this :
Beng : We llllace Chinakapore way.... Orchard Gudang, ECP.
Expat : ok. Orchard Gudang?
Beng : Yes yes, around orchard loood lor.
Expat : ok ok, so how do you guys race?
Beng : ok, red light, i see you, you see me. i cannot stand you see me no up. i zhum revv my engine hard hard, my exhaust loud loud. you see me like enemy. we wait for red light change green light, and then zoom.
Expat : So it's street racing?
Beng : Simi street lacing, it's orchard gudang. tell you already what.
Expat : Oh ok. We use the proper track to race.
Beng : Singapore no track la. Mount Akina got. 99 bends.
Expat : Mount Akina ?
Beng : neber watch initial d?
Expat : err nooo....
Beng : Japanese comic movie. My car AE86.
Expat : Is it good around bends?
Beng : Never watch movie ah. Beat ebo and gtr.
Expat : oh ok.

DUH.... yes, i'm that bored on a Saturday afternoon. Blame the ERP.

Which Lost Character Are you...

You scored as Kate Austen. You are Kate. No one truly knows you. Trouble follows wherever you go. You don't usually think of anyone's best interests but your own.

Jack Sheppard


Kate Austen


Hugo "Hurley" Reyes


Sayid Jarrah


Michael Dawson


Claire Littleton


Shannon Rutherford


James "Sawyer" Ford


The Island


Sun Kwon


Walt Lloyd


Charlie Pace


John Locke


Jin Kwon


What Lostaway Are You?
created with

Following Doggie's footsteps and BackOfTheEnvelope's burnt rubber traces, i decided to find out which Lost character i am. And to my alas, this is what churned out. Am i that frigging suay? as what some have claimed? I seriously would like to contest that. Man, this sucks. I'm not selfish at all. I always have treated others well. Sob sob, damn the quizzes.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Bloated & Overate

Bloated & Overate
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So Happy Birthday Sia Meihwan, our great horticulturist aka gardener. Woot! Happy Birthday! To celebrate her birthday, we went to M Hotel for steamboat buffet. Of cos, being a Monday.... it's kinda expected that all of us will strut in late. But Mr E and me arrived early...and we started pigging out. There's been a whole chunk of food...prawns, crabs, yada yada. We yak and talk and bicker about every little thing. truth be told, yes we should never organize any dinners at our hotel ever again. We're just too wacky and loud....

Happy Birthday Sia !

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Love knows no boundaries

And why do i say that? I was discussing with a friend about relationships. What love is? How everyone views Love differently??? Show some love baby....

Overheard.... :
A : Do you know C is dating someone who's half Czech / half Russian who barely speaks English?
B : And hmmmm...
A : how do they communicate with the limited English his gf has?
B : hmm... i bet it won't last more than 3 months.
A : Can you imagine ... everyday he says i love you... her reply would be I love you deep deep...
B : Sounds like an ah beng and ah lian talking...

I was amused by what i overheard. But it just seems so true. Love needs constant communication. Be it about rubbish, gibberish and lup sup.

I read somewhere... It takes a minute to find that someone, a hour to appreciate that someone, a day to fall in love with that someone, and a lifetime to forget about that someone. How true! Well... cheer up girlie... you'll be fine. Time is the greatest healer of all.