Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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This is the picture that earned me enough talk for a week & a half.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

a very baby weekend...

If you asked me what i did for most of the week, i have not really done much, i guess. I've been really tired from work. I met friends for afterwork drinks on Thursday. I have dinner with friends on Friday... yums to seafood dinner. I swear the seafood places along East Coast have jumbo crabs, which have jumbo pincer, which works well for me.

The weekend rolled around. There's no way i would go back to work. I need more time to rest & sleep. & i love kids. Yes, little kids, though i cannot think why i would want one. I love kids, just that they can't be mine.

I spent Saturday afternoon with Becky, she's so cute. She's so cute. She does superman moves when i carry her around like superman. Too bad her mom cut her hair till she look like a boy. But she's so uber cute. Judge for yourself.

On Sunday, it's Ashley's 1st month celebrations. To Sam & Gina, congrats. Once again i reiterate, i love kids, just not my own. It's not in my plans for the next 5 years, at least how i see it. I love carrying kids. But i can't handle wailing kids, or babies. I get stuck with babies, and can't talk, move, for fear of disturbing their sleep.

Ahhh... the week is going to start again. Thank God it's gonna be four day week for the next month or so. Yeah baby!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Heineken Green Room : Gang Starr at Helipad

On Saturday, Angie & me decided to go out & play. Of course, the thought of going to a Helipad is awesome. It's afterall a Helipad. How often do we get to visit a Helipad? Of cos, we must go! Jeannie went, but the zZzMonster managed to catch up to her, and made her sleepy. We did have fun taking pikchers, though not as much fun as i would like the night to be.


Jeannie, Angie & me met earlier in the week to have dinner too. Over sakae... and just laughed and laughed. Although everyone's really tired from working, we realize our meeting is past overdue. We also met with Alfred & Dennis. Alfred's all tied up with his Xbox 360 launch and the Heineken Helipad party. Dennis, is Dennis. I don't know what to say to describe him.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Picnic Picnic Picnic

Call my girls crazy. I do think they are. So since we haven't met for so long, while i was away in States, the saturday upon being back 4th Of March, they organized a picnic just to sit and talk crap. I went off to meet them along with Angie. Everyone was there. I can't quite recall who wasn't. Oh Rulin wasn't, but it's fine. She's always busy, and a newly inducted girlie of the group.

Coming back from sub zero temperatures... to Singapore where it's mostly high 80s throughout the year, i can't help but feel like i'm stuck in a baking oven. And with every step i take, i only feel more exhausted and dehydrated.

It was nice meeting up with the girls. Meihwan as usual was the oddball. When i arrived ( ok, i know i am late for two hours, but i am damn tired so i rest at home first), she was playing the Sony PSP. 2 and a half hours after i arrived, she's still at it. We had to take a group pic while she continued playing pictures. Argh... drive me crazy.

Oh but at least by the end of the day, we decided to go to Sibu Island out in Malaysia to relax, chill and just enjoy the sun, sand and sea together in mid April. Yay... and to celebrate April's birthday. Seeya gurls then. can't hardly wait...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Modern day love

In this time and age, where you see young couples getting together and splitting apart. And the material things in life being one of the considerations of being together. Like i have said before, i ain't going for no broke brother. You can't help but wonder what's love.

I had a chat with this dude who resides out in US whom i shall just address Ben. Ben has always been a cuddle-bitch to many chicks. Perhaps cause he has a good listening ear, and always promise to be there whenever you need him, or his shoulder to cry on. We always have good chats, and i totally appreciate his enthusiasm when i start my rubbish.

Ben: to be honest, I have the hots for one girl. But I am not ready to get back in the game.
Eve: wah seh...and u wanna wait till the cows comes home
Ben: there's no hurry... I expect to live to at least 65 :D

Eve: hahahaha, by then the cow's udders have sunk

Ben: by then, Sony would have invented anime babe versions of the Aibo. :P

Eve: hahaha, and then named it CHABO

Ben: lol

Eve: and u can have Chabo as your wife

Eve: why not
.... hahahahaha
Eve: she cooks, cleans, sew...
Eve: all without whining

Eve: and all she needs for pampering is some loving
Ben: hahaa I can do all those myself. haha

Eve: all for a 1 time cost of US $ 999

e: call now to Ben at 1 - LOV-ECHABOS
Ben: better not run on (name of OS deleted), man. It will either crash or get infected by some virus and you wake up in the middle of the night to find her cutting your *beep!* off and setting you on fire

Eve: if you call within the next 15 minutes, we'll throw in a "ANTI SHOPPING" software device that stops your chabo from shopping

Eve: enjoy great savings now

Ben: lol

Eve: call now to Ben at 1-LOV-ECHABOS

Ben: SG will definitely ban it.

Eve: i know you love chabo... cos i love chabo too
Eve: hahaha

Ben: no more males for NS

Eve: wah lieuz... creative juice what

Ben: lol

Eve: so buy ChaBo now

At the end of the day, Ben said it should be somewhat the iMac anime chick. Haha. By then, i will need boobs implants, collagen lips, and a whole lot of work on myself before i can outshine the anime chicks. sighzzz

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Andrew Da Man...

Before i can continue my posts about my lil' trip to SF, i am forced to talk about Andrew by Andrew da man himself. My trip to SF is really short. I guess there's nothing much to taalk about. So without further ado, let's move on.

So here's introducing Andrew da man.
I met him back @ Purdue during my lil' trip. He wants me to tell you guys he drinks wine like water. We had like 4-5 bottles of wine between 4 of us, that makes us drinking about 1 bottle odd each, of a mix between red & white wine. Before that, Zhuang, Ke Winn & me had a huge ass Sapporo beer during dinner. Andrew is too atas to join us. Ohhh... and Andrew also slides down the stairs ... for me , just for me, really just for me. TWICE! Heh heh, all cause i don't visit Purdue often. Lil' kids are advised not to follow what is read here. Andrew is silly, so he can get away with it. But it goes to show how drunks can be like. Oh... and he's also very much in love with Zhuang, judging from the pictures. So here's more of Andrew.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

to Purdue i go...

I spent a good 3 days and a couple more hours out in the Midwest. I should have been given more time, if they had more seats to fly back to Singapore. Shucks. Oh well. I met Sanford, one of my dearest brothers, that i hold close to my heart. And it's been so nice. I also manage to meet a couple of old school mates out in Chicago. Thanks Shawn & Sanford for showing me around Chicago. So while out freezing my butt in Chicago, crazy me decided to drive back to Purdue. Yes, Purdue. My old alma mater. The place where i once had the time of my life. The place i've been ranting about. The place that i wanted to go back to, for the longest time. All because of the Starbucks inside the Union. I am "suaku", so?

The once-seemingly-long route from Chicago back into West Lafayette, Indiana now seems like a short drive, bumping with the rap rhymes of Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Nelly & Juelz Santana. Armed with a bottle of Coca Cola & a Grande cup of Starbucks Chai tea, i jump into that Ford Taurus. Yes, an old-dude's ride, but still comfy, and it comes with cruise control. So i love that sh#t to bits.

You know you had reach Indiana when you see cornfields... and more cornfields... and more cornfields. Errm, you get my drift. Truly the anticipation of going back my alma mater is something i can't put words to. I guess, the exhileration of going back to the place i met my best mates, and of course, remembering the good ol' days. To the soothing music of Howie Day's Collide, i pulled into my college town, up from the Levee. Yes Purdue. I'm back! I went around and managed to chat with a few of my professors.

The joy when i met my friend Ke Winn. And we reminisced while running about the campus, when i was in school... and over our love for Dave Matthews Band. He into Ants Marching; me into my Crash Into Me (live version, no less). Sorry if i am really suaku gushing over the spanking new Borders / Barnes at the Levee, the nice Krannert (or whatever), the change in my LAEB to BEER building, oh that nice spanking creative arts building sitting on what used to be my parking lot. And of cos that Armstrong Aero Building coming right up. Hahaha, i totally enjoyed myself during that one day trip, that despite losing my bed space to Mr. Andrew. Yes, Andrew, the infamous stair roller of ThePurdueDiaries. Heh heh, and i met Zhuang. The reason why ThePurdueDiaries was born. Whatever the case is, that's history. Who gives a flying fish. Ermm, though Andrew still offered me the honors by showing me his infamous rolling down of stairs. All it took is a couple of red & white wine. Ooh, and i totally remember that fart. Dude! Yucks! And showing up the next morning at 9am to play indoor soccer reeking of alcohol. And then crazily driving 2 and a half hours back to Chicago. Dude! I love every minute of it. It was just so off the usual routine.

I had a wonderful time out in MidWest and Chicago. Over Sangrias in Chicago. Yup, we got high on Sangrias. Peach Sangrias are yummy. Went to some offbeat local places i never been before. Sorry, Ke Winn, but apparently Blogger hates the pikcher where you looked decent, and wanted a pikcher of you in a high mode. Waiting with our freezing butts in Chinatown just to have dim sum. 45 frigging minutes. And i thought we only wait this long out in Singapore. Well, The list of madcaps goes on. Thanks guys for bringing me around, and especially for squeezing some time out to hang out together. Cheers!

Friday, March 03, 2006

my lil' trip : Vegas & LA...

Just returned from US. I had the chance to return for a short lil' trip, to visit family, friends and to recharge my burnt out body. I seemed to have given my body a good total crazy wipeout kinda bashing... to head straight to burnt out land. And this is nothing liken to burn out on the PlayStation2 or XBox games. It just feels good to be away for a while.

My flight had a six hour layover in Taipei. And that sucked. The moment, we got into LA, we drove straight to Las Vegas. Yes, Vegas baby.... Yea, Las Vegas, Nevada baby... the city that never sleeps. The lights that are brilliant, and where you can possibly go around the world all in a place... from the streets of Paris, to the Vienna waters... to Fiery waters... to the most number of LV stores i see in one tiny stretch of road. Singapore have like 3. & we're much bigger than the strip in Vegas. but they have like... 3 or 4, all within a mile of each other.

Truly the architecture is magnificent. Vegas promises a view that left me breathless. There's the Venetian, Paris, Bellagio, Mirage, MGM, and of cos... Monte Carlo. Yep, that hotel from the tv sitcom "Las Vegas". I really enjoyed the sights, despite being a lil' jet lagged from that long flight, and going there from Singapore. It's been a long way, baby. The synchronization of the fountain right outside Bellagio is awesome, and so mind-boggling, that i had to watch it like four times. It's that good! Of course, even after all these years, Mirage's fiery performance still leaves me in awe. Of cos, that addictive ring of the Jackpot machines are alluring... and the enticement of the texas hold'em is there. But i did not get the time nor chance to partake in any form of such risk-taking activity.

Hahaha... then after that lil' 3 day trip, it's back to LA. Back to visiting my old friends, and to chill out, and just shop. I did take another 2 day trip down to San Diego to visit the one love true love of my life : Shamu. I have a thing for killer whales, and it's been years since i last visited Sea World. Shamu has a junior right now. And the sights off Mission Bay is just awesome.

Don't know why, but it sure feels good to be back in SoCal. Oh, and the one thing i realize about Californians is despite the fact the weather is freezing, think about low 50s fahrenheit (a bit weird for SoCal to be this cold during late Feb), and we have our jackets on, we're still walking around in flip flops. Hahaha! I love SoCal.

More about back to Purdue on my next blog. Yes, i went back to Purdue, and met some guys from ThePurdueDiaries.