Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rulin's birthday @ Timbre Arts House

There are perhaps 101 parties i can talk about. Yet sometimes it's the ones with the people who know you, including some who knew you some twenty years ago, that truly matters.

The first birthday of 2008 belongs to our dear Ms. Chiam Rulin.
We gathered at Timbre @ Arts House on a wednesday night... at her insistence of checking out the place... though we wanted to try other places.
The night was truly one of the rare times we all agree that we had a fabulous time, amidst beer, sour apples, and pizza and wings. And how could we forget the girls? For once, we did not have any boys around us. What we do have are a few surprises here and there... from funny pictures... to talking crap with each other.

And of cos, we came to find out we have a couple of wannabe-singers in our midst....
ok i admit... i'm one of them... but heck... Pris is one too...
I love you girls...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Goodbye 2007, & Hello 2008!

You know the thing about new year's resolutions. Nobody keeps them. At least a lot of people out there don't keep them. I know i didn't. I didn't keep to my 2007 resolution to try to get into graduate school. That was shelved for other things in life like triathlon and business.

Someone told me that triathlon and drinking don't mix, and sooner or later, it'll just eat into me. And i would have to quit drinking. I already cut down quite a huge amount, but do allow myself to lack discipline now and then.

So perhaps for 2008, i should just try to get into graduate school... and perhaps attempt my 70.3.