Tuesday, May 31, 2005

save me...

That's the title track to Corrinne May's new album. Yes i'm plugging her album, only cause i love her songs, and it just relates to me in a special kinda way. Her voice is soothing. I like to think of her as a great export, especially in the whole coffee-joints singing in LA. I miss that environment. That kinda soothing acapella voice and strumming of guitar, while the aroma of coffee beans envelope you. It's kinda nice... I used to dream about being able to sing in a coffee joint. Such nostalgia comes along with her voice.

My fave track is SAVE ME, used on the CHASE drama serial in Singapore. It features Utt and Linda in this bittersweet romance story. How lives are entangled. And how someone from the past can be the ONE. You end up chasing her for the longest time, and yet nothing comes out of it.

"save me from this place...
heaven knows i've fallen.
for you ... my sweet embrace...
heaven knows, heaven knows... that i've been waiting..."

I've been doing fine, for my readers. I'm back to my usual lifestyle. There're some changes to my life. Other than so, i've been trying to get through my work . life . music . drive one step at a time. I believe one loses confidence after a car crash. From then, you slowly crawl and then try to rebuild that limited confidence that you once owe. Its akin to our life. If you ever take a tumble in life, you slowly recover by walkin slowly again. Sometimes steps are neccessary to be taken whether forward or backward to see clearly the big picture. We can't always just focus on NOW. We have to focus on past to know our faults clearly... and preventing such failures in future.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

life in shambles...

These days, i kept listening to Howie Day's Collide. The chorus goes something like this and it keeps replaying in my brain.
It goes something like this :
Even the best falls down sometimes,
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme,
Out of the doubt that fills my mind,
I somehow find...
You and i collide...

Perhaps what can be most said about the song is the way i relate to it. I feel so tired from trying to be the best in whatever i do. Excel in whatever i put my head to, i guess i want the best for everything. I do not tolerate long term DOWN... i appreciate little things in life, and little actions that snowballed to a lot.

I have jus recovered from stomach flu. And going through some personal reassessment in my life, wondering what's right and wrong. What's good or not. What i want in and out of life. I may have been at fault most of the time in life, but "even the best falls down sometimes...". Perhaps i should just put time on a standstill, and try to find what's up with everything.

Collide : i collide with another vehicle (blardy taxi) today at Suntec. It's just bad...
Suddenly, i feel the world crashing upon me. I feel depressed, tired and just in need of some sleep and a snuggling up with my pillow time. Sigh... God, please help me...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

death by scandals

Is there no such thing as a slutty liar? As guineapig puts it, i can look slutty and be a liar. It doesn't mean that i am a slut. Hahaha, ok, the use of such wise-crack words isn't for me. I can't get myself out of a mess with big words. That means i am a bimbo. Hmmm... Not Bimbo I Am. Hahahaha.

Yes i went to watch Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith. It was ooo-kayz. The love story is jus a tad too tacky for my liking. But Yoda seriously kick some arse! Ooppsss. bad word alert. But who am i to comment on the use of bad words? Dude... i'm like the all-rounder open source walking LV dictionary kinda chick. In short, i also cuss like any of the boys around the block, except i also have a kick-ass wardrobe...

I'm not overwhelmed with scandals recently, nothing of mine, i assure u. Nothing of others too...
So for the kaypohs closely watching my blog to see if i leak any darn secret, there's none.
The long weekend is ard the corner. Make that less than 24 hours from now. And i'm totally psyched. I have zero plans for the weekend, which sucks. I wanna go out & drink a lil & party a lil' & kickback a lil'. But now, it seems i'm gonna sleep a lil'. Hahaha yes more than usual.

Ben's blog is starting to look gibberish. Maybe he's really tired. Hey, Ben, pls pls get some sleep.
And i am no shameless flirt, or scandalous hoe. I'm just daftbitch... yes. it's DAFT (prounouce D-af-t). An acronym for stupid, duh?, silly, lack of IQ. i don't wish to challenge that. I like to be a simple woman.

Monday, May 16, 2005

the age to grow up

the age to grow up

At what age does a lady stop being defined as a chick
At what age does a lady stop being defined as hot ???
what's auntie...? and what's not?

I've been labelled a hot chick. By my old time
college-mate. And i was aghast. I mean, i see myself
as gorgeous. But hot chick? It seems like a nubile
sweet young thing. which i'm so not. Hahaha, ok i
admit i love the tag. It makes me feel like i'm 18
again. Eh wait, i am 18. (deja vu feeling..)

Doggie must be laughing his ass off right now, en
route to Taipei. Have fun in Taipei dude...

As part of project 'hot chick', i need to check my ass
into a gym, and start doing ABT (abs , butts & thighs,
for those who dunno jack). Till then, i can do it in
my dreams. I'm an auntie in my own ways, being bitchy
and totally whiney. I'm also a slutty liar, as defined
by Kimbo, cos he's a slutty liar (i declared that on
him and he said the same for me).

Xiaxue's blog totally cracks me up, with her criteria
for man-hunting. Do men have such criteria?
Maybe it goes something like this :
1) Girls with big boobs
2) girls with headlamps...
3) girls with cheeky smile...
4) girls with a slutty look....

I didn't say i look slutty, i'm just a slutty liar.
Huge difference.
the long weekend is coming. let's count down...

Ben, you do not need to justify your love for
someone... i give up on your heinous dressing / style.
You simply lack it, and i don't wish to harp on it
anymore. You're hopeless... bitch.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

lack of cute guys ...

Angie and i were supposed to head out to the beach @ sentosa with our quintessential male-bitch Dave on Saturday morning. Of course, the rain decided to pay a visit. And one look at the gloomy weather, we decided to adjourn to Orchard Road sans Dave. The agenda wasn't shopping. Shopping is a bonus. We just decided to catch up. We lamented over the lack of cute guys in Singapore. I just can't spot any cuties. Am i getting too old that my tastes have changed? not a single eye candy... booo hooooo! We lamented over how guys dress up. It's appalling. There's no suave lookers nowadays. Sigh...
Yo guys out in Singapore, please dress up. We have to remind them that once you enter a relationship, and enters a comfort zone, it doesn't mean dressing up isn't a neccessity. We women always dress up to go out with you guys. Come on, this is a two way street. please dress up... This doesn't apply to Ben, he's thinking of going the other way.


on another note, we met up with the rest of my gfs : jeanie, april, pris, clara and some of their other halves. Dinner & tea was nice. Will post up pics soon on my yahoo site.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

inspiration needed...

Cars. Clothes. Shoes. Cds. Mp3s. News. Bitchy. Scandalous. Nonsense. Rides. Pimps. Sluts. Dudes. Dance. Drink. Smoke. Sleep.

i lack inspiration to write anything substantial (imho) nowadays. Even choking on furballs doesn't make me any more inspired than i am now. Going through a list of what's gng thru my mind, i draw a blank. i like to be rather chill-out these days. a sign of the times??? i'm still a closet pop songs / rapper-wannabe in my car. But Jamie Callum now works just fine tooo... especially in putting me to sleep.

i'm chatting with Ben, (yes mr old fogey). i wanted to be my bitchy self and share some juicy gossips. Then it got out of hand... dammit.
Ben : the new sheperd got caught in bed naked with the chinchilla.
Me : frigging thing... is that the chinperd grew up and got it on with the poodle next door...The poodle got a gang who wants it to be pure-blood... beat up the chinperd. And one other poodle got on with the alleged poodle..
Ben : man, you are on a roll here!

I am sure that totally caught you off guard. But it's so darn interesting at 3am that we have to just continue the storyline.
dammit... i shld jus go sleep.. and forget about writing.

Friday, May 13, 2005

blog with care...

There has been a recent increase watch over what is said / transcript over blogs. I am sure we have two sides to the story for each. The blogging community is small, make it fishing small. So you shld know photoblogs get around fast. Everyone has a nosey side to them, they like to be voyeurs, and check out the exciting lives of others. In this case, a blogger should have his responsibilities down to pat.
1stly, do not ever discuss sex ever in your blogs, particularly your own sexual pref & sex life. It's very tak glam, and everyone would think u're a village bicycle (as ref to the gurls) , and of cos, for the guys, u will get AIDS, if u sleep ard.
2ndly, do not overly bitch about someone, or wholesale (this word i copy from doggie... he's the best at such creativity) copy whatever your discussions with your friends are, and paste onto the blog. It's just so intruding. & you risk offending your friends ( i always offend doggie. here's my most sincere apology, u must accept. If not sincere enough, here's my 2nd apology. accept it dude). Summaries are highly recommended.
3rdly... jus be yourself... let your thoughts flow on... MrBrown is one of the bloggers i admire, he brings out life within his blog, the cheeriness and his gurl & bb boy.. it's so heart-warming.

2nd Part to You are What You Listen To ...
Am i an aggressive driver? No... my bf seems to think i am menace on the road. Doggie thinks my playlist is related to my driving skills. I do listen to Corrinne May. U want her first album? We must trade lor. BE NICE! The general direction of my music is very "fiddy cents" (term used by those vocally impaired .... nb). He's so huge... it's like The Game & G-Unit. I do think they are talented. How many peeps can rap? Truly there are hardly any good rappers out there nowadays. It's modern day poetry. Think of rappers as modern day poets....Ben and Doggie. You guys will be fine. Doggie, i will put in rap in between Callum. Learn to appreciate the finer things in Life.

The week is almost over... i lost my blog last night. It went missing, of which i have to go "knn". Yes i am quite chor lor, but i really am just expressing myself. Next weekend will be a long weekend... plus the start of Star Wars. Last Episode... so i am guessing it shld be quite nice.

let's pray it doesn't rain on Saturday..
shld i go to the Mitsu Evo IX event or shld i jus go to the beach?
Dammit, maybe i shld stay home to sleep.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

You are what you listen to...

You are what you listen to...
so says a study ... go read STRAITS TIMES, dudes 10th May Edition.
Bush's playlist include tracks like BROWN EYED GIRL and some old songs. It reads : Safe, Stable Choices.

Me : Mostly rap, & violence, feat. Eminem, DMX, 50 Cent, The Game, also Brown Eyed Girl, Play That Funky Music, to 98 degrees, BackStreet Boys, Kylie, Holly Valance....
What does it says : Crazy party eccentric , i guess.
Heh heh :P

Doggie : boring cheena music, lara fabian, some Ah Beng music...
What does it says : weird dude....ah beng in disguise
Heh Heh :P

DEu : Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney, pop music, Lindsay Lohan
What does it says : GROW UP, DEu.
Heh heh :P

Ben (slutty Ben) : classic stuff, and always disses Rap ...
What does it says : Old Fogey... Old-Fashioned... Back-Dated, Unappreciative of finer things in life like rap music.
Heh heh :P

In response to Ben's diss of rap, i do feel rap is getting more socially responsible, and discusses modern day issues, like hoes, guns, political. Pls explain to me what does classic stuff do? Besides of course, setting Erik & me to sleep... and of course, making me super light-headed. I know classic leads the way , paves the way to good music ahead. And of course, all respectful yuppies & beautiful people like me , listen to rap... & R&B. I think it's perfectly fine, it's not being chigga. It's just a way of life, it's just music. We still pretty much have AzN pRyDe out in SoCal, maybe not so much up in Bay area, but def in SoCal.

This week is hectic. So far... it's a little haywire. Sigh...
I need more time to do rubbish. I wanna go shopping. Ahhhh... i wanna go to the beach, and lie down and hear the song "another day...." that kinda chillout music.

Hmmm... and Kimbo, i'll take your bet , i swear you won't keep away from alcohol & smoking for TWO weeks starting today... so the next day to start drinking probably 24th May 2005. Right after the long weekend... hahaha, i'll see how you can tahan.

Monday, May 09, 2005

i'm a devil in disguise...

This week has got to be the most hectic ever. I have a million and one things to do, and am rushing to finish all of it up. :( i'm super sad but what to do??? let's not talk about it. I am so fed up and tired and have to be up in another 6 hours.

Funny scenario from today at Starbucks :
Backgrd : me & dog totally bitching.... me in my obnoxious bitchy face...he the usual questions kinda guy....
Dog : what's with the pik-cher?
Me : someone likes her, yada yada....and thinks she's cute....
Dog : Yea, she is cute
Me : Yea she is cute, but naive, and i'm totally gonna whip her ass...
(My cell phone starts ringing... "1 2 3 4, lil' mama show you how to move it, go ahead put your back into it...")
Me : Hi, this is Eve (in my sweety pie angelic face and voice)... rattles on about my work stuff...
end of phone call...
Dog : wah lau, you the best... can't believe you just did that.
Me : what? what?
Dog : one minute bitching, the next being so nice & prim on the phone
Me : hahaha, i am a devil in disguise ...

So that sums it! i'm totally bitchy and perhaps somewhat daft. At least you know what to look for, the next time i meet you. My tongue ain't as evil as Xiaxue tho, I won't be too...

The open source code ah lian program is in full mode today. I didn't realize the different ways of speaking in English ... until today. I did a couple of conferences, but surely Asia always takes the cake. I have to explain in many ways to Thailand, Korea, China, Taiwan & HK, not to mention New Zealand and Australia onto the list. With that, i have rojak english, going from call to call, wondering whether i spoke in Hokkien, Cantonese, English or wassit Chinese?!?! By the time i got back to the client, i was totally in state of shock, and explained i had a tough time trying to remember the different dialect group i spoke in. I'm already in a daze by then, and ready to spew out my ah-lian-ness. Found my perfect victim, Ben. Did i mention Ben's a slut? Why? Cos he offered me a GET WELL SOON, instead of DHL a bowl of soup or porridge. Slut... i'm your good luck charm and you let die out in the heat. how could ya? then... again, men are governed by their testerones??? yes no, Ben, come on... you gotta either back it up or don't bother showing up....

So i chatted with Ben, and i went total ah lian on him, that is to say, full mode spewing hokkien phrases and hmmm explaining to him the art of courtship. What do i know? I'm easily satisfied with techie geeky toys like an iPod, new software & of course, thumbdrives. Hahaha... all i know is fast cars and women match.

Janice Wong, yes my current fave writer on The New Paper, wrote on her webbie and an article last year about how some girls are totally mesmerized with new rides. Her leggy friend found a new guy, so of cos, Janice asked. And her friend actually said he drives a porsche. So are men dictated by their rides??? hmmm, question for thought.

i'm a poker face liar, what do i know???

Sunday, May 08, 2005

happy mama's day...

Well, today's mother's day. i love my mom... :) hi mom, i love you.

The weekend is cool. My saturday was laid back. i basically KO till 12 noon... and then i woke up, still feeling lazy, due to the fact i'm on a cocktail of antibiotics and some flu medication, to get rid of a persistant bugger that irrritates me. I then headed off to the beach ard 3pm. YES i know 3pm is a lil' late, i didn't really want to be in the sun all that long, i just wanna laze on the beach and sleep. and a very cheap saturday, i spent like 2 bucks to get myself to Sentosa and pay 2 bucks for the car and another 20 for dinner. That's it! Sounds good to me. hahaha, Dave & Angie & me jus laid on the sand chilling and sleeping and reading bimbo magz. Yes applaud us, we're very chi chi. Dave's the very cafe-del-mar kinda guy, very chillout. Angie's my all-time bitch with me kinda gurl pal. Together, we make a formiable team of non-stop yakkers.

I hereby declare i'm an open source ah lian, programmed to be very Engrande-fied during work days and transform into an ah lian during weekends. Hahaha ! Heck, i can't be bothered. I'm proud to be ah lian to be spewing some mean hokkien phrases and toss everyone else's ass. Actually i didn't declare it, Angie made me admit it. So i'm left with no choice.

At least that's far better than Dave remarking about every women that sauntered past us, while we laid there with the terms like "check those spgs out in their thongs" and "the beached whale". The beach totally reminds me of spring break back in US and of cos the infamous spring break anthem : THONG SONG. and the ladies with dumps like trucks. Apparently, i do think Singapore women lack that dumps. Like the ladies who have to perch themselves within 10 metres of us blocking our very serene view of the sea, coconut trees and sand, u guys should jus grow skinnier before you decide to block my view again. It was actually a sight of bliss with the sea, blue sky, the waves... and of cos the song Breathe by Mulsanne ... my kind of chill-out style. UNTIL Those ladies came by. Dratzzzz....

Sunday was out at a car thing, the shop Erik worked at has its official opening since its move to a new premise. There was beer, tons of car, tons of guys... and mostly beer. That's all i recall. Burp beer... yucks! i hate beer...

Btw, for those following Ben's blog, i'm his official good luck charm. That lil' punk disappeared after he got cosy with the girl. And leave me with what? nothing at all. Not even a Thank You. Dammit Ben...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

By Popular Demand

By Popular Demand

This is by popular demand... i've been forced.
KNN Kimbo... i'll get u for this... u owe me ...
martell green tea.....

Hip Hop and you don't stop

Hip Hop and you don't stop

here's to Ben : dammit, i'm a blogging ghetto
princess... so if you wanna get your ass kick, bring
it on, dude.
Hip hop / Rap / Gangster Rap is a preference of choice
of music. The way of lifestyle... well it's a US
thing, we don't have no gun whipping here in Sg. I'm
still loving the music and jus livin it up...i have no
beef agst the music, jus the lifestyle. Like they say,
hate the player, don't hate the game... hahahaha,
wrong context but i dunch care.

I'm still very much into Asian pride, despite the
whole China & Japan thing. I mean, it's an ego thing.
And i thought guys handle fights / past beef amicably.

Who am i to comment? I'm a twinkie!
The whole recent big hooohaaa about the A*Star &
Acidflask has been rather amusing. The internet is a
freespace, and i once thought blogging was just ideas.
I didn't know it was meant to be a venue that i could
get my ass sued. Oh well, seems like we have to watch
what we speak.

Doggie and i were in our usual coffee talk whereby we
talk about what we did and intend to do for the
weekend. So here's this... i told him i need peace &
quiet while blogging. He's like "aren't u supposed to
be yourself"... i replied " no... so i won't type

The background to this story came by as Erik & me were
at home ... and he's now totally into Forza
Motorsports. For those who dunnoe Forza, 1stly get an
Xbox and then the game & join "live" and get mad!
Erik : hun, look at my car, look at the color, and
look at the side decal.
Me (just barely glancing, away from my notebook) : uh
huh, ok. (goes back to my notebook and blog).
Erik : hun, look at the honda, look look...
Me (annoyed) : yea... ok here's this . Either i watch
you play and you let me watch tv or i do my shit and
you play your game.
Erik : errr OK, go do your stuff la, Hun.

hahaha. So it's better not to get disturbed.
Duh... i'm gonna try podcasting since Mr Brown is also
doin so.
i was telling Dan & Erik at airport a lil' earlier i'm
gonna have my show ... and they went "who's your
i went "ME MYSELF & I... that's 3 people. more than
enuf what!"

ahhhh duhhh... i need to get smarter.
Ben, where are the big words???
hip hop yoou don't stop... *dances away*

Friday, May 06, 2005

Ben, you're so dead... i love rap music

Ben's so dead, because he jus dissed my taste for rap music. What's wrong with rap music? Is it cos it's cool? I have never been called a chigger (fyi, chigger is a cross between chinese and african american). I've been a twinkie (yellow on the outside, white on the inside), and plenty others, from M&Ms (cos yellow on the outside and all chocolate baby on the inside). hahaha other than that, nope. I love rap, and R&B style kinda music, and whassup with that? I am a fan since way back, i am from 310, and drive a convertible, nothing too bling bling. Asian homeboys? it's more like AzN Pryde, you're reminding me of BE COOL the movie. Hahaha, we'll never be as real as the brothers out there.
Rap music is a taste of style, just eclectic and fantastic. To truly appreciate it, better hang ard Mr. E more, he knows to go THIS IS HOW WE DO.... right down to his CANDY SHOP...

I'll blog your ass the next i see ya. Dammit... u make me so pissed off.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm in love with "Chow Chow"

I'm in love with "Chow Chow"

The love of my life : "Chow Chow" (hokkien for smelly
smelly). Chow Chow is my pillow, which i have to be
with every night, regardless of where i am. This chow
chow blog is a dare by Mr. Shaun Yip Shan Yu, cos he
said i won't do it. Anywayz, he knows about it, cos we
went to KL together, and halfway while driving out of
the city back to Singapore, Erik asked me whether i
brought my chow chow, i paused and went "errr..." ,
got off the car and realized Chow Chow isn't there. I
nearly started crying, tears were already welling up
in my eyes... gawd, i panicked. I called the hotel,
Thankfully, they found it. ChowChow is my love since i
was a baby, it goes through overhaul every year, so it
doesn't really stink that much. It flies from
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, London, US, and
everywhere i go, as long as i have to stay overnight.
:) heh heh.

I was chatting with Doggie today at Suntec. It's
hilarious. We were sitting down laughing over what Ben
said, cos afterall Doggie is an avid reader of my
blog, and Ben's blog was featured in one of my blogs.
Ben is hilarious : he posts big words and big time
authors like faulkner or Eliot, and of cos our ICQ
chat. Today is just funny, he went all nostalgic about
his childhood days with Erik. it's cute.... Then he
went don't think i want to blog, i need to spend time
with her". I'm like WTF, and We love you Ben... cos me
& doggie totally dig his blogs, it's funny,
informative and totally different from me.

How different? let me put it this way, i was telling
Doggie about how i studied Mass Comm in college, and i
actually am research-based, and how i am supposedly
well-read since that would be the assumption for
journalistic based people. But look at me now! I read
ten different publications, which are mainly targeted
at the new beambo trend chasing babes like me.... and
of cos, i read car publications, and some tech guide.
But not books, so half the stuff (ok, it's actually
90% of the stuff) Ben talks about, i'm lost. I've to
like ctrl-apple-D on them. Which is like "hello,
duhh.....". My prof once told me u will never be a
good journalist, perhaps you'll be the next Bill
Gates. I WISH! i can DREAM ON, baby.... my aspirations
are simple....

My aspirations to be a Tai Tai : yes i suspect
everyone knows it. I can't remember who actually said
U wanna be a tai tai yet you wanna be this wonder
career woman. But he's right. I know it's a HE, but i
can't remember who. Pls MSN or ICQ me once you read my

What handbag to buy? Still driving myself nuts. Louis
Vuitton send me their catalog for Sept onwards items,
i already saw some of them in store. oh wtf... heck

Slim fanatics should all fall in. I keep recalling
this scene of Erik and me. It's hilarious. Doggie said
Erik's a slim fanatic and i said I know he is. One
day, me and Erik talkin about me putting on weight...
So he said if i grow till 70kg, he will throw me out
of his car. WHY? Not because he doesn't love me
anymore, it's because i'm a liability, add too much
weight to the car, and he'll lag by a few seconds.
This story made Doggie crack up so hard. Of course,
Erik said all in jest. But it's so darn funny. Another
case is narrated to me by Ben : Ben was telling me
about how a few plump friends got into his turbo
supra, and then suddenly it didn't accelerate as fast
as he normally will and he thought his supra is
spoilt. Hahaha ! Of course, when the friends left, his
car was perfectly fine.

Hahaha... so i believe a lot of guys are all shallow,
and weight or fats does matters.
Heck... i'm skinny, so sue me.... :P

Friends are radical.... Bfs should be too....

Heylo once again....
i am not gng to argue with Ben over platonic relationships and explain to Shawn, Barry, Shaun & Ryan over what i deem as Platonic and what not, or to argue whether those who don't believe get laid more often. It's going nowhere... and i don't care, cos i'm tired. *sulks*

I got a SMELLY PRETTY comment from my good buddy today, which sent me thinking "wtf" early in the morning, then i realized it's chou mei, for telling the world i'm pretty & gorgeous. right, i may not be as gorgeous as xiaxuay (this mistake was done by timothy go, not me... blame CNA), tho she's very photoshopped, and i'm not. I really dunch care, cos i am gorgeous. Hahahaha

If i'm gorgeous, i expect my other halves / dates / whatever to look just as good. Erik my bf takes note of what i wear and then wear according to time & venue. That's smart. But i've seen the other sides of guys, which is berms & tees, quite sad! when their gfs are dressed to the nines, and sunday's best. Argh... wake up, so what if u're in Abercrombie, and your babe's in a cheap dress. She still look way better alone, than with you. Ben told me about Larry Elison (CEO of Oracle) wearing tees & berms, and driving his ferrari. Hahaha, and no one gave him time of the day. this shows, clothes maketh a man. I do sometimes think it's shallow, but most people judge the others that way. it's first impression, something we can't run very far from.

In my book, for dates, you should meet after work. Both parties would be dressed quite decently, as they're coming from work. this sets a good impression. Someone commented in TNP today, about how guys impress their gfs, but depress their wives. Yes, we all need style.

So what handbag should i invest in.... ??? dammit... this sucks...
i need to sleep... i am too tired...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Platonic Relationships?!?

As a reference to my blog yesterday regards to how platonic relationships will never happen, i would have to clarify there are certain assumptions we have to undetake. e.g. these guys / ladies are to be your best buds. And of cos, there has to be no sexual tension (whatsoever!) from either parties (the gurl / guy). So i have a trackback to Ben's blog. The link would be http://waltzofwords.blogspot.com What can i say? Ben's a genius at big words. His blog made me do so many ctrl-alt-D on my new Tiger OS, that it's driving me nuts. He finds my blog amusing... and of course, he finds me attractive. But i don't recall ever giving him or distributing my pics online. Ben's Erik's buddy from way way back. And Ben, i can't believe it. How can you sleep next to a girl and nothing happened? and expect me to believe it. Especially when she's coming onto you. OHHHH goodness... It's normally the girls who reject, not guys?!?! Yes , most men are dogs. I am gonna repeat myself, Ben, most men are dogs, not geeks like you.

During my icq-chat with Ben (yes i know ICQ seems so yesterday, but the send-offline-contacts-a-msg feature is just so awesome) talking about my blog about platonic relationships, we talked about winnie the pooh and slim fanatic. ARE YOU A SLIM FANATIC? His contest to my platonic relationships is that no attraction. I'm like u normally are friends with people who are attractive. He said attraction is relative, and he won't fall for winnie the pooh. Hmmm... so is slim a neccessity in today's dismal outlook on relationships / friendships ? Shaun actually told me that trophy wives are just one of the points of a relationships, but it's the LEAST important point, apart from the brains portion. Issit so? I have others that tell me they're all slim fanatic (barry, axl, shawn etc... they're claiming they don't care but they won't date big chicks....). Hahahaha, gawd....

I do believe in platonic relationships, cos i do have some that are truly platonic. Majority ain't. It's like a yes and no kinda thing. I mean, afterall, most of my friends are guys, and i get along great with them. But a friend actually mention that i'm more like a guy, as in my tech talk and car talk. Hahaha, so how to define my kinda platonic relationship? The guys prolly see me as a brother, as opposed to a boobs kinda sister. Hahaha!

Ahhhhh heck...coming back to the weekend spoils... i'm seriously tired from the weekend. i got back from zouk & some haywire stuff at 6am on Monday morning. hahaha, the morning looks so great and awesome. I had ppl yelling in my ear. Cheers to the drunkards... and withstanding my tiny lil' car... i need a huge ass car the next time round....

I'm listening to Hollerback Girl by Gwen Stefani on my iTunes. Yes i'm a hiphop chick.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Cars, Platonic Relations & WHIPPED MEN?!?!

Three cheers for the weekend... yay yay hip hip hooray !
I finally got to get reacquainted with Hugo, after 4 years of being apart... it's kinda nice & sad to be together for a brief moment, and then having to wave Bye again. Hugo's my buddy from the days back in LA. I will post pics soon.

We'll start with cars. I finally saw the Initial D car in Singapore. Apparently, it belongs to this punk (ok the word PUNK is cooked up by me, the car belongs to a kid). the car is cute...
Ok let's go to Cars Decals. the subject of decal on The New Paper, as a followup to last week's TNP weekend's story. Pls go back & read my blog from last week : 24th April 2005 edition. Reference to Tan Dawn Wei's car decals on cars by lady drivers. This time it's still focused on lady drivers. But it's more about BABY ON BOARD stickers / decals... Karen Wong, the journalist refers to the Baby On Board (or BOB) decals as like P plate stickers. I died laughing, and thought to myself & wondered : Has Karen seen the decals, and the shapes / patterns / motifs they come in? There's like HAMTARO : BOB , Hello Kitty : BOB , ULTRAMAN : BOB... etc etc, besides the usual human logo then the BOB words. It's a joke. i doubt anyone really sees the sign and then treats them with care like P-platers. I sure don't. I can spot the word when i'm like 2 metres closing up. And most of these vehicles are MPVs. You know how much punch & power the MPVs can pull? Well, for some numbers game, the Honda Odyssey have 3.0l engine, that's hell of big, and can have as much as 220HP. That's as good as a basic WRX. DA COW, except the WRX has 2.0l engines.

Next we go to my fave topic : BOYS. Hahaha, Janice Wong of TNP did a good job. Janice did her take in the article : "I had a wolf on speed dial" , prompting the question of the validity of platonic relationships. Does anyone have a stand if platonic relationships can ever be sustained, as in no sex , no crushes? I personally don't think it could be done. Having said that, a lil' background, i have hardly any gfs, i could probably count them with my fingers (fyi, i have 10 fingers in total). Guy friends, a plenty. I like to think i'm too cute for them to resist me. Eh sorry the word is not cute, but attractive ... too attractive! ok doggie, u could jus stop laughin now. and Ben... start smiling, cos i can sense your smirks all the way from CA, dude. Anywayz, when you're friends with this guy for the longest time, and if you're unattached, girls always always always think of the "what if". So with that notion, you have a attraction thing going for the guy. So Janice, there're no such thing as platonic relationships. In Janice's case, it's the guy that's married and still thinks another girl has the hots for him. errr, what is up with that??? Oh come on, single women in Singapore are not THAT DESPERATE!

That being said. Not all Singapore men are that bad. Annette Tan talks about "Real men can take a whipping"... about guys being meow-whipped (ok guys, u go figure about the meow part, i'm very PG ). A lot of Singapore men are devoted to their wives / gfs. And of cos , they would sacrifice their weekend for the wives & gfs. I agree Whipped Men are more husband material. So guys, start training yourself to be a YES man to your other halves.

I've got so much to write today... but i'm very tired.
I had a long weekend of clubbing...
kudos to Kimbo who drag me till 5am, i applaud u.....
I will post on that when i find energy... yawnz, night readers....