Monday, February 26, 2007

Chinese New Year

I guess after staying overseas for a good number of years, i'm appreciative of Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, as some might call it. It's fun, and brings back memories of kids running about. No, my maternal instinct ain't calling yet. I still hear that Miu Miu bag beckoning me, instead of that call to motherhood.

I like hanging around my family a whole lot. Absolute joy. Especially more so since we seldom meet up. It's becoming quite a tradition for some of the younger ones (i'm still young...) to head to a club to have a drink. And of cos quite a tradition to having haul the oldest one (my other cousin) home.

It's a time that i put on weight. Or am i just bloated due to ...? Or am i seriously getting fat? Someone once said Scales don't lie, but i like to argue that muscles do have weight too. :P But i think i did have a lil' more fat around me. I think by the end of these 15 days, i'll be hitting the treadmill, doing laps in the pool, and try to do some weights.

Gong Hey Fatt Choy, Happy New Year.
And i heard Monkeys have all the luck this year... you think so?

Friday, February 16, 2007

friday night... pre CNY

In case anyone's hoping for a Valentine's day post, it won't happen. I celebrated it with my passion : my work. And i was in Beijing, no less. Yep alone. But it's fine. Cos Valentine's day is overcommercialized.

What was supposed to start at mortinis at happy hour on friday too did not materialize. I was too late to arrive due to work and bad traffic. Work has been the subject of my life for the past weeks. I've been wanting a drink... just for the sake of unwinding. But never once expect to get some crazy night. I had the best time ever that night.

Dennis called, informing me that he's in town, and i told him he has to be out to meet me. With Dennis, what can i not expect? Throw in more Purdue alums and some IU dudes, you get serious amount of mayhem & madness. Suddenly i feel nostalgic. Drinks were flowing from bottles after bottles. It's just seriously funny.

Throw that along with Barry's impromptu Birthday drinks. Hahaha, what i get is fun...
Happy Birthday to Barry my brudder!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beijing, China...

Beijing, China has always been a fantastic place to be in, though my pref is always in Shanghai. But i guess the history of Beijing blended with the city culture has always been a drawing factor for some friends of mine, over work in Shanghai. This trip was like any other, for work. I didn't have much time to go around the city, mainly cause the trip is short. I had to fly back on the seemingly impossible full flights due to the Chinese New Year being the very weekend, cutting short to the trip for three days only. I caught a red eye flight on Sunday, to arrive on the Monday to start work... and finish off by Wednesday midnight to be home in Singapore for work on a Thursday morning.

Beijing has gone more commercialized. The subway has far more ads, from the latest Nike basketball sneakers to the new Apple iPod shuffles. I spent a good amount of time in Starbucks, making use of the free Wireless Internet Access, finishing as much work as i can. I didn't see any shoes that caught my fancy, perhaps it's cause of them being boots. And it's way too hot in Singapore to be decked in boots all the time. I didn't see any clothes, perhaps it's cause it was all sweaters and stuff. Beijing is very cold at this time. Too cold. And the wind was so strong. I am all wrapped up, except in my room or out in the streets.

The whole trip's highlight was perhaps the fact i caught sunrise, on my way flying into Beijing. That spectrum of lights, beyond that horizon. At that moment, i knew. I knew that things were going to be different this year. And i'm going to be a different Eve, i resolve to be, i have to be. I felt the sense of calm and peace. And perhaps, i found my own lil' shangri la. Like the song "Boston", i am just sick of sunsets. All i need is this one sunrise, to bring forth strength.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Desaru Beach ...

Desaru. The sea looks calm & inviting. But it's not.
It's a damned washing machine, with waves crashing all over the place. You feel as though you're being tumbled dry.
Yep, there goes the surfing.
There's no sun, yet i got a few shades tad darker.
You can't swim. The undercurrent is scary.
Yep, there goes the swim.
There are no proper shower stalls. So that's how we would just stand there and shower, and think of it as completely nothing wrong. The guys, of course, had zero problems. Me... hahaha, JDI. I can always run to the nearby toilet to change up. I just need to have cleaner hair & at least a less sea salt body. Sorry i haven't found time to capture myself on camera yet. Been too busy with work....

Cheers, Evie

Friday, February 02, 2007

mushing with friends

I barely stepped out of being well from my illness. I don't think i was that sick. I had this respiratory problem which resulted in me breaking in cold sweat and bad muscle aches for a couple of days. I spent the weekend mushing around with my ipod doggy, which i received as a Christmas present, in bed... lazing around, and just resting or catching up on Grey's Anatomy.

As with the festive period around Chinese New Year every year, work gets a little slower. And of course, in light of having just recovered from an illness, plus that extra time off work, i decided to spend some time with my fave boy in town, Kimbo during the beginning of the week... and he had to do some work and hunt down locations for a film shoot. The task in hand was to find a motel of sorts. We found this queer motel that has sheets hung outside that undoubtedly are errrr... weird. The structure of the motel is so antique and weird amidst the rest of the newer buildings or high-rise condominiums projects around the area. Hmmm... one word : queer.

My godsis and sis decided to arrange for mid-week drinks at Zouk, to just hang out together... and have a quiet night out. Every single time we plan for quiet night always turns out into boisterous amount of fun and crazyness. Richard & Alan my Hei Ren brother called me close to 10pm and i told them where i would be at. They came down. Turns out they knew some friends of my sis who so happened to be also there. And we had fun.

As the weekend rolls around, i probably will be spending good amount of time near water, in or around water. I guess i am kinda looking forward to it. I am turning pale looking. hmmm... and i admit i have been quite a bum... but at the very least, i have cute buns. Hahaha...