Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I hardly blog everyday. It's just not me.

My friend was telling me abt my kissing frogs. isn't it true? Most girls wanna find a prince charming. Yet ... how do u define a prince charming? Drives a fancy beeemer, earning 5 digit paycheck, splurges on Gucci & Pradas for ya. It reminds me of a story of how the girl could spend 9 yrs and close to getting married ... to be with a guy ... jus for money. Only to have him find out abt it... and ended up trashing her ass. Oh well... :P

Love is simple, pure... of cos ...sometimes love just ain't enough. I appreciate your patience, and your ever so trusting love. I really do. And it makes me appreciate & cherish ya even more. we jus need more time to overcome hurdles, which we have discussed.

I'm an assertive individual (well KIND OF) ... i got what i want. I'm happy. I always look forward, never backwards. It's just stoopid to look back. And don't look back in anger. It ain't worth it.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

My Himbo friend's gf is back in Singapore. I'm supposed to disappear :P ... eh dood, i will so get u for ditchin me. Btw, i am doin fine, in case you're wondering. I have plenty of gfs to sit beside me through my ordeal. A lil' history : himbo & me are college mates, so we sorta understand each other, & talk abt our peers... hahaha, but we're too brotherly. no chemistry.

In life... we kiss a lot of frogs... to get a prince charming. Well, i thought i found my prince, but now i'm back to kissing frogs. Sometimes, life is unexpected. U never know what you're gonna get. It's the amazing way things grow & change... that never ceases to make me stand and jus chill and look.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

It's Sunday. Yes 12th October.
A week has passed. My life has gone through a whole emotional roller coaster, from anguish, to frustration, to pain, to happiness, joy, laughter, peace & love.

i had a long talk wif a friend on Friday night, sitting in the garden at my house. It was fun, cheers to my mate! thanks for lending me your shoulder to pour my sorrows, frustrations & anguish to. And thanks for that big ol' hug... it's amazing how i could actually talk to u, considering our v. superficial friendship (yes... we do not know each other v. well but there's a certain bubble of "i know ya for a long time" there). I figured what i want.... yet i could tell ya that the whole what i want crap turned sour on saturday. But alloe mate, Sorry i couldn't make it out to party with ya tho. SORRY!

Saturday went by ... quik... and fast. Finally got to watch Powerpuff girls cartoon. Yea, a SMS woke me up. Went for coffee with some friends in the afternoon. And u know what absolutely disgusting happen? I'm constantly getting harrassed by the wrong guy. And yet this guy told some other guy who dunno me that i am calling him constantly. LIKE DUH?!? Come on, i have way way better taste than that. Perhaps the guy should jus take a piss and take a good look of himself. so CMI! I'm so not the type who will like that kind of guy. I'm not a bimbo, neither am i stupid. So take a hike... !
i guess i'm blessed with a good bunch of gfs... we went for dinner and thereafter joined another grp of gfs for coffee (i think i am ODing on coffee sessions) and a long talk while sitting in my car talkin about marriage, life in general.

I went for a long drive in the middle of the night... read : long drive. It was semi-mindless, just talkin to a friend. a friend that i barely knew for two weeks... i mean i know this guy for a long time, but never had a chance to sit down and talk. As i drove on... it felt as tho nuttin needs to be said, just sit and watch the road and let our worries jus disappear along the vast length of roads. Jus wanna tell you i really enjoy your company. Don't worry about anything. If you need someone to listen, i'm here, since most of the time, you figure out half the things yourself. Heh heh :) i guess the love of cars brought us together. perhaps i could get one of those cars soon. hahaha, but then again with skills like mine, i better stay off the road... and let you drive me around instead. cheers!

Hope the next week turns out well. sigh.... i hate weekdays, i need a break from work, from everything in sight. i jus wanna chill the whole way through.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Ok, the timing on the Blog thing is fished up... so basically it's 7pm on a friday night. YEA! FRIDAY night...! the weekend is here... breathe baby... breathe! so what are the plans for the weekend?
prolly gonna jus stick ard ... and chill. OOOOooHHhh yeah.
I had coffee with a friend today... and it's jus the nice warm feelin of being back in skool, the ultimate bitch talk... abt guys , love life (or the lack thereof..) , and u know, the usual bimbo stuff. Heck yea, we're bimbos... but we dun take HIMBOs for bfs...doh

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Song of the day : Baby Boy by Big Brovas...

Such a relief. Half the hard work is all done. Rest of the week, catch up w/ the world. I finally gotten my appetite back, gotta feast, bring on the junk, bring on the good food, bring on sushi...
At an event today, this lady thought i'm like 26? I stared and started laughing and said "right. u're so smart..." Eeks, it's soooo PR... but then, life's like that...

I feel so happy... weekend is around the corner! I can sleep in, do what i like, hang out with friends, chill... sit at the beach and jus smile. Hmmm, i think i shld go tanning, if the weather cooperates. Now to find a date? Who wants a hot date with moi? *winkz* i promise ya more than fun.... heh heh :) if u know what i mean...

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

:( urgh... i am pissed off. 1) This ad guy was supposed to come and then called to cancel 20 mins after supposed appt. I got so pissed, i wrote an email statin we are no longer engaging his services. 2) i lost an item which belonged to my client... worse thing : the item is no longer in circulation. how am i to replace it? so pissed with myself (funny but true....) 3) too much shit on table resultin in me being v. pissed off. Urgh... when will these ever end?

As i was saying, TODAY IS JUST NOT MY DAY... urgh... someone save me pls :( !

Monday, October 06, 2003

goodness... my office is in shambles today. It's Monday... sigh, the blues. Lookin forward to the weekends. Then again, there's no date or wotsoever. Hmm, then what the fish am i lookin fwd to? but i will be headin out for a drink with my college mate... dun worry, no sparks will fly... it's just impossible !

I'm in love... yea, with cars. I need to let go of some pent-up anger, frustration, and just be myself. It makes my friends sit up and wonder why i suddenly love to drink / party. I just wanna find the bitch in me again, and not some corporate straight talking lady dressed in suits. at 23... it's abt loving life, and livin it up. Tho this might never get me the best guys in the world (quiet, shy individual... smart, intellectual, witty, charming, humorous & nice) . I reckon some day someone will pass me by.

as for now... i do feel i should be left alone, enjoy the quietness of my freedom and being me.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Right... it's like friggin 1.45am. I finally got to blog. Yes, my 1st blog. Hahaha... ok, what did i do this weekend? nothing extremely exciting. I did start clubbin since thursday... to celebrate my "zhong hua de" friend's birthday... for two nights. How Xtreme is that?!? All are jus as fun, tho friends don't neccessary agree but that's jus them. heck, i have fun almost anywhere. ahaha, except home. Yea...