Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Switching my diet all over again

It's been a week since i began my soda diet.
Every meal out becomes a challenge. Only then I realized how much i actually love that liquid in a can. Truth be told, i haven't noticed how much i actually adore Coca-cola, and what it does to me. I can probably tell you offhand about how much benefit i have from that brown liquid: i really enjoy a nice cold coke before i go for a run. And nothing cures a hangover than McD's fries and an ice cold coke. My recent love for drinks in can / bottles has been expanded to carbonated drinks like Pokka Sparking Fuji Apple : rich in vitamin c, and free from preservatives and artificial colouring. Or that Oolong Tea. Who could forget Pokka Green Tea, when you have it served with martell? It came to my head that it's the sugar from these drinks, that might possibly be making me fat. So i embark on this month long fast from soda, sugar or syrup concentrated drinks.

I swapped to having sugar cane juice, lime juice (anything this sour can't have that much sugar?), and mostly, water. I carry a bottle whenever i can, wherever i can. By the weekend, i realized i had to take some green tea to wash down with the whiskey, and chugged loads of water after. By Monday of a brand new week, in a bid to cheer up a friend over lunch, i ordered coke.

Truly it was happiness in a can.
Till at 2am in the morning of a tuesday, and i haven't gone to bed, that was my nightmare. Great... a week without much caffeine or sugar, and now, i can't sleep!