Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting prepped up for Desaru

It's been almost a year since i went for my first long distance race - Desaru Long Distance Triathlon.  Well, I'm still not prepared this year. This year, i guess it's worse. I know that it's a long race, that's hot, and miserable. The waves, and the water... 2 loops of 1km. Those hills... 3 loops of the bike course in the mid day sun. And running till the evening falls. Sigh... what have i done again? 

I stare my 2008 finisher certificate, with the timings, and have to repeatedly remind myself : i can't do worse. But that thought of riding around in mid-day sun, and the awful post race tan lines are definitely putting me off. A friend noted that something must be seriously wrong with this race, that no one he spoke to is actually enthusiastic about it. I guess we're all going for the seafood.  TWO DAYS more...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shape Run 2009

I've been waking up at 5ish all weekend. I had one heck of a weekend. I feel so unbelievably drained on Sunday. For the sake of shape run, i will roll awake, and to get some sort of run going. 

At 6ish Sunday morning, I went to grab Jac to meet up with Carol & Maye-E for the run. Jac & metried to find them but failed in the end and decided to just do our own thing. It was crowded and humid. When we started out, all we wanted to do is to find a toilet. Such is our life now, taking things easy, and just having a good time. Jac "dropped" me once we're out of toilet, and i managed to catch a sight of Carol & Maye-E towards the end. And waited for them at the finish line. Meeting up with the girls again, for Shape Run, was a good thing. We may not have started together, but hey, at least we had breakfast together. O ... and we have to start thinking about working out together to fight the flab. GE Women's 10k? 

Before i forget, the clock read 1:00:something when i passed it. Did i just PB?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Port Dickson Triathlon 2009

This is my first Port Dickson Triathlon. My very 2nd Olympic Distance race (1.5k swim.40k bike. 10k run). I got a lil excited over it, the night before the group of us drove up north. I don't know whether because it's like a mini break for me, or if it's pre-race jitters. I think it has to be jitters, i forgot to bring my house keys off my own car, and i forgot to pack my cycling and running shoes into my car for the race. 

It poured on Saturday morning, as i made my way to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore to collect my passport. Yes, i the champion realized that i lost my passport on wednesday night while packing for the race. I managed to get an express one done, as a cost which i really don't want to bring it back up. Upon collecting the passport, i made my way to meet with the rest of the group. Had a pretty hearty breakfast, and made our way up north.

I really didn't give much care to the race, nor training preparations. I've been running, and hoping that will pay off. We went ahead with carbo loading at the night market in Port Dickson. Obviously, Reeves had a bad run-in last year with dirty water... and stuff. So he kept telling me not to drink the drinks. 

Race day --- woke up, Julian informed me it was raining. Woohooo... i screamed in delight, and wanted to hop back into bed. Alas, just drizzling. Went to have a light breakfast, we were pretty late. But seems like everyone else is also late. Got to the race site, packed everything up. Went to look at the sea. Realized it was never going to be a Personal Best (PB) course for swim. Damn those who told me FLAT swim. The winds were picking up, and the swells were huge. Didn't check my timing. 

Got out on the bike. Oops... forgot my race tag. Hahaha, at this point, i had this smile on my face thinking "i better 
not tell anyone how many races i've done, to forget i need my race tag". The bike course was relatively scenic, going through plantations, and temple, and palm tree plantations, and not to mention, piles of COW DUNG. Rolling hills with no major climbs, but still proving a little tough for me, who hasn't clocked enough mileage on my bike. Towards the end of the bike, i just rolled and spin back to the transition area. 

Finally put on my race tag, and running shoes and off i went. Had to keep telling myself not to walk. At the U-turn mark, i was still running. And i couldn't be more glad. And i had this smile on my face throughout the run. Nothing could stop me by then. Somehow i think i might have PB-ed my 10k run. Let's pray the results share my thoughts. 

And if anything, this song rang in my head : 
"Every step you climb another mountain, 
Every breath it's harder to believe, 
You make it through the pain, weather the hurricane, 
to get to that one thing. 
Just when you think you're going nowhere, 
just when you almost gave up your dream,
then take it by the hand, then show you that you can. 
There're no boundaries..."

yes...secretly, i like Kris Allen... :) well not such a secret anymore. 

Monday, July 06, 2009

Finally cycled!

I finally got off my lazy bum, and got myself on the saddle. And finally manage to sneak some mileage in on my bike. And i'm happy. Nevermind that i am slower than others. I just want to finish my Port Dickson race and of cos, thereafter the Desaru Long Distance Triathlon. I aim to finish, nothing more. Matthew pushed me along to go for a run, cos Reeves didn't feel good enough to go run. I am glad i did. At least i know i won't die, that is, if i kept my food going. 

Oooh, wish me luck!