Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween... i guess

Happy Halloween... i guess
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It's the end of the month. Halloween. But it's a tuesday, a workday. Instead of donning a freaky costume, here i am at HSBC looking for moolahz to pay off my bills. Sighzzz... work. money. shopping. money. bills. money.

Happy Halloween People...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Jeanie's Birthday....

Yep. Again the birthdays... it's always nice to see the girls. Chillout over dinner.. and complete bitching session without the bfs. It was the usual group of us... with Alan, of cos, the only male bodyguard around. The rest of the bfs are busy with their own stuff or non-existent. So dinner at Sun at Chijmes followed by drinks @ Loof. That place is hot, like physically feeling the heat rolling down your back. Ewwwww... but still hanging with the girls is always uber fun.

Jeanie, happy birthday, we love you.
Yes, she has emmy winning performances. Please check out the flickr set for those. And she's incredibly funny. Thus the reason why we love her so much, cos of her auntie antics.

Please stay tuned for a longer post. I'm tired and need sleep

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Public Hols & a sick me...

Public Hols & a sick me...
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I'm sick... but that doesn't mean i stop whatever i'm doing, and just lay in bed the entire day. Come this friday, i'll be sick for a good two weeks. I decided to just head out for a short movie & coffee break. I've been cooped at home in bed for days. Angie, Mr. E and me headed to town to catch DOA : Dead or Alive in town. It was an ok and mindless movie, particularly good for my brain which doesn't seem to be clicking.

I am suffering from a constant high. I'm very drugged out. I was standing in the shower just now, and just thought about everything while humming Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. The drug probably moved my mind to a semi-trance state. I watch the scenes of my life flash me by, while i just hummed the song. Life changes so drastically within hours, days, months. Sigh..
A workday is coming. Another three working days this week.
Hmmm... time is flying too soon.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mike & Mae ... finally married...

Mike & Mae
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Yep, they got married. It's so sweet. Purdue University. 7 years of together. Some time apart. A dog named Marvin. One from Singapore, the other from Malaysia. Together. It's just so sweet.

Weddings are a beautiful thing. Even more so when your friends get married. Mike's a very close friend of mine, from Purdue. He's my chauffeur, my friend, and of cos my brother. Now he's married. I will youtube a video which i did for their wedding shortly. But this is really beautiful.

Dear Mike, congrats & have fun in Italy...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shopping amidst illness

Shopping amidst illness
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I was very drugged out, coughing & sneezing. Yet i went to Vivo City today, to check out just how magnificent the place is. You know what, I am not very impressed. I love Pull & Bear, Forever 21 and Topshop. But that's it. I can get those in Orchard. Even Gap is opening in Orchard for crying out loud. There must be a unique store which i will buy something off, to justify me driving all the way there.

What i love from the trip is the dressing room at Pull & Bear. The lighting was just so perfect for the picture. Had to take it. Ooh...

Ok it's official. I'm very drugged.
Lesson Learnt : Never bring Eve, who's drugged out, to any dressing rooms. She can get a bit crazy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

under the weather

under the weather
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I kid you not. I'm sick again. Blame the haze. The PSI at 4pm was a
good 130. Now at 6pm, it's 128. Not too good. It's reached unhealthy

Friends were saying i'm a lil' feisty today, but one guy nailed it.
He said i'm afterall a girl. And all girls love to manja the minute
they fall sick. Boo Hoo.... i ish sick. come come... hug me...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

haze-filled week

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Yep, the haze has been hitting out big time in Singapore. I wasn't here when the haze got really bad in 97. But for the 1st time, i experienced really bad haze. It's almost as if it's fog, except the weather doesn't feel wet, and you're coughing you way through it.

I should get a picture of the bad haze soon.

Night out with the boys

Night out with the boys
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Yep... this happened during one of the night out with the boys. Omg, never ever let a bunch of drunk dudes get near rubber. Yep, that is what you think it is.

I nearly died laughing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

one of those days....

I had one of those days today, where
  1. i took three hours to complete my proposals... all 7 of them.
  2. 15 minutes before lunchtime, a potential client calls and halt the starving me from reaching out for food
  3. i went to lunch... and overordered...
  4. i had a caffe latte and didn't have a headache... YIPPEEEE! i'm allergic to coffee.
  5. i'm the last to leave office. As i slammed the door shut, i looked at my hand. *gasp* i brought the aircon remote along with me. dammit. On my other hand was my mobile. I walked down, only to see Angie laughing at the remote control on my hand.
  6. i had brilliant thai food along purvis street
  7. i went for ice milo
  8. i came home before 11
  9. alexie told me to try switching on my home aircon with my office remote
  10. i tried it and failed... right, they're different brands. DOH!
I know i'm cute like that....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Birthday Dinner

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We all know the queen celebrates birthday for a month. So like in all good tradition, i celebrate mine for the entire month. Yes, it's way past my birthday, but who cares.

So the girls came over for dinner. For the very 1st time, we had everyone. Not one person was missing. Ok, some are missing, but that's cos they're newly inducted members. But back to the story, we had popiah party. I know it sounds weird, and way off. But popiah is almost a social activity. You get a bunch of ingredients and you sit around, DIY your own popiah. So it's a long affair.

After which, we went to MOS. Some of them haven't been there before. I became their tour guide. We went shutter-crazy. Like duh... we always do. It's amazing. Ok, i had a few pictures in the front, but thereafter i was sloshed. Let's just say i'll never ever ever have tequila ever ever again. It's just awful, yuck, disgusting. I'm the birthday girl, so anything goes. So quit bitching / laughing / pointing fingers at me about me being drunk. :P

So now, Let's just wait till 20th October for yet another round.