Monday, August 28, 2006

Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars

There are many versions of music videos to this song. You could youtube it, and prolly find renditions, lil' snippets of fellow youtubers' life to the tune of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

I wish i can make a pix montage of it. However, i haven't gotten over my absolute fear of lying down on dirty floors. At least not in Bangkok over the last weekend.

Enjoy the vid. I love it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chasing Cars (Grey's Anatomy Version)

Have you ever heard this song?
It's so sad and slow. But very nice. Combine this with Grey's Anatomy. I heart Grey's Anatomy.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


He didn't quite believe i will "pimp" him. So here goes.

Name : Lexie Cool Beans
Age : 29
Job : As he likes to sing it "i'm a gigolo, spending lots of dough..."

Quote :
"adventurous in more ways than you can imajin,
seeking yummy mummies so as to shower oodles of love
...loves a great adventure anytime... from the far east out to the coasts"

Interested? I am sure he'll swing both ways....
Please contact Madame Le Daftbitch for more info, or leave a comment to how my new gigolo looks .... should i promote him or dump him?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Beautiful things to remember by.

Just received the pictures from Mrs Nicholas Loke. It seemed just yesterday that Nick (far left) and Suet (standing next to me) are schoolmates of mine who were dating then. Fast forward to seven / eight years down the road, and having lost contact with them during the past few years that they're in US while i'm back in Singapore, they got married : Mr & Mrs Loke. I got invited to their wedding dinner in Singapore.

Next to get married is Mike & Mae, also in the same picture, at end of this year. Ooh, and i get to be their lil' helper. I can't wait to see what a blast that's going to happen.

More pictures on my flickr set.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

emergency vehicles & the use of public roads

How often do we see emergency vehicles being blocked by cars on the freeway? How often do we see cars tailgating emergency vehicles? I am once guilty of such move, but in the end thought of it being all too silly.

Do we ever realize the person in the ambulance might die due to that 30 second delay? Do we ever realize that the fire can grow to a huge fire that will wipe out that whole flat in 30 seconds? Do we even realize that the someone involved in the accident need that fire engine to exterminate that fire, and 30 seconds will save their life?

No, i think human are just selfish. Rules & Laws have to be made to alter that school of selfish thoughts. I love how US has that regulation: No vehicle can follow that ambulance or police vehicle or fire engine...for a distance.

I am afraid to say this but there are some ugly drivers out there. These ugly drivers also hog the road to watch the Singapore Fireworks Festival. Go read the papers, and you'll see articles of ugly drivers and of cos ugly pedestrians who do not care about road safety and crossing blindly.

At this rate the ugly people are going, soon we'll have more laws restricting ugly people to own vehicles and the privilege of viewing the fireworks.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vandal in Bedok, Singapore

In the vicinity around Bedok, Singapore, a businessman was caught on film by a private investigator, for scratching the PI's SUV. Get this... the businessman is the owner of a landed property, and drives around in a merc. The rich can also be silly people. Video is available on Stomp! to see how absolutely ridiculous the businessman's retort to scatching the car is.

He claimed that it's because the PI has parked the car illegally, and then adding on excuses like The car doesn't belong to the neighborhood. Does that reason gives you the right to scratch other people's car?

Remember Michael Fay's case from a few years back? Yes, the American that got caned for vandalising cars in Singapore. The case that put Singapore on the map. I had friends while in America, who will always remember Singapore as the vandal-free country, eventhough they felt the caning was overwhelming.

Now this man here, a Singaporean, is going to be let off under mischief, carrying a penalty of fine and jailtime only, sans the caning. What is this? Isn't the Michael Fay's case supposed to set precedence over vandalism? This is too ludicrous. It's just paving way to more vandalism cases.

I suggest someone out there to start a petition to cane the guy.
It's like if someone scratches my car, i can't punch the guy, as under the eyes of law, assault takes a higher penalty like huge fine and jail of three to five years. Now scratching someone's car is mischief, carrying a maximum of two years' jail. I have to report the guy, let him get jailed for two years... and let him claim that the S$ 5800 bucks to respray paint my brand new car is too much. So what is too much?

Too much is when the guy who scratches my car gets fine and jailtime of up to two years ONLY. CANE THE GUY, just like we did to Michael Fay. It's vandalism, not mischief.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

It was the night of DJ Shadow @ Zouk. The legendary hip hop dj. I'm a huge fan of hip hop since i moved to US. But you know what? I was ready to give it up, seeing the crowds outside Zouk. And give up i did! I went home, and slept before 3am. So the dj saved my life, by giving me extra snooze and beauty sleep.

Woke up on Sunday... and while on my way out, saw a bunch of cars. All nicely parked together. heh heh.. being the car slut, i decided to take a picture. My neighbour was also shocked that three would park together. So here's a peek.

It's National Day week... Wear RED.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

il mare & the lake house...

Before any of you guys start whining, the story is really great. I like it. It's touching, and of cos, i know it's girly. It starred Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullocks. I remember one friend remarking it's like Speed 3; Speed & Speed 2 are flops, this has gotta be a flop too. Nope, i like it. The story is just refreshingly nice, though il mare (the korean version) is slightly nicer. I need english words, as compared to korean language which i understand nothing of. Anyway to sidetrack a little, i saw a bunch of RI boys watching it and discussing about the movie thereafter. Dude, how weird!

The Lake House is like an infinite cycle of this love story. How can you love someone you have never met... this was the question lingering on my mind as i walked out of the theatre. I suppose modern day context would be sms, email or chatrooms, even friendster groups to find someone you can relate so much to. Sometimes those exchange of messages lead to love. But in the story of Il Mare or Lake House, it's like an infinite wait. Exchange of notes come in the form of a mailbox. It all seemed too surreal and bizarre. However, love finds itself in its own funny ways, even if you have not met the person before.

Now that brings me to think of one song : I knew i loved you by Savage Garden.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

the mother of all backaches...

I am suffering from the mother of all backaches. Yes, a backache. And before you guys jump into the whole loving mode, you can dream on... it's not that. I am guessing it's due to my work which requires me to move heavy boxes or work. I can't figure out what else.

I have this nasty ache down my shoulder blades which stretches all the way to the back of my neck. And that, in turn, gives me a headache, for a week. I did go to get a massage. hopefully it's getting better.

Till then, i need more rest...