Monday, October 25, 2010

Shoulder pains

I work in IT. My work is mostly done over my 13 inch Apple Macbook Pro. I have an stretched muscle due to ergonomics. Obviously, my chair and my table are not of ergonomic standards. Tsk, so much for someone who is certified OSHA trained.

So post run on Sunday, i was talking to Kelvyn and Reeves about it. And this is what Kelvyn had to say
"you have not gone in your aero bars for far too long, that's why when hunched over computer will pain. Cos both are same position"

Repeat after me. WTF. Seriously, Kelvyn.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hot hot hot

I can't think of a better word to describe the weather these past few days. HOT. My mom's been nagging that i am too sick to go for the New Balance Real Run. I've lost my voice and nursing this incredulous sore throat all week. But those who know me, would know i am insane, crazy, and never listening to the sound advice.

I was coughing when i woke up at 5ish am to conquer my 15km. I knew it's not going to be a good day, not when i woke up drenchedin perspiration. While i was out on the cross terrain of the New Balance Real Run. I kept gasping for air. And my poor ankle ( ok, i admit, i should quit getting on three or four inch heels, but i love them so much) had this swell that came on. I knew it's not going to be a quik run. I am going to do my personal worst timing. And darn right i was. I walked most of the way, i don't need to disclose my time.

I only have this to say : yes i could die another day, just not today.
And i will never ever go for a run longer than 3km on this kinda cough and sore throat, it's not worth it. I'm just darn glad i survived it, and made it home.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

to run or not to?

After a series of lil runs i had this week, i succumbed to my illness --- bad ass sore throat. By that, i meant i brought sexy back. The husky, hoarse yet sexy voice has been here to stay. Minor pains here and there, mostly bodyaches, brought me thinking i am dead for Sunday's New Balance Real Run.

Yikes! Panic panic panic. It's now a day before. My voicebox isn't anywhere perfect. I still sound like i operate one of those chatlines, with a voice that lures everyone to go "sexy sexy". Now the decision is to be made. To run or not to run tomorrow?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Running out of a rut

It had finally dawned on me that I have barely two months to go. Yes, YongFeng, 7 weeks is a month odd. And those dreaded 42km across Singapore. It's a distance I have done a few times over. Why the fear? Tried going running a few times And I can't seem to overcome the 8km mark, how am I going to deal with those 42km?

I went down to east coast park to show some love to the guys running Newton 30km. I cant possibly envision running that far. It was weird seeing faces scrunched up in pain and dazed! Hui Koon and Enrico were zooming as usual. When can i ever run 30km under 3 hours? For now I am just worried about finishing.

Any brilliant advice? Anyone? I need to run 42km soon.

With a face mask on my face, I think the best plan i come up with is I will go running anytime I can whenever I can and preferably everyday. One foot in front of another, i will get there.