Sunday, September 16, 2007

I turned ...yet, another year older.

So who celebrates birthdays for days, weeks or even up to a month? Hahaha... I do! I always do!

In true Eve fashion, i had a "soft launch" of my birthday bash at Bala on 12th September, the wednesday before my official birthday... as some of my brothers are going to be away during the weekend. There was obviously too much Beer. And thanks to Desmond, Ben, Barry & Casey for the wonderful dinner at Tony Roma's.

I went with some girlfriends, along with some of my boys to Zouk Winebar on Friday for drinks. 1stly, to celebrate the the ROM of Ron & Chloe. 2ndly, my birthday. Ok, i don't quite remember what happened at zouk. I do remember who came to wish me happy birthday. And that i admit i was drunk. So what? It comes only once a year. Hahaha!

I don't think my birthday's a big deal compared to Herbie's last night out as still being a singleton.... hahaha, more on that... at the next post.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Flo's birthday & Erik's Birthday...

You know... September babies are a lucky lot. We celebrate the entire month. Since mine's mid-month, i celebrate other Virgo babies' birthday first.

Today's Flo's birthday... And Erik's birthday drinks. Too many bottles of hard liquor ahead. And of cos, weather's too hot, so definitely beer before drinks. Nothing soothes my soul more than an ice cold beer at some kopitiam with Casey & Barry the uncles.
To my Heineken friends : i am sorry, but the uncles wanted Carlsberg.

So of cos, the madness began when we all got to J Bar and started singing Birthday songs, and drinking Black Label & Chivas, and some beer. Plenty of beer = good fun = excellent pictures.

Omg, my birthday's coming up. I'm turning 21. *winks*

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Prelude to Erik's Birthday...

5th Sept 07 Balaclava : The group... i love you guys...
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So Mr Studio54 aka Uncle Erik is older. Yep, another year older. What do we do to celebrate a mate's birthday? We had to do what we do best : We drink. Though the night is only a prelude, and the wednesday night is supposed to be just our mild mid week drinks. It turned out to be pretty crazy. There's now draft Asahi, which added our bubbly event.

We had too much fun, and obviously the Asahi on draft is making us do crazy things like obsession's about a bro's butt, to being absolute photo-whores, to bugging the band to say silly messages and play our favorite songs. I had 36 pics from my camera before the battery died on me. We were high, happy & drunk. And of cos, someone topped the night off with a Flaming Lamborghini for our Uncle Erik. Obviously hard alcohol and tons of beer doesn't mix. He was deliriously drunk.

The aftermath : few of us are a bit hungover, tired, and in need of water, and walking into work groggy & still a lil' drunk.

Happy Birthday Dude! Please requisite a new liver for Friday. In the meantime, can't wait for this friday. And i love you guys...

Next Up : Erik's & Flo's Birthday Party... on Friday. Woot...